Fonseka, Chief Justice and Hulftsdorp ‘Sharks’
Posted on November 22nd, 2012


There was a time when the UNP, JVP, TNA and the anti-govt forces were going after Sarath Fonseka. They knew him to be very ambitious  and used him to run for the President. The support given by them was his disaster. After the elections they dropped him like a hot brick. A couple of weeks ago Arjuna and Alles as well resigned from his political party. Fonseka’s rally on the 18th was a failure. Now he has become a solitary reaper.
Today, the same forces who went after Fonseka are going behind the Chief Justice, who had been accused of ‘malpractices and misconduct’. Her husband is implicated in an alleged 350 million rupee deal in the stock market. On 13th May 2012, Harsha de Silva, Economist of the UNP said, ”Not only the Chairman husband, the Chief Justice wife must also resign”. Now the UNP says, they are ‘innocent’.
The charges against the CJ as well are serious. Further, the CJ presides over the promotions of  magistrates. This may have an impact on the magistrate who is hearing the corruption cases against the CJ’s husband. With regard to the impeachment move of the CJ, now the ‘sharks’ of Hulftsdorp have joined the Colombians. These ‘sharks’ who squeeze every cent from the poor when they go for a case have come to the forefront saying ‘independence of the jury’ and ‘save the country’. Only time will tell whether Shiranie Bandaranayake will have the same fate as Sarath Fonseka !
It is not right for those at the top to get involved in malpractices, corruption etc and get away.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Hulftsdorp ‘Sharks’! How appropriate!

    When one shark is caught, all other sharks come to tear the net and rescue it.

    But if they can’t get the netted shark saved, they dump it.

    According to Kithsiri and Charles, Hon Jeyantha Liyanage had approached many lawyers to get talk for his case against TNA. ALL of them have refused to help him because he is not rich. So he talks his case himself!!

    If you give money Hulftsdorp ‘Sharks’ will save you no matter what you have done.

    Some apparent nationalists here have also shown their shark teeth!!! CROOOK!

    Call a spade a spade. Life will be less complex.

    Tomorrow is the day sharks meet their fisherman!! Shark soup. Yum!

  2. douglas Says:

    “It is not right for those at the top to get involved in malpractices, corruption etc. and get away”

    Bravo – This is what is necessary at the present time. Let us get those involved in running the State Ventures and losing “Billions & Billions” of Rupees annually into task. Give the COPE of the Parliament “Legal Status” to chase behaind these culprits and put them behind bars for mismanagement and corruption. To quote an example – Mihin Air lost Rs.3 Billions before it was amalgamated with the National Carrier. And what is the financial standings of Sri Lankan Air? Please read the COPE report and you will be stunned to see what is going on in our country as far as the management and the administration of the Public Ventures are concerned. But those SHARKS who manage these units belonging to the Public carry on regardless and continue to “gobble” billions and enjoy luxury never dreamt of.

    So don’t allow them to – “GET AWAY”.

  3. mjaya Says:

    “Hulftsdorp sharks” thats a good one.

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