A Case has been filed against TNA- Additional information.
Posted on July 31st, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

After the article  ” A Case has been filed against the TNA” was published in the Lanka web and copied to an email Forum with Google, a question was raised as to the transparency of accounting for the contributions sent to the Account of the  Sinhala Jathika Peramuna on behalf of its secretary Jayantha Liyanage.

Some of the forum  members expressed their willingness to contribute provided an assurance could be given as to how far Jayantha Liyanage could assure  transparency of contributions received on account of the case against the TNA.

I have been working solely in the interest of the Lankaweb to keep its readers informed of  what is happening vis ƒÆ’†’  vis  the legal action against TNA to proscribe it as it openly contravenes the Constitution of  Sri Lanka.  The contributors and commentators in the LankaWeb had  taken a long time interest in denouncing the activities of the separatist TNA and it is  therefore why I took it on myself to keep  them informed.

I met Jayantha Liyanage personally and  keep in contact with him through emails to get the latest information about the case against the TNA and also to be careful not to publish any thing Jayantha  may consider detrimental to the on going case.

With regard to the transparency of the accounting procedure of the contributions made to the account of the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna of which Jayantha Liyanage is the Secretary, to be used for the case against the TNA,  Jayantha Liyanage  writes as follows;

 ”  Please forward this to all those who have doubts about our transparency.

Ours is a political party and we have to maintain proper accounts and auditing has to be done from time to time and we have to send all those details as well as details of our office bearers  personal wealth to the election commissioner. Otherwise we cannot function as a political party. The law is tough for political parties.
According to our constitution, the Treasurer and the General Secretary have to sign when money is withdrawn and accounts have  to be approved by the central committee members ( office bearers) during the meetings. 
I will send receipts to every one who contributes as  and when  we receive the contributions and in due course. 

Best Regards!
Jayantha Liyanage.”


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  1. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Rather than individuals contributing, can organisations like SLUNA (Canada) and SPUR(Australia) get involved in this and collect money to be sent to the SJP, specifically for the purpose of legal challenge? If they are not retaining lawyers(?) let SJP state specifically the purpose of the needed funds. This was the approach when Expats challenged the 13 Amendment and some patriotic lawyers appeared free of charge.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Sunil Vijayapala, to my knowlegde there are no Lawyers involved in this case. SJP has specifically stated that there are no lawyers fees involved in this case. Again you bring pre May 19th 2009 situation where 13th A is mentioned. This case has nothing to do with 13A. What SJP wanted was to create an office with current PC, copy machine, printing paper, print cartridges, etc. How about a floor standing multifuntion machine with sinhala print out. This machine is manufactured in Germany. Hidelburg. Total cost of this mechine is $30,000 and I am sure Sunil can afford this figure. Don’t send them money to buy this machine. This is what you do: you buy the machine and the other items I suggested, and ship them to Kurunagala. State cleraly no Lawyaer can use these items. Now SJP can publish a Sinhala news paper on a weekly basis. By the way Jayantha is an engineer not an attorney. If you get this machine I will suggest to SJP that they publish your photograph on a full page.

  3. jay-ran Says:

    I have a problem in sending my little contribution, because after sending the money I nee a contact number to inform the receipiant of the relevant Transaction Number to enable the receipient to collect the money.I have no suspician of any sorts, pl inform the contact number of any one who collects my little contribution for this URGENTLY NEEDED ACTION, or my email could be taken from lanka web to provide this info!!!

  4. Dham Says:

    Kit Athul,
    I don’t think your comments are helpful. $30000 is a lot of money. Besides SJP does not need such a machine at the moment. I am sure many people will contribute.

  5. Charles Says:


    You may contact Jayantha Liyanagbe at: sjp@sltnet.lk


    I agree with you we should not get involved with the political aspect but concentrate on winning the case against the TNA. But for creating a public opinion some type of independent transport with head phones may be necessary. And it may be helpful to provide funds for such materail besides other expenses.

    I am sure people will contribute as every free thinking person wants TNA which is a stumbling block to unity is removed for good from the political scene like the terrorism was eliminated on 19 May,2009.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    On a previous occasion when Stanley Perera suggested a similar move to file a case against the TNA, I applauded him.

