Are Russia,China and Iran losing out to the Empire?
Posted on November 15th, 2012

By Hameed Abdul Karim

 The crisis in Syria has put Russia, China and Iran at loggerheads with the larger Arab population.

What the Syrians wanted was for Assad to relinquish his power and transfer it to the people as early peaceful protests indicated. For months, the Syrians protested peacefully but when Bashar Assad retaliated with violence, the protesters took to arms.

Perhaps President Bashar  Assad and his coterie of power hungry despots thought they could get away with a slaughter similar to the one the late Hafez  Assad inflicted on Hama by killing over ten thousand “ƒ”¹…”rebels’.  But this time, it seems, they have got it wrong. The point of time when Hafez Assad put down an uprising was very different to the present day Arab world.

 Today, the Arab population is very different. Youth have taken their destinies in their own hands and despite the negative images presented about the happenings in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia there is no way the new governments in these countries are going to go back to the bad old ways of their predecessors. Revolutions don’t end with elections of a new set of politicians. Rather they are processes that take time to grow.

 Russia, Iran and China could have played a positive role in Syria’s revolution instead of blindly siding with Bashar Assad on account of their old friendship. But they didn’t see the writing on the wall and they continue ignore the warnings even at this point of time when more than 40,000 people on both sides of the conflict have perished not to mention the hundreds of thousands of refugees in Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. Sure they can still keep Bashar Assad in office with their vetoes, but how is this going to help them in the long run?

 Russia has a naval base in Syria; Iran has “ƒ”¹…”long historical relations’ and China probably has an eye on long time trade and influence.  All these legitimate interests could have been protected if only they had given a fair hearing to the rebels. Their neglect of the just demands of the rebels has provided a golden opportunity for the US to play a larger than life role in post-conflict Syria. Iran has another reason or excuse to protect Bashar Assad and that’s the axis of resistance to Israel. The axis includes Hezbollah. There was no reason to believe that this axis would come to an end with the departure of Assad. It was not like as if the “ƒ”¹…”rebels’ were fighting to open an Israeli Embassy in Damascus.  What they wanted was to get rid of a dictator, put in place a people’s government and spend the rest of their lives in freedom and in dignity. Their revolution was in no way different to the Iranian one that overthrew the Shah and brought in a government based on people’s power. Come to think of it, the Syrian revolution is in no way different to the Russian and Chinese revolutions either. Why would Russia, China and Iran then support a regime that the people see as oppressive?

 Media wars

 The violence or the “ƒ”¹…”War within Syria’ as Al-Jazeera would have it, has polarized the non-Western media. Iran’s Press TV and Russia’s RT clearly are on Bashar Assad’s side. Al Jazeera, despite criticism from Russian and Iranian sources, has maintained its stance which can be seen as pro-people, as was evident in the Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian revolts. Still it was Al-Jazeera that was the first to report atrocities committed by the rebels. RT is clearly against what it sees as any Islamist narrative of the Arab Spring, while Press TV is not sure of where it wants to hedge its bets.  But when it comes to Syria, Press TV sees “ƒ”¹…”Wahabis’ or ‘Salafis’ or “ƒ”¹…”Al-Qaeda’ or the “ƒ”¹…”Muslim Brotherhood’ or “ƒ”¹…”foreign fighters’ wanting to grab power and turn Syrian into another Iraq or Afghanistan, not realizing that Arabs don’t see fellow Arabs as foreigners. The concept of nation States has not seeped into the Arab mindset and never will. The Arabs see the borders that divide their peoples as a Western invention and would love to go back to the time when they could travel freely without passports and travel documents.

 The pro-Assad regime bias in Press TV and RT becomes all too evident when you notice that neither of these networks ever mentions the regular air strikes that the Syrian Government makes on its people and territory. What RT and Press TV don’t realize is that they are losing out in credibility and, worse still, are comforting the likes of Hilary Clinton who not many months ago was alarmed over the influence of new non- Western TV networks as opposed to established pro-West media. “ƒ”¹…”We are losing the media war’, she had blurted out in a rare public slip. If RT and Press TV were to lose their new found clout there will be none happier than the guys who run the empire.

 Paving the way for the Empire

 What Russia, China and Iran don’t realize is that siding with oppressive regimes is giving the US Empire and its satellite States like Canada and the UK undeserving opportunities to be on the “ƒ”¹…”right side of history’ by supporting the uprising in Syria and possibly elsewhere. By pretending to be on the people’s side the empire makes itself wanted by the people.

