“JUSTICE BOTCHED”; PRAY FOR GK DEPOSITORS-CJ had personal stake- Govt, only solace
Posted on December 25th, 2012


Pray that justice is meted out to Golden Key depositors whose families are suffering as a result of justice gone astray, Golden Key depositors said yesterday, appealing to the Christian community on Christmas day.

Legal Academic, former special adviser to late President J R Jayewardene and consultant to European companies on international law, Asala Senanayaka said yesterday the prolonged suffering of Golden Key depositors is the result of their being victims of “ƒ”¹…”an international financial fraud that had a flawed job of litigation to finish things off.’

Senanayaka said Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayaka pushed the case in favour of Golden Key (GK) directors after she took over the GK case, because “ƒ”¹…”she had her stakes in the scam.’

“It became outrageously evident perusing her impeachment charges that she had had transactions with the respondents in the GK case,

including purchasing of a house from the Trillium Residencies of Ceylinco,” he said. He said no justice was meted out to Golden Key depositors under the office Chief Justice Dr Bandaranayaka, and that is why they seek a solution to their problems from the government.

Senanayaka said: “It is only a obligation of the governance for the government to take the Golden Key depositors’ problem under its wing, because they have suffered immensely without any justice being meted out in their fundamental right case before the Court for over three and half years.”

“Golden Key depositors have been compelled to place their faith in government because they have have been vexed over the confidence they have placed with the Judiciary after having a hard time with Chief Justice Dr Bandaranayaka,” he said.

Two member of the G K Depositors Association committed suicide because they were under immense stress due to the situation. This would not have happened if the case was handled impartially, he pointed out. Golden Key depositors said they are happy that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has paid attention to the G K depositors’ problem.

Senanayaka said: ” I think , political will is necessary to resolve this issue.”

The government can take control of Golden Key and affiliated companies of the Ceylinco Group to pay the money to depositors with a repayment arrangement. They can do this under the Monetary Fund Act, he added.

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