    I also recommended to him that instead of trying to do it alone, or informally with an anonymous group of supporters, that he create a registered non-profit organization, or a registered political party, with a board of reputable directors, a website with open and secure areas, a transparent system for collecting donations online, and public meetings that members can attend and meet the leaders of the organization.

    I stated the only way to generate confidence among patriots, that will succeed in eliciting their support and unstinted financial contributions to the effort, is through such a systematic approach.

    From this article and later LankaWeb articles written by Charles Perera, who I know to be patriot of long standing at LankaWeb, and comments of others, I now see that the difficulties that I foresaw in the informal approach adopted by Stanley Perera have come to fruition.

    Confidence and Trust among patriots has not been generated by creating a viable organization. Without that confidence and trust, no matter how well meaning the people involved are, the effort is doomed to fail. Even Government Officials and Politicians will nor respond to individuals who are not backed by a viable organization.

    Build the organization first in a systematic way, then work on the problems you want to address.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    While President Rajapaksa Calls for Ethnic Amity handing out government loans to rehabilitated terrorists, Sri Lankan MP Somasuntharam Senathiraja plots with that old demagogue, DMK chief M Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu, to promote a separatist EELAM state in Sri Lanka through “conferences”.

    If this is not TREASON against his own country of Sri Lanka, I don’t know what is!


    The Lives of hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens is at STAKE. Already over 150,000 Sri Lankans have died on this ALTAR OF TAMIL RACISM.

    If we have learned anything in the last 30 years, is that SEPARATISM must be confronted head-on, as soon as it raises its head, with the greatest FIRMNESS and SEVERITY. The failure of successive Sri Lankan governments to deal with the enormous threat of Tamil Terrorism in the early years, led to the existential threat to the nation two decades later.

    Anything less than PROSECUTION of TRAITORS will compromise the safety of Sri Lankans and the integrity of our beloved Motherland.

    Scotch this TREASON NOW, and Scotch it HARD! That is the only language these unrepentant RACISTS understand.

  8. Charles Says:


    You may e-mail to : sjp@sltnet.lk. That is also the email address of Jayantha Liyanage

  9. Marco Says:

    So, no lawyers retained in a SC hearing? You are kidding me?
    I can just imagine legal briefs who are conversant with “legal technical” issues making mince meat with layman who may have good intentions but waylaid to embarrassing effect.

    Kit Athul- This “machine” that cost $30,000 would this be a high spec SUV with all mod cons of a fully functional mobile office.
    Shame, if such a “machine” was offered to Wimal Weerawansa (who is not partial to western gadgetry) he may have offered a seat and even a cup of tea.

    Ananda as usual has a very sensible approach.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Although I am an unabashed Sinhala Patriot especially committed to the survival of Sinhala people, I think that the way forward should be as ONE SRI LANKAN PEOPLE and not at separate Ethnic and Religious Communities. We, as ethical and moral people, cannot hope to survive by ourselves in isolation to the exclusion of others … we must live, survive and prosper together as ONE Sri Lankan people.

    To this end, National Integration should be promoted in Sri Lanka to create a nation of ONE SRI LANKAN PEOPLE devoid of internecine hair-splitting arguments as to who deserves the first place in Sri Lanka, or of who owns any part of Sri Lanka to the exclusion of others. All of Sri Lanka must be open to settlement by all Sri Lankans without communal considerations. Let ethnic and religious diversity be relegated to its proper sphere … in the private lives of people, and banished from the public sphere as a basis for allocating the benefits of Sri nLankan citizenship.

    As such, the name Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (SJP) is an unfortunate choice for the proposed political party/organization that seeks our support as patriots. Why not something like Sri Lanka Jathika Peramuna that patriots of all communities can support?

    By restricting the SJP party by name to Sinhala people we commit the same sin that we vociferously object to in Tamil parties which exclude non-Tamils and advocates special rights and benefits for the Tamils that are unavailable to people of other communities.

    This attitude among Eelamist Tamils inexorably leads to separatist demands, as evidenced by their frequent inclusion of “EELAM” in their party names. However much they participate in the “parliamentary process”, their end goal is reflected in the Eelam labels of their parties, amounting to a declared ACT OF TREASON against the nation.

    These TREASONOUS labels and the SEPARATIST EELAMIST goals must be banned and expunged from their party constitutions by Sri Lankan Law. Laws UNENFORCED are Laws NON-EXISTENT. The ENFORCEMENT of EXISTING laws, and the promulgation of NEW laws as needed to protect the nation from separatism should be the goal of the new political party/organization that is contemplated here.