 The Russian, Chinese and Iranian policy of automatically supporting any government or people that they deem anti-American is diminishing their influence in world politics. It’s about time they re-assess their Syrian policy and do what would be acceptable by the Syrian people. America is unabashedly on the side of the Syrian rebels, but still maintains enough influence to rein in the rebels as is happening in Doha as we speak. The empire is demanding that changes be made in the Syrian National Council, because it feels its interests might not be served if the rebels were to take power. Russia, Iran and China must take responsibility for driving the Syrian rebels into the open arms of the empire.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Wrong analysis.

    Russia and China are NOT interested in Assad or any other Arab extremist. They are playing their part in US-Russia-UK-China-France (world’s 1st, 4th, 7th, 5th and 6th largest CHRISTIAN countries) plan of PITTING ISLAMICS against one another.

    Take a look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

    USA-UK went and did the ground work, Russia and China joined in stealing oil, gold from the fools!!

    Pakistan is another example where Sunnis kill Sunnies with US and Russian aid.

    Chechnya is another!!

    Uigir is YET ANOTHER!!

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Temples & Churches have survived in Muslim countries for centuries…but they could not survive under Wahhabism. In Iran Jews live there & pray in their Synagogues. In Saudi Arabia there is no Church, Synagogues, Buddhist nor Hindu Temple is allowed. Churches & Synagogues were safe in Syria & Libya before the NATO began sending their Wahhabi Fanatics to kill innocent civilians.
    The defeat Israel in 2000 and 2006 by the barely armed, Lebanese tiny militia Hezbollah crushed the whole image of Israel military could not be possible without Syrian support. In 2008, Syria was offered Golan back if they stop supporting Hezbollah, offer that Assad rejected for the sake of Lebanese and Palestinians people. Golan is the most productive part of Syria which is illegally occupied by Israel and provide 35% of Israel water supply. Zionists realized they cannot get their image back without defeating and destroying Hezbollah and they can do that after stopping their support from Syria. This is the revenge against Syrian people because of 2006 defeat of Israel by Hezbollah with Syrian support. The whole talk of democracy and freedom is a joke specially having Saudis and Qataris as its main sponsors of Syrian crisis. Zionist lackeys will be exposed and their crimes will remain in history after things have calmed down and truth has prevailed. Zionists owned Bank of England gave “PROUD” Americans the First Bank of America and the Second Bank of the United States, even the FEDERAL RESERVE, the Zionists owned private bank that’s been running the US for the last 100 years. USA & UK are Colonies of the Zionists owned Banks.Only Syria and North Korea do not have a central bank – a branch of the Federal Reserve.
    The armed groups that are backed by the Western powers and Saudi & Qatari Monarchs rejected the recent Syrian polls, and showed their hostility by targeting candidates for assassination, usually by the use of explosives. Since the armed uprising began, several thousand members of the Syrian security forces and their family members have been killed by the insurgents, who themselves have lost thousands of their own. However, those relying on Western media are told that every such death has been caused by the Syrian security forces, ignoring the deadly violence that is being unleashed in Syria by groups of armed mobs.
    We have seen this before, in Libya, where tens of thousands of people have died so far as the result of externally backed civil war. In that country, those willing to kill regime elements were given training, cash and weapons.
    Today, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing the same assistance to those seeking to use deadly force against the Syrian government.
    Although Syria President Bashar al-Assad has announced a raft of reforms, including new media laws and the right to form political parties, each such announcement has been met by an escalation in violence, which has rendered null the ceasefire brokered by UN envoy Kofi Annan.
    Since mid-April, there have been numerous ceasefire violations by the insurgents, with the Alawi, the Muslim sect to which the Assad family belongs, and the Christian community the main targets of the insurgents. Syria is the home of the Patriarchate of Antioch, the oldest church in Christendom.
    For reasons not clear, the triumvirate of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have joined hands with the Western powers to back the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood which has been the greatest beneficiary of the Arab Spring.
    Today in Syria, one can see women across Syria dressed as they please. Were the Brotherhood to take control, this freedom might soon be replaced with the obligation to wear the chador (full veil). Already in Egypt and in Tunisia, the secular ethos of the country is rapidly giving way to Saudi-style conservatism.
    While European members of Western powers are opposed to Islamic conservatives in their own countries, in the Arab world they favor such elements over those who are secular. The result is a galloping conservatism across the Arab world.
    Clearly, the Western powers are aware that the more hardline local regimes are, the less chance that they will be able to compete with Western powers.
    Rather than support the process of democratization in Syria, the Western powers have joined hands with regional powers to train, arm and provide cash to the armed opposition, thereby fomenting a violent civil war in Syria.
    The 11% of the population that are Alawi and the 9% of Syria’s 24 million people that are Christian are terrified that they will become the target of ethnic cleansing. As for the majority Sunni community, more than 70% are moderate, with less than 30% favoring the conservative Wahabbi-Salafi faith.
