Majority of Sri Lankans will vote to repeal the 13th Amendment at a referendum – SLMC
Posted on October 25th, 2012

Asada M Erpini 

A Sri Lankan English daily on 24 October states that the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) will oppose attempts to hold a referendum to repeal the 13th Amendment to the Constitution (of Sri Lanka). The apparent justification for the move is that the majority community “”…” meaning the Sinhalese – would vote en-bloc in support of the move.

 A matter that would surprise many is that the SLMC seems to be pointing a finger at the majority community for the likelihood of voting as one group on an issue that is of national importance “”…” a matter of life and death, as one would say. One of the major problems in the country has been that the majority community is divided, and tends to vote for the SLFP or the UNP “”…” although these are not political parties affiliated to a particular religion or an ethnic group. The outcome invariably allowed candidates representing relatively minor proportions of the total population to be king makers. This situation was clearly evident in the recently concluded Eastern Provincial Council elections when the SLMC with its 11 seats was wooed by various political groups that have divergent policies and interests.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Voting en bloc is something that the Muslims, and the Tamils, have been doing from the very beginning of universal franchise in Sri Lanka, thus giving the ethno-religious or ethnic groups, which constitute a mere 7% and today 4%  respectively of the population, the upper hand in deciding which political party governs. If not for this practice of the minority groups of voting en bloc for their own tribes, SLMC or the Tamil National Alliance may not even exist today. 

 A referendum held in a democracy will naturally reflect the will of the people. This feature is not undesirable at all: in fact, it is something inherent in a referendum. Therefore if the majority of the eligible voters feels that the 13th Amendment is not something that they need, the said amendment should be dumped in a garbage bin.

 A point that many of the proponents of the 13th Amendment, such as the TNA and others of their ilk, have clearly forgotten, or chosen to ignore, is that the people of Sri Lanka – whether they be Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims, Burghers or Vanniye Eththos “”…” never asked for this insidious constitutional change. Rajiv Gandhi, before his demise at the hands of the very terrorists he and his mother nurtured, imposed it on Sri Lanka, and a hapless President of a country that nearly always received only brickbats for whatever it did, had no choice but to accept what the big brother demanded. There were Indian warships anchored off Colombo and the Indian Prime Minister had just violated Sri Lanka’s airspace in the infamous parippu drop over Jaffna “”…” he would not have dared to do that even in his wildest dreams against Pakistan or China that have common borders with India – and all that Sri Lanka could do at the time was to accept what was rammed down its throat.  

 Giving an opportunity to the Sri Lankan people to decide whether they want the 13th Amendment to the constitution is long overdue. After all, Sri Lanka is their country, and they are the ones who decide on the essential elements of the country’s constitution and what amendments need to be included.

 The views expressed by Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse, who was a key figure instrumental in giving back to Sri Lankans the country that existed prior to the three decade old terrorist curse, should be backed to the hilt by all Sri Lankans who love their country, when he says that the 13th Amendment should be repealed. Sri Lanka has put up with this unnecessary insinuation into the legal framework of its existence as a unitary state since 1987. It was the outcome of the “ƒ”¹…”Indo-Lanka Pact’, when, in fact, there was no agreement between two consenting parties, merely that helpless and friendless Sri Lanka was told bluntly by India, “Sign it, or else “¦”. 

 Immediate steps should be taken to get rid of the 13th Amendment without any further delay: the SLMC and the TNA, as well as the overbearing India should be ready to accept the will of the people. Those who oppose the proposal of a referendum on the issue should be told that the majority in a democracy decides what is best for the country: the group that constitutes the majority rules the roost.

 There is nothing unethical about holding a referendum on the 13th Amendment. Such a move is completely ethical, although the SLMC holds the diametrically opposite stance. In fact, the large majority of Sri Lankans may point out to this group, and any others that feel that the 13th Amendment is the panacea for all ills, that the country should not waste its meagre resources on holding a referendum. After all, there was no referendum when the diabolical “ƒ”¹…”agreement’ was introduced “”…” what Sri Lanka had was a curfew that allowed the concerned parties to put their signatures to the unholy plan away from the eyes of the voting public. If an act of Parliament can do the job that is all that is needed today.  

