Resolutions of TESO Conference
Posted on August 15th, 2012

Ira de Silva London, Canada 

The Editor
  Dear Sir:
  Having read the news report of the TESO as reported by  S Venkat Narayan and the resolutions from that gathering, I am writing to express a view on some of those resolutions.

It is ironic that the TESO asks  India not to remain “silent” on the “undemocratic developments” in Sri Lanka. Perhaps those at the conference are living in a Tamil world of their own that they are unaware of the constant flow of visits by various Indians to Sri Lanka and their continuous pronouncements bordering on dictates to the GOSL. The irony is that those adopting these resolutions at this conference are all Indians and they seem to believe that they can dictate policy to Sri Lanka – that is their idea of democracy. The resolutions from this conference could be disregarded except for the fact that as in the past the Indian Government may be inclined to use them if an when they want to impose their will on Sri Lanka by force as they did the Indo-Lanka Agreement which has proved a disaster for Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans must never forget that India is not a friendly neighbour. These resolutions are another reminder. It should galvanise all Sri Lankans to unite in the face of  continuing Indian  aggression.

As for “undemocratic developments”,  the actions of the Tamil representatives indicate that they themselves have just a nodding acquaintance with democracy evidenced by the way they treat their own Tamils in India, discriminating based on caste and class differences. As for bestowing  full rights on the Tamil community in the island to decide their own political future, they are blind to the fact that the Sri Lankan Tamils have far more rights than their own citizens of Tamil Nadu so they should strive to “bestow” the rights that are enjoyed by Sri Lankans on their own rather than call for what the Sri Lankans already have.  What India is seeking is special treatment for the Tamils of Sri Lanka which  Sri Lanka  cannot and must not provide  for any individual community. Sri Lanka’s duty is to ensure the fullest participation of all communities as equal citizens with all the rights guaranteed by the Nation’s Constitution not as proposed by the citizens of India. 

Reference the resolution that “India should take necessary steps to ensure a total change of environment in Sri Lanka and a life of equality and peace to the Sri Lankan Tamils by redeeming their political, economic and cultural rights,” the Central Government of India should enlighten them as they are obviously ignorant  that since the end of the war, there has been a total change – there is no more facist rule by the LTTE of the Tamil population in the north, people are free of fear and of conscription of children, they have equal opportunity to work and live in peace, their political rights have been redeemed because they are not suppressed by the LTTE and as for cultural rights, when were they ever deprived of them except that the LTTE suppressed all such activity when they held the civilian population hostage to their rule. 

Rgarding the resolution that  “rehabilitation of Sri Lankan Tamils would remain a distant dream unless violations of their basic rights are stopped”, again they are displaying their utter ignorance or being deliberately obtuse as they seem unaware of the rehabilitation that has taken place in the north and east. Some would claim that this has been done even at the expense of the rest of the country. As for violation of basic rights, again they have not defined what rights are being denied and probably believe that in Sri Lanka there is a system as exists in Tamil Nadu which clearly deprives it’s citizens of basic rights based on caste and class.

It is a telling indictment on Tamil Nadu and India that all these resolutions are being made by Indians for Sri Lanka. There were no representatives of Sri Lankan Tamils at this conference? Although not mentioned in Mr. Narayan’s report the only representative was a Sinhala Marxist who was “reprimanded” for criticising India regarding the imposition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  Is it India’s version of democracy that they believe that  Indians who are not elected by Sri Lankans have the power to dictate to a sovereign country? Sri Lanka has suffered thirty years of terrorism because of Indian resolutions and interference in the belief that they know what is best for Sri Lanka. These resolutions indicate that they are getting even more aggressive and offensive towards Sri Lanka.