    In Afghanistan in the 1980s, where the US backed religious extremists to fight the Soviet Union. The effects of that mistake are still creating harmful ripples across the region.
    Today, rather than support secular elements and encourage the transition to democracy, Western powers is backing armed groups that create mayhem across the country, groups that overwhelmingly follow an extremist ideology.
    Of course, there are exiled Syrians who have congregated in France to provide a moderate face to the armed struggle. However, these people control nothing, only those with guns do.
    And these days, more and more guns are flowing into Syria, as Western powers seeks regime change not through the ballot but through the bomb.
    Civil war and instability in Syria are very profitable for Israel. Apart from this situation, nobody raises the issue of returning the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. The specific characteristic of Israeli mass media is making up sensational news. Syrians are returning to areas that have been cleared of terrorists. The Syrian army guards their homes. A few terrorist attacks targeted buildings that stored the intelligence and police archives. For example, on December 23, 2011, suicide bombers set the intelligence archives ablaze before blowing themselves up in a car. Kidnapping people is a major business of the so-called revolutionaries. The terrorists “supervise” the places from which the army has been withdrawn upon the order of the United Nations. So, these territories were not occupied by military operations. People in Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq didn’t believe in the possibility of NATO invasion until recently. NATO invasion of Syria will be launched in near future if not sooner. Iraq, especially in light of the fact that about 2 million of its citizens live in Syria, supports Syria, in particular, by helping combat smuggling. Lebanon helps the struggle against smugglers, but Saad Hariri’s Mustaqbal movement is one of the major stakeholders in the anti-Syrian campaign. Saad Hariri finances the militants, supplies them with weapons and manpower. Saad Hariri’s media empire leads the information war against Syria. Hariri’s people tried to pull the forces from the border by inciting the riot in the capital as the army almost overtook the smugglers. As for Jordan, its state can’t be envied. On the one hand, Jordan is much dependent economically, in food supplies and transit, on its relationship with Syria – but, on the other hand, if Jordan isn’t much of a compliant ally of the USA and NATO, the King isn’t likely to save his power. As for Qatar, one could speak for ages about this nano-aggressor: they provide weapons and money supplies in an attempt to solve their own internal problems.
    Until the outbreak of World War II, Western countries were still enmeshed in their history of colonialism, racial discrimination and outside aggression. The widespread national liberation and democratic movements across the world following the end of World War II quickly resulted in the collapse of the West’s long-held moral excuses that were used to justify their past crimes and “use of force” and it turned to concepts, such as “humanitarian intervention” and “human rights are superior to sovereignty”, as the main means to regain their lost moral dominance and maintain their dwindling domain of influence throughout the world.
    By using abstract terms and their own criteria to define the concept of human rights, Western countries have attempted to completely separate human rights from sovereignty and then cause conflicts in specific countries and regions from which they can benefit and achieve their own political purposes.
    Human rights in individual countries can only be realized and protected in a sovereign country, when there are still strong and weak countries and when hegemonic activities and power politics still prevail.
    A country belongs to all its people and the country’s sovereignty is the concentrated embodiment of its collective human rights. The existence of sovereign nations constitutes the foundation of the current international society and under this precondition human rights conditions worldwide have made continuous advancements.
    In the absence of sovereignty, a country will have no ability and means to protect the human rights of its people. From Kosovo to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, under the pretext of “human rights being superior to sovereignty”, Western countries have chosen to use guns and bombs against the governments of these countries to realize their own ulterior motives. But the use of force has failed to bring the people in these countries improved human rights, on the contrary it has plunged them deep into humanitarian disasters and cost many their lives.
    Protecting human rights is a universal pursuit of people of all countries across the world. But if this issue is rigged by a handful of countries as the excuse to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs, the human rights of these countries and their people are ignored.
    Military interventions under the guise of moral slogans are in essence a kind of neo-colonialism.
    Hezbollah – the barely armed, Lebanese tiny militia which succeeded to defeat Israel in 2000 and 2006. The defeat that crushed the whole image of Israel military could not be possible without Syrian support. In 2008, Syria was offered Golan back if they stop supporting Hezbollah, offer that Assad rejected for the sake of Lebanese and Palestinians people. Golan is the most productive part of Syria which is illegally occupied by Israel and provide 35% of Israel water supply. Zionists realized they cannot get their image back without defeating and destroying Hezbollah and they can do that after stopping their support from Syria. This is the revenge of 2006 defeat against Syrian people. The whole talk of democracy and freedom is a joke specially having Saudis and Qataris as its main sponsors of Syrian crisis. Zionist lackeys will be exposed and their crimes will remain in history after things have calmed down and truth has prevailed.