 The SLMC spokesperson, or its Secretary, would clearly benefit if he is told how democracies work. The Sinhalese comprise 74% of the population of Sri Lanka, and the Tamils 10% (with the Tamils from the North contributing 4%). The proportion of Muslims in Sri Lanka is approximately 7% of the population, and one does not need the brains of a rocket scientist to predict the outcome of a referendum if the majority decides to vote en bloc. A referendum reflects the will of the people, and that exactly is how things would operate with a referendum in Indonesia, Malaysia, or Saudi Arabia (the list can go on and on to other countries in the Middle East or the affluent West). 

30 Responses to “Majority of Sri Lankans will vote to repeal the 13th Amendment at a referendum – SLMC”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    If that is what the majority wants SO BE IT!

    If SLMC wants special treatment, go to SAUDI.

  2. S de Silva Says:

    Thank you Asada – well said! – The GosL for its part should be well prepared on the lines of this letter to respond to the West in the key Embassies and smash the bogus comments from any of them! – S de Silva – London

  3. LankaLover Says:

    If there is any referendum, it should be an island-wide referendum.

  4. Dham Says:

    “If not for this practice of the minority groups of voting en bloc for their own tribes, SLMC or the Tamil National Alliance may not even exist today. ”

    This practice created all the problems. Many countries have been mentally created by en bloc cheating. Why Maharaja waiting with 2/3 majority is the question. Ban this practice ! Ban cheating !

  5. nandimitra Says:

    The problem with the minorities is that they abuse the system that can only survive if the people think of common interests. Communalism is rampant because of it. When the sinhalese unite on any topic they shout about communalism,call it mahavansa mentality, and use various forms of abuse. It is time the TNA and MUSLIM CONGRESS are banned.

  6. Dham Says:

    These minorities tolerate all the inhuman politics and practices of their ancestral hells of Tamil Nadu and Middle East. They cannot tolerate Buddha statues.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oh My God … the GOSL is still talking about “Power Devolution to the Provinces”??

    The GOSL is letting go this wonderful opportunity to RID Sri Lanka of these FOREIGN IMPOSED CHAINS … the 13th Amendment and the Provincial Council System …. ONCE and FOR ALL!

    Tens of Thousands of PATRIOTIC Sri Lankans, Civilians and Armed Forces personnel, died to preserve the INTEGRITY and SOVEREIGNTY of Sri Lanka, and the GOSL wants to NEGATE their Sacrifices and RE-EMBED the conditions for CONTINUED WARFARE in Sri Lanka?

    Pusillanimity Personified!


    Sri Lanka reiterates its plan to implement ’13 plus’ for power devolution

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 25, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government today reiterated that it intends to implement the widely discussed ’13 plus’ arrangement as a means for power devolution to the provinces.

    In responding to a question on the uproar over the purported plans to abolish the 13th Amendment, Media Minister and Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told the media Thursday that the government has not taken a decision about the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the President has stressed that the government’s intention is, to implement the 13 plus.

    “By the reference of ‘Plus’ it is envisaged to converge all minority groups in the provinces in a Senate,” the Minister said.

    The Minister added that President Mahinda Rajapaksa explained this mechanism to the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during his visit to India last month.

    Explaining the recent surge in the calls to abolish the 13th Amendment, Minister Rambukwella said the Amendment is part of the Constitution and the Members of Parliament are obliged to protect the Constitution.

    “If there are obstacles to impediment public service such obstacles could be removed,” the Minister said.

    The Minister further pointed out that Sri Lanka is a democratic country and the people and their representatives have the liberty to express their personal opinions and the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance, being a combination of 21 political parties, has groups with different shades of opinion.

    Speaking of a political solution to devolve power, the Minister said the government appointed the Parliamentary Select Committee to expedite the devolution process.

    He further noted that the President without using his Executive Powers has pledged to implement the proposals presented by the PSC, and the legislature has been given the authority to discuss, deliberate and find the best solution.

    However, the Minister noted that the major Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance, instead of participating in the parliamentary process where a solution is available, is seeking the assistance from outside forces which “cannot do anything”.
    The Minister said the “vacillating stance” of the TNA is the sole reason for the delay in the devolution process.

