Shouldn’t TAMIL EELAAM be in TAMIL NADU? -Raj Sivanathan’s reply to Shenali
Posted on October 22nd, 2012

Raj Sivanathan Melbourne -Australia

One ethnic group cannot demand several mono-ethnic-homelands in different continents and countries “”…” this is likely to create an ugly precedence globally.

This type of article or any comment similar to this is not going to educate anybody but will create more racism in our society. Therefore Shenali and others should stop or do further research properly before publishing it. If this type of mentality is going to be amongst us, it will never solve the problem easily but only help to divide the country into two. Tamils have been forced to demand Eelam by some bad rulers of Sri Lanka. Moderate people like us cannot justify any of this explanation. Even TNA or majority of the Tamil community do not like separation. I am a frequent traveler; I know exactly what is happening in Sri-Lanka on a day to day’s basis. The way things are, the current government is not in good stand compared to a few years ago amongst Sri Lankans and the world community.

The President has hundreds of advisers but there are no Tamils amongst them. There is no one close to Mr. Kathirkamar’s intellectual capacity. Most of the advisors are racists and nationalists may be Shenali should join the camp. The Tamil problem will soon end in separation. Although we do not like the idea of separation, we do not want to become puppets of India or others.  I am proud to be Sri Lankan. The only ways the problem can be solved is by trusting each other and act genuinely and create dialogue.

 Stop using caste system and past colonial divide and rule tactics in current political and economical situation. This caste system and infighting in temples are all over the world amongst Sri Lankans. I am more worried about innocent Sinhala man’s survival back home than Tamil people’s survival. Shame (including me) that Sinhala people are leaving out of Sri-Lanka by boat risking their life having false Tamil names and passports. Already million Sinhala women are going through hardship in the Middle East as house maids. You should write for better treatment of these women.

I have evidence of one Sinhala man who arrived and settled in Melbourne under the name of Subramaniam. This person cannot speak or write Tamil and English and has never been to the North.  Shouldn’t we all feel ashamed of this situation? There are Sinhalese boat people arriving in Australia who are returned without much publicity. If they have been allowed to live here, millions will arrive in a short time. Are they going to claim Little Sri Lanka here? Why these people did not come during the war time or before?  Did you ask this question yourself? Do you think the distance has become shorter now? The problem is in Sri Lanka.

 We should look at the root cause since independence of Sri Lanka’s issues and problems. Not listen to south Indian politicians or hard core elements. Once the issues are identified, try to eliminate and solve the issues. It can only be done by this Government if they want to create a better Sri- Lanka. I have faith and believe that they can solve the problem if they do not listen to nationalist elements.

Don’t bring division among Sri Lankan’s here, there or any where. We have passed that level. Tamils are not claiming Tamil Eelam here or any where in the world. What they are requesting is what was promised by GOSL. All previous GOSL as well as the current one have said clearly throughout that “we will sort out their grievances”.

In July 2009 when I was in Sri Lanka, President requested a mandate and I was at the press conference, he said once he gets the mandate he will solve the Tamil issue. Sri Lankans have given him the mandate, elected him for a second term. Still people are waiting for him to solve the country’s’ political problem. Of course he has problems too but this cannot be prolonged, we have seen the bad and worst during Prabaharan’s destruction. We do not want another 300 thousand Prabaharans to rise up and destroy the whole country. There are possibilities of three million Sinhala Prabaharans also joining this time. No country will help GOSL this time.

I am a humanitarian; I cannot justify any more destruction and people dying I love peace. It is a beautiful country those who like my view join with me to promote peace. Those who do not like my views I do not hate them either.

Once Malaysia, Singapore and Burma governments looked up at our country’s progress. All retirees of those countries returned back to Sri Lanka for better life and to give better education to their children in Sri Lanka. 

We expatriates should jointly promote GOSL at the same time identify the GOSL”ƒ”¹…”s mistakes too without fear.

