Now it is Gomin Dayasiri in the fray with his “ Devalued Dignitaries”.
Posted on December 26th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

Gomin Dayasiri recites another praise poem, ” Devalued Dignitaries”,  different from that of the other supposed to be leading Lawyer S.L.Gunasekara.  Gomin is devastated by the fall of his dignitaries.  He cannot avoid taking the trodden path of mentioning JR quoting what he can do  with the powers as the first executive President of Sri Lanka.  What a poor attempt Gomin to compare JR to the “Present Incumbent” who you say “..meekly tried to shunt the impeachment on an Opposition plea and pleads for an independent panel to seek advice on a conclusion foregone..”  What a fake you are with your convoluted writing to express your opinion  as if it  is  a fact. 

The President Mahinda Rajapakse was not meek in speaking about  the appointment of a panel when the incorrigible Hultsdorf black coats with their palms perhaps “well palmed” by invisible  Santa Clauses coming from the west  dressed as NGOs  continued  their mad fiasco breaking coconuts, shouting slogans and going on manifestation,  without taking a moment to read  the Charges against the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka to ask themselves whether there is after all some truth in the charges and  whether or not even a judge  may  not resist  falling  for a few million dollars? 

If the Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayaka had nothing to hide, being a lawyer she could have  appeared before the PSC on her own to face the charges against her.  In this particular case she had taken a retinue of lawyers, who could not even read through the documents to find a valuable argument to show that she is not guilty of the Charges. 

There was something  exceedingly “fishy”  in her walking  away from the PSC Session with out making a statement  to clear her of the charges against her.  She is not a “Goddess” sent from another  planet to think that it was beneath her “dignity” to appear before  a PSC composed of Members of Parliament to plead her innocence against the Charges on the Impeachment Motion.  It may be  that there was no dignity to be devalued in the ungainly conduct  of the ” dignitaries”   Gomin Dayasiri is bemoaning.    Gomin Dayasiri may have an axe to grind  when he portrays the President: “Looking sheepishly slippery instead of being majestically regal, a baffled President gives a bewildering impression: could be a ploy to quell opposition than to swap positions. A good case badly presented.”

When the President proposed the appointment of an Independent Panel  it was to quell  the unseemly  conduct of the Hultsdorf Black Coats  making asses of themselves acting as if they had never heard of an Impeachment Motion. The Presidents had to  consider offshoots of the attempts of the Black  coats  becoming pawns in the hands of the self centred politicians  preparing to discredit the government and invite the foreign interferers to intervene with a view to further destabilise Sri Lanka  with more anti-Sri Lanka Resolutions at the next UNHRC in Geneva.

Talking of dignitaries;  it is strange that it is  they who are  all out to discredit Sri Lanka and sell Sri Lanka, saved by a determined Patriotic leader, to the anti Sri Lanka foreign regime changers working along with the pro-terrorist Tamil   diaspora.  It was first the University Professors who went on a  strike for three months, well paid for their efforts by these self same invisible Santa Clauses.  Bala Tampoe  also made a donation of  Rs. 500,000.  Where did he get that money from ?   Now it is the dignitaries of Hultsdorf, braying from every corner hoisting perhaps a “fraudulent” Chief Justice, without knowing whether she is or is not guilty of the charges against her.

Gomin Dayasiri does not seem to question the comportment of the Chief Justice vis ƒÆ’†’  vis the   PSC, from the beginning of the Inquiry into the Impeachment Motion by the PSC. more occupied being critical of the President.

Gomin Dayasiri strangely follow the manifesting Hulftdorf black coats in  stating , ” A rush to reach judgment erased the notion of a fair trial and impacted the value addition to Supremacy of Parliament. Justice- delayed or hurried- is justice damned. Lack of due process could originate multiple attacks across seas. With cryptic comments on NGOs, who are acting foot loose looking for a regime change? “

They are flippant about  a rush to go through the inquiry into the charges in the  Impeachment Motion.  Sri Lanka cannot possibly give up  its own Sovereign democratic rights  for “fear” of  “multiple attacks across seas.”