  8. dhane Says:

    “Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said the government has no intention of abolishing the 13th Amendment. “The 13th Amendment is a part of the constitution. Because of that, we have given the oath to protect the 13th Amendment as the government,”.

    Okay Minister it’s good. Think what is going to happened if individual MP brings a motion into the Parliament to abolishing the 13th Amendment?. Then whole nation can see who is supporting and opposing. Whoever the Party bring this motion is the winner in next election in 2015. Prepare to face this challenge before any opposition take the advantage of the issue.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    “Think what is going to happened if individual MP brings a motion into the Parliament to abolishing the 13th Amendment?”

    Dhane has given us a MILESTONE to work to.

    This should be the next step. GET some MP to bring a motion to SCRAP 13 amendment. 100% agree, it will be his election winning ticket. The majority wants to SCRAP 13 amendment.

    Lets separate lions from asses in mules’ clothing.

    Who has the guts to bring this to parliament? JHU, NFF, JVP? People are waiting.

    A motion to ban animal sacrifices never came to parliament although JHU promised it!!
    Where are those liars?

    I hope this will not be the fate of scrapping 13.

    Gota will fly to India today to meet Shivshankar Menon dirt. Hope he will safely return with the SAME resolve to SCRAP 13 amendment.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here is a Press Release I received from the Eksath Sinhala Maha Sabha opposing the 13th Amendment and the Provincial Council System.

    Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha

    12 Templars Road,
    Mt Lavinia.
    Tel 0718011664
    Email [email protected]

    Press release

    Abolish the 13th Amendment and Communal Parties
    and bring in a Senate of Occupational Groups representing Professional,
    Business , Cultural, and Trade Union Interest Groups .

    Abolition of the 13th amendment, was a demand from the time this was instituted under duress by India,. The SLFP opposed it declaring it a monster and a white elephant. The JVP organized an island wide campaign with black flags. The Sinhala patriotic movements considered it a concession to Tamil communalists aimed at separating the North and the East from the rest of the country.

    After 25 years of experimentation, there is no PC in the North of the country. The first PC in the North and East declared UDI and was dissolved since. . The allocation of nearly Rs 130 billion of tax payers money on PCs is wasted on emoluments of PC staff, who are duplicating the work of the Government Agents.

    In the meantime, the TNA as the representative of the LTTE has taken over the demand for a separate power base for the Tamils in the North and the East. They have demanded the withdrawal of the security forces from the North, dismantling of military bases, and devolution of Police and Land powers. While over 150,000 Muslims and Sinhalese displaced by Prabharana from the North over the thirty year period remain unsettled, Thesawalame sectarian land laws still persist, the TNA is busy shuttling between India and Sri Lanka in their effort to carve out a Tamil ethnic state over one third of the land area of the country, forgetting that the Tamil population in the North and East is less than 4 % of the total population of the country, and in league with the rump of the LTTE Diaspora and neo colonialist backers of the LTTE, demanding that the leaders of the country be brought to trial for defeating the LTTE .

    Lately the Supreme Court by way of clarification of sharing of legislative powers between the PCs and the centre government, has interpreted that the approval of PCs is needed before any Bill pertaining to matters devolved to PCs is taken up in the Legislature . The Parliament is thereby relegated to a secondary position as a legislature. What the LTTE could not win by way of terrorism is now conceded by way of the 13th amendment interpretation. .

    Expecting this anomalous situation, the ELMS, in 2009, has called for the amendment of the National Constitution to do away with PCs, and Communal Parties and to provide for an elected House of National Interests represented by non communal Political Parties and a Senate of Occupational Groups representing Professional Interests, Business Interests , Trade Union Interests and Cultural Interests We welcome the call by Defense Secretary for the abolition of the 13th amendment.

    Dr Nath Amarakone
    General Secretary – ELMS.

  11. M.S.MUDALI Says:

    HAHAHAHA…. Now the Sinhala racists are looking for rats to bell the cat. 2/3 majority in parliament cannot be achived by any means.