    However, we must be INCLUSIVE of all Sri Lankan Communities and avoid committing the same sin of communalism.

    The preservation of a unitary Sri Lanka as the peaceful, prosperous and undivided home of all of its people should be our unchanging goal.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    If the legal process fails, patriots across the SANGA-WEDA-GURU-GOVI-KAMKARU-ARMY-EXPATRIATE (7 forces) should team up to eliminate TNA Tamil racists with LOW COST means. A few eliminations will chase the rest to Tamil Madu as it happened in 2008.

    After the elimination of Raviraj, Maheswaran, etc. Gonason and Sivajilingam ran back to Tamil Madu!

    Just 13 left. Tamil people eliminated 9 of them to reduce TNA from 22 to 13. Now the others should do their part to reduce it further down to ZERO.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    There are MANY SRI LANKAN parties. Did they EVER initiate any such action? NO!

    Only Sinhalas loved/love/will love SL UNCONDITIONALLY. Not outsiders who now call this “HOME” for opportunistic gains. When they stop gaining they take the boat and leave SL.

  13. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Kit Atul – first of all I wonder why people use NICKS in this elite forum. I presume you are Kithsiri and Atul = Atulathmudali??? Keep up to our greatest politician’s name! Thanks to Lalith’s cousins in Toronto who convinced Lalith, we have now Dual citizenship.
    You do not need to enlighten me on 13th amendment not having a relationship to this challenge. North American Sri Lankan expats know the role I played. I brought up that for three reasons (last time too you commented) One, the logistics and specifics of the case, Two, the influence of Executive in SL over the Judiciary(clearly shown during the 13th A challenge), Three, the cost of one lump remitance to an account in SL will save lot of money rather than many making remitances to the same AC – this is why I suggested Orgs. like SLUNA/SPUR should collect money and send money in one go.
    You may be going soft on JRJ(and probably a Ranil fan), but the mess we are in could be attributed to that OLD FOOL! Remember Lalith formed his own party disgusted with everyone? Now everyone is back on the N/E merger agenda, that will not go away easily. We sincerely hope and pray Jayantha will succeed but odds are against him. If he wins it will be a great triumph. Your argument is right – better send equipment rather than money. Myself and two of my friends here did collect money to send some equipment to army hospital during the war and I managed to organise/buy the stuff in SL. I am a retired person and I will contribute according to my means and please refrain from embarassing me in this forum. thamunnanse KIT UL raa beelada mevaa liyanne?

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    Our enemies are united so it is OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE that patriots stay united without insulting one another.

    We have our little disagreements on POLITICIANS (JR, RP, MR, CBK, etc.) but we have to DISREGARD these loyalties and work to wipe out Tamil nationalists.

    There is no greater sin than dividing patriots.

    Jayantha Liyanage and other good men and women involved in the noble task can certainly learn from a person who has been there before.

  15. Charles Says:

    Ananda USA

    Please understand that Sinhala Nationalism is not divisive. The Sinhala had never wanted National Disunity. Sinhala Nationalism is to protect the Island that once was Sinhala and now shared along with different Communities who came later on and were accepted by the Sinhala . Sinhala do not deny their write to citizenship like any Sinhala.

    But Sinhala demands respect to the Island that has mothered all of us and respect the culture of each other without one community demanding separation and another demanding progressive increase of its population to challenge the Sinhala as the majority with a one religion concept.

    We are fighting against TNA which demands separation and acts as a foreign enemy inside Sri Lanka. Only person who challenged them is Jayantha Liyanage and he comes from Sinhala Jathika Peramuna and what is wrong in that ?

    If the cause that you are interested is in defeating the aim of the TNA, then I think you should make a contribution without conditions.

  16. Dham Says:

    Lorenzo’s statement is very important. Sunil is a ex-friend of MR and we need him.

  17. Dham Says:

    JRJ is better than RanNil and Premadasa.

