Codex Alimentarius : Pharmaceutical Industry legally poisoning our Food
Posted on July 26th, 2012

Shenali Waduge

The stories of a New World Order, a One World Government and a One world religion is brushed aside as far-fetched conspiracy theories not to be taken seriously. Nevertheless, most of us will be alarmed to know that under our very nose and unknown to us and kept secret by officials and kept silent by mainstream media has been a series of legal food codes and regulations that covers every thing we eat eventually making us victims of the pharmaceutical industry legally denying us our right to purchase or take alternate medicinal cures. The facts are shocking yet it is not too late to make the public aware for the public to themselves decide how things should change to suit mankind.

Food is a human right. When the world is suffering from obesity, rise in cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and other hormone imbalances we know it is as a result of what we are consuming. Incidentally, all these ailments are preventable with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We know how healthy our forefathers were as the food they consumed were from soil not subject to herbicides and pesticides. They were eating natural unprocessed foods. Today, we are living in a world of competition and the rigors of life makes most have little choice but to rely on food in boxes, cans or bottles. All these items are subject to chemicals in order to preserve them and offer greater shelf life. The labels are often incomprehensible to read with names that are impossible for ordinary laymen to understand. Many of the processed food we eat in fact contain cancer-causing ingredients even the toys our children play with are often contaminated with lead.

Will anyone be shocked to know that more than 3000 different chemicals are being intentionally added to our food? It is the food manufacturers who decide the safety of these chemicals while commercials and advertisement promoting these foods do a great job of selling them! Are you also aware that much of the food we consume has provision to include insect segments, rodent filth, plastic and even human hair?

How many of us have thought why children are said to be hyperactive and immediately prescribed with some type of medication. There is much suspicion that the ADHD has been invented by the pharmaceutical companies to sell their drugs. Rikalin has become a favored drug given to hyperactive children and doctors do not think twice of prescribing it. The aim obviously is to have even children hooked on to drugs/medication.

What exactly is Codex Alimentarius

 Codex Alimentarius is a food code commissioned by the UN in 1961 and carried out through the World Health Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization and the World Trade Organization. Codex has appointed 27 different committees to study different aspects of the entire food chain. There are over 4000 such guidelines for food but not for pharmaceuticals.

Its preference to use the Latin name instead of Food Guideline is to keep public interest to the bear minimal.

Codex Alimentarius has already become law in the EU, in Australia and New Zealand, in Canada and all WTO member countries will have to abide by these “harmonized” laws. Canada has already banned the use of traditional and herbal remedies. Codex was passed in Canada in 2008. How many of us are aware that in 2011 ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS became illegal within the EU?

Thus far Codex has been accepted in 120 countries. Incidentally Sri Lanka ratified Codex as far back as in 1972. It has gone on to establish a National Codex Committee. What we must be worried is that the Health Ministry says Sri Lanka’s national regulations on food safety and food standards have been formulated according to Codex. Codex is nothing to be proud about if we know what its contents are! We don’t know how far the Sri Lankan authorities have gone to harmonize national interests to satisfy Codex and how far our ancient alternatives like ayurveda, homeopathy etc have become compromised and if they are likely to sustain itself or whether we will have access to these medicines in the future!

According to Codex once a country signs Codex all national laws must change to comply with Codex.

In short Codex attempts to take away our food sovereignty and our right to natural health treatments.

The Goals and Objectives of Codex are : 

  • International global harmonization
  • Abolition of organic farming
  • Introduction of GM foods and livestock
  • Removal of all ingredients labeling
  • Restriction of all natural remedies (all supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, flower remedies etc..)

