UN Failed in Sri Lanka , Yes it did !
Posted on November 18th, 2012

An opinion by Sanjaya Arachchige

 The mechanism that UN has put in place to “leak” information that is intended to be leaked is admirable.  The second report that it leaked about Sri Lanka few days ago has served its purpose like the first one. Since the report has been  officially released, it is appropriate for us- ordinary Sri Lankans to express our views on the UN’s “Failure” and its “Leaking” strategy regarding  Sri Lanka.

Ever since this “LEAK”, the Western media has been firing volleys of news alerts, using this piece of information as their latest propaganda weapon against our country. It has reinvigorated the misinformation campaign against Sri Lanka orchestrated by Amnesty, HRW and Crisis group along with their Tamil Tiger backers in the Western world. Yet, none of these intended outcomes of the “Leak” seems sufficient to cover up the UN’s “grave failure” in Sri Lanka. The true “system breakdown” as the UN chief calls it, is clear even in usually distorted news reports on the BBC on this issue.

Since the UN in its report categorically refers the “failure” to the final stage of the conflict, we can assume that UN had been successful in Sri Lanka for the rest of the 26 years that the conflict sustained. On that point, anyone familiar with Sri Lanka would agree that Sri Lanka had been a remarkably successful story not only for the UN but also for the Amnesty and other Human Rights worthies now critical of Sri Lanka. In fact, we never heard of such leaking reports from UN during that period when terrorism walked freely in our country.

Sri Lanka was the home to the Asia’s longest running internal war is a fact known to many. However, few know what compelled Sri Lanka to live with it for 26 years. That is where this success story matters.

The story begins with the notorious anti- Tamil riots in 1983 that no one cared to demand “independent investigations” of any sort to find out the culprits. In a matter of years, a gang of cutthroats became the deadliest terrorist outfit known to the humankind. The outfit’s contributions to the domain of terrorism include; invention of suicide terrorism, horrendous orgies of violence called “village massacres” to be used for ethnic cleansing, disgraceful “Baby Brigade” of child soldiers to lead the attack fronts and above all, the sophisticated propaganda mechanism that works hand in hand with certain organizations profit from human sufferings.

Therefore, the UN is not without souvenirs to prove its effectiveness during its successful years in Sri Lanka. It has ample bomb blasts killing civilians, village massacres, suicide blasts, assassinations and yearly major terror  attack at country’s economic nerve centers “”…” perhaps , sufficient enough to leak another report on “past success” in future . During this time, the UN had been extremely successful in issuing elegantly drafted messages of its “concerns” and frequent “urges” for “both parties” to settle the matters peacefully.

The true success perhaps lies in something else. That is in making it impossible for the successive governments of Sri Lanka to sustain any meaningful campaign to fight terrorism. The conflict not only bled Sri Lanka but also kept the region unstable for about 26 years. When one understands the value of the success then it becomes clear why the UN laments so much on its failure.

Now let’s look at the possible damage that the UN’s failure has caused. No lives are lost in Sri Lanka due to terrorism .  The country is rapidly developing and becoming increasingly stable. The very stability has become a headache for the UN’s masters as it has attracted investors from the emerging world superpowers like China, India and Russia.  The country has not only become a model for hapless nations fighting terrorism but also become the pillar of regional stability.  The war that was so vital to keep the pivotal region unstable to check the ongoing change in the world order has been lost! The losses incurred by Human Rights worthies who made fortunes out of this war should be added to the damage.

Finally, let us envisage the situation had the UN been still successful in Sri Lanka today. There would be  one more bleeding country like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. and one less middle-income country in the world .  Sri Lanka would have retained its prominent position in the UN’s list of shame for child soldiers. Tamil Tiger would have retained its title as the deadliest and richest terrorist organization with its own Navy and Air Force. The region would have remained unstable with no headache from China and India gaining control over the resources. There would be sufficient human sufferings for the western media and human rights worthies to cash in.

Thus , the  UN did have a complete system breakdown that led to a grave failure in Sri Lanka as the report suggests. This is true if the organization has been tasked to ensure continued conflicts and turmoil in the third world countries. In that case, the report should have recognized the efforts of Ms. Navi Pillay and Mr. Vijay Nambiar to rescue the terrorist outfit even at the last moment of the battle.

However, the world has no right to fuss too much over the UN’s lackluster performance in Sri Lanka. The organization has been exceedingly successful with Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Palestine.

Maybe for the UN, what has happened has happened with Sri Lanka  . If there is anything left to do, that is to prevent Sri Lanka from achieving lasting peace.  As long as there is no proper reconciliation, there is always the opportunity to reignite the flames of destruction. Perhaps these leaking reports, the war crimes ballyhoo, and anti-Sri Lankan propaganda would achieve their purpose eventually.