But an Impeachment Motion against a Chief Justice cannot be continued for a long period of time as the Chief Justice charged  under an Impeachment Motion  is not “interdicted” (unless behaving with dignity she steps down on her own), and the Impeachment procedure cannot therefore be dragged on while the Chief Justice continues to hear cases.  The PSC had however given her extended time to prepare her case.

If the charges in the Impeachment Motion were frivolous she could have waded through the documents and submitted her defence in a short time.  But it was not the case,  she preferred to flee the PSC like a vulgar criminal evading prosecution.

It is unbelievable the extent to which Gomin goes to ridicule the President in his sarcastic demonstration  of convoluted writing:

 “Present incumbent meekly tried to shunt the impeachment on an Opposition plea and pleads for an independent panel to seek advice on a conclusion foregone. Looking sheepishly slippery instead of being majestically regal, a baffled President gives a bewildering impression: could be a ploy to quell opposition than to swap positions. A good case badly presented.”

Or, “Is there apprehension, an irked Supreme Court may fix him with the blessings of the Election Commissioner on the eve of an election “”…” 17th Amendment worked anti-clockwise?  That’s a tricky doosra.” or again  “Overpowering Presidency is stricken by parliamentary antics. Who is the conductor twirling the baton in this orchestrated political symphony engaged in a command performance?”

But Gomin says, ” If sovereignty is with the People after the parliamentary debate on impeachment, President should refer it to the People to decide the issue at a Referendum. A process to expensive, eh! Otherwise who did what where and why”¦it goes on endlessly. Finality is needed to end this fiasco.”

Does the Article 107 speak about a referendum  Mr. Leading Lawyer ? The articles calls for  an inquiry by the PSC and then a debate on the report  of the PSC in the Parliament, the result of which would be submitted to the President.   He-the President,  may go along with the decision of the Parliament or take his own independent decision, for which a report by an Independent Panel may help him as the issue had caused such a brouhaha amoung the Hultsdorf Black Coats and the foreign interfering elements who knows nothing about the  “issue in question” but  vociferous hearing about it from a third or fourth party.

It is only in Article 120 read along with Article 83 the Constitution mentions  a referendum. Not in Artcle 107.

” Furrowed eyebrows will be raised- if judges are seen in huddle frequently with lawyers. A suspicion of bias arises when such black coats appear in court before them or enlist their causes for adjudication? Judges must never be excessively obliged to lawyers since it unconsciously disturbs the appearance of judicial equilibrium in court. Need of a lawyer for service is irrelevant, if judicial paws are kept clean with detergent. Judges are entitled to be aggrieved parties if injustice is caused.” Says Gomin Dayasiri. 

That is the very reason why it is incorrect for the CJ under impeachment investigation, to carry on as  if nothing had happened, she should have temporarily suspended her legal activities as the CJ until the Impeaching proceeding have come to a final end.  That may have perhaps allowed the President to take a decision more favourable to her.     

Then  from what Gomin Dayasiri says below one wanders whether he  strutters with  his complex satire  seeking  vengeance for having been overlooked by the President for  “political largeness” crowning him as the Chief Justice.

“Those vaulting over the bar through political largeness without being filtered through the judicial process sometimes lack judicial wisdom gained through wide experience. Naturally, they are not toilet-trained from a tender age.”      

Then refering to the impeachment proceedings of   Neville Samarakone, Gomin Dayasiri says ” outstanding lawyer with immense experience vaulted to the prime position of Chief Justice on a political appointment in later life, advised by smart slick legal minds, fought his impeachment battle on his private turf with his lawyers in resplendent quiet dignity. He kept a distance away from his former brotherhood- the legal fraternity “”…” that offered wholesome support. None  faulted him, as he did not choose to play to a gallery. Presumptions were unanimously in his favor because he acquired by conduct- the repute of a respected judge. There was no divided Bar.”

That is a wise piece of advise only if the CJ – Shirani Bandaranayake,  could  follow that pattern.

