2007, the Year Geopolitics Changed the War on Terror in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 30th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

Now it is an open secret India was behind the financing, arming, training, protection and proliferation of the LTTE. India banned the LTTE as a terrorist organization in 1991 following the bombing of the former Indian PM Gandhi. However, India still had many uses of the LTTE and didn’t hesitate to get them. India’s ultimate aim is to create Tamil Elam “”…” a suckling of India “”…” that can be used as a disposable staging platform to attack non-Indian interests in the region. However, India found new alliances after 2007 as geopolitics in South Asia changed forever.

“It is from 2007 onward that Sri Lanka became a part of the alliance in Eurasia through its agreement with China and its subsequent estrangement from the U.S. and India. By the end of 2007, Sri Lanka had entrenched itself in the geo-strategic trenches with Russia, Iran, and China. These reasons and not humanitarian concern(s) are the primary rationale for support provided, in one way or another, to the Tamil Tigers by the governments of India, the U.S., Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the European Union.”

Source: Great Power Confrontation in the Indian Ocean: The Geo-Politics of the Sri Lankan Civil War by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya


Today it is not news to anyone that the governments of India, the U.S., Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the European Union provided help the LTTE terrorists “one way or the other”. It is well known.

March 12, 2007

The day the great game changed. Sri Lanka signed an agreement with China to develop the Hambantota commercial port. Two Chinese state-owned companies, the China Harbor Engineering Company and the Sino Hydo Corporation would be carrying out the development work. It was purely a commercial project and not a military project. However, that is not what concerned India, USA, Japan and EU. It does not matter to India, USA, Japan and EU whether it is commercial or military. All they are interested in is to constraint China as much as they can and avoid any other country sharing prosperity with China in anyway. This is what most analysts have got wrong. The Hambantota port has a Chinese involvement and that is all that was required for India, USA, Japan and EU to put Sri Lanka into their bad books.

By 2005 USA was worried about the fruition of this project. USA and India invented the myth came to be known as the “string of pearls” around India. It was in this context the India-USA-Japan-EU axis harboured concerns against Sri Lanka.

March 26, 2007

India responded swiftly against the Chinese involvement by instigating the LTTE to escalate violence so that the India-USA-Japan-EU axis can further encroach into the island through the “peace process” and expel China. LTTE carried out its first air attack on the Katunayaka civilian and military airport.

It was widely rumored to be a game changer and Sri Lanka’s air supremacy was shattered. With no interceptors and no radar to detect LTTE planes, Lanka was not prepared to face this new threat.

However, the government flatly refused to allow any political victory to the LTTE and refused to entertain the India, USA, Japan and EU axis in any further peace move. India found another avenue to get involved. India offered to provide three (3) outdated radar systems to be operated by Indians. These radars were proven to be extremely ineffective and LTTE terrorists had a free run in attacking civilian positions.


LTTE’s next leader Charles Anthony was trained in Ireland where he studied aeronautical engineering. He returned to the island in 2006 after many years in Ireland. Training a known terrorist in aeronautical engineering after the 9/11 affair in 2001 is an unforgivable offence of the India-US-Japan-EU axis. It was done to fill the vacuum created by the death of the LTTE air wing leader Shankar in 2001.      

April, 2007

China and Sri Lanka singed multiple agreements to buy weapons needed to win the war. China also agreed to supply six (6) J-7 jets to Sri Lanka after the island nation first purchased these jets in 1991 for the first time.    

Although Chinese firms sold weapons to the LTTE until the last moment, the new agreement was significant in that it created a new partnership between the buyer and the seller.

11 May, 2007    

India-US-Japan-EU axis moved the UN which is under their control to add Sri Lanka into the “list of shame” for engaging children in warfare. Although LTTE used child soldiers including suicide bombers ever since 1983, it never occurred to them to take any action against the LTTE. However, in May 2007, allegations of government aligned TMVP using child soldiers made it move swiftly. Sri Lanka was removed from the “list of shame” in 2012.

It was another calculated move to drive a wedge between the government forces and the TMVP to weaken the combined military thrust against the LTTE. This was the time when combined military onslaught by both security forces and TMVP cadres routed the LTTE in the East. India-US-Japan-EU axis was desperately trying to scuttle it. But their attempts failed as the LTTE was completely annihilated from the East by 19 July, 2007.

7 December, 2007

A massive defence budget for 2008 was passed in parliament. For the first time it reached billions of US dollars.

“The votes of the Defence and Public Security and Internal Administration got 141 ayes with the UPFA, UNP rebel group, JVP, JHU, SLMC and CWC voting together while the UNP main group in the Opposition abstained. However, UNP MP T. Maheswaran voted against the defence budget with the TNA.

