The Clergy and the people wants CJ to step down
Posted on December 6th, 2012


On Wednesday 5th, the All Island Clergy Organisation had requested Chief Justice Shiranie B to refrain from performing her official duties until the 14 charges against her are probed. Then there were massive demonstrations by the people in front of the Supreme Court premises asking her to resign from the high office she occupies. Thus public opinion is gathering momentum asking her to step down, which is not surprising.

On Monday, she had summoned the Judges and Magistrates in the country for a meeting and after the meeting a statement had been issued on the current crisis. However, now it had come to light that the statement was from the confidantes of the CJ who stayed behind after the meeting. The Majority had left after the meeting.

The CJ had asked for an independent body of eminent persons to sit on judgement over her case. The impeachment practice had been in force since 1966 and Chief Justice Sansoni was the first to face an impeachment move. At the time, Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake
was going overseas on official business and CJ Sansoni had gone to see him off at the airport. The charge being that as there was a bye-election case against Dudley the CJ should not have visited him.

The other 2 cases which were against Chief Justices Neville Samarakoon and Sarath Silva as well were minor.Thus compared to her 3 predecessors, CJ Shiranie B has 14 serious charges against her, which should be probed. So why should the incumbent Chief Justice be given special treatment ?

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  1. stanley perera Says:

    My dear Sam,
    Your comments about Shirani B looks like you are a paid assasin. When compared with Sarath Silva Shirani B is an angel. The timining of the impeachment is wrong wrong. It shows that the government’s vendetta against the CJ. Anura Yapa is not fit to be the chairman of the PSC. The man is straight as the screw. Kotalawala’s palatial bungalow transfer to Yapa’s name without a penny paid to Kotalawala behind the back of MR. Anura Yapa may be a village lawyer like MR. No politician is fit enough to conduct an inquiry into aligations against corruption. Let alone the CJ. One must of very high integrity and moral values to sit in an inquiry. The jokers are becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the International Community and the people of the substance in the community.

  2. douglas Says:

    Dear Stanley – Your statement ” Kotalawala’s palatial bungalow transfer to Yapa’s name without a penny paid to Kotalawala behind the back of MR”.

    What is the proof you have? If so give details. We readers must be properly presented with facts as otherwise, you don’t do justice to enable us to come to better understanding of the matter under discussion.

    So please respond.

  3. Raj Says:

    Stanley P has been bought out by the tiger diaspora it looks like.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    I have nothing to do with Tigers. I never supported the terrorism either. Iam not anti Tamil either. It was revealed by the man who brokered the deal in complete secrecy not allowing MR to know about it. The deal took place when Kothalawala disposed of his personal assets. Kothalawal summoed thousands of his Seylan Bank staff to Colombo to campaign against MR. MR became furious. That is why Yapa did the deal in complete secrecy. Now a team lawyers are filing corruption charges agaist Yapa.

  5. Naram Says:

    Surely Mr Stanley Perera would agree that if Mrs Shirani wants to keep her dignity, best course of action would be for her to resign. THere are many eminent persons in high places both in Sri Lanka and other countries who have done so in the face of such overwhelming evidence.

    Her judgment on Divineguma when so many Central goverment directed efforts are functioning over the years clearly defies common sense and makes one wonder whether that was a demand for a ransom to get her husband out of the hole for which he is clearly guilty.

    Neither the Public nor the legislature can trust that she is a fit person to dispense justice.

    Once resigned she becomes free like fomer Commander Fonseka. She can publish the details of her bank accounts / her husband’s dealings in the course his employment that led to his fall in the media if there is a strong case and she may win the right to contest as a candidate in a future election.

    Let us not forget that it was the opposition that called for the resignation in the first place.

  6. douglas Says:

    Stanley – Thank you. At least you have given me some insight into this deal. I know for sure that this Yapa is in hot waters and it will come to light in the not so distant future. Probably, I suspect (my personal opeinion) they are all in for trouble and the mighty hurry to get rid of the composition of the Supreme Court is a well thought out plan and in that process quite a lot of mistakes are done which in turn has exposed all the culprits.

    Let us be patient and watch the drama.

  7. stanley perera Says:

    There is not a single politician in the parliament to-day who is capable of casting the first stone at Shirani B. I expressed my opinion without any political affiliation. The ignorant and corrupt rascalls must first lean to respect a lady. Childish and ignorant behaviour of the ignorant and uneducated tree climbers cannot be approved in this civilised society. Yapa being the chairman of the PSC and a village lawyer is fully responsible of the disgusting behaviour of his members of the PSC. Although I have been very critical of Sampanthan and TNA, on this occation I respect his move in walking out of the PSC. If Sampanthan moves on to the democratic path instead of going after Americans and Indians at the drop of a hat my support is with you if you declare yourself a Sri Lankan and give up yourself rule in the north.

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