It is hoped that the GOSL will take note of these “resolutions” and take appropriate action to advise India  that only the citizens of Sri Lanka can determine who and how they should be governed and that Indians have only the right to express their opinions but not to impose them on any other country.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Canada 

21 Responses to “Resolutions of TESO Conference”

  1. dhane Says:

    TESO should ask separate state for their homeland from New Delhi. Tamils are 3rd or no class in their own country and why not ask that first and create their own bloody Ealam in Tamil Nadu. Tamils were given much more privilege in SL than in India. If India remain silent for TESO very soon Tamil Nadu will ask for the separate state. Just take my word and wait within next FIVE years it will come-up and then India can keep never ending fight same as like in Kashmir. This is very same reason India wants to keep Ealam concept as long as possible within in SL

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Ira, as we all have noticed, TESO is a bunch of monkeys playing their political pranks to hoodwink and win the vote of the ignorant Tamilian in Tamil Nadu by “playing to the gallery”. Otherwise, would they ask for an Eelam when the SL Tamilians themselves are quite happy to live and be just treated like any other Sri Lankan living in SL. Obviously, these monkeys are least concerned about the wellbeing of the Tamilians in SL and would like to incite hatred, apply salt on the wounds of the ethnic war, agitate and keep the ethnic divide alive. Thankfully, I think the Tamilians in SL are becoming more and more aware of this, as they themselves see the developments going on. The funniest thing is that these monkeys are allowed to play their pranks unabated by the central government of India, who claim to be our friend, which makes me think that they too have a role in these pranks. The honest Indians that visited SL in the recent past have clearly articulated how much SL has done for the affected Tamilians in SL. Rather than pranking like monkeys, if they have any genuine concerns for the Tamilians in SL, they should visit the country and see for themselves how much better off the SL Tamiilians are compared to the unfortunate lot in Tamil Nadu, the so called mother land of the Tamilians. Even though it is hard to teach new tricks to old monkeys, if they actually care for the Tamilians, they should come and help bridge the ethnic divide between the Tamilians and the Sinhalese created by the LTTE terrorists over the last 30 odd years and took away the opportunity for a decent and peaceful life for a generation of Tamilians. Peace, harmony and togetherness is the only way forward for us all in SL.

  3. thurai Says:

    As we belive Terrorism LTTE Terrorism isn´t dead. There are many divisions of LTTE. They change
    their name and activities according to the circumtances. There are many innocent politicians and Tamils behind
    TESO, like Tamil were in Mullivaikkal.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The salubrious Nilgiri Mountains of Tamil Nadu are ideal for a place called Eelam. TESO should work on that – it is truly an achievable and peaceful dream place. All Tamil Aspirations may truly be found in “Nilgiri Eelam”.

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    TESO as reported by S Venkat Narayan !

    Indian political jockers !!! – SP

    TESO asks India not to remain “silent- India never be silent !
    at present Training SL forces all over india & traing new Tamil groups from SL refuge camp with their own indian forces !!!

    unit in diversity – no short cut , together we can kick out all outsiders (than we will fight each other) !!!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Whoever is trained by India, they will work for Indian forces or Sri Lankan forces.

    What matters is that Eelam be formed in the appropriate and salubrious Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu.

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    If visit TN you can see board in English & Tamil -Well come to Government Of Tamil Nadhu !!!

    Tamil Nadhu mean in Tamil Tamil country !
    kannada means ( Kannada Nadhu ) Kannada country !

    so India is a United state of india !!! like Europen Union !!!

    unit in diversity , no short cut !!!
    united province of Sri Lanka !!! lasting solution ( will lead to Tamil Eelam at the end – is bad imagination !!!)
    bring Mahaweli river to KKS !!!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Forming a united province (states) of Lanka is not possible as Lanka is too small a place. Every state in India is at least twice the size of the whole of Lanka (all except Kerala which is about 3/4 size). The Indian Model does not suit Lanka. The Indian Model was imposed on Lanka in the guise of 13-A, under Duress, and therefore Null & Void.

