Why There Are No Obligatory Reasons For TNA Demands Need To Be Met By The Administration.
Posted on October 17th, 2012

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October 18th 2012

The Tamil political party led by R Sampanthan which says it feels cheated by Sri Lanka’s Administration over its failure to grant meaningful autonomy to Tamil areas in the island nation fails to understand that autonomy for a miniscule minority ethnic group in any country which opposes and contradicts the ruling party, National statutes and attempts what is tantamount to dividing the country, is making an unaccptable categorical error as it is not only irrational and misguided but also totally unacceptable.

History has proved that beyond succesful independence from a colonial power or separate territorial boundaries established within a land mass through independence of a vast multitude of people that have fought succesfully through revolutions and uprisings for secession from Monarchies and cruel totalitarian hierarchies, where these rebellions comprised of a united populace rather than with ethnic divisions and on an feasible surface area where logically this was possible Autonomy or the power to govern is not a handout!

It seems totally unacceptable to what the TNA are demanding in Sri Lanka today, inasmuch as the IRA once did in the United Kingdom, the Quebecoise are demanding in Canada and relative to other parts of the world where similar scenarios are present, some of them even involving armed terrorists as in some Latin American countries and the Phillippines etc..In this respect and by this token the Sri Lanka Administration is in no way obligated to respond to the rhetoric of the likes of the TNA where the majority Sinhalese comprise the incumbent Administration and many sane individuals of other ethnicities have also thrown in their lot with the Administration including Tamils, Burghers, Muslims etc. so why bend to the Sampanthan ideology whether or not India supports it? They are not a distinct society in Sri Lanka and in all probabiities will never be beyond being Sri Lankans if they choose to where many distinctions are already being recognized in post insurgent Sri Lanka today !

Therefore considering what the Sri Lanka Nation’s war against the Tamil Tiger insurgency was all about in a relative sense, it overrides and contradicts all the demands being made by the TNA and its leadership who incidentally were very supportive of the aforementioned insurgency being open supporters of the Tamil Tigers  and seem to want to sweep that reality under the carpet in pretence of their so called representation of the Tamil Community which however is irrelevant to the theme of National Unity.
All their demands for autonomy and self rule thus becomes somewhat of a joke where they need to throw in their lot with the Government of Sri Lanka, accept the Constitution and the Laws Of The Land and become part of mainstream Sri Lankan society where some of the Tamil community are already a part thereof. Their needs just like those of the rest of the ethnicities with a right to citizenship of Sri Lanka have to be met through the policies of the central administration and not through the petty bickerings of flybynights. This is where the issue of Tamil Nadu being a place where they could be recognised as a distinct society might have a forebearance towards addressing their demands which of course the Indian Government will never acollade for very obvious reasons and the dent in the Indian economy such and idealogy could cause!

The delegation of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said to have done some plain speaking when it met Indian officials late last week highlighting what was in their opinion ” the Sri Lankan Government’s insincerity evident in the manner it was telling the TNA to present its views on autonomy and related issues to the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) “seems to have missed some home truths also. What they probably failed to note was the diplomacy involved in the Sri Lankan Government’s response by even tolerating the theme as something obligatory to the issue when it was not and nor was there a need for Sri Lanka to bend to external pressure if the sources applying it realised that the TNA were making demands which would suit their own agenda rather than that of a substantial core of Sri Lankan Tamils who seemed quite content to go along with being part of mainstream Sri Lankan Society abiding by the requirements of the Nation involving legitimacy and its justice system!

If  the TNA’s argument is that the PSC is dominated by the ruling party and Sinhalese politicians and they would never agree to any meaningful steps suggested by the Tamil side, there must be some relevance to the theme of majority rule but once again the term ‘never’ would be inapplicable other than to the TNA  who would never be able to prove all their acsusations against the Administration beyond their rhetoric and attempts to create a sensationalism on a world platform and the implicit responsibilities of the Administration hardly in doubt given the contentment of many Tamils who have been resettled  after the decades long insurgency and being a displaced part thereof where all due credit needs to go to the manner in which the Rajapaksa Administration attended to their needs and continues to do so.