Only 14 members voted against the defence budget which was passed by a majority of 127 votes.”


It was obvious the intentions of the government at this stage. Total annihilation of the LTTE was on the cards.

23 December, 2007

Russian military General Vladimir Moltenskoy visited Sri Lanka and meets the Defence Secretary, the Army Commander and the Air Force Commander. He was the deputy Russian commander at that time. He was leading the Chechnya war on terror.

However, the biggest fear of the India-US-Japan-EU axis was something more. He was the leading figure in military drills of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) involving Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan in late July 2007.


Needless to say this amplified the worries of the India-US-Japan-EU axis by many times more. The rate of developments taking place within one year was far too much for them to handle.

Although unproven, some pro-terrorist quarters allege that Sri Lanka was very fortunate to receive military advice from Vladimir Moltenskoy.     

Russia extended a US$ 300 million credit line for defence purchases. However, Sri Lanka didn’t utilize it citing budgetary constraints.

3 January, 2008

India-US-Japan-EU axis quickly retaliated by banning weapons exports to Sri Lanka by USA under the Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriation Act 2008. Although USA was not a major weapons supplier to Sri Lanka, it’s role increased after 9/11.

US ambassador Robert Blake was working fulltime against Sri Lanka.

By then China had replaced USA and others as the biggest financier and donor of the island nation.

During 2007, India pressurized Sri Lanka on a number of occasions to stop the war and return to negotiations. These threats were totally disregarded. Thereafter India made another threat to Lanka not to buy any weapons from China or Pakistan and all weapons must be purchased from India. It was also rejected.


India-US-Japan-EU axis offered US$ 4 billion in 2002 as a loan to Sri Lanka to agree to the LTTE’s ISGA proposals. It was infighting between the CBK and Wikramasinghe groups that saved the nation from this fraud.

Immediately after the 2004 tsunami USA despatched a military force to Sri Lanka in an attempt to stop the repetition of what happened in Aceh. Soon after the tsunami, under Indonesian military pressure, Aceh terrorists surrendered. LTTE was severely battered by the tsunami. Their deep bunkers became death traps. Most LTTE fortifications were along the eastern coastline from Elephant Pass to Vahare. They were inundated with tens of thousands of LTTE cadres perishing. Sri Lanka cut all aid to LTTE controlled areas making the LTTE predicament worse. USA and India feared an Indonesian style opportunistic military threat against the LTTE which would force it to surrender. US military presence ensured there was no such thing happening in the island nation. However, LTTE middle level leaders were killed making good use of the situation soon after they left.


India-US-Japan-EU axis Used LTTE to Disrupt the Seas

Defeating the LTTE was a severe blow to the India-US-Japan-EU axis which had big plans to disrupt Chinese and other trade passing through the territorial waters of Sri Lanka. LTTE terrorists had a very well developed sea wing that attacked many foreign ships and was a vital weapon in the India-US-Japan-EU weapons arsenal.

India-US-Japan-EU axis was trying to create a piracy network as in Somalia using the LTTE to attack Chinese interests. It is no surprise most Sea Tigers’ targets were inimical to India-US-Japan-EU interests!

The most despicable of them was the attack on Fu-Yuan, a Chinese fishing trawler killing all 20 Chinese fishermen onboard on 23 March, 2003. It was the time when the India-US-Japan-EU axis was very heavily involved in the island. They didn’t condemn it but encouraged it. Many more similar attacks were carried out on foreign, especially Chinese sea assets and civilians in the seas including the attack on MV Cordiality in September 1997 that killed all five (5) Chinese crew members on board.


By annihilating the LTTE, Sri Lanka disrupted many evil projects of the India-US-Japan-EU axis. This is what led to their hatred with Sri Lanka that was displayed at the UNHRC this March. India’s frustration was obvious and it was clear months before India declared its intentions what they would be. India only declared its intention to vote against Sri Lanka by 20 March, 2012 but it was expected a month earlier.


Way Forward

Sri Lanka must immediately reach out to Chinese military presence in the island. It is not out of the realms of possibility that India might retry its 1987 gun boat diplomacy on Sri Lanka forcing it to accept Northern and the Eastern provinces as areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil speaking peoples.


The Indo-Lanka Accord must be totally abrogated if it is not done so still. The Northern and Eastern provinces must remain separated. India-US-Japan-EU axis is using Tamils as a weapon and there is very little Sri Lanka can do to prevent it. Showering too many benefits on Tamils seeking a change of heart will only deplete resources for non-Tamils. It will further strengthen the Indian position in the island. All Indian immigrants must be repatriated back to India under a new agreement.