  3. Dham Says:

    Thank you for exposing truth.
    Why the Zionists support Wahabis is the biggest and most important question in the world.
    There is not doubt western powers are supporting Wahabis rather than moderate non-evil muslims ( regarless of what is written in Quran).
    After Wahabis conqure Iran and Syria , will they live happily ever after ?
    Duabi is becoming more and more Wahabi like slowly but surely whereas AbuDhabi has taken Dubai for ransom. Abudhabi now leads UAE. Qatar on the other hand is never like Saudi and more closer culturally to DUbai of AbuDhabi, yet they go hand in hand with Wahabi Saudis. It is a bit mind boggling to understand what is happening.

  4. HussainFahmy Says:

    Afghanistan is where it is said that “Empires go to Die”. In chronological order:

    The Indus, Kushan, Scythian, Parthian, Saffarid, Ghaznanavid, Ghorid, Timurid, Hotaki, Durrani, Aryan, Persian, Sassanid, Hepthalite, Hun, Mughal, Arab, Turk, Hazaras, Kwharezmid, Mongol, British (three times) and Soviet empire.

    So the current incumbents, the USA, obviously have not read the history books yet.

  5. Dham Says:

    You dream, hoping for mythical Allah until all perish. Why is Allah never save palestine borthers ? Is he blind on insane ?
    Why allah never punish the Zionist ? You wait until your death hoping in blind faith.

  6. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Gulf Cooperation Council – “GCC” – created an Arab League group to monitor what’s going on in Syria. The Syrian National Council – based in Turkey and France – enthusiastically supported it. It’s telling that Syria’s neighbor Lebanon did not.

    When the over 160 monitors, after one month of inquiries, issued their report.

    The Arab League’s Ministerial Committee had approved the report, with four votes in favor (Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and GCC member Oman) and only Qatar – which is now presiding the Arab League because the emirate bought their (rotating) turn from the Palestinian Authority.

    The report was adamant. There was no organized, lethal repression by the Syrian government against peaceful protesters. Instead, the report points to shady armed gangs as responsible for hundreds of deaths among Syrian civilians, and over one thousand among the Syrian army, using lethal tactics such as bombing of civilian buses, bombing of trains carrying diesel oil, bombing of police buses and bombing of bridges and pipelines.

    Once again, the official NATO version of Syria is of a popular uprising smashed by bullets and tanks. Instead, Russia and China, and large swathes of the developing world see it as the Syrian government fighting heavily armed foreign mercenaries. The report largely confirmed these suspicions.

    The Syrian National Council is essentially a Muslim Brotherhood outfit affiliated with both Saudi Arabia and Qatar – with an uneasy Israel quietly supporting it in the background. Legitimacy is not exactly its cup of green tea. As for the Free Syrian Army, it does have its defectors, and well-meaning opponents of the Assad regime, but most of all is infested with these foreign mercenaries weaponized by the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially Wahhabi Salafist gangs.

    Still NATO blocked from applying in Syria its one-size-fits-all model of promoting “democracy” by bombing a country and getting rid of the proverbial evil dictator, won’t be deterred. GCC leaders Saudi Arabia and Qatar bluntly dismissed their own report and went straight to the meat of the matter; impose a NATO regime change via the UN Security Council.

    So the current “Arab-led drive to secure a peaceful end to the crackdown” in Syria at the UN is no less than a crude regime change drive. Usual suspects USA, UK and France have been forced to fall over themselves to assure the real international community this is not another mandate for NATO bombing – a la Libya. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described it as “a path for a political transition that would preserve Syria’s unity and institutions”.

    But Russia and China see it for what it is. India, Pakistan and South Africa, have all raised serious objections to the NATO peddled UN resolution.

    There won’t be another Libya-style no fly zone; after all the Assad regime is not exactly deploying Migs against civilians. A UN regime change resolution blocked – again – by Russia and China. Even NATO is in disarray, as each block of players – USA, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia duo – has a different long-term geopolitical agenda. Not to mention crucial Syrian neighbor and trading partner Iraq; Baghdad is on the record against any regime change scheme.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    When Putin was elected as President of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt due the looting by Khazarian Zionists. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Zionist Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

    But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty. By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Zionist financiers was now over.