Very simply put the demands of the TNA need to be viewed in the same perspective of the Tamil Tigers who uncannilly also wanted powers to govern, police and administer ~ which demands were quashed legitimately and forcefully in the best interests of a united Sri Lanka where all ethnicities needed to accept the concept of living in a contented as well as free environment, side by side and by giving into the petty demands of the TNA would make a mockery of a free and united Sri Lanka where invariably the  old scourge of terrorism would be given another breeding grounds given the track record of the TNA  and a risk the Nation of Sri Lanka and her Administration could hardly take towards posterity!

14 Responses to “Why There Are No Obligatory Reasons For TNA Demands Need To Be Met By The Administration.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Oh absolutely!

    TNA MUST be CHEATED always. Otherwise there is a problem.

    While in India, why not TNA fight for autonomy of Tamils in India?

    Just do that first and then lets see.

  2. crobe Says:

    The TNA wants the government to agree to a solution before attending the PSC. They want an agreement before the negotiations. Then, what would they be negotiating?
    In a democratic society, the majority rules. That’s the way it happens everywhere. Besides, 5% of the population is not going to control 33% of the land mass. Now, that would be undemocratic.

  3. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Indeed so true Lorenzo and Crobe.Your comments seem quite relevant.
    It is perplexing that the TNA are being tolerated by the GOSL given their past support of the LTTE.
    Its high time Sri Lankan Authorities learnt to take a stand to ask all foreign critics and adversaries to go to hell! as it is quite obvious they are Tamil sympathisers with no thought to the Sinhalese.
    These are crimimals whose criminalities are very apparent yet tolerated in an official Sri Lankan capacity.
    Is there some secret to this? Is it something to do with coercions from the UN?

  4. Dham Says:

    Under any party rule in Sri Lanka, TNA can walk freely in the country and complain to every Tom , Dick and Harry.
    If their heor Prabahkaran came to power their dicks will be cut-off if they do that.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Are the TNA leaders of today serving any positive purpose for the Tamils or anyone else in Sri Lanka ?

    Tamil leaders Separatist call was inimical to India and now inimical to Sri Lanka. Separatism is a card played to hide Caste and unite the Tamil community against imaginary enemy “others”. It is a Caste based problem of some 3,000 yrs. The rest of Tamil problems are problems of human beings, same as for the rest of us in Sri Lanka.

    Where Tamil ghetto living ends, caste problems also end. Therefore, to end caste based problems, a multi-ethnic North & East a must for Sri Lanka.

  6. Dr.Rajasingham Narendran Says:

    I agree the TNA has to unconditionally enter the PSC processs. There is no alternative. However, the process itself should be open and transparent. Tamils are a distinct minority, no matter their numbers. Their rights- individual, cultural and communal- should be equal to everyone else. These rights should be protected by a national covenant that is embedded and is unalienable in our constitution. Every effort, by both law and practice, should be made to make the Tamils feel they are respected and valued citizens in Sri Lanka. Describing them as ‘Miniscule’ implies that they are insignificant.

    Tamil grievances should be discussed openly to understand what are real, imagined and historical. Denial is not the answer. They have reasons to fear for their future and have been victims of an unfortunate and cruel fate. The PSC process should not be made a diversionary tool, but an instrument to lay to rest a chronic problem that has beleaguered Sri Lanka for decades and tainted her reputation. The PSC is also an opportunity to look into the present SL constitution in depth and revise it if necessary.

    Tamils have to also accept that they are distinct, though not unique. They need to understand that many probelms they confront are those other Sri Lankans also confront. They need to find a way to fit into a just and well ruled Sri Lanka. They have to express their hopes and fears within the context of a united Sri Lanka. They have a right as citizens to agitate for their rights. However, this again should be done within the context of a united Sri Lanka. The TNA should also understand that no outside entity will solve the ‘Tamil problem’. Solutions have to be found within, however difficult the path may be.

    Please read the following link for what transpired in Sri Lanka followig the Indo-Lanka agreement and the price, we as a family paid.


  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “Where Tamil ghetto living ends, caste problems also end.”


    Caste discrimination in Tamil GHETTO Wellawatta is unthinkable. People are murdered over there over caste even today. These are not reported as caste related but people know.

    Low caste Tamils are not taken to Hindu College, Colombo with flimsy excuses. They are “encouraged” to go to Vivekananda Viththiyaliyum, Kochchikaddai.

    Low caste Tamils are not sold some apartments in Wellawattai. They are not allowed to sit on chairs. They have to sit on the floor.

