Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera of the UK & Europe, Ven. Dr. Sumana Siri calls on Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka
Posted on July 16th, 2012

Media Release :Embassy of Sri Lanka Paris

On Wednesday 11th July, 2012, Venerable Dr. Sumana Siri, scholar, linguist and a leading advocate of co-existence and dialogue among religions, paid a call on Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris.

Venerable Dr. Sumana Siri, a Singapore-Malaysian Buddhist monk of Sri Lankan origin who holds a postgraduate degree in Applied Theology from Oxford University, is the founder and Director of the Buddhist Realists’ Vihara in London and the Buddhist Realists’ Centre, Milan and Penang. He was appointed Chief Sangha Nayaka Thera of the UK & Europe in 2007.  He also holds the title “ƒ”¹…”Tripitaka Vagishvaracarya’.

Prof. Rohan Gunaratne, Professor of Security Studies at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore calls Rev. Dr. Sumana Siri “a remarkable human being …The first Buddhist monk to be ordained in Singapore, he speaks eleven languages. Well versed in Western Philosophy, Law and Christian Theology, the Reverend is a beacon of hope for spreading peace and understanding in our troubled world.”

Rev Dr. Sumana Siri presented Ambassador Jayatilleka with an autographed copy of the publication entitled “REALISTS” issued on the occasion of his 45th monkhood anniversary. Dr. Jayatilleka presented Ven Sumana Siri with a dossier of UNESCO’s International symposium on the theme “The contribution of the Buddha’s teachings to Universality, Humanism and Peace”, organised at his initiative in 2011 as Sri Lanka’s Permanent Delegate, on the occasion of the Sambuddhathva Jayanthi.

In an extended conversation with Ambassador Jayatilleka, Ven. Dr. Sumana Siri said that “Monks should be more visionaries than missionaries”.  He also made reference to the examples of Singapore, which is multilingual, multiracial and multicultural, and to Thailand, Myanmar/Burma and Bhutan where some of the most profound Buddhist thinking can be found today.

Ambassador Jayatilleka said that “Tolerance and respect are values taught in Buddhism. An authentically Buddhist outlook which by definition is universalist and humanist, would provide the best path for reconciliation in Sri Lanka.”

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