    Rothchild’s agent Mikhail Khordorkovsky gained his fortune along with many other oligarchs, by exploiting the Yeltsin era’s privatizations. With the backing of Jacob Rothschild, Khordorkovsky started the bank Menatep Banking Group just prior to the fall of Soviet Union in 1990. The Menatep Banking Group was associated with the Rothschild-Soros Carlyle Group.

    In 1995, Khordorkovsky bought Yukos Oil for $350 million. He became one of the world’s richest men with a personal worth of at least $1 billion. In October of 2003 Khordorkovsky was arrested for embezzlement.

    As most wealthy Zionists who use their financial power to subvert their host nation, Khordorkovsky set himself up as a critic of Putin’s efforts to unite Russia politically and culturally. Khordorkovsky spent millions of dollars to overthrow Putin by funding “democratic reforming parties” by which Zionists take control of their host nation.

    In February of 2004, right after Khordorkovsky’s arrest, Khordorkovsky’s Menatep Bank was revealed to be operating out of the Isle of Man, a UK offshore tax haven. At this time, Menatep offered Yukos shares to Putin in exchange for Khordorkovsky’s freedom. But Putin did not need to wheel & deal with the Zionist financiers. Putin simply nationalized Yukos Oil shortly after the Menatep offer.

    The British press reported that Khordorkovsky’s shares in Yukos Oil were passed to Jacob Rothschild just prior to Khordorkovsky’s arrest.

    But Menatep denied that Jacob Rothschild had any power in the Group. Their statement declared that Jacob Rothschild had close links with Menatep only through the Open Russia Foundation whose trustee membership included Henry Kissinger. But Menatep failed to mention that the Open Russia Foundation was founded by Yukos Oil.

    There is no man feared more by Zionists than Russian President Vladimir Putin.And while the Zionist West and its lackeys at the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council would have us believe that armed jihadists in Syria who are murdering innocent native civilians are “lovers of democracy,” Putin remains unshaken in his defense of International law.

    Because Bashar al-Assad has intensified Syria’s policy of resisting Zionist imperialism ever since taking over the reins from his father, Hafez al-Assad, in 2000, International Zionists and their shill, the USA, pursuing its habitual violent program of regime change this time in Syria in order to install a pro-Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist dictatorship in Damascus. Since then, Assad has grown the economy at a healthy rate of 5% a year. Since then, Syria is debt free and will not allow any Rothschild banks. And you’ll be hard pressed to find any McDonald’s or Pizza Huts in Syria…it’s forbidden territory for multinational Zionist-funded corporations.

    And since then, due to Assad’s independent, self-directed, economic development – a program shared by all US regime change targets – the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist globalist bankers and their corporate pawns are being thwarted from privatizing and politically Zionizing the industries and government of the sovereign nation of Syria.

    The Zionist influenced US State Department put forward this very same Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist banker’s agenda when it stated that “Syria refuses to join an increasingly interconnected global economy.”

    The Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, of course a Zionist, Jeffrey Feltman, highlighted Jewish Finance Capital’s plan for “democracy” in Syria — (READ: The “humanitarian” BOMBING of Syrian civilians) — in his recent testimony before the Zionist-led Senate Committee on Foreign Relations said “Bashar al-Assad is destroying Syria and destabilizing the region. An orderly democratic transition that removes Assad from power and restores stability is clearly in the United States’ interests. It will support our goals of promoting democracy and human rights.”

    It’s the same old LIE: The Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist West is framing the conflict in Syria as one between the “lovers of democracy” led by the Free Syrian Army and a murderous tyrant…so very, very far from the facts on the ground as Russia and the Syrian government have been contesting all along.

    This has been verified by the Observer Mission recently sent to Syria by the Arab League which stated in paragraph 75 of its suppressed Report “There have been incidents that include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups,”.

    While the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Master Plan for a Greater Israel extending from Tel Aviv to Tehran – from the Nile to the Euphrates – by fragmenting Israel’s bordering nations into competing militias and warlords, Vladimir Putin remains firm and uncompromising.

    You can hear it all the way from Moscow to Tel Aviv:

    A clear and resounding “Nyet” flaming forth from Vladimir Putin, the world’s foremost and only defender against Zionism’s warmongering, world-destroying, ugly designs!