Gomin Dayasiri says, ”  Though devilishly possessed of sovereignty not even a request can be made for a referendum. No calls are taken on sovereignty on any count. Yet, sovereignty is said to be exclusively with the people:  On paper, yes. Cannot be taken away from the people being “ƒ”¹…”inalienable’. The pocket is bare with nothing to steal? A tasteless constitutional mouthwash gargled down the throats of an unsuspecting nation.”

The Parliament represent the people doesn’t it ?  It is composed of the elected representatives of the people, and they play their role on behalf of the people.   The majority mass of the people are satisfied with the democratic procedures with which they have been ruled for many decades now.  It is only the “educated dignitaries” that do not respect those democratic procedures.”

Any Government, as much as a Society or an Institution needs rules and regulations for it to function.   So does a Government or a Domocracy.   The Constitution of Sri Lanka is our Constitution “”…”the Constitution of the people with  what ever its faults has  been accepted as “the manual”  in the conduct of the affairs of the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. In the procedure for  the Impeachment Motion against the CJ the Constitution has been meticulously followed. 

No one can interpret the Constitution as one wants, nor can it be amended,  make addition or removals by any one  except the  Parliament with the required majority.  The Judiciary cannot assume that which is not explicitly excluded in the Constitution could be interpreted as included.  As the Appellate Court of Sri Lanka had stated that it  has the right to subject to scrutiny the  decision  of the PSC, as ”  neither the   Article 107 of the Constitution nor the Standing Orders  excluded  judicial scrutiny of the decision of a PSC.”

Therefore, why raise objections for the appointment of a PSC to inquire into the Charges in the Impeachment Motion, and the presentation of its report to the Parliament.  It is for the CJ and the Hulftdorf Black Coats and the Leading lawyers to await patiently the debate in the Parliament and the final decision by the President.

Finally Gomin Dayasiri Says, ”  Come clean “”…” sovereignty means sweet nothing- shows a zero decimal. People have no power including the power to prevent dignitaries from losing their dignity”¦a myth that has became a misnomer”

It is for the ” dignitaries ” to make  sovereignty  mean “sweet something”.  If it is these dignitaries that raise their voices to be heard “beyond seas” to make sweet nothing of ” sovereignty”, then it would be   those from beyond seas who will intervene to make nothing of  the existing sovereignty,   which the blind “dignitaries” do not see . 

It is not others that  devalue dignitaries, but it is themselves that devalue their dignities.

6 Responses to “Now it is Gomin Dayasiri in the fray with his “ Devalued Dignitaries”.”

  1. callistus Says:

    Charles, you are absolutely correct. We could notice the change of tone of Gomin’s writing and also last interview that he was falling out with the government, possibly because he was not considered for the CJs post only a few months ago. OR, has the NGO kalliya bought him out. Gomin,you have not answered Kamal’s and other’s questions yet.

  2. mjaya Says:

    Had Gen. Sarath Fonseka simply run for president, he would have still been the hero he was.

    His mistake was going against the country with the “White Flag” slander. That was his unforgivable crime.

    Mr. Gomin, please don’t join him.
    You have every right to criticize the government but should you cross the invisible line between patriot and traitor by helping those against our country, there is no coming back. For all you have done, it is something that I have no liking to see even at the corner of my mind (and any other patriot who appreciates your past work).

    Hope you will see this The very same goes to Mr. S. L. Gunasekara.

  3. Piyadigama Says:

    G.L. Peiris the next prime minister?

    Prime minister D.M. Jayaratna is almost dead. He is in a US hospital for more than 3 months now. His replacement is likely to be G.L. Peiris. Bad choice. Shirani was also his choice.

  4. lingamAndy Says:

    G.L. Peiris – is best choice because he is already dead person anyway so our 10% commission econo-comic Minister can develovp mother lanka in his way !!!

  5. S.A Says:

    Gomin appears to be a changed person. He is now a strong supporter of so-called multilingual solutions and the LLRC recommendation. Once , Maduluwe Sobitha Thera was our hero. Where is he now? Both Gomin and S.L, knowingly or unknowingly, have joined the bandwagon of Maduluwe.

  6. S.A Says:

    Gomin appears to be a changed person. He is now a strong supporter of so-called multilingual solutions and the LLRC recommendation. Once