No Commonwealth country has adopted Latimer House principles – C A Chandraprema
Posted on December 21st, 2012

Chaminda Perera Courtesy The  Daily News

No Commonwealth country has adopted the Latimer House principles on judges as they are. Britain has also adopted these principles as applicable only to North Ireland, a British Colony, said journalist C A Chandraprema.

He said Britain has not adopted these rules though certain segments say that the country is bound to adhere to the Latimer House principles. He was of the view that any country will be in jeopardy if it tries to adopt the Latimer House principles as they are.

Speaking at a seminar organised by the People’s Campaign for Justice at the Sri Lanka Foundation, he said Sri Lanka is an independent and sovereign state governed by a Constitution adopted in 1978.

He said the Constitution has clearly outlined the procedure to be followed to investigate the charges against Supreme Court judges, including the Chief justice and executive.

Chandraprema added that that the Sri Lanka’s constitution clearly outlines that charges against the Chief Justice be investigated by the Parliamentary Select Committee.

He said Supreme Court judges in the US can be impeached under its Constitution though appointment to the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment. He said the US Constituion states “The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts shall hold their office during good Behaviour”

He said high officials in the judiciary of the US can be removed on impeachment for treason, bribery, high crime , conviction and misdemeanour.

Chandraprema noted that the Royal Charter of Justice by King George II was replaced by the Republican Constitution in 1972.

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