Sitting for the GCE A/L exam in 14 days!!!!!!
Posted on July 24th, 2012

D. Rajapaksa  (2011 GCE A/L)

Its inappropriate to use a topic like above.But it will help to understand the real issue.After the new Z score was out  Examination Department of Srilanka has given an opportunity to apply as private candidates for the 2012 exam for the students who had to suffer with this Z score complication.

They have given 5 days to fax the newly filled application with all the necessary documents and sit for the exam on the 6th of August.

What is the purpose of this?

Can anyone prepare for the exam with in 14 days?

How do they think the students who were awaiting university entrance were studying whole time?

Isn’t this a comedy?

It has turned into a whole mess now.

No point of explaining about the responsibility or the incidents happen during this time frame.

Now whole island is aware.

Authorities are speechless,silent,astonished.Ultimately students suffered and they will.

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