One day I would go back to Sri Lanka with my children and grand children and make them proud to be Sri Lankan.

 Raj Sivanathan Melbourne -Australia




22 Responses to “Shouldn’t TAMIL EELAAM be in TAMIL NADU? -Raj Sivanathan’s reply to Shenali”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This sums up everything he says.

    “The problem is in Sri Lanka.”

    The problem is in TAMIL MADU, so is the solution too.

    Otherwise why should they have TESO in Tamil Madu and not in SL?
    Why Tamil Madu people committed self immolation not in SL?
    Why they have NAM THAMILAR political parties in TN and not in SL?
    Why ALL Tamil songs, films, etc. ORIGINATE from Tamil Madu and NOTHING from SL?
    Why Hillary travelled to Tamil Madu and NOT to SL?
    Why there is a state called Tamil Madu in TN and not in SL?
    VP’s grand father came from Kerala, next to TN?
    LTTE was trained in TN.
    Who sings “THAMIL THAYE ” (Tamil mother (land)) as their anthem? SL or TN? TN!!

    That further justifies Shenali’s position – Tamil Elam is in Tamil Nadu.

    This is why all peaceful people should join with Hon Gotabhaya in SCRAPPING 13 amendment and not to give anything of the sort.

    Tamil Nadians in SL have lost the eastern province after holding it for 24 damn years with Perumal, Pirapaharan, Pillayan, etc. Now they must lose the northern province too. That will teach them their Elam is in TN.

  2. nandimitra Says:

    The important question is what does a tamil want? The sinhalese are the most discriminated in SL. They are the once who are economically pauperised. Continuous propaganda that they are being discriminated is nothing but a ruse to live in affluent countries. Until Tamils are honest and not attempt to use foreign countries whose only objective is to destabilise SL and subjugate it this problem will never be solved.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “The important question is what does a tamil want?”

    NO. It does not matter because EVERYTHING Tamils want, they can get it from Tamil Nadu.

    SL should focus on what SLs want.

    If Tamils continue to speak Tamil Nadu language only, identify with Tamil Nadu culture, they are Tamil Nadu displaced living in SL thanks to merciful SLs.

    This is why all peaceful people should join with Hon Gotabhaya in SCRAPPING 13 amendment and not to give anything of the sort.

  4. Sirih Says:

    SL Patriot mail this to me yesterday and it has everything that our country need.

    >The Netherlands , where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism:
    >The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.
    >A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, 2011 reads:
    >”The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.
    >The letter continues:
    >”A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens.
    >It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands …
    >The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants.
    >For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law.
    >The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner;
    >”It is not the government’s job to integrate immigrants.”
    >The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress.
    >More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering, Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013
    >Holland has done that whole liberal thing, and realised – maybe too late – that creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself.
    >Muslim immigrants leave their countries of birth because of civil and political unrest “CREATED BY THE VERY NATURE OF THEIR CULTURE.”
    >Countries like Holland and Australia have an established way of life that actually works, so why embrace the unworkable?
    >If Muslims do not wish to accept another culture, the answer is simple;
    >This gives a whole new meaning to the term; ‘Dutch Courage’
    >Unfortunately, the USA and other countries politicians don’t have the courage (YET) to do the same.
    >There’s a whole lot of truth here!!!!
    >I’M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!
    >Only 86% will send this on. Should be a 100%.
    >What will you do?

  5. Dham Says:

    This article has been written with a certain frame of mentality.
    Raj should think beyond this frame to realise the truth.
    I will give some points, these are facts and if you want to trust each other you must trust me too.

