Frederica Jansz not far from the truth of what she “ Claims ” the Defence Secretary said over the phone
Posted on July 18th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

Frederica Jansz is well known for her telephone call to the  former Commander of the Army. She has done enough damage to Sri Lanka with those calls and subsequent inter views with Sarath Fonseka.  That alone should have been enough to withdraw her licence as a Journalist.

 She is now out to make herself a name with the International Community, who are there to help dissidents and writers and journalists writing against the governments who have gained the displeasure of the West.  The International Federation of Press Freedom and the Reporters without Boarders are out crying for the blood of the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse.  There is nothing new in that .  These  Federations of Journalist   are the tools of the expatriate pro-terrorist Tamils like the UK Channel 4. Of course there are other anti Sri Lanka websites such as  Ground View and the blog of DBSJeyaraj to support her cause.

 Every thing against the government of Sri Lanka and specially against “Rajapakse’s ” is an occasion for them to come out in numbers.  Frederca Jansz just an editor of a tabloid which is not at all a popular news paper in Sri Lanka plays into the hands of the anti Sri Lanka elements as she is not any sort of a patriot with any love for the country and its people.

 As the late  editor of the Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickramatunga, Jansz may also be a Member of an American  Christian Sect, hence she has all the reason to do every thing possible to bring discredit to  the Defence Secretary; who is a respected national leader loved and cherished by the popular mass of the people of Sri Lanka.

 She is  not even known to the ordinary people of Sri Lanka other than for what hey may have read in papers about her bringing  discredit to Sri Lanka with false reports.  She had already been discredited for  her baseless reporting of an interview with Sarath Fonseka.

 We saw how dissident writers in the former USSR were chosen  for Noble Prices, because they wrote against USSR.  We saw how the pro LTTE elements like Mano Ganeshan won an American Medal for fighting for liberty, Sonali Samarasinghe, became a UNESCO award winning investigative Journalist  now living in clover in the west having bashed Sri Lanka its government and its President, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu  and Jehan Perera were perhaps ear marked  for American State Department Medals  as they were the “tale bearers” for the American Assistant Secretary of State the Sri Lanka terrorist sympathiser Robert Blake for Medals.

 In view of all that Frederica Jansz is also trying her best to get into the position of  earning an American or UNESCO award of some sort and run to the West like Sonali Samarasinghe did on the pretext the government is after her life.  Therefore, her attacking persons in the right place like the Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

 The Government of Sri Lanka, least of all the Defence Secretary have no fear of  a scandal mongering “liar” like Frederica Jansz, but it smart when  a puny nobody like Frederica Jansz  try to belittle a great national hero like Gotabhaya Rajapakse; without him we would still be under the dark shroud  of terrorism. 

 Of course Frederica Janz cannot see in the Defence Secretary any one other, ” a passport to the West( with a resident visa) “, and  some one to be scandalised through her rag tabloid to earn the praise of the International Community.  In order to give her ulterior motives a chance to bloom, she has the International Federation of Journalists and the Reporters  

without Boarders  who are another branch of the  pro-terrorist  anti-Sri Lanka countries of the west to  come out in defence of  a her,  who is a most unethical journalist in  Sri Lanka, and a disgrace to the Country into which she was born.

 Have any one heard of the International Federation of  Journalists or the  Reporters without Boarders come out against any country of the west to defend media freedom or harassment of journalists in those countries ?  No they only come out to defend the so called media freedom and harassment of  journalists in developing countries. 

 We saw recently in news papers the arrest of the journalist Ms. Kristyns Wantz-Graff while covering an occupying Wall Street Protest movement last November  in New York,  and there was also the case of Ms.Laura Poitras a Freelance Journalists who was continually harassed by the American  Department of Internal Security. Where were these great defenders of the press freedom  the International Federation of Journalists or the Reporters without Boarders ?  If they are true defenders of  media freedom why are they selective in their protest movements ?

 Frederica Jansz had said that “It is well within his( Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s) power to harm her”  How pretentious of  her to have said that ?   She only irritates like a “bed bug”, even though the desire to crush it may be there, why bother ?

 The Reporters Without Boarders have said ,”We call on defence secretary Rajapaksa to stop threatening journalists who are doing their job,”.  But what job is she doing other than telephoning selected people of importance to irritate them  posing senseless questions on irrelevancies and unverified falsehood.  Frederika Jansz demands to be insulted so she could make a scandal out of it in her favour.

 Lot of people have death wishes for others.  And that is no crime.  Even if some one were to  tell another, ” I  will kill you “, it is only a verbal threat and there is nothing criminal about it. An average person would have understood that he has made the other angry”¦”¦ and left, “before being killed”.

As far as this Journalist is concerned it is not only Gotabhaya Rajapakse but a multitude of others who may want her stopped from making scandals around persons who are respected and  held in high esteem by the people of Sri Lanka.

 Frederica Jansz “ƒ”¹…”s problem comes from her mixed nationality .  She is neither a Sinhalese nor a British.  There was a time when the Burghers in Sri Lanka thought they were nearer to the whites and wanted to migrate to Australia.  They were accepted only if they could prove they had 50 percent of British blood.  Those who were unable to migrate  stayed behind but with an inferiority complex.  This may therefore be the way Frediraika Janz is fighting against her inferiority complex by trying to scandalise  and bring discredit to National leaders of Sri Lanka because she cannot call them “her people”.

 In London when I was working for the London County Council I worked with an Indian woman Mrs.Thornton, who was a Euro-Asian.  Like Jansz in  Sri Lanka.  She told me that when she migrated to England, she would be accepted by the British as one of them and she would have a better future. 

 But she was thoroughly disappointed because she said she was worst off than the coloured people in UK.  The British never accepted her as one of them either in the school, nor later when she started working by her British colleagues.  She was a socially handicapped person in UK for being what she was.

 It would be the same with Frederica Jansz, the  whites of the International Media Federation or the  White Reporters without Boarders  who are now making  her a handle to  discredit, vilify and accuse the Government of Sri Lanka as a country that denies media freedom will not treat her as an equal amoung them if she migrates to UK or even Australia.  There she will always remain a second class citizen, hated for her antecedents.

 Therefore it is better for her to accept Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans as her people and stop  seeking  foreign attention by  slinging mud at National Leaders of Sri Lanka who are loved by the  mass of people in Sri Lanka, if not by her and her “class”

What she claims the Defense Secretary said “ People will kill you!!! People hate you!!! They will kill you!!! “ , is not untrue.  Frederica Jansz is the most hated woman in Sri Lanka  and if  given the chance the people may not refrain from killing her “socially” and ostracise her for good.

4 Responses to “Frederica Jansz not far from the truth of what she “ Claims ” the Defence Secretary said over the phone”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    However the Colombian and like Christian scum still will worship her for the dirty work she is doing to further the fundamental Christian agenda of her handlers. As the revered Defense Secretary mentioned somewhere from among the masses justice for her will come in the most fitting manner.

  2. jay-ran Says:

    In my opinion,SHE IS A PROSTITUTE!!!

  3. Dham Says:

    But not open to public.

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Dham, I agree, only to Gota and his buddies. Not to the general public. Ranjith Wijajawardena, Ranil’s uncle, the news paper man OWNS her. She has to be vocal so that funds for the news papers are coming from INDIAN RAW and Tamil sangham.

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