    Tamil people are too insular and tend to form areas for themselves only, anywhere they go. This is a symptom of ‘protection’ against the 3,000 yr old caste bias. As we know, the caste system is tied to the Hindu religion and difficult to shake off. We do not want these unresolved problems brought into Sri Lanka, destabilising the entire country. It must be solved at the source, i.e. in this case, Tamil Nadu. That is why we like to suggest that a CASTE FREE Nilgiri Eelam be formed in Tamil Nadu. Freedom starts in Tamil Nadu. Tamils outside of TN will follow such an example.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    You say that there are boards in Tamil & English in TN, but no Hindi. That means the broader thinking and embracing of the rest of India is lacking in TN. The other Southern States of India accept the Hindi language now.

  10. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    1) Lanka is too small a place.-No ,area small is not excuse to solve our problm ( eg: Singapore & other many small country in world) I am not dening their is many problm in mono ethic province ( but these problm already we have since 1948) we can solve these problm together (eg: Duputy CM NEP must be Sinhala person etc…)

    2)‘protection’ against the 3,000 yr old caste bias- Agreed that in 3,000 year problm we can not too much about it as we only have 100 years of life !!
    As long as Hidusiam in this world this evil caste system will be in this world !!! so can we get rider off Hindisium ? NO
    Lord Bhuddha tried failed after all We normal people Can we do any think ? NO

    3) TN ,India … Not Our Lankan putha’s problme Fran Diaz , let Indian’s to short out their problm , shall we consenrate our problm !!!

    4) Southern States of India accept the Hindi language – No, if you travel Kerala you can see borad in Malayalam only (similar letter to sinhala) !
    our is only three language ( in any small board can write all three )

    Our problm can be solve our night If We genivienly work together !!!

    unit in diversity , no short cut !!!

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Andy,

    (1) You say : “No ,area small is not excuse to solve our problm ..”

    It is not OUR problem, it is a Tamil Caste problem, and no amount of Tamil segregation in Sri Lanka and forming any amount of Eelams outside of Tamil Nadu will solve the Tamil Caste problem, when Tamil Nadu grows it on a daily basis, with every birth of a Tamil child there. Sorry, that’s the end of your justification to form a Tamil only area outside of Tamil Nadu.

    Besides, Malaysia is a huge country, and Singapore is not mono ethnic (in religion, it is predominantly Buddhist). Tamil leaders want a mono ethnic state. What will be the religion of such a state, could you let us know ?
    Malaysia is 127,320 against 25,000 in Sri Lanka. Anyway, it is not a matter of size, it is a matter of tolerance and principles, and your present day Tamil leaders lack that aspect. Tamil leaders who had that aspect have been killed off by the ltte. So your argument doesn’t hold good there either.

    (2) You say : “I am not dening their is many problm in mono ethic province ( but these problm already we have since 1948)…”
    So, by your own admittance there are problems in a mono ethnic province. Why not resolve those problems instead of keeping them on a forever basis ?

    (3) Caste is a man made attachment on the great Hindu religion. The Core Teachings of the Hindu religion are the four great Yogas, viz. Kriya Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Gnana Yoga, and lastly and most importantly, Raj Yoga. Discard all else and take the four great Yogas only. That way, caste is gently removed, with no harm to anyone.

    How is it that those Tamils who go abroad, especially to the west, do not carry their caste bias around with them ? Sri Lanka is too close to Tamil Nadu and that is why Sri Lankan Tamils are still conscious of caste.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    1)Tamil only area outside of Tamil Nadu. – again and again why we are talking about TN , india , Tamil …
    This is Sri lankan problm… it our problm … it not our so call Tamil problm beacuse we born in Tamil specking Tamil family in mother lanka !!! NEP is not Tamil only area !!! & it should not be !!!

    2)mono ethnic province.- this mono ethnic province created by both us community , you can not put only blam to us .eg: When we were chased in 1956 to 1983 from south we were send to NEP ( Even estate TamilS also chased to NEP) ( kari yapana- this was word used ).
    Yes Agreed how bad is caste it same similar bad mono ethnic province – step by step it need to be change not by govt sponser colanition .