    Lorenzo and his Tamil Thuthukudi parawa fishing clan pack the bags and go to Thoothukudi for fishing or smuggling drugs. After the Koodan Kulam nuke reactor under the protection of the Indian forces, the Parawa of Tamil Nadu and many Muslim drug smugglers of Sri Lanka lost their business. That is why the same smuggler gangs are now smuggling people to Australia because their boats are idling.

    Buddha statues are disgraced by Sinhalese by erecting them in places where no Buddhist lives. This kind of moronic works are the products of Sinhala racism. Now the Begal Muslims destroy them. Taliban destroy them Sri Lanka muslim who are the allies of Sinhala keep their mouth shut!

    Under the LTTE control of Vanni, many Catholic Churches sprangup in Hindu areas. No one oppose them. How?

    Religious fanaticism in Sri Lanka is for politics. Now it is backfiring. Even Mahanayakes maintain silence over the atrocities of the Muslims in Bangla Desh. The muslim terrorists planned to destroy Buddha Gaya in India too. Indian Hindus still save the Buddhist monuments in India but Hindu temples were attacked by Sinhala mobs during and after the 1983.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    Asada M Erpini
    Please live& writr some thnk praclical & valuable for All of us !!!

    1) The majority in a democracy decides what is best for the country ! NO that is problm of democracy comapire with all othe system( USSR/ Chinese communition or king rules etc..) that why when any contry have constitution they will extra clause to prodect Minority rights –
    Our original contitution -Salsbury constitution have all these ! but We ( Prinister Mrs Srima Govt) replaced current consistution without minority concern (which do not have any prodection for minority) !
    result : We all know what we gone through 1974 to now (May 2009) !!!

    2)Sri Lanka was told bluntly by India, “Sign it, or else …”.- Why you do not want to write else means what ?
    else means : Dixit told JRJ if you not sign Will arms LLTE !!! that why JRJ agrred to signed the indo- lanka agrrement to impleent this 13A !!!

    3)I am suppoter of this 13A that why we fighted against IPKF & kicked then out from our mother lanka ! but you know what is our lasting solution !!! Thamilarin thakam Thamil Eela Thayakam !!!


  13. lingamAndy Says:

    soory missed out ….
    3) )I am NOT suppoter of this 13A …

  14. mjaya Says:

    Come one you worthless politicos, take an example from Hon. Defence Sec.

    Grow a spine, grow a spine



    The people do NOT want worthless provincial councils, the people do NOT want to bow down to monkey India.

    You should also realize that the Supreme Court of SL has already made the 13A useless by demerging the North and East. If the gov. does not have the guts to get rid of this, then WE MUST TAKE THE LEAD AND FILE A COURT CASE AGAINST IT.

  15. mjaya Says:

    Anyone excrement who wants the 13A (TNA, SLMC) can be flushed down the toilet with the 13A.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Move SLOWLY & SURELY without mistakes and remove the 13-A. Doing things in haste will bring in mistakes. In the long run, all so called Minorities of Lanka will benefit as well, when a lasting trust & peace returns for all to enjoy.

  17. Dham Says:

    “The 13th Amendment is a part of the constitution. Because of that, we have given the oath to protect the 13th Amendment as the government,”.

    Kehel Liya Fool,
    No one gives an oath to protect 13A. You gave oath to abide by the consttitution.
    The constitution allows , you fool, to change it if you gain 2/3 majority. By scrapping 13A , thus , you still abide by the constitution.
    You don’t understand this, you fool, RESIGN.

  18. lingamAndy Says:

    GET RID OF THE 13A NOW!!! Go Go Go , Yes India Come , Come Come !!!
    You never learn muddal Chinhalavan !!!

  19. Dham Says:

    Lingam Malli,
    Our ex president JRJ said, ” If India comes we will fight until the last drop of blood”. So, IPKF came, with JR’s invitation.
    Premadasa chased them away by bribing LTTE.

    You think India can invade and win in Sri Lanka ?
    Only if you are Tamil.
    There is no way smelly Indians could win.
    We will have ways to chase them until maharashthra.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Before getting rid of the de-stabilising 13-A, other ‘stabilising’ factors must be put in place. Keheliya said ’13-A is there for the TIME BEING’.