    1. Problem is not in Sri Lanka if you are talking about boat people. You are not honest here, exaggerating issues – same Tamil mentality and framework.
    Counntry has not become worse than 2008. It has improved. Then why the boats started now ? Ask the question yourself.
    Difference is your ex-hero Prabhakaran not here, there is more wealth to pay for smugglers, John Howard not there and so on. Don’t fool yourself.
    2. Do not blame “sucessive Sinhala governments”. It is pure nonsence. There were many Tamil politicians, good and bad. There were good minsiters, ex-hero Prabhakaran killed them. But problem of “sucessive governments” is common to both you and me – both Sinhala and Tamil. Tamils never had and do not have a special problems. (Whatever problems they had were created by Tamils).
    3. I answered to you list of grivences before – they were created mostly by Tamils and you have to allow time to change the murderous enviornment in which both parties took delight of the other party member getting killed.
    4. Sinhalese do not approve sucessive governements, they are corrupt, disorganised , we all accept that. But this the best governement for a long time ( not because they got rid of LTTE even though that is the main reason).
    5. You would not have even thinking of writing such a article , if Prabha ayya was there, would you ?

  6. Dham Says:

    I want to repeat a question by LorenZIon.

    “What do you want ?” Please write in detail on this forum, before giving it to politicians.

  7. Leela Says:

    Mr. Sivanathen penned the view of a typical Tamil. We should not scorn him but be grateful to him for it for we have come to know their point of view. There is somewhat similar article published in ‘’ right now by Seran Senguttuvan, a known apologist of LTTE ideals but I must say, in a different a tone. Under comments, have put across my responses and is expecting a feed back. Perhaps, Mr. Sivanathan reply to that comment here and I shall reply him promptly.

    Mr. Sivanathen, as far as I could see Senali must have done her research otherwise she couldn’t have been writing rational facts logically. If you disagree with her, you should point them out and put it right. You started your essay wrong as well.

    You wrote; “Tamils have been forced to demand Eelam by some bad rulers (Sinhala I suppose) of Sri Lanka.” That is completely untrue. Do you know that a man named Visvalingam first mooted an Elom in 1920s to divide Lanka? Ask DBSJeyaraj for I learned it from his columns. True, turbaned and aristocratic Ramanathens and Jaffna youth council wanted to progress within one Sri Lanka.

    Ramanathens and Jaffna youth council could be termed as moderates. But soon they lost their sway to racists like GG Ponnambalams. Do you know that first racial riot was not 1958 or 83; it was GG’s racist comment that paved way to start the first racial riot in Nawalapitiya. GG’s racial remarks and stand like 50 – 50 for Tamils won him election after election.

    Then GG’s junior superseded him with improved tactics. He formed a new party for Elom and named it Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK). Does it not mean separate state party in Tamil? But wily as he is, Chelva called ITAK Federal Party (FP) in English and Pedaral Pakshaya (FP) in Sinhala. Tamils in general never turned back but progressed with the trousered Gandhi alias Chelva from satyagraha to Waddukkodai resolution.

    Waddukkodai resolution gave rise to megalomaniac Pirapakaran and terrorist LTTE. And Tamils elected Chelva’s descendants as their representatives. They in turn appointed megalomaniac Pirapakaran and terrorist LTTE as sole representatives of Tamil people. Chelva’s descendants backed LTTE to fight for a Eelam until Pirapakaran and boys ended up in Nanthikadal.

    If you guys have changed your tune and have become moderates truly, don’t come with stories of economic migrants as truth but face the reality and live anywhere in a unitary Sri Lanka as equals and nothing more nothing less.

  8. HussainFahmy Says:

    Raj Sivanathan – I endorse your points 100%. Your views, I am sure represent the Majority peaceful Tamils perhaps world-wide. Do not mind the small minded, Coward, Tigers in Sheep’s clothing, who are hell bent to create a division among the peace loving communities who have lived in Sri Lanka for centuries. Yes, previous Governments, violated the rights of minorities and the citizens paid the price in Blood. It’s time we learn from our past follies and take every measure to avoid future uprisings of this sort as the country cannot afford.