  18. Kit Athul Says:

    Sunil, you are correct on all. I live in USA and I have not visited SL for a long time. Yes, I am a cousin and you must be talking about Mahinda in Canada. To begin with there is no such machine I created it so that one cannot deviate the dialog to the past and to include JRJ. I am NOT a RANIL FAN. (I have published few articles on lankaweb when you get time please read them. Then you will get a better idea of what I stand for) He should be prosecuted for treason. This is why he is hanging on to the leader of the opposition. If he looses this position, then any one can file a case against him for treason. Next issue is; I do not think SJP needs any more cash. What I suggested was, not in a good manner, but a sarcastic manner, was to give SJP office supplies. Now lets come to the main issue. Jajatha’s filing, he did it by himself. So let him do it his way. Let see how TNA attorneys counter attack him. I am not a fortune-teller but I feel this is the way it will happen. Supreme court will request the Election Commisioner to produce the TNA manifesto and justify it as a political party. (here if the Indian RAW and Tamil sangham in Boston pays enough, The Election Commissioner might delay the reply to the supreem court) Here the Election Commissioner will have to produce present and past documents. Once the supreme court receives the reply, then the supreme court will advice for the Election Commissioner to remove TNA as a political party.

    Now, I SINCERELY APOLOGIES FOR EMBARRASSING YOU. I did this to make sure the comment writers Take this issue in present-tense and not in the past-tense. I hope you understand. Let’s forget the past, if not it gets confused with Indo Lanka agreemnet etc. I have not tasted RAA since I left SL that is long time ago. (Kithul RAA was plentyful in our village) Coconut trees grow well in South Florida but I have’t tried to tap the flower yet. Please don’t call me Thamunase Tamuse would be better.

  19. Dham Says:

    Thank you Kit. Ki(A)ul Raa and Pol Raa should contribute to the crisis in a firendly way, united.

  20. Kit Athul Says:

    Dham, Your right, any way, my comments was to bering the issue to the present-tense. There is no such machine I created it. so that every one is focused on the present and do not get bogged down with the past. May be I was too hard on Sunil.

  21. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    This is becoming juicier by the day and by the hour! A valid point about the manifesto but I am pretty sure the clause of ‘separation’ will not be there. So, they will not be proscribed. Most parties do not follow manifestos. If they did, Sri Lanka would be rich as much as during the Sigiriya time, where our currency was a rival to Roman. Now if the SC advise EC(assuming separation is there) to remove the party and he does – there is no one to stop the Sakkiliyas(apart from honourable Tamils with lot of common sense whom we salute!) coming back with another party name/party manifesto and re-register within 24 hours, again without the ‘separation’ clause. They can make this an ‘informal’ issue on a political platform. We are back to zero and all that effort of Jayantha will be futile. We need to look at this from all angles. Over to you Kithsiri A.
    I wish Lalith will come down from Chathumarajikka world ASAP. I was to join him but unfortunately the Sakkiliyas got him. Well they systematically eliminated the whole Sinhala political hierarchy and we are now left with crumbs! who are clueless and all muddled up. All Anagamis! Okkoma Anagana! These idiots want elections, elections and more elections to test their popularity at polls! and the poor man goes and put a cross and get fooled, everytime – all this British filth! of a government and an opposition. OMG when will Sri Lankan realise this, idiocy and ‘uncondition’ themselves. English, Tea and Cricket! without which there is no life for Sri Lankans. Bolai, bat akai, bothalai, bathai, baila – the 5 precepts which killed our race.
    I hold dual cit. and I will make an endeavour to meet Jayantha (if he wishes only) when I visit my dear motherland in November and station myself in our capital of Anuradhapura and also make a contribution to the cause.

  22. Dham Says:

    Names are important.

    Remove TAMIL
    Remove MUSLIM
    Remove EELAAM

    At least such “officially” communal politics should come to a stop. Once i is done unofficial discrimination does not matter !
    Let them get together, we cannot stop that.
    So, they will have MUSLIM CONGRESS , TAMIL CONGRESS but praty should be named HONDA HITA PARTY or something.

    But more importantly, they will have to learn to do communal politics under cover. Then bring in new laws to send these sakkilis to Australia by boat !

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Ananda USA.

    Traitors & Separatists should not be tolerated in Sri Lanka. They cause Fear & Disharmony which is a contradiction to the Peace & Harmony desired by the majority of the people here, irrespective of their ethnicity or religion. An easy Lesson Learnt would be to disenfranchise such traitors and also suspend/invalidate their passports. Earlier recommendations were to bring in the Death Penalty for Separatism.