    3) Tamils who go abroad, especially to the west, do not carry their caste -Agreed ! this caste problm is common to India ,in west it not abIlicAble because law & order (discrimination ACT)
    True hindusium or Bhuddism not in this worl at this peresnt !!! yes agreed true relign against caste !!

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Hi Andy,

    We have gone through explaining all this earlier, but here we go again, for the sake of clarity :

    (1) We have to talk about Tamil Nadu because to talk of Tamils of Sri Lanka without TN is like talking about Ala hodi (Potatoe curry) without the Ala. Tamil politics, culture, food, language, attitudes re casate & poverty come from Tamil Nadu – where else ? Tamils of Lanka live in Sri Lanka but harken to Tamil Nadu. If Tamils of Lanka harkened to Sri Lanka, there would be no problems for Tamils or for the rest of Lanka. That is why our reference point for Tamil problems is Tamil Nadu. Also the fact that Tamil Nadu is very close to Sri Lanka affects Sri Lanka the latter being the smaller unit in area. That we have to refer to Tamil Nadu is unfortunate but true, now and in the future.

    (2) You say : ” … When we were chased in 1956 to 1983 from south we were send to NEP ( Even estate TamilS also chased to NEP) ( kari yapana- this was word used )”.
    Now who threw the first stone in the so called ‘ethnic conflict’ ? Was it not Tamil leaders who first sought 50-50 then Federalism, etc. To ask for special favors for a minority segment of Lanka population after Independence in 1948, when the British brought in about One & half Million indentured Tamil labor plus ultra favored Tamils who converted to Christianity, located the best schools in the North, mashed the indigenous Sinhala (Buddhists especially who have not yet recovered from 500 yrs of Colonial Rule), is hard to swallow, to say the least ! 1983 was a set up designed for Tamils to flee abroad. And it all ended up with Vaddukoddai Resolution calling for Violence to achieve Eelam.

    No one ‘sent’ Tamils to NEP, but Tamils opted to go there in preference to Vellala run North. Besides all that, the Muslims of NEP also speak Tamil. So its a homely place for Tamil people. In a sense, it is the Sinhala people and Christians there who are in the minority in NEP. Besides all that, Colombo is about 45% Tamil now ! In fact, all the southern cities have more Tamils than ever before. But no Sinhala or Muslim people have been allowed to settle down in the North. Also, all Sinhala people and Muslims have been chased out from Jaffna by the ltte. It’s all fair and square now, and time to begin anew. Tamils are protected in the south by the law enforcement forces, so Sinhala & Muslims should be protected in the North and North East by the same forces. Andy, would you not agree to that ?

    You say : “Yes Agreed how bad is caste it same similar bad mono ethnic province ..” So you agree that keeping the North purely Tamil is wrong. We are glad to note that. Do convey your thoughts to your Tamil leaders.

    (3) Caste is not in the west because the west never had any caste system bound to any religion there. Same with Buddhist Lanka – ‘caste’ was in a different form here, minimal and tied only to profession (fisher caste, washer caste etc.), not to Buddhist religion.
    If mono ethnic areas are created for Tamils of Lanka, those areas will become like mini Tamil Nadus, caste bound and moribund, except for the high caste few Tamils in Sri Lanka (reverse in Tamil Nadu with 5-10% low caste/Dalit origin, and all the rest of Tamils with castes acceptable).

    Let us live together in multi ethnic Sri Lanka, in peace and prosperity.

  14. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Let us live together in multi ethnic Sri Lanka, in peace and prosperity.- also my wish as well Fran Diaz , (sorry to ask you) can you answer this quetion for me ?
    We both coomunity have Reliegs problm or language problm??
    ie: in Sri Lanka Sinhales & Tamils are fighting OR Bhuddist & Hidhus(saivate) are fighting ????