These are the regulations /bans enforced by Codex :


  • Codex prohibits use of nutrients to “prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease”. Codex forbids supplements to be sold or used for preventive use.
  • Codex allows for ONLY minimum dosages of permitted nutrients “”…” 15% of amount naturally occurring in foods.
  • All doses exceeding the amount permitted will be classified as ILLEGAL.
  • Testing of nutrients has been made almost impossible by charging Rs.250,000 per submission which has to under 3 phases of testing and the nutrient categorized as a drug and if tested safe it can only be sold as a prescription drug. Codex will allow only prescription drugs produced by only drug companies.
  • All nations trading with the EU will be forced to adopt Codex or receive trade sanctions. On August 1, 2005 all nutritional materials except for 28 therapeutically useless supplements became illegal in all EU nations.
  • Codex has banned 300 of the 420 basic vitamin and mineral products used by European consumers.
  • The EU permits only 28 low-dose nutrients as of August 1, 2005 (Boron, Vanadium, Natural (mixed Tocopherol), Vitamin E.
  • All other nutrients (alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, picnoginol, 7-keto DHEA, 1g dose of vitamin c, CoQ10, fish oil, curcumin) are all banned as anti-therapeutic nutrients by Codex. This means it is illegal for a doctor to prescribe vitamin c above 1g dose.
  • The allowable maximum upper limits for permitted nutrients have been set so low that they have little or no impact on humans. Moreover the “risk assessment” that is tested is done by the Codex Committee on Nutrients and Food for Special Dietary Uses “”…” can we expect an unbiased result?
  • The currently available ultra low dose nutrients are however exorbitantly priced. Norway and Germany which has already implemented Codex the price of zinc tablets are $52 from previous price of $4. Echinacea is $153 earlier it was $14. Both countries will ban 5000 safe supplements and herbal formulas and nutrients that have been in the market for years.
  • This is nothing but a case of pharma wiping out natural nutrients and churning profits from synthetic drugs after it has “harmonized” it through Codex.
  • By August 1, 2005, 75% of all natural substances available at health food stores and pharmacies in Europe became illegal under Codex.
  • Just imagine the consequences of lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to developing nations. Millions of children will suffer, there will be birth defects, brain damage, loss of national energy and productivity and death.

The aim obviously is to eliminate supplements that are natural which either prevents, treats or cures diseases forcing people only to rely and depend on prescription drugs.

All these rules certainly does make any to think that the primary objective is to increase sickness, legally deny nutrients and force people to be hooked onto drugs not that life will last longer since the immune system has been made redundant via Codex. Now we understand where things are heading. But unless we do our own research and find the truth, the people who know what is going on are remaining silent. Money silences many!


  • EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) came into law in 2003/4.
  • THMPD declares that a product can be sold only if it has been in the market for 30 years inclusive of 15 years in Europe.
  • THMPD has banned 300 nutrients from sale in the UK and include vitamin B6, vitamin C, Echinacea, Black cohosh, St.Johns Wort, Multi-vitamins and minerals.
  • Herbs have been put into a closed WHO committee and will soon be classified as illegal.
  • Under Codex only a short list of “herbs” are permitted whilst all others are to be banned. Chinese herbs are not listed obviously not wanting to ban anything Chinese until China ratifies Codex.


  • Ayurveda, Tibetan, tribal and other traditional medicines using herbs and natural substances will be banned world-wide using the argument that they have no scientific documentation to prove their healing capabilities.
  • Codex specifies that any condition which might require “medical care” may not be treated with herbs.
  • Treating with herbal remedies under Codex is a criminal act.
  • In developing nations where people’s income restricts access to synthetic drugs this is not only an insult to traditional medicine it is a crime committed upon its people. What have these local Governments done to raise a voice against such a move?
  • South Africa and India continue to express dissatisfaction of foods classified as “drugs” and the restriction of nutrients and herbs.

What have Sri Lankan authorities done to flag the dangers to Ayurveda and other indigenous herbal treatments that have been passing down from generation to generation and providing cures especially to poor Sri Lankans unable to have access to western medicines? What will happen to our herbal plants? Have these officials aware and privy to some of the drafts of the regulations taking place not brought these to the attention of the authorities. Do they not feel for the indigenous medicines that are at risk of being banned? Should we not show more respect to natures gift to us?