    But low caste Tamils don’t bring these to the attention of authorities for fear. They are fools to live like this. Their numbers are also small.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Many thanks for the details. We hope all GoSL authorities concerned with Human Rights note all you have said.

    It is Caste based discrimination that is wracking the whole social fabric of Lanka. I do not think that ought to be allowed. There could be great talents lying hidden among those who are denied equal rights by Tamils themselves.

    We are glad to note that the number of Tamils discriminated against are small in number. How about self imposed discrimination by Upcountry Tamils ?

  9. jayt Says:

    Tamil tigers and their supporters have had appeared in many forms. It all depends on what Singhalese say; one of the best tools they have been using is spying on singhalese leadership and put down singhalese right from top. Prez Rajapkse is a good example of it. From the past prez Jayawardena, prez chandrika, prez praymadasa etc.

    Many forms. one time under “friendship”, when it is failed they use threat from UN, NGOs, war crime, direct indian threat. direct tamil nadu treat but all come in combo.

    LLRC is one of the form prepared by foreigners given to prez rajapkse. SO it is under his name, and that’s way Singhales cannot refuse it. Who was the member of LLRC?
    no investigation has taken place seriously about foreigners and local groups connection and arrest are made

    when you question yourself, you have answer to it right there as to why foreigners who are supporter of tigers want llrc?

  10. jayt Says:

    Unless singhalese start showing the world that they are a independent country, learn to counter spy, arrest local and foreign spies and put them under death penalty, they will continue it

  11. jayt Says:

    sighalese. do not need worry about tamil caste. this the best military point. what same of singhalese! Tigers and foreigners have been dividing singhalese and murdered singhalese by dividing them. Now Singhalese are under threat but talking about bringing unity to tamil and help their covert operation.

    Singhale have to question themselves and ask which country in the world work for the best interest of enemies.

  12. jayt Says:

    there is no thought for singhalese? why? why should they? this sl case belong to centuries old global covert operation. They saw that there is no sign of singhalese building a global covert operation to counter it, and not even locally singhalese do in sl. what insult singhales do to themselves!

  13. Naram Says:

    Sadly TNA leadership is still living, fossilised in a pre-historic 1940s in conscience.
    They have not come to terms with working in a live and kicking democracy with all the imperfections it entails. TNA has not learnt from the murderour VP interlude and still has not come clean on the idiocy of mono ethnic states or the historic problesms / the vast distortions introduced in thecolonial times by the cash crop economy and the fundamental demands of populace ensuing task of a democratic government to look after ‘all its people’ not only the ones Wellawatta folks see.

    I think the old fashioned term used in US ‘benign negligence to TNA crocodile tears’ should be the right attitude for a a democratic government while doing all that is possible to build the infrastructure in the North and thus integrate all sections of the community.

    It is a sad reflection to realise that say reworking of the Paranthan Chemical complex is still a decade away.

    Would US billiannaires ever step in to fill the fund ing needs.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, it’s the old Tea, rubber, coconut, tobacco industries that were labor intensive. Labor was brought in by the British & the Dutch from Tamil Nadu, one and a half MILLION TAMIL LABOR. They came with all the negative psychological Caste baggage from Tamil Nadu and even to this day, I suspect that the tea industry Tamil labor still harbors these sad attitudes as do sections of Jaffna Tamils. Some Tamils do not even to this day articulate their problems – they merely do the ‘follow my leader’ silent act, much to the delight of the TNA. These people ought to use the Free Education offered to better themselves and reach out for their sense of freedom and happiness.
    Re the Tea industry : I don’t see a way out of this other than mechanising the tea industry with tea plucking machines (made in China), where the tea plucking then is not such an onerous task. Then anyone can use these machines to pluck tea. They operate like a large shaver and are easy to handle. Some models are operated by two people.
    Our Rubber Research Institute & Coconut Research Institute ought to think of innovative new ways to make the tasks in those plantations more pleasant and easy.

    If given extra powers to TNA, they will merely bring more and more troubled Tamil Nadu labor into Lanka. Can Sri Lanka handle that ? I doubt it.

    We ought to also put to good use hitherto unexploited local materials in uses for new industries. Also, there are spices and herbs & other plants that can be grown in Sri Lanka quite easily for the world market. Small businesses and co-ops should be encouraged so that people feel empowered at grass roots level.

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