    FYI , My own incident :
    When I was in Sri lanka two years ago (first time returned since 1983) , in my village in NP (in my time 8,000 people were living & 3 police officers ) now about under 1,000 people & about 3,000 SL forces .
    I hired a van to visit a day triped to their from jaffna Town , I come across a young school village girl(in uniform) in bycycle on the main road ( in day light) stoped by two young forces (not in uniform) having a chat (love talk?) one holding handle & other one holding sheet , girl ( in good mood, laughing ) stading in middle of the byc.
    I approched near to them ( i’ve been warned by jaffna resident not to talked to forces( never go near to them) unless they come & ask you any qestion, you answer in english only ( predent you do not know any word of Sinhala) I maddly ignored all my Travel warning to notice what language their are talking .
    they were talking in Demil sinhala ( Nanki schoolukku paddikkirathu – Are Youger sister studing in school?) !
    I was very happy returned back to my travel van (predented them I was lost my way ) !!!

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    We do not have religious problems. Buddhism & Hinduism (4 great Yogas – Core Teachings of Hinduism) are similar. No problem there at all.

    Re language, as much as Sing-lish (Sinhala + English) has evolved, so will Sing -Tamil (Sinhala + Tamil).

    It is the problem with past Vellala leaders both in Jaffna as well as Tamil Nadu. It is a Tamil Caste problem, leading to over control of the rest of Tamils resulting in the rest being kept down with insular living.
    We hope the new generations of Tamils will break out of these negative traits, drop caste, and usher in a new era of peace & prosperity for all, both in Lanka & Tamil Nadu.

    We really think that a declared Caste Free zone in TN, (say in Nillgiris), will help, as an initial step.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    We hope the new generations of Tamils will break out of these negative traits, drop caste, and usher in a new era of peace & prosperity for all, both in Lanka & Tamil Nadu. – Hope & pray – live together happy forever !!!

    My opinion this only can achieve by support from new generation of Sinhalese
    1) accepting & respecting ( not special or VIP ) ,their are other unique community call Tamil & Saivate (Hindhu) in our mother lanka
    2) do not distroy them ( Take Ganapathy to replace Lord Bhuddha) but collibrate them !

    I still not with you as TN

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    It is also interesting to note how the Core Teachings of almost all religions have got diluted and made ‘easy to follow’ by the market forces as well as by our conveniently lax attitudes. Bring back the sweet and simple Core Teachings of all religions and we will all live Happy and Healthy lives.

  18. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Ref:I will happy if declared Caste Free zone in TN – Yes I will be more happy with it , but We need to sort our own problm first ( ofcause TN problm will affect us) .

    I know you won’t aggerd with me, We have religius problm not language problem !!!
    another example to prove – caste problem is related to religiun not language !!!
    Our religius problm in a different face as language problem !

  19. Fran Diaz Says:


    Tamils have laid the wrong emphasis on a negative part added on to Hindu religion a long time ago. The caste end should be discarded, totally and gently, without harming anyone. The Core Teachings (4 Yogas) end must be emphasized, totally too, particularly the Raj Yoga section.

    May I add that the various poojas be minimised and the Ultimate Pooja to the God Within (us all), emphasised through
    Meditation ?

  20. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz

    a negative part added on to Hindu religion a long time ago.- Fully agrred !it is very sad & unfortunate our religion posioned by so call high caste( Bramin , vella etc…)!

    also very sad news are coming from mother lanka name of Bhuddisum ( Ganpathy desapiaring , Muslim mosq burned down ect….) . where are going …….

    FYI, Yes agrred Yoga (meditation) is good , I started to ( like it ) learn more about now ( i am only a biginer)

    Thanks Fran Diaz happy to learn more about yoga from you !

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    After a long period of anguish for Lanka, Buddhists people too must come out of the confusion and despair, be happy and peaceful once more.

    Let us move forward together.

    Thank you for exchange of views, Andy. May you and your family be well and happy. Please refer website
    to learn more about Life.

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