Canard of traditional homelands of Tamils: dismissing it outright is long overdue
Posted on July 3rd, 2012

Asada M Erpini

Lankaweb carried an illuminating essay by A Denis N. Fernando, Fellow National Academy of Sciences, which had appeared in Island on 01 July. The write up presented valuable information that should be circulated far and wide by the Sri Lanka government and all Sri Lankans who love their country.

The myths that had been manufactured by the LTTE and its supporters, as well as by the ardent Tamil nationalists over a period that nears almost a century are now being accepted as fact. Many countries in the West, led by Norway and the USA, either have swallowed the LTTE’s concocted history of Sri Lanka’s North hook line and sinker, or knowingly took the LTTE terrorists into their fold, as the group was a convenient cat’s paw to ensure that their ulterior motives succeeded. The USA, which now preaches the human rights mantram to the rest of the world, was built on massacring the innocents of the so-called New World and continues to undermine any nation that does not tow its line. The so-called sole superpower that maintains an undiplomatic stand against Sri Lanka quite openly should be among the first students for a lesson on the history of Sri Lanka.

According to Mr. Fernando, Ptolemy circa 115 AD refers to “Japane” that was occupied by the Javanese in the 12th century. The Javanese occupied a region that is now known as Chavakachcheri in peninsular Jaffna. The Javanese were earlier settlers in Jaffna than the Dravidians from South India. The ruins of Kandarode that follow the style of Borobudu mini-dagobas is further evidence of the Javanese connection to the North of Sri Lanka. Additionally the writer states, “Veddhas according to the Dutch Maps of Ceylon occupied the Eastern section north of Trincomalee from Tennamarawadu to the Jaffna Lagoon called PAYS DOS BEDAS, which is THE PRESENT MULATIVU DISTRICT”.

“The North (and East) of Sri Lanka is the traditional homeland of the Tamils”. This proclamation is being bandied about in all forums, and is now accorded legitimacy by numerous groups. Sri Lanka should not give any consideration to this perversion of history. It is essential that all these human rights guardians and others who are ready to shed buckets of tears at the “unfair treatment meted out to the Tamils” should assess whether the Sinhalese and the Moors get anything special, over and above their darlings. It also would be illuminating if they take a look at the treatment that the Dalits in Tamil Nadu receive: it is sad that in the twenty first century humans are forced to clean faeces with their bare hands just because they were born into the wrong group. More information is available at this website:””…”if-gte-mso-9xml-wworddocument-wviewnormalwview-wzoom0wzoom-wtrackmoveswtrackmoves/

As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, it cannot go back to the state of affairs that existed some centuries ago, even if that is what is desired by the majority. Demands for ethnic or religious enclaves by an insignificant 4% represented by the Tami National Alliance or any other group should be brushed aside outright if the country were to move forward as a unitary nation.



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  1. AnuD Says:

    No one in Sri Lanka is asking to go back to what was there centuries ago. but, It is very crucial to sinhalize Tamils. Norway, has learned and only that did not learn was Eric Solheim who longer has any ministerial responsibilities. USA has other interests. USA wants to stop China reaching to Sri Lanka. That may be why one reason USA wants to settle China because China also may reach to Tamils. At least, China continuously supplied weapons to LTTE too. Indian Central govt is a weak govt and state govts are more powerful than the Indian Central govt. That is why India is a headache to Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka has many people who know that Tamils don’t have a homeland in Sri Lanka except for their existence for the last 800 years. They too don’t expect Tamils or any other one to go away. Only thing they are interested is to protect what is theirs.

    Other than the tamils, people interested in eelam are the Church. See is who is behind many vocal groups. They are all by different denominations of the Church.

    The problem is present Sri Lankan politicians, either the governing or the opposition party, are not visionary and they are for votes and power. Besides, both of them have christian background and I don’t think, they are genuinely interested in protecting the Sri Lankan buddhist civilization. For them to hang on to power at all costs is important than the country’s interests. They don’t know how to mass voters in the interests of Sri Lanka. Otherwise, how come 65% of Sinhala Buddhists are being man handled politically by 35% of others. It is the same reason that TNA which represents about 7% of population are strong.

    One draw back is too much politicization of the country. Because, it is the politicians who micromanage things. When that happens it is easy for special interest groups to achieve their objectives.

    I think, though Norway recently became secular, the constitution says that 80% of the politicians should include Christians. In Sri Lanka too I think, politicians are 80% from other religions though it is not constitutionally. Because, in Sri Lanka, they recruit criminals as candidates and blame the previous govts for changing the constitution and voters for electing them.

    On the other hand, Voters also don’t want to understand

  2. AnuD Says:

    There is lot of evidence in the web circulation to prove that Tamils did not have any history in Sri Lanka.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    [Quote] According to Mr. Fernando, Ptolemy circa 115 AD refers to “Japane” that was occupied by the Javanese in the 12th century. [Unquote]

    I don’t think he said so because it is not so. Ptolemy didn’t refer to any part by that name. It is more to do with Europeans (Portuguese and Dutch).

    Javanese connection of the north was only after the 11th century not before. There were Sinhalas much earlier. Vallipuram Gold Plate is just one such evidence.

    Anyhow the conclusion is valid. There is no evidence to say Tamils or any other current South Indian groups ever lived in the island in large numbers or had their own unique identity in the island. They never did. 77 years of Chola and 44 years of Elara control of northern and north central parts of the island didn’t leave much of an impact as resultant wars wiped out almost all invaders and their immediate decendents.

  4. AnuD Says:

    Read these two articles please- Related.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    UNOFFICIAL 2011 census details.

    Buddhism – 62% (down from 70% in 1981)
    Islam – 13% (up from 7% in 1981)
    Christianity – 9% (up from 8% in 1981)
    Hinduism – 16% (up from 15% in 1981)

    The census report is DELAYED for this reason!!

    Looks like the govt will COOK UP the numbers before release to HIDE the reality.

    How come Hinduism has increased when 1,000,000 Tamils left the country? Only explanation is illegal immigration.

    Anyway the only good news – it is unofficial. UNOFFICIAL, so don’t quote me.

  6. LankaLover Says:

    If the unofficial details are right, Muslims have nearly doubled in the last 20 years…! That means clearly the Muslims are the second majority of Sri Lanka now..

  7. AnuD Says:


    That is one avenue that muslims use to increase their population. More child births and marrying into other religions. On the other hand, muslim women are prohibited to marry into other religions unless the guy get converted in to islam. I know sinhala people who are muslims in secrecy because they got married to muslim women.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let us not forget that a number of Tamil people convert to Islam. Are not Tamil speaking Muslims Tamil people ?

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