  21. lingamAndy Says:

    Premadasa chased them away by bribing LTTE.- Agrred Last time We Tamil chased them out but this time do you thing China will do it for us!!! keep dreaming ….. or you may fool us again again … never know you can do it!
    like you done all passed !
    eg1: You said We will chase out IPKF than we will give you more than indian offering to you , what happened you cheaed out after we chased them out from mother lanka
    eg2: You said We will wipeout LTTE than will offer you more than 13A (13 plus) , what happing now you want to get ridoff 13A with out offering any thing – NO Sorry you said NO problm to solve !!!

    Well done chinhala brother !!! keep it up !
    Krisha Where are ????
    (You mean- Sinhalese)

  22. Fran Diaz Says:


    The ltte fought alongside the GoSL against the IPKF because for the ltte the “bread was buttered better” with the GoSL, and not with India. India KNEW the ltte better than Sri Lanka, the Caste/poverty issues of Tamil Nadu, illegal migrants into Lanka from TN, etc. There was no fooling India about Tamil issues. Besides, India grew the ltte, and knew the outfit inside out. India has paid dearly for growing the ltte, so that event must be put aside.
    Anyway, past issues are past issues. Let’s all move forward !

    There are other ‘stabilizing factors’ being put into place to empower the people at grass roots levels as well as in government, and then 13-A may be removed.

  23. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Anyway, past issues are past issues. Let’s all move forward !- Agrred

    There are other ‘stabilizing factors’ being put into place to empower the people at grass roots levels as well as in government, and then 13-A may be removed.- Fully agreed !
    We will remove not with 2/3 with 100% !As I said before We together can show two fingure to India & will celebrate 27th years -yearly remember( in Tamil We say Thuvasam) to this Indian inavation of 13A!

  24. nandimitra Says:

    So called reconciliation cannot be achieved by the 13th amendment. It is divisive, enforced by a foreign power in whose interest this whole policy was in acted, most people in the country do not want it hence it has to be repealed. Reconciliation is only possible if there is good governance. Equality, justice and fair play . No citizen should feel discriminated. Today even the sinhalese feel discriminated, can a sinhalese get a job unless he is on the ministers list, can he get fair treatment in the public services, Free health and free education is only in name, the judiciary and police are corrupt, politicians are corrupt and the future generations are pawned etc The country has poor governance. Pretending not to see the disenfranchisement of the ordinary citizens of the country the rulers are hippocritical when talking about reconciliation. What the country needs is not divisive politics but all srilankans be it Sinhalese, Tamils,or Muslims need good governance and that is exactly what our leaders have failed to achieve, India is only interested in dominating and ruling the country. She is not interested in the Sinhalese, Tamils or muslims. Over to you Mahinda, it is your responsibility to the right thing by the country.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    How do we empower ourselves at grass roots level ? Any suggestions ?

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    You asked a good question “How do we empower ourselves at grass roots level ?” Answer: By organizing into a grass roots movement wielding the power of citizens votes.

    I have submitted to LankaWeb a Press Release from a group (among others) trying to do just that: Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha calls for Abolishing the 13th Amendment and Communal Parties, and creating a Senate composed of Occupational Groups.

    It may appear at LankaWeb as both a comment and as an article, if it passes moderation.

  27. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks, Ananda USA.

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    The CREDIT for the EFFUSIVE PRAISE for Sri Lanka’s CLEANLINESS in this article must go to that INCOMPARABLY EFFECTIVE PATRIOT of Lanka Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

    Whatever he takes on … HE ACCOMPLISHES in STYLE!

    We can learn a thing or two from Sri Lanka

    By Ravindran Raman Kutty
    The Malay Mail
    October 26, 2012

    MEETINGS and work brought me to Sri Lanka last week. Colombo was a pleasant surprise for me, as I was thinking weapon wielding army officers will be welcoming me. I was wrong. Colombo airport was small but cute and clean. The immigration officers were the most courteous immigration officers that I have ever encountered. Both air and ground airline staffs were kind, humane and courteous.

    It was even more enjoyable when I took a quick dash to Kandy, wanting to visit the highlands of Nuwara Eliya. The Queen’s Hotel which, I spent a night was squeaky clean, though it was an old Viceroy’s palace aging more than 100 years old. The lacquered shiny floors were immaculate with the colonial Dutch design making a permanent impression on the guests. The service by the front office was exemplary and extremely hospitable.