 Perhaps they wouldn’t if our nation stands resolute for peace and stability.  

4 Responses to “UN Failed in Sri Lanka , Yes it did !”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    UN was never involved in defusing the conflict in the first place. UN did nothing to stop suicide bombings, child soldiers, assassinating elected leaders, etc. They were simply uninterested in Sri Lanka as UN top notch members thought it best to allow LTTE to continue as “de facto” rulers of Vanni. However, the situation quickly changed. UN attempted to have a field office in war zone which was an attempt not to intervene humanely but to disrupt the military operation.

    UN can show its genuineness by preventing the large scale war in Israel and Palestine.

  2. LankaLover Says:

    Thank you and Bravo! You have nailed it. There aren’t such article in the web like this, because the LTTE lobby has hijacked the world media.

    This article, brilliantly exposes the nakedness of the UN, and its hypocritical stance on Sri Lanka.

    The UN has unfortunately being hijacked by few rich countries, and the highest officials of the UN have gone to the lowest level of self-prostitution to please their masters. What we see is the tip of the iceberg, which indicates the collapse of the UN system as a whole.

    The consecutive heads of the UN are very much responsible for this collapse, and being spineless and biased towards few rich countries have led those countries to drive them wherever they pleased.

    The sheer ineffectiveness of the UN leaders is shown from every angle of his conduct from letting millions of people being killed many parts of the world to achieve ‘resource objectives’ of few rich countries, but vigorously trying to persecute a tiny island call Sri Lana for eliminating terrorism from the country giving 20m of her people the right of life.

    The UN HRC Office is headed by the LTTE Sympathizer Navi Pillai who has open heartedly welcomed, nurtured, and made resident hundreds of LTTE lobbyists, front-runners, and their agents and made her office a place of LTTE orgies. Her office stinks from far distance, because she has a blind-eye like a bat from the massive grave human rights violations made by her masters – the few very rich countries, but she is utlising 99% of the energy of her office to persecute Sri Lanka for rescuing the country from the brutal LTTE terrorists. She is uttering bogus Human Right lines in cohort with her LTTE friends.

    Bottom-line is that UN is a broken organisation. If this trend continues, you will have to collect the pieces left behind by these people who prostitute their soles for personal benefits forgetting the supreme responsibilities of this global organisation.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Sanjaya! Thank you for your yeoman effort !


    The UN FAILED Sri Lanka during 30 YEARS of UNREMITTING TERRORISM by preaching sanctimoniously from the sidelines in favor of murderers seeking to dismember Sri Lanka, while its defenceless people died by the tens of thousands.

    The UN did all it could to prevent Sri Lanka from defending itself, and its people. The UN watched while Sri Lankan citizens were sliced and diced, ethnically cleansed, blown to bits, and converted to canon fodder by terrorists. The LTTE played upon the balleyhooed principles of the United Nations like a Nero playing upon his harp while Rome burned in the fires he himself had set.

    Now that the People of Sri Lanka have rallied behind an ABLE & PATRIOTIC Government committed to defending and protecting their lives and reunifying their sovereign nation, the United Nations comes forth to again SANCTIMONIOUSLY PREACH “Human Rights and Democracy” that it failed to uphold against foreign inspired and supported terrorists for 30 long years.

    The United Nations is a BLIND PUPPET in a macabre puppet show orchestrated by self serving Western Nations plying their Global Agenda. Hundreds of Thousands of people are killed all over the world by these self-appointed MYOPIC BUNGLING defenders of democracy with impunity. NO ONE holds them accountable for their GLOBAL CRIMES!

    The UN is nothing more than a FIG LEAF designed to confuse the people of the world and hide the NAKEDNESS of the PUPPETEERS orchestrating its macabre dance!

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some points to note :

    (1) The UN was created to stop a third World War.

    (2) The present Head of the UNHRC, Ms Navi Pillai, who heads the Human Rights factor in Sri Lanka, said that she is committed to ending “Institutionalised Discrimination” (ID). There is no ID in Sri Lanka. The Tamil problem is Caste based Institutionalised Discrimination and resultant poverty. ID for Tamil people begins in Tamil Nadu. The focus should be on TN.

    (3) The UN ought to help out in Tamil Nadu. One major help the UN can give is to donate a modern sanitary system to TN. There are some 95,000 ‘night soil carriers’ (caste related employment) still employed by the state of Tamil Nadu.

    (4) The UN can help further by helping TN leaders create a ‘Caste Free Zone’ within Tamil Nadu itself. This will help stop terrorism within the region itself, as other states in India can follow suite, thus working toward achieving of the UN objective of stopping WW III. After all, Caste is a man made system created to govern ancient society in India, and is now defunct and should be gently removed with harm to none.

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