Lanka politics threatens ties with India- The Times of India
Posted on October 23rd, 2012

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According to the Times of India the ongoing one-upmanship between the Sri Lankan government and TNA, which represents a vast majority of Tamil population in the island nation, has taken a dangerous turn with many within the government, including President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brother and defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, demanding that the 13th amendment to the Constitution, a product of the Rajiv Gandhi-Jayewardene 1987 accord, be repealed altogether.

The paper further says that though the 13th amendment, which guarantees devolution of power to the provinces and comprises several other major concession to the Tamils, has often been pejoratively referred to as an “imported solution”, rarely has it been subjected to such attack by parties within the ruling coalition. Indian officials here said they were “surprised” by the development, but added they would respond at the right moment. Sources confirmed that Gotabhaya will be visiting India this week, and that the issue will be taken up with him.

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9 Responses to “Lanka politics threatens ties with India- The Times of India”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GR must stand his ground when he visits bloody India this week.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I am sorry to say that the Times of India got their knickers twisted. Gotabaya is the modern day Ravan. This time there is no Vibhishana. In fact brother of Ravan, Vibhishana is also on the same side. So the Monkey worshipping Tamil vanaras (ape-like humanoid) will inevitably face humiliating defeat. There will be no one to convince that Hanuman the vanaras should go free.
    This is the ancient story from the Diary of Ravan’ and the diagonally opposite version what has happened 7000 years ago.;
    I have just received word that my son, Indrajit, met his fate at the hand of Lakshmana, the brother of Rama. I cannot believe that I did not see what was happening sooner, but now my eyes are forever opened to the true meaning of this war. There is only one being who possesses the power to defeat my devoted Indrajit: my brother, Vibhishana.
    You see, Indrajit had the ability to make himself invisible, making it impossible for his opponent to capture and defeat him. The only way a man such as Lakshmana could have defeated Indrajit is if Vibhishana first used his magic to reveal Indrajit’s location. The death of Indrajit has allowed me to look deep into what this war with Rama truly means. Of course, I am at battle with Rama because of Sita, but now I see that it is also part of Vibhishana’s plan.

    Vibhishana has always been jealous of me. How can he not be? I am the successful one with my own kingdom! While I fought my way to make a name for myself, he remained the same. Vibhishana wants to get rid of me, and my family, so that he could have my kingdom for himself. Vibhishana knew that alone he was too weak to defeat me, but with an ally such as Rama and his army, Vibhishana’s chances increased. However, to ensure my defeat, he also knew that he must kill me from the inside out, so he started with my heart, destroying the things that I love. For once my heart was destroyed, where would my passion to fight be?
    Having the upmost respect from my followers was extremely important to me; Vihishana knew this very well. Therefore, his first public betrayal happened in my own courtroom where my word has always been law. His plan to get rid of me all began when he told me to let that annoying monkey and friend of Rama, Hanuman, go free. “It is not right to kill a messenger, Ravana. You of all people should know that.”
    He called me out in my own courtroom, in front of my most devoted followers! Vibhishana stepped in and told me to spare Hanuman’s life, disrupting the level of respect and balance of power in my courtroom. This was not his first time to disrespect me; he had done so several times before when he and I were alone.
    When I told Vibhishana that I planned to take Sita, he called me a fool and warned me that this could bring about my end. Once Sita was in my kingdom, Vibhishana insisted that I let her go back to Rama. Instead of supporting me in my conquest to make Sita my wife, he kept thwarting my fool-proof plan.
    When his backtalk started to show signs of rubbing off on others in my kingdom, I knew that he needed an ultimatum: he could either go back to being the brother I know and love, or leave me and remain a stranger. So, when I could no longer bear my brother’s disrespect, I delivered this very ultimatum to him.
    Deep down, I hoped he would never leave even. Although we do not always see eye to eye, he is the most caring of all my followers. However, our family bond was not strong enough to keep him here. He left without saying goodbye, and made his way straight to the enemy’s territory. Now, it makes perfect sense; he knew that leaving me would hurt my heart, but he knew even more that going to seek refuge with Rama would destroy even more of my heart.
    He befriended Rama, Lakshmama, and even Hanuman who had burned my kingdom! He taught them the secrets of my army and because of him I have lost my best soldiers, my army general, Prahasta, my other brother, Kumbhakarna, and most recently, my dear son, Indrajit.
    With each piece of Vibhishana’s plan he has managed to complete, he has defeated a part of my heart with it. I am no longer filled with desire and ambition. I am empty. I wish I had never gained knowledge of the beautiful Sita. Now, the few pieces of my kingdom I have left are on the line. Vibhishana has managed to gain so much of my power; will this battle with Rama prove to take everything I have worked for, leaving me dead or worse, utterly alone? I must defend the only thing that is still rightfully mine. I must attempt to end this battle. I must fight!
    Ravana, Never-to-be King of All

  3. mjaya Says:

    Why bother about the monkeys of India?

    Get rid of the 13A now. Thats what the people of Sri Lanka want!

    We may be 20 million but we have the spine to stand up against 1 billion monkeys who defecate on railway lines.

  4. mjaya Says:

    Lets chant this day and night where ever our leaders can see.



  5. aravinda Says:

    When will Indians realize that Sri Lanka is an independent, sovereign state? First, India need to cure it self. Like mjaya stated above, Indians “refraining from defecating in public places” is a good starting point.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    It’s not India that is the Enemy.
    Sri Lanka’s enemy is the Caste System of India affecting Sri Lanka through Tamil Nadu Tamils.
    It is also the East/West divide. Sri Lanka can never run far west (which it tends to do), because of India’s large neighbors.

    Let’s get our basic facts right. India too is ‘straight jacketed’ for similar reasons Sri Lanka is.

  7. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    Sinhala racist fools do not realise one important fact. Indian security map covers Sri Lanka also. So making mockery is a dissaster for Sri lanka!

  8. Voice123 Says:

    So Mudali, all of a sudden it’s the “racist Sinhala’s” fault that Indians are defecating on the street? Typical Tiger logic. They are mocking themselves by such vile behavior as defecating in the street. I bet if Veleikaran mocks them, you are so scared you will worship at their feet. So who is the racist then? Nobody else need mock them. If India makes you feel secure, please go there and join the street defecating crowd!

  9. nandimitra Says:

    13th amendment is in acted for the benefit of India. The tamil provinces is the trojan horse to flood the country with kalla thonis and dominate and rule the country. Sinhalese would be mad to accept it. Even Prabahakaran did not want it. But we have a leadership that can only think of themselves. Anything is possible.

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