  8. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    China and Russia know where the USA is headed in its relations towards them. USA will never voluntarily give up the delusion about itself as “master of the universe”.
    Obama already is about to pick Susan Rice (US Ambassador to UN) to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of the State. if Hillary Clinton was a “war hawk” — then Susan Rice is much more so …
    George Bush “merely” opened the current and foreseeable US “war on the planet forever” — Torture, renditions, spying, militarism galore, Obama expands them
    Susan Rice notoriously known for “undiplomatically” “reprimanding” Russia and China months ago for Refusing to join in the “regime change” in Syria calling Russia and China “evil” for doing so while she was glaring in her own inability to hide her fury in the UN because “BLOOD LUST” of her and her Zionist puppets’ in Washington can’t get “support” from Russia or China.
    Obama has already repeatedly signaled to China and Russia – THEY are to be OBEDIENT to the USA or else”.
    In spite of the fact – unknown or unacknowledged perhaps to most of the US citizens, including their leaders — that the MOST IMPORTANT leadership “changes” or “continuities” in the past 2 years – are those in RUSSIA bringing back Vladimir Putin — and CHINA with its new and highly competent “seven-member” politburo ruling council.
    China’s communist party decides its selections — the fact remains that members of the politburo ruling council are the result of decades of “tests” from their original grass-roots level positions to “provincial regions” posts — to repeatedly prove they handled their assignments properly — in economics, social science, public administration, law, etc. In short — HIGHLY competent members of the politburo ruling council — next to whom — the leaders of the USA are cartoon characters by comparison. Members of politburo ruling council will NOT be intimidated by the USA …not by a long shot.

  9. Nimal Says:

    Nalliah! You are amazing with your knowledge.Now I know why Putin got that Khodorkovsky in Prison.You give an insight to the major problems of the world.
    I think Russia will be forced to step in to Middle East and sort that nagging problems once and for all.I think US is under obligation to that group you mentioned.I met a strong Christian fundamentalist from US,perhaps typical of these people there.He strongly believes that according to the bible gentiles must comeback to Middle East at the end of times.he firmly believes that the others have no place in that place.I was saddened by what he said as I am a Christian too.He seems to be to the right of the politics and hates Obama.Obama is is the better of the two.
    I am not surprised that some believe that they could control and occupy lands from Egypt to Tehran.Some times a religion can be a obstacle to people to live in peace.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    “[TamilNet, Friday, 16 November 2012, 09:33 GMT]

    The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) began on Wednesday a heavy bombardment of the Gaza strip with a targeted airstrike, killing Hamas military commander Ahmad al-Jabari and a passenger in his vehicle. The IDF cited his involvement in the hostage-taking of Gilad Shalit, an episode in the 2006 war on Lebanon, as its justification. Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Cloud” signals the largest escalation in the conflict since 2008-9 Gaza invasions. “This name invokes the Hebrew nation’s biblical pre-history – much as Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism conjures the Mahavamsa as an ideological tool in it’s very modern state military strategy,” comments Lorenzo Fiorito, an activist working with solidarity groups in Canada.”

    What a strange comparison is that!

    (Similar first names but not me.)

    “The Yeshiva World News blog reports, however, that Minister of Public Security Yitzchak Aharonovich stated Gazan rocket fire following the assassination was within the expected range of response.”

    Defence Minister of Israel is a Russian decedent!!

    Russia’s first deputy prime minister Boris Efimovich Nemtsov was half Jewish.

    Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov is a Jewish Russian. He was Prime Minister of Russia from March 2004 to September 2007. Under Putin, Fradkov is the head of Russia’s powerful Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Russian plan for Arabs is the SAME as US plans. Only the approach is different.

    Arabs financing Chechnyan Islamic terrorists, Russia sees the enemy from friend. However, OIL and STRATEGIC POSITIONING in middle east brings Russia into their matters.

    Ultimately Russian funded Islamics will be pit against US funded Islamics in a never ending killing race.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    After an Israeli attack on Palestinian Muslims that killed 120 of them, Muslims have started to kill each other!!!

    No need for Israel to waste its air force to do it.

    “GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Masked gunmen publicly shot dead six suspected collaborators with Israel at a large Gaza City intersection Tuesday, witnesses said. An Associated Press reporter saw a mob surrounding five of the bloodied corpses shortly after the killing.

    Some in the crowd stomped and spit on the bodies. A sixth corpse was tied to a motorcycle and dragged through the streets as people screamed, “Spy! Spy!””

    Self destruction like TMVP against LTTE.

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