Tamils’ economic clout in Colombo must be reduced. At the same time Tamils’ political clout in the north must be destabilized into submission. No political solution must be offered to Tamils exclusively. Appeasing India and Tamils (an Indian community in Sri Lanka and now a weapon of Indian expansionism) will not lead to any benefit to Sri Lanka. Instead all minority groups must be forced politically and economically to integrate into the Sri Lankan national identity. 


12 Responses to “2007, the Year Geopolitics Changed the War on Terror in Sri Lanka”

  1. Dham Says:

    With Chinese aid , essential governement development areas should be located to Wellawatte. This means , a modern hospital, 2-3 new schools , two storey office complexes to house all government offices, should be built on aquired land in Wellawatte.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Dham !!! Strategy is essential, and what you suggest would be a good start. Next to the ROXY Cinema, in Wellawatte, there is a Municipality rubbish dump and some offices. That is between the bridge and the cinema on the sea side. Start getting even, Singhalising the area gradually. Rules and regulations have to be promulgated, to stop Tamils from REFUSING to RENT or sell property to the Sinhalese in Wellawatte, for a start.. It is a serious breach of ones fundermental rights if a premises is not rented out to a person, simply because he or she is a Sinhalese. Somebody must take the matter to courts, on the premise that the applicant was subjected to RACISM. It is time that the Sinhalese rise together in concert to challenge Tamil racism. It is the Government that must take the initiative, and make the first move to break the “”LITTLE JAFFNA “” proliferation trend, once and for all. Hope a Patriotic Legislator takes cogniscance of your proposal. Alles Gute.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Didn’t I say so Mr DK. You said not to antagonise USA!!

    Now accept the truth – we need China in SL and wipe out these racist TNA bastards and WEAKEN their bloody voters (the BIGGEST criminals are TNA VOTERS not TNA MP suckers).

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with Dham.

    Wella-wettai is the new TAMIL MADU.

    TAMIL ONLY schools
    TAMIL ONLY lanes
    TAMIL ONLY workplaces
    TAMIL ONLY cinemas
    TAMIL ONLY markets
    TAMIL ONLY bookshops
    TAMIL ONLY eateries
    TAMIL ONLY residents

    This is worse than Tamil Madu and totally unacceptable.

  5. R.M.W Says:

    A solid factual historical analysis. But two important connections are missing which were instrumental in hoodwinking the natives. The part played by the Quisling Ranil Wikramasinghe and his Catholic cabinet, and the entrenched anti patriotic auxiliary within Lanka; ‘The catholic action’. These were the covert actors and directors through which the Norwegian Christians operated i.e., Erik Solheim, Kjell Magne Bondevik, Jon Westborg and Prabhakaran must have agreed by 2000 or there about, that they coordinate and cooperate their activity in order destroy Buddhist nation of Lanka while giving birth to a Catholic Eelam . Read my report commissioned by WAPS.
    Indeed in order to brain wash the locals, Catholic action exploited the Sri Lankans owned media. For an example this article will never be published by the Daily news or the Sunday Observer.
    Mahinda Weerasinghe

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    “Now it is an open secret India was behind the financing, arming, training, protection and proliferation of the LTTE”
    This is not an open secret at all but entire world know that India financed, Armed, Trained, Protected, and Proliferated of the LTTE. This is an absolute and solid fact. India had many LTTE training camps then and has now itself in tamil country (tamil nadu).
    They violated the international law. They violated the U.N charter. They act against the humanity, they gross violated the human rights of Sri Lanka citizens and it is a war crime against an independent sovereign state and her citizens. India and tamil nadu cannot deny that they have not committed a war crime.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    Thanks Mahinda.

    Indeed many other factors also contributed including what you say.

    The most serious and persistent actor in this whole episode even before Independence is India. India is hell bent on creating Tamil Elam one way or the other. Indian colonisation of the island is another longer term plan to do so. It can work even if all others fail.

  8. Dilrook Says:


    I didn’t say any action against USA although we need to tackle USA in the long run. It is India that is the main actor here.

    Economically and politically we cannot take on USA at this stage.

    Even when USA praises Sri Lanka for the progress, India insists on Tamil federalism. The weakest link they have the Tamil economic clout within the nation. That is what we can handle which can jeopardise their plan.

  9. AnuD Says:

    It is very important that Sri Lanka extends it’s boundaries on sea. If you heard, that France was illegally fishing within the Sri Lankan sea -boundary area. Not only extend the sea boundary,use the resources in that sea. As they do here we can cut down or ban cattle slaughtering and promote fish eating too. That has other health benefits too.