    It takes courage to stand up for the rights of Humanity. No matter to which faith or no-faith one gives allegiance. There is a very small percentage of people who sow the seeds of Hatred, Greed and (I ME MINE only) Hope the education
    system weeds out the Rotten, Close-minded, Destructive elements from the face of this earth. Sri Lanka belongs to all citizens. Sinhalese, Tamils, Christians, Muslims and other faiths.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    “Tamils have been forced to demand Eelam by some bad rulers (Sinhala I suppose) of Sri Lanka.” !
    This is true but but depent on how you take it !
    GG’s racist comment that paved way to start the first racial riot in Nawalapitiya- Fully agrred
    problm is what our responsibility govt done after riot that ! have they jailed any one , have they jailed GG? no

    Leela no point on takling who start , who finish what we need is lasting solution !

    face the reality and live anywhere in a unitary Sri Lanka as equals and nothing more nothing less.- this kind of mentality or comments won’t take any where !!!
    if you closed you eye you can say world is dark ! open you eye !
    Tamil need Tamil EElam (are you happy now) !

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    RAJ !!! I do not think that Shenali needs your advice, to which Camp she should join. She is a happy Camper, with all the readers and contributors to this web, around her.

    In your write up, I see you blowing Soooo Hot, and then blowing Soooo Cold. Typical TAMIL RACIST MENTALITY.

    In your second para, you have stated :- THE TAMIL PROBLEM WILL SOON END IN SEPERATION. It is a damning AUDACIOUS, ARROGANTLY IMPUDENT, TAMIL RACIST remark. If you are still dreaming of ”Seperation ” just drop it chum. The forces are waiting to give a right Royal Welcome. Just dont wait for this day, to come to Sri Lanka with your children and grand children, and make them proud Sri Lankans. My advice to you is to come much before that.

    In your fourth para you say, ‘ There are Sinhalese Boat People arriving in Australia ‘ are they going to claim SRI LANKA HERE ? In the same breath, you ask, Why these people did not come during WAR time or before ? Did you ask this question yourself.? You selectively fail to say that they are coming with Tamils, Muslims and other ethnicities. Hypocracy isnt it ??

    There is no necessity to ask this question, the answer is glaring in your face.

    Tamils are masters at fraudulent ingenuity. The TAMILS have started a very lucrative sordid business~~ PEOPLE SMUGLING. They collect vast sums of money from people, saying that they can live in Super Luxury in Australia, Canada and in other Countries. Innocent people fall for Tamil Salesmanship talk. Then these Master Crooks, find that they are over-booked for the boat, much more than the complement they could carry, but nevertheless, for the greed of Millions of Dollars, they care two hoots for their lives. Remember, there are Sinhalese, Tamils, and Muslims, with women and children. Your SUN GOD, the Megolomaniac too, did not care a jot to kill TAMILS, SINHALESE, MUSLIMS, and others, and did not differentiate whether they were men, women or children.

    You say Sinhalese will be coming by the Millions to Australia. Jealousy personified. AUSTRALIA IS ONLY FOR THE TAMILS EH ???

    Just one more thing, RAJ, you brag that you are a very frequent Traveller, and that you know all about Sri Lanka. HELL NO !!!!! You must be very affluent guy anyway. I believe you are a Director of the LTTE Treasury. Quite possible Eh ?

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    “HussainFahmy Says:
    Raj Sivanathan – I endorse your points 100%.”

    Hook worms and round worms get together against SL!!

    Thank you Lankaweb for bringing to our attention the acts of terrorism by Jihadis (jihadwatch is a very informative website everyone must visit).

    But please highlight the acts of terror by Jihad terrorists in Thailand and in Eastern SL as well.

  12. Vis8 Says:

    Raj Sivanathan: Yeah, yeah… go build your hallucination in Tamil Nadu. Won’t happen in Sri Lanka.

  13. Leela Says:

    Mr HussainFahamy
    You say, “There is a very small percentage of people who sow the seeds of Hatred, Greed and (I ME MINE only) Hope the education system weeds out the Rotten, Close-minded, Destructive elements from the face of this earth.”