  • Codex has legalized labeled and unlabeled use of Genetically Modified foods. Monsanto and others will make billions of profits. Under Codex GMOs can be used in animal feed without being labeled.
  • Codex Committee on Nutrients and Foods for Special Dietary Uses has also allowed GMOs in baby foods and formulas. Not many human rights groups raised alarm bells though!
  • GMOs are genetically engineered so seeds would not germinate without pesticides like Roundup a Monsanto product.
  • GMOs have raised cancers, allergies and a host of rare and uncommon diseases that doctors do not know to cure or diagnose.
  • GMOs are a threat to the entire planet when GMO seeds get scattered by pollen and wind from one field to another resulting in GMO crops interbreeding with non-GMO crops and farms will get contaminated.

The Iraqi constitution drafted by US makes mandatory in Article 81 that Iraqi farmers must purchase seeds and fresh seeds from Monsanto through a company called Xe which interestingly is rebranded Blackwater! Iraqi farmers have to also buy herbicides and pesticides from Monsanto. We know how many unfortunate deaths resulted from Monsanto’s BT Cotton seeds with thousands of Indian farmers committing suicide because of debt which incidentally passes on to the next of kin to pay by Indian law.


  • Codex commission is allowing 3275 different pesticides to be allowed in the production of food. Under Codex 300 dangerous food additives (mostly synthetic) will be made legal which includes aspartame, BHA, BHT, potassium bromate, tartrazine,
  • Codex allows pesticides, veterinary drug residues, toxic chemicals, hormones in food
  • Aflatoxin (highly cancerous) is permitted by Codex in children’s milk. Aflatoxin is a cancerous substance transmitted from animal feed (peanuts/corn) into milk. Codex allows 0.5micrograms per kg in childrens milk.
  • Under the new set of rules implemented globally by Codex, cancer is anticipated to rise 50% and one does not need to imagine the global suffering and death likely to result.
  • Toxic poisons are maiming or killing people.
    There is nothing to feel proud of simply by following Codex label directions because under Codex our farms, ranches, streams and rivers are all getting polluted and poisoned.
  • A handful of people have legalized poisoning that is ruining not only our planet but endangering the lives of the entire human populace and do these people think they are saved themselves unless they are all taking some secret medication to safeguard their lives all of us are doomed!
  • The food we eat has been getting poisoned for a long time through POPs or Persistent Organic Pollutants. These POPs are used as pesticides on food which humans and animals consume causing thousands of deaths. 176 countries in 2004 signed the Stockholm convention prohibiting 12 of the worst POPs to protect nations. These POPs are chlordane, DDT, Dieldrin, Dioxin, Endrin, Furan, Heptachlar, Hexachlorobenzene (HCB), Mirex, Polychlorinated Biphinylys (PCBs) and Toxaphene. Though 176 nations agreed to ban these 12 worst chemicals of which 9 were pesticides “”…” Codex is bringing back 7 of these 9 banned pesticides. What is even more alarming is that World Trade Organization has made sure that countries cannot ban food that has these banned chemical pesticides because it would be called a trade violation.


  • Under Codex it is mandatory for all conventional farmers to treat their livestock with antibiotics, veterinary drugs, growth hormones and growth stimulants.
  • Veterinary drugs are allowed without limit or penalty if overused giving those that want to inject animals for larger production the green light to invariably make people sick by eating these meat!
  • Organic farming though not banned, Codex has other ways to put these farmers out of business


  • Codex allows the irradiation of food at any dose. Previous limit was 10kilo gray (equivalent to 330m chest xrays) This destroys vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.
  • ·         Under Codex not only is food allowed to be irradiated without setting limits to dosage, it allows food to be combined with components that may be irradiated again and again. The only way to protect humans from such high dosages is through vitamin c, beta carotene, glutathione which are all banned under Codex.