    Just because Sri Lanka is in close proximity to Tamil Nadu, that does not mean that TN can solve their Caste/Poverty problems on the the back of Sri Lanka at high cost in Lankan lives as well as putting the integrity of the Nation in jeopardy, plus massive losses in government funds. TN has enough resources to take care of all her people.

    Uplifting the lives of the poor in Sri Lanka should be done irrespective of ethnicity or religion.

    Every Tom, Dick & Harry who has an axe to grind in the world wants to make Sri Lanka their arena to do so. Why do we tolerate such despicable acts, particularly the Separatism part when it is evident that none of these people who advocate Separatism have any intention of emigrating to other so called better countries ? Being overly tolerant has many drawbacks. Being overly tolerant is not a part of Democracy, particularly with reference to Separatism. Being overly tolerant is foolish when it comes to tolerating illegal migrants (mostly from TN), and Separatism.

  24. Dilrook Says:

    Whatever petty differences are there, we should all support Jayantha who is pioneering something good. It was not done for the past 29 years by any civilian. It may not happen again for a long time.

    13A needs to be abrogated. But that is a longer term goal. If TNA is banned or declared culpable, that itself ensures the largest Tamil political party in the country cannot effectively share power under 13A. That is grounds for abrogating 13A. Frustrated, even TNA will openly support the abrogation of 13A.

  25. Kit Athul Says:

    Sunil, I can only suggest things. Some thing that came to my mind is: Did we forget that the land mass that was annexed to Sri Lanka in 2009 has to be managed. To start with the roads, rail and electric grid has to be brought up the standard. If one itemize other adiministrative structure that is required to govern the Northern and Eastern provinces, it is an Herculean affect. MR is a remarkable man has matured on the job and given the Country, Sri Lanka, pride it deserved. Now let’s go back in time and ask us what did JRJ do? He did the same thing, the Herculean affect to create the constitution and the republic with a an executive Presidency. INDIA openly opposed it, British opposed it and finally President Ragan opposed it. They wanted a puppet president like INDIA has. I now place Jayatha Liyanege on the same Pedestal as JRJ, and MR. Why? because he did some thing that no other Sinhala has done. Shanali had this sentence in one of her articles or comments. Apart from talking, no other Sinhala has done what Jayantha has done, file a case against TNA. This is the sequence of events; JRJ created the Executive Presidency and the constitution to defeat who? Tamil Nadu Tamils. Next MR went to war with whom? Tamil Nadu Tamils. What is Jayantha doing? Getting the Tamil Nadu Tamils out of the Sri Lanka electorial system.

    Now I dug out an excellent commets you made on July 11th 2012 for the article “Galle district Sanga Nayake arrested for Robbery. I call this critique inwardly. What you did with Jayantha, was to critique him outwardly by brining attorneys on to the scene. I hope you understood my analogy and why I reacted negatively for your comments. When you get to SL Please go beyond Anuradhapura. Go north up to, where Sangha Mitta thero brought the Sri Maha Bodhiy. I have forgotton the name of the place. Then go to Naghadeepaya. Charles went Nagadeepaya.

  26. Kit Athul Says:

    Marco, Your correct, but what if SJP rejects the offer of the SUV Office? If he wins the case and files another to define high treason. I think they deserve it.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    It is NOT SUFFICIENT for us to criticize Tamil leaders in Tamil Nadu, and Sri Lankan Tamil Leaders plotting with them to create a Separatist state of Eelam for Tamils-only in Sri Lanka.

    The GOSL should take FIRM steps to PROSECUTE, CONVICT and PUNISH the TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES of Sri Lankan Tamil Leaders against their own motherland.

    There is not much we can do about Tamil demagogues in Tamil Nadu.

    But, there is MUCH we can do to DISSUADE and PUNISH racist separatist Tamil Leaders in Sri Lanka for their TREASON: PROSECUTE, CONVICT and PUNISH them with LIFE IMPRISONMENT or DEATH, NOW!

    Much less TREASON than this EARNS US Citizens a long vacation in Prison (the “American Taliban” for example) or even DEATH (Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, for example). Even FOREIGN CITIZENS resident abroad are not immune from prosecution and punishment for terrorism against the US under US Law (for example, Sheik Khalid Mohamed of Al-Quaida).

    The national security of Sri Lanka is an URGENT CONCERN to Sri Lankan citizens no less than the National Security of the US is to US citizens.