    I am sorry, I cannot agree with your wisdom and particularly, ‘there is only a very small percentage of people who sow the seeds of Hatred’ when it comes to Muslim majority countries. Read a bit here And try to observe who display intolerance and hatred in abundance when Muslims are the majority.

    I agree that Sri Lanka belongs to all citizens. Sinhalese, Tamils, Christians, Muslims and other faiths. My problem being Allah fearing ardent Muslims prophess and promotes such egalitarianism only when they are in the minority. Show me I am wrong, if you can.

  14. Leela Says:

    OK, you don’t agree with my saying “face the reality and live anywhere in a unitary Sri Lanka as equals and nothing more nothing less.”

    So many writers and commentators here have been saying why unitary and nothing more. Now please tell us what exactly you guys want and how it would benefit majority Tamil lives here in general. Then I’ll tell tell you whether it would take us to peace and prosperity or ruination and why.

  15. Dham Says:

    I asked the same question from Lingam bugger two times now.
    WHAT IS THE BLODDY PROBLEM YOU HAVE (which Sinhalese don’t have) ?

  16. Dham Says:

    Why suddenly all Tamils are trying to be friends and want to negotiate 13A ?

    Simple answer.

    1.Try to get some self rule and open flood gates to Tamil Nadu.
    2. Increase the Toilet population gradually.
    3. Migrate south and do business and catch business with Sinhalas
    4. Increase toilet population everywhere.
    5. catch the whole country and caal it Tamil Eelaam.

    Stupid buggers want to suicide.

  17. HussainFahmy Says:

    For the Last Time, I defend only the Message of Islam. Wake Up – Zealots of each Faith destroy each other’s places of worship. This does not mean the abandoning of ones Faith.

    Accountability is:-

    On the Day when every soul will find itself confronted with all that it hath done of good and all that it hath done of evil
    (every soul) will long that there might be a mighty space of distance between it and that (evil). Allah biddeth you beware of Him. And Allah is Full of Pity for (His) bondmen. (The Noble Quran 3:30)

    Patience Pays off.

  18. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ALLAH BIDDETH YOU BEWARE OF HIM.~~~~~I knew, I knew, he was going MAD and threatening the HUMAN RACE. That is why Muslims LOVE TO KILL with a prayer.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    “That is why Muslims LOVE TO KILL with a prayer.”


    Yo! You nailed it SW!!

    I would say they kill, etc. with the recital of satanic verses.

  20. HussainFahmy Says:


    ALLAH BIDDETH YOU BEWARE OF HIM = “That is why Muslims LOVE TO KILL with a prayer.”

    The quality of our life is the quality of our communication. 1. with self 2. with others.

  21. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    HF !!!! ALLAH BIDDETH YOU BEWARE OF HIM ~~~is a THREAT. No default in Comprehension.
    Your qoute is ashtonishingly misrepresented. It should be :- ALLAH BIDDETH YOU BE AWARE OF HIM.
    Communication and written presentation are two different entities.

  22. lingamAndy Says:

    Leela, Leela commmon….
    You are not child me to explin what is our problm !!! We all know atleast since independant what happened to Tamils , you know Where We Tamil are now & how ,why etc………….
    You know we tried all the way available to live peacefully (eg bugs ( Cheva) to treat (VP) !)

    please tell us what exactly you guys want and how it would benefit majority Tamil lives here in general.-
    1)What we want NEP administration similar to Keral for malayalees ( You know Why I avoid TN as example- you simlpe say please Andy go to TN )
    2) how it would benefit majority Tamil lives here in general.- We will live peace fully with out any nightmare !

    Together We integrate our divided society ! with geneive Honasty & Trust !
    eventualy these rasict party will desepare itself( TNA, MC, JHU etc..) lose their deposit money in all election !!!

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