What may have been a sincere initiative has been usurped by the pharmaceutical industry to its benefit by eradicating all natural products from the market living big pharma in charge of making us sick through Codex and then treating us with drugs! We know the power of these pharmaceutical companies. A single call to global leaders suffices to remove renowned and respected scientists from their posts. They are able to lobby and bring leaders into power”¦of the Fortune 500 companies, the top 10 pharmaceuticals have more wealth than the 490 put together.

Though pharmaceutical companies are just 80 years old “”…” they have become a formidable force far more dangerous than terrorists. At the Nuremberg Trials, Hermann Schmitz president of I.G.Farben was found guilty of producing gas for the Nazi gas chambers. It was Schmitz who eventually crafted a plan to take control of the world’s food supply through the creation of Codex Alimentarius which would disguise itself as consumer protection commission.

So what is this Codex trying to portray itself as “food safety”? We need to now count how many bugs we are eating, how much of animals fecal matter we have consumed and how much of chemicals have gone into our system at the end of every meal we take. Calculate that into a day, week or month “¦and we don’t need tests to feel startled at what is inside our system!

Do we also know that the World Trade Organization countries are forbidden from natural farming through the codex alimentarius legislation? All member countries of UN /WTO must abide by Codex even if it means to allow import of US hormone injected beef. All nations that refuse end up paying massive fines. EU has refused to import US beef and has preferred to pay a fine. But it is only a matter of time that pressure will be brought upon the EU trade commissioner to agree. The EU being a Catholic entity, and its next President likely to be former UK PM, Blair will first have to convert to Catholicism before getting the post.

What we need to ask ourselves is some simple questions. Why are we silently watching genetically modified foods being injected into our food? Are we not aware that these GMOs are destroying our immune system causing illnesses that even doctors are unable to diagnose? If it is now clear that the pharmaceutical companies are using Codex to legally remove all natural health products and natural health supplements, eradicating organic farms and farmers is there nothing we can do? How can anyone deny us our right to take natural nutrients and herbs and other such health remedies which especially countries of the East has been relying upon for centuries and we do not require any scientific documentation to prove its success.

Yet even trade sanctions are better than the likely outcome as a result of making people slaves to drugs and having their food injected with poisonous chemicals and pesticides. In a country like Sri Lanka with rich soil and the possibility to grow our own food to sustain ourselves it is time we say we do not mind trade sanctions. We would rather eat what is naturally grown than have to buy food that is filled with chemicals making us sick and having to turn to doctors who will enslave us to drugs making alternate medicines which is available in abundance illegal to use. What a ridiculous notion and what is shocking is that all those who would have been in the loop watching steadily as these legislations were been drawn over the years kept silent and did not raise alarm until most of the continents around the world have been made to ratify these outrageous food guidelines and media has been bribed to keep silent.

Codex is nothing that is happening in secret since there is enough material available to read and to understand exactly what is going on. It is made to look secret because the main stream media have been paid not to reveal the dangers and that is why it has become implemented all over the world and we the public know little of what is happening under our very noses. It is a shame that officials who have been aware of all these years as each draft has been taking shape have not flagged the dangers at least even anonymously.

So where are the health advocates, the nutritional specialists, the health care professionals and more importantly the mainstream media? Why are they not bringing these crimes to the attention of the public?

Codex implementation in the US has been curtailed as a result of the Dietary Substances Health and Education Act (DSHEA) enforced in 1994 where nutrients and herbs are classified as food and access is free and there is no upper limit set.

Codex however in 1994 declared nutrients to be toxic and poisonous and thus Codex has self-appointed itself to “protect” people from toxic poisons. Codex allows only 18 nutrients which includes fluoride though fluoride has no biological benefit to people.

Codex is doing its utmost to influence US FDA to overturn the DHSHEA and remove the barriers to fully implement Codex in the US thus making purchase of nutrients illegal and made available only as synthetic drugs given under prescription.