    When the Sri Lankan govt is thinking of taking back the Trincomalle tank-farm (Only Thinkng, most probably nothing more) CIA and other intelligence are there in the east. The example is the US-AID and other humanitarian projects.What are they doing there, building the positive image towards those countries ?. Then there going to be a project worth $ 4 billion which include a coke -plant. We have a coke plant in the western province, why do we need another in Tricomalee. Here people are complaining about the TOXICITY of Coca-Cola like drinks. It is (high sugar and phosphoric acid) the recipe for many diseases including obesity and diabetics.

    By 2020, USA will relocate 40% or 60% of it’s naval fleet to the Indian ocean. China did not build or acquire SO MANY hugh aircraft carriers. Instead promotes defence along the coastal lines. So, the USA invented a Stealth boat that could fight along the coastal areas. One Chinese General had told they can use explosive filled fishing boats (did LTTE do something like that with high speed boats ?). SO, EXPECT more problems for Sri Lanka in the future.

    Because of all these things, it is very important that Sri Lankan govt get it acts together, particularly with respect to corruption. Because, those things can take a bite of out of the other important events. for example, wheat production should be very expensive in developed countries. But,they never out sourced the production of it. But, sri Lanka was ready to import rice.

    Present, govt need to reform and grow up itself.

  10. AnuD Says:

    Countries can be destabilized in many ways. What are we doing with uncontrolled Tourism. Govt does not evaluate anything. How about the increase in different kinds evils; prostitution, pedophilia, communicable diseases…. Then the life style helps other diseases. Already, agricultural areas are burdened with chronic kidney disease. So, what will be the loss to the country because of of the wastage of human resources, health care costs. Sinhala people ones fared worst. Tamils are forced by politicians to behave in such a way. Muslims are forced by their religion. Christians and Buddhists behave the same way.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Secure Sri Lanka from within – there is no other way. Here are some random ideas on this topic :

    * Every one of us must be held responsible for the welfare of Sri Lanka. That is true democracy. Lankans have yet to know how to ‘use’ their democratic laws to bring peace & prosperity. Mostly it requires loyalty to the Nation and innovative thinking. Make sure all our children learn the fact that we have to take care of ourselves and our country, no one else really cares. Regardless of what others say, Co-operation and life supportive activities are better than Competition. An Oath of Allegiance from all MPs, school children, armed forces, govt. & private enterprise employees, a must.

    * Take good care of the Air, Water & Food. Preventive measures to avoid contamination of any of these life giving essentials a must. Consumer Awareness programs a must, particularly at every school level, particularly re narcotics. Find ways and means to combat Heat & Humidity. Heat is a Stress. People canot think clearly in extreme heat (or extreme cold). There are simple ways to keep cool like wearing cooling collars made of plastic and filled with cooling gel. Buildings must be constructed to keep out heat and kept free of insects within.

    * Stop ‘enclave building’, especially by Tamil folk who have a habit of doing so. “Little Jaffnas’ will become as bad as Jaffna itself. There are enough mischief makers in the world to do the devil’s work with drugs, arms, etc. in vulnerable ethnic enclaves. Bear in mind that the Sinhala people get the brunt of blame whatever the bad activities. Soft and overly tolerant Buddhist attitudes encourages such negative forces to take easy root here. Tough Laws and getting tough with law breakers a must. All Tamil people must be encouraged to break away from their insular life styles through participation in sports, multi-cultural activities, various social activities etc.

    * Report & Deport every illegal migrant. In particular watch activities of fisherfolk who tend to get lured into negative activities such as helping illegal migrants and drug smuggling. Watch with care the tourist ports of call too.

    * Trinco is a special point of concern, as is Jaffna. Both places must be multi ethnic as far as possible.

    * Why not declare Sri Lanka and sea waters around us an International Peace Zone ?

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    I would like to add that a never ending watch must be mounted by the Navy and the Coastguard on the entire coastline of Lanka, especially the North. Trinco, Jaffna & MANNAR and their surrounds are the most vulnerable points. Poaching on Lanka sea waters and illegal migration into Lanka have become bad habits especially with Tamil Nadu low caste/poor people.

    Whilst we sympathise with these people, illegal migration into Lanka is not the solution. The problem has to be sorted out in Tamil Nadu itself even if it takes many decades to do so. The Tamil people of Tamil Nadu ought to be told of a proposed many pronged Plan to eradicate Caste & Poverty. Such a Plan should be formulated by the State govt. of Tamil Nadu together with Central Govt of India.

    Shoving the Tamil low caste poor into Lanka is not the acts of responsible or mature politicians.

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