Others removed uniforms and did politics – CJ playing politics while in office
Posted on December 13th, 2012

The Daily News

The President and several PSC members said yesterday at the Editors’ breakfast meeting, that the Chief Justice is playing a political role with the backing of several Non Governmental Organizations and political parties, that was totally unbecoming of her position.

PSC members said the people cannot expect impartiality and justice from her as she is dancing to the tune of NGOs and political parties. They said walking out of the PSC investigating process was contempt of the Legislature, and her disdainful act of spurning PSC in violation of the constitution and her actions after the impeachment motion was moved, was more than enough to impeach her again.

They said Bandaranayake has begun close fraternal relations with politicians and members of NGO mafia who have either been accused, or convicted by a Supreme Court Bench presided by her. They pointed out that the post of Chief Justice is totally independent and her relations with the persons who were either accused or convicted by the superior court which she heads, is a violation of the expectation of judicial independence.

The President said NGOs were behind this entire subversive campaign, and it was obvious. The President said J C Weliamuna, lawyers and NGO kingpin has already reserved 200 rooms in city hotels to provide accommodation for his confidantes, who would be engaged in subverting the government through the impeachment issue, and he was doing this as he could not stop the war, which he valiantly tried to do until the LTTE was defeated.

The President said some other prominent persons holding top posts came to him, and said that they were embarking on a political role. They removed their uniforms and started politics as civilians, and that credit had to be given to them “”…” but the Chief Justice was playing politics while still in office.

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