In the US, people now aware of the likely harms are signing a CITIZENS PETITION to demand the US Congress to amend its Codex stand. The petition is a legal approach and gives the right to take the US Government to court.

The Business Insider has included this list of secret ingredients inside some of the foods we eat:

  • Cochineal Beetles “”…” crushed to make a red dye and used in yoghurt, maraschino cherries, jams, jellies, tomato products, Starbucks frappuccinos.
  • L-Cysteine “”…” an amino acid made from human hair used to soften mass production of bread dough. 80% of L-cysteine comes from human hair.
  • Castoreum “”…” a flavor enhancer in cheap vanilla and strawberry ice cream. Castoreum is a result of mixing anal secretions and urine of beavers and also used in cosmetics. US FDA recognizes castoreum as safe.
  • Isinglass “”…” is dried fish bladder and is put into beers to give it a golden glow after binding with yeast and forms sediment at bottom of cask after yeast separates it from the beer.
  • Gelatin “”…” made from boiled animal connective tissue.
  • Lanolin “”…” natural oil from sheeps wool used for lotions, shampoos, sunscreen and other cosmetics to give skin and hair a shine. Lanolin is also used to soften chewing gum.
  • Sawdust “”…” shredded cheese uses this to prevent clumping. Sawdust is also used in meat products, ice cream
  • Sodium bisulfate “”…” is a chemical used as a toilet bowl cleaner and is used to bleach discoloration from potato chips and to extend shelf life.

A List of Food Additives to AVOID

  • Artificial Sweeteners “”…” Aspartame (Nutrasweet/Equal) on food labeled “diet” or “sugar free”. Aspartame is a neurotoxin and is cancerous “”…” it erodes intelligence and affects memory. Foods containing aspartame are “”…” diet/sugar free sodas, diet coke, jello, sugar free gum, tabletop sweeteners, cereal, ice tea, chewable vitamins, breathmints, toothpaste.
  • High fructose corn syrup “”…” is found in all processed foods and increases a persons LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases risk of diabetes. Breads, flavored yoghurt, salad dressings, canned vegetables, cereals contain fructose corn syrup.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) “”…” Is an amino acid used to enhance soups, salads, chips, lunch meats,  and many restaurant food. Regular consumption of MSG results in obesity, headaches, eye damage.
  • Trans fats “”…” Is used to enhance and extend shelf life of food and is found in deep-fried foods, margarine, vegetable oils. Trans fat increases LDL and decreases HDL (Good cholesterol) increasing risk of heart attacks, strokes. Trans fat are found in all fast foods.
  • Common food dyes “”…” artificial coloring in soda, fruit juices, salad dressings cause behavioral problems in children, reduces their IQ and even causes cancers. Blue 1 and 2, Red “”…” found in candy, cereal, soft drinks, pet foods, cosmetics”¦. These cause thyroid cancer and affects brain nerves. Yellow and yellow tartrazine “”…” is banned in Norway and Sweden increases kidney and gland tumors.
  • Sodium sulfite “”…” is a preservative used in wine-making and processed foods. Excessive intake results in asthma, headaches, breathing problems and even cardiac arrests.
  • Sodium nitrate / sodium nitrite “”…” used to preserve, color and add flavor to bacon, ham, hot dogs, luncheon meats, corned beef, smoked fish and other processed meats to make them turn bright red. It makes old/dead meat appear fresh and vibrant. Its highly cancerous and affects internal organs.
  • BHA / BHT “”…” butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydrozyltoluene are inside cereals, chewing gum, potato chips, frozen sausages, lard, candy, jello, vegetable oils and is meant to preserve color. These affect brain, alters behavior and can cause cancer.
  • Sulfur dioxide “”…” is a toxic found in beer, soft drinks, dried fruit, juices, cordials, wine, vinegar, potato products. It destroys vitamin B1 and E and children are not recommended to take it.
  • Potassium Bromate “”…” used to increase volume in white flour, breads and rolls and causes cancer in animals tested.