    It was a journey back to history, where I was fortunate to revisit the epic Ramayana. I visited the Hanuman Temple at Ramboda where Hanuman was searching for Sitadevi, Chinmaya mission of Sri Lanka has built a temple. The image of Lord Hanuman here is 16 feet. I also visited Sita Eliya, where Sita was kept abode by Ravana, the king of Lanka. The exact spot where, Sita was kept abode is now marked with the idol of Sita flanked by Rama and Lakshamana. The epic Ramayana was related in a very simple yet effective way by the caretaker of the temple. He made it a point to point to the Footprints of Lord Hanuman which were so obvious, as they were now painted with a coat of yellow paint. He also pointed to the river in which Sita was bathing. The hill just along the river is what Lord Hanuman burnt in his escapade to rescue Sita from Ravana. The Ramayana was certainly exciting to read, but to view the exact spots at the Nuwara Eliya was awesome and was very exciting. The cool breeze, the foggy low lying clouds, the scenic tea plantations were all breath-taking.

    As a tea freak, I made a point to visit a tea plantation on the hills. I ordered my tea with a luscious chocolate cake, which was a magical combination for the cold and freezing weather at the hills. I managed to drink three cups of the “Mackwoods” tea and was almost feeling “one too many” after the third cup. The satisfaction that I derived was unexplainable, as the cup had no drops to prove.

    Sri Lanka

    BACK IN TIME: Sculptures of Rama, Sita and Hanuman among others at Sita Amman Temple

    The drive down the hills was picturesque all the way. Beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, reddish, cabbage, cauliflowers were the main items in every stall, bidding good bye or inviting one to stop to buy. The weather was so cold that we did not use air-condition, on our Toyota Hybrid which was our rented car.

    The scene maybe quite similar to Cameron Highlands, but the ambience, hospitality, warmth and honest people of Sri Lanka must be mentioned and applauded. We have to learn much from the Sri Lankan who were besieged by war for more than 30 years. The country may have lost many thousands of lives and several politicians including some prime ministers. Their quest to return to normalcy is very evident. Colombo, Kandy is the two places that I visited.

    They were immaculate and clean. The roads were clean and overall appearance of the city may look like some parts of India, but it’s pleasant, safe and clean. The roads are wide and the ride to the Highlands has better roads than our Cameron Highlands. We must learn about hospitality and humility from the Sri Lankans who are extremely pleasant and caring.

    My visit to the Pettah market was even shocking. It was an exact scene of Calcutta in terms of traffic. But the roads were clean. The walkways were spotless. The safety level was undeniably great. I even visited a toilet in the Pettah Cross Street and was shocked to see, a clean toilet, with running water and a functioning cistern pump. The doors latch was still secure and there was no stench or stain for anyone to puke or close your nose. I am certainly impressed by the condition of the toilet, even if I want to compare with our Taman Tun Dr Ismail market’s toilets.

    Malaysia we are more modern. We have the twin towers. We have the largest highways. We may have the longest bridge. Our FDI and GNI are worlds apart to Sri Lanka. We have fantastic public infrastructures to pride on, but Sri Lanka has one thing…their roads are clean, their markets are clean, the people are emphatic, they are courteous and they are in a hurry to recover the 30 lost years of development. I hope we can learn these simple traits from Sri Lanka and become a greater nation by afar!

  29. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    We are looking for a home grown solution. 13A is not a home grown solution. It is an Indian solution to keep quiet their own Tamilnadu from agitating for independence. Sri Lanka must not accept the Indian imposed amendment without having a referendum. Minority racist political parties must not demand a foreign imposed solution, if the majority amongst SriLankan citizens, whether they be Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burgers, Indian Tamils, Malays and others vote against it.
    Let us not waste time with this divisive Indian amendment. Dump it and find our own solution.

  30. lingamAndy Says:

    A. Sooriarachi
    Dump it and find our own solution- Fully agreed but not agrred !
    should be find our own solution and dump it together !!! ( not with 2/3 majority with 100% majority ) !

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