Asylum seekers quit Naru for Sri Lanka !
Posted on October 3rd, 2012

P.A.Samaraweera, Melbourne

 Beginning of September, Australia re-introduced the asylum policy of sending asylum seekers to Naru Island. The first batch was chartered on 15th Sept. Eleven years ago, Prime Minister John Howard followed the same policy. As a result, arrival of unauthorised boats declined dramatically. But when the Labour Party came to power, they abandoned this policy and adopted a soft approach.     

During the previous govt, PM Howard had even threatened to turn boats back to where they came from. The govt which was at logger-heads with the opposition on this issue was pointing the finger at Sri Lanka for the exodus of refugees. But it was obvious that this was due to relaxed laws and asylum seekers were welcomed in Australia without opposition. 
Finally, the govt agreed with the opposition to enforce the ‘Nauru asylum policy’. They had gone a step further and endorsed that the current refugees will not be allowed to reunite with their immediate family members. These deterrents sent a strong  message to refugee smuggling networks who advertise ‘greener pastures’ and charge heavy fares for their passage.
The new policy had immediate effect, as one person on the first day itself abandoned his application for refugee status and volunteered to return to Sri Lanka. This was followed by 18 others next day. Later 23 more had lined up.  So these asylum seekers are not genuine. Therefore, the claim by Human Right activists, NGO’s, Global Tamil Forum, and so on that people were leaving Sri Lanka because of discrimination, persecution, abduction, torture and so on are not true. Now that the tables have turned the other way it has become clear that these groups have been lobbying false propaganda to discredit Sri Lanka.

2 Responses to “Asylum seekers quit Naru for Sri Lanka !”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Bad news.

    So these DIRTIEST and MOST OPPORTUNIST criminals are coming back to SL. Disgusting. Australia is better for them.

  2. dhane Says:

    Prof: Rohan Gunarathe warn Australia long years ago about influx of bogus asylum seekers. The advice was given by a brown skin Asian Man therefore it was ignored. After introduction of volunteered to return to Sri Lanka its proof beyond doubt these asylum seekers are not genuine. Same way USA, Canada, UK, EU and Australia and other countries will understand the claim by Human Right activists, NGO’s, Global Tamil Forum and so on that people were leaving Sri Lanka because of discrimination, persecution, abduction, torture and so on are not true. By that time those countries will learn their bitter experience with Tamils having little Jaffna all over the word.

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