However just as global guidelines are drafted and ratified enough public outcry can also change and amend these “laws” “”…” it is time people start to make their voices heard and say no to genetically modified food, demand their right to take alternate medication in lieu of drugs, uphold the universal right of man to decide what he/she can take in terms of nutrients and vitamins and their right to know what is inside the food they eat. No one has any right to contaminate food with chemicals, pesticides simply to fill their bank accounts. The people we call our leaders have families themselves and just like us they too have to eat to survive and eat well not to fall sick and possibly they are themselves unaware of what exactly is going on and need to wake up from their slumber. People must use their power to refuse to follow Codex and insist that the Governments that they have appointed support local self sustaining farmers who refuse to use GMO seeds. People must in turn start gardening and begin to grow their own food because no one can stop us from growing our own food.

Please read Dr. Robert Verkerk’s (founder and director of Alliance for Natural Health) to learn more about Codex.

What is alarming is not only the knowledge that our foods are being legally injected with all sorts of chemical and parts of dead animals, we are also been forced to take labeled and unlabeled GMOs as well as being denied any type of alternate natural medicines and nutrients which invariably aims to make us sick and reliant on drugs that will be no real cure because when our immune system is destroyed no drugs will be worth its while.

Food and health is what matters far more than wars and terrorism. We need to wake up now to protect ourselves, our children and our future generations and our planet.

2 Responses to “Codex Alimentarius : Pharmaceutical Industry legally poisoning our Food”

  1. AnuD Says:

    There is nothing wrong with Codex Alimentarius. I think, it is implemented or looked after by UN/FAO.

    WE Sri Lankans had a food pattern may be 30 – 40 years ago or even to date in rural villages. that is 100% correct method of food pattern. Here, they eat lot of processed foods and those foods contribute to many unhealthy conditions. Raw foods are also not good as a habit. But, we Sri Lankans as well as indians have a very good food pattern.

    What the developed world is very toxic and 40% of cancers in the developed world are assigned to foods or agents coming from food. Every where in the world, there are many endemic disease conditions to assigned to foods. rural Sri LankanL-cysteine is an amino acid and needed to the body and Gelatin is a protein and useful. Sodium Bisulphite is not good in high concentrations.

    Both Aspartame and MSG (Mono sodium glutamate) and allergenic to some people. s and Indians are not like that. Actually, Indians have a far better food pattern than most sri lankans except the rural Villagers.

    Indians mix fermented milk to their foods and a greater part of their meal consist of milk products. But, Sri Lankans have replaces cow’s milk with coconut milk which is not that good as cow’s milk.

    When we eat processed foods in Sri Lanka, we take lot of toxins. for example, Tea has high amounts of Tanins which are anti-carcinogenic. On the other hand, Coffee has caffeine and many other compounds which can be carcinogenic in high concentrations.

    Grape that are imported to Sri lanka has Sulphur dioxide which is allergenic to some individuals. L-cysteine is an amino acid and needed to the body and Gelatin is a protein and useful. Sodium Bisulphite is not good in high concentrations. Both Aspartame and MSG (Mono sodium glutamate) and allergenic to some people. Most of the times, dyes are carcinogenic.

    Simply don’t get into a habit of eating processed food. It can end with cancer.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Codex alimentarius has no connection to Pharmaceutical industry. It is for Food processing industry and for food additives.

    In here, now people follow the exact same food pattern that our people in villages follow. They want fresh fruits and vegetables grown with out artificial fertilizer or pesticide applications. They call it organic and pay a premium prize. Until recent times, we Sri Lankans had the same food pattern.

    It is up to people not to be dumb. We Sri Lankans have very low self esteem as a nation and are always happy to follow others and do not know the value of what we have.

    Anyway, SANSAARA is to learn and grow up.

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