The Government is still under threat from LTTE ideology.
Posted on July 22nd, 2012

A patriotic son of Sri Lanka – 22nd July 2012.

 Justice has to be fair. Rishad Bathiudeen the Hon. Minister of Industry and Commerce has been accused by the Mannar magistrate of threatening him and interfering in a judicial order made by the magistrate. The rule of law has to definitely take it’s course of action. It is appreciative that the President has directed the IGP to commence an in-dept inquiry on the incident. The Government is still under threat from LTTE ideology. Supportive groups and individuals, both government officials and guardians of the law as well as opposition politicians who are still in the trance of an LTTE revival and the creation of Tamil Eelam have still not realized the “Reality” that the LTTE has been physically ridden off. These elements are living in the cocoons of the LTTE ideology hidden deep in their minds, but are mingling among the people who are innocent and fragile to any political and extreme violent scenarios that can be irrupted by them. They can be incidents of accusations against the government, religious entities, ethnic communities and civil rights groups that can be let loose by these enemies of the Nation of Sri Lanka, under the pretext of democracy.

 Was it one such incidents that embedded sympathetic elements of the LTTE attempted to dislodge the peace in Mannar supported by a guardian of the law in Mannar, whose orders to shoot,  given to the police would have killed many innocent Tamils and Muslims. Such an episode would have been used to knit into the journalist fabric of “metaphor content” stories in the international media of a picture of brutality that the government of Sri Lanka is practicing against the peaceful Tamil IDP’s who are returning to resettle in their home villages in the North. If the Police had shot at the crowd, then the “News Headlines” all over the world would have been “”…” Police brutality against the Tamil Speaking minorities – Security forces shoot at innocent Tamil Speaking Internally Displaced Persons in Mannar who protested seeking for Justice”.

 Commonsense intelligence raises the question whether Minister Rishad Bathiudeen was a victim of such a political conspiracy originated from within the inner walls of an institution of serenity in Mannar? Supporting this assumption, it seems that the BASL President Wijeydasa Rajapaksa has accused the minister of being present at the scene which is now questionable. The president of BASL seems to have given a inappropriate brief to the governing body of the BASL and it seems he has misguided the membership of BASL to abstain from court work on Friday the 20th., July. Under the disguise of respecting and protecting one of the highest institutions of democracy did a controversial UNP MP, wearing the cloak of a parliamentary private members bill, to withhold the rights of the Buddhists clergy, have an ulterior motive in calling for the lawyers protest against a government senior minister before finding out the facts?  Can it be suspected that there are reasons and or an ulterior motive in calling for the lawyers protest to disgrace a government senior minister before finding out the facts?

 Minister Rishad has made a strong request for the BASL and the National Police Commission to investigate the circumstances under which the Mannar police had fired tear gas in spite of being ordered thrice to open fire on the demonstrators, an action to create a chaotic civil disobedient situation. Reports reaching from Mannar say that the Magistrate did give shooting orders to the police to disperse the crowd. The police should be commended for the most intelligent manner in which they had handled the situation in Mannar. If the police would have opened fire, as ordered by the Mannar magistrate, which would have ended in a few people being killed, that would have created an extremely bad image of Sri Lanka and the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, both locally and internationally. This is what the anti-Sri Lanka LTTE rumps all over the world want to hear.

 Rishad Bathiudeen has denied his presence at the scene or near the court house premises. The question is – did the magistrate in a rage violate the “Code Of Criminal Procedure Act (No. 15) of 1979” and also act beyond his powers to order the police to open fire at the demonstrators or was it something different at the bottom of all this? Not only Rishard Bathiudeen has to be put on the dock, but also the BASL President and the Mannar magistrate should be tried for breaching the law. The Sri Lanka Police will definitely act with a clear mind and responsibility, it is already proved. The Government is still under threat from LTTE ideology both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

 A patriotic son of Sri Lanka.

6 Responses to “The Government is still under threat from LTTE ideology.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The TAMIL CATHOLIC judge is a henchman of bishop Kasippu Joseph – LTTE activist.

    That explains everything. They are trying to keep non-Tamils out of Mannar. Bad luck.

    If Rishad Bathiudeen had anything to say AGAINST the Dambulla Buddhist monk, then Rishad Bathiudeen is a CRIMINAL and should be punished. Not otherwise.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    If the Catholic church keeps abducting children, promote racism/terrorism/separatism, STEALS church property and runs into LTTE controlled areas to avoid arrest, UNABLE to discipline its members, INTERFERES with the judiciery, appoints alchohol addicted priests to its ESTEEMED church, sexually abuse kids, etc. Catholics should take the law into their hands. This cannot go on like this. The Anglican Church got rid of Kaldera Bishop who was supporting the Tigers. Why can’t they get rid of Kasippu Joseph and his best friend Jayalath Jayawardena?

  3. AnuD Says:

    As far as I can understand Tamils and Muslims are fighting to share the country. We just stare at the sky and do nothing.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    A patriotic son indeed, scared to reveal identity by name eh ?

    Legislators are addressed as ” Honourable ” amongst others. Yet some even go to the extent of telephoning a Magistrate to revoke his Judicial Order. Then get thugs to physically attack the Courts. So, even if this is a despicable act, still they are addressed as “HONOURABLE”

    A Honourable Minister should not interfere with the Judiciary, and engage in thuggery as high-lighted in the media. It is a shameful and dis-honourable act, what ever the circumstances of the issue at hand. If the media report is incorrect, then let the truth be reflected by the Police, the civilian authority to check Law and Order. The Magistrates order should have been revoked by a HIGHER COURT, and not by a telephone call to the Magistrate by a Minister. He should not make the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court look defunct. A shameless and dis-honourable act by an Honorable man.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    There are 2 MPs here who are interfering with the judiciary.

    1. Rishad Bathurdeen
    2. Wijedasa Rajapaksha

    The latter became the BASL (Bar Association) president recently. I predicted this will happen then. He is instigating Tamil judges and lawyers to create friction among ethnic groups to make political advantages for the UNP-TNA coalition. He should be expelled from BASL and a professional whose day job is not sitting in parliament should be elected.

    Disciplinery action should be taken against both these politicians who interfere with the judiciary and the legal profession.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Northern Province judiciary (judges and lawyers) are all Tamil only. This poses a grave threat to non Tamils. Non Tamils cannot expect any justice from them. Judicial review is needed for all court action by non Tamils in the Northern Province.

    TNA is only demanding police and land powers knowing very well they already have judicial powers and discriminatory and favourable laws to them (including Thesawalamei law).

    It is unthinkable what will happen if any power is allowed to them.

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