    PROSECUTE, CONVICT & PUNISH these TRAITORS we can easily take into custody NOW!

    Sri Lankan minister asks politicians not to create divisions among communities for political gain


    Aug 06, Colombo: Housing, Engineering Services and Construction Minister of Sri Lanka Wimal Weerawansa says politicians should not create divisions among communities for political gain.

    Addressing an event in the Ampara District, Weerawansa has said there are several political parties in the country that are acting in an extremist manner.

    He has said that such extremist parties were present in the government as well as in the opposition.

    He has pointed out that politicians in Tamil Nadu were promoting the concept of an Eelam without working for the betterment of the Tamil people and the push for an Eelam is not done in the best interest of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

    He has pointed out that Tamil Nadu politicians were speaking about the Sri Lankan Tamil when the Tamils in South India were suffering.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    The reluctance of Sri Lankan Tamils to attend the TESO meeting organized by the old demagogue Karunanidhi should not be the repercussions among Indian leaders such as Jayalalitha, or even the Govt of India, but repercussions arising from the Government of Sri Lanka.

    If the Government of Sri Lanka announced that attendance at this meeting, to discuss the creation of a Tamils-Only Separatist State of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, amounts to HIGH TREASON, and that Sri Lankan attendees would be PROSECUTED for TREASON upon their return to Sri Lanka …. that would send a cold chill down the spines of putative attendees.

    That is the way to Scotch these events: Preemptively, using the TOOLS available to the GOSL.

    The GOSL should monitor and record the proceedings and attendance at these events, and use that information to PROSECUTE Sri Lankan attendees. The GOSL should set up a separate permanent branch of its foreign intelligence service for undertaking this aspect of national security. The COST of doing so would be minimal in comparison to a COST OF WAGING FUTURE SEPARATIST WARS.

    Sri Lankan Tamil parties wary about attending TESO meet

    By P K Balachandran
    August 06, 2012

    Sri Lanka’s Tamil political parties are wary about attending a meeting of the Tamil Eelam Supporters’ Organisation (TESO) to be held in Chennai on Aug 12.

    On the record, the spokesmen of various parties say that their executive committees will meet and take a decision on the matter.

    But party leaders privately say that there is no motivation to attend. The reasons cited are varied.

    An important functionary of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK), the main component of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), told Express on Sunday that if the ITAK or the TNA attended the meeting (organised by DMK leader M Karunanidhi), AIADMK leader and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa might get annoyed and go against them as the late MGR did in the 1980s.

    MGR had helped the LTTE and ignored other militant groups because the latter had accepted a donation from the DMK leader, and the LTTE had not.

    “We have to be mindful of the way our issue is looked at in Tamil Nadu. It is entangled with local party politics and we have to play accordingly,” an ITAK functionary explained. However, since the DMK is part of the Central Government, the ITAK feels that it cannot, off hand, reject Karunanidhi’s invitation.

    “We are aware that without India’s support we can achieve nothing,” the ITAK leader quoted above said.

    A top leader of the EPRLF, which is a constituent of the TNA, said that the EPRLF was not enthusiastic about TESO because there was no clarity about the purpose of the conference. “Neither the DMK chief nor any of the TNA leaders has any idea as to what the conference is going to focus on, and what it might lead to. Karunanidhi has changed his original stance and is now saying that there will be no call for Eelam. But neither he nor any one of us here has a clue as to what is going to be asked instead,” the EPRLF leader said.

    According to him, the general feeling in his party is that it should neither oppose nor participate in the conference.

    A leader of the Democratic National Front (DNF) said that his party was unlikely to attend the meet as it was only meant to serve the interests of the Indian government.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indeed, the GOSL should not “Protest” … just announce that all Sri Lankan attendees, Tamil, Sinhalese or Moslem, will be subject to PROSECUTION for HIGH TREASON upon their return to Sri Lanka.

    That is “Protest” enough!


    Sri Lanka government does not need to protest the Eelam conference – Minister

  30. Kit Athul Says:

    Ananda-USA, perfect, but why is Rajapakse administration not letting them publicly known that they will be prosecuted for Treason? It is because Hilary Cliton and Susan Rice (who hate Sinhala) has written to MR staing that she will bring it at the next UN assembly, in October. According to Susan Rice it is a violation of fundermental rights of Tamils.

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