US Heroes Sharing the Loot (Kosovo)
Posted on December 15th, 2012


We all believed that mass scale robbery by govt leaders occurred only in the Third World especially in small countries. Read on about what the land of the free and land of living by proper Laws do.

That Crush at Kosovo’s Business Door? The Return of U.S. Heroes

Akos Stiller

American flags streamed recently above the main street of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital. One of the world’s newest countries, Kosovo separated from Serbia, with the support of the United States.


PRISTINA, Kosovo “”‚ Prime Minister Hashim Thaci is in a bind. His country’s largest and most lucrative enterprise, the state telecommunications company, is up for sale. The jostling among buyers is intense. Narrowing the bidders has hardly helped.

One bid is from a fund founded by former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright. Lobbying for another was James W. Pardew, the Clinton-era special envoy to the Balkans. Both former diplomats are among the Americans who hold the status of heroes here for their roles in the 1999 intervention that separated Kosovo from Serbia and created one of the world’s newest states.

In a meeting with Mr. Pardew in October, the prime minister explained his “difficult position” in having to choose between the buyers, according to a memo leaked to the newspaper Zeri, “because whichever of the two bidders behind them wins, he will be seen by 2 million people to have betrayed the other one.”

KOSOVO’S “MAFIA STATE”: From Madeleine to Hillary: The US Secretary of State’s “Love Affair” with the KLA

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a meeting in Washington with former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Commander and “Prime Minister” of Kosovo Hashim Thaci made a firm commitment to assist the Kosovo government in becoming a full member of the European Union and NATO:

“I believe strongly in Kosovo’s independence and territorial integrity and in its aspiration to become a full partner in the international community and a member of the European Union, and eventually, NATO,”

“The United States will continue to support Kosovo and work with the European Union to resolve the outstanding issues that exist between Kosovo and Serbia,”

“Thaci’s visit to the United States “comes amid increased tensions between Pristina and Belgrade over Serbia’s intention to hold municipal elections in the breakaway region on May 6. Clinton said she was “encouraged” with Kosovo’s progress in European integration and economic development.”

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  1. Muhandiram Says:

    It’s a big lesson to us,if we cant intergrate the minority community.we too will face the same fate.instead three prposing provinces,end up with four new nations.please dont spread violence,racism etc. among our communities.

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