“Devil” destroys Buddhist History in Bangladesh
Posted on November 13th, 2012

Shirupan Barua.

A famous Buddhist village named Ramu, in Bangladesh has been attacked by terrorists who called themselves the “followers of Islam”. They have torched 11 priceless and historically important wooden Buddhist temples and 25 houses completely; using gunpowder, petrol., and damaged more than 100 houses of Buddhist community in one night .The attack begins at 10 pm on 29th September Saturday night and continues till 5.00 am on 30th September.

Latter hundreds of them who declare themselves as the “fighter of Islam”, attack at least 5 Buddhist temples in Ukhiya, and some more in Teknaf, which are also famous for Buddhist culture. They have destroyed these temples completely and looted many priceless and rare sculptures of the Lord Buddha made of the finest jewel, gold, stone and wood.

These temples and Buddha sculptures are almost 250 to 300 years old and some of them have a rich history of 500 years. The rioters claim that, a Buddhist local young has intentionally uploaded a picture on facebook.com defaming the holy Quran. On that issue the rioters torched these Buddhist temples, houses and looted everything that belongs to the history of Buddhism in this area.

The wooden Buddhist temples are very rare in southern Asia and many of them are located in Bangladesh, which are now lost forever. Bangladesh has witnessed deadly clash between Muslim and Hindus in the past but clash involving Buddhist are rare. A friendly relation between Muslim and Buddhist in the southern area of Bangladesh named Ramu, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf can be seen for many years and people of this region never met this type of riot based on religion.

Even some brave local Muslims had tried to save some temples, though they failed. The local police did nothing to stop the riot and it seems, the chief of the police station of Ramu is also involved with rioters. Latter the government sent Army there.

The higher authority thinks Rohinga of Myanmar are also involved in this riot and it seems that the total attack is preplanned to take revenge against some recent riots in Myanmar between Rohinga and Rakhaine. Ramu, Ukhiya,

Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar are rich of Buddhist culture and history for many years and close to the border with Buddhist-majority Myanmar. By this brutal attack the history of Buddhism in Bangladesh and archeologically rare Buddhist temples and statues have been destroyed. Many ministers are visiting the area and Bangladesh Army, Border Guard Bangladesh, and RAB are giving protection to the local Buddhist community, but these people who have witnessed the riot closely, have been passing their days in fear.

Bangladesh Army and Border Guard Bangladesh are also working to rebuild the houses of Buddhist people. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is going to visit area of Ramu which is affected the most. But nothing can bring these lost precious wooden Buddhist temples, statues of Lord Buddha, ancient library containing thousands books written on the history, back to their previous position. The rioters, who have committed this crime, can not be recognized as Muslims, they should be known as the “followers of Devil”.

Shirupan Barua <[email protected]>

Courtesy: News Central Asia

4 Responses to ““Devil” destroys Buddhist History in Bangladesh”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    You started by saying, “A famous Buddhist village named Ramu, in Bangladesh has been attacked by terrorists who called themselves the “followers of Islam”.”

    You ended by saying, “The rioters, who have committed this crime, can not be recognized as Muslims, they should be known as the “followers of Devil”.”

    These are NOT contradictory. They are the SAME.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Do we see an attempt here to exonerate the term Muslims with a bit of word play which hilariously trips up the writer who transforms ” followers of Islam” to” followers of the Devil” where Lorenzo has pointed out that they are one and the same which is indeed so true.
    However it makes one wonder, based on the paradox as to what category the Muslims really fall into?
    Whatever the case may be, Muslims in that region inspired by the infamous Taliban seem to spare no pains to destroy Buddhist artifacts remembering the priceless Bamiyan Statues and many other instances of attempts to purge the region of Buddhism. It is a damnable trend towards non co-existence where on a global basis, Islam is very liable to incur hatred and revulsion from many quarters based on its fundamental dogma which is not only vicious and mendacious but is also an aberration of all the norms of respect to human lives and property which of course was never a clarion call of the Prophet who has been grossly misinterpreted by these despotic creature who kill and maim in the name of Allah!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Buddhists Temples ought to seek protection from attackers through the armed forces or the police of any country. Alternately, they ought to learn the Martial Arts and ward off attackers. Or do both. How are churches going to protect themselves ?

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    What Sunil says is right.

    Take a look at Taliban operations.

    It operates under DIFFERENT GUISES in different SUNNI MAJORITY countries.

    Afghanistan – Taliban (previously Mujahiddin)
    Saudi, USA – AQ
    Pakistan – various
    Indonesia – Jama Islamiya
    India – Lakshe E Toiba
    SL – Jihad
    Thailand – ?
    Phillipines – ?
    Maldives – the new Junta
    Egypt, Libya, Mali – Muslim Brotherhood
    Syria – Free Syria Army

    This DIFFERENT NAMES FOR DIFFERENT COUNTRIES strategy helps them have the best of both worlds.

    What happened in Dighawapi in SL, Afghanistan, India, Maldives and Bangladesh against Buddhist places and what they NOW DO in Bodhgaya are done by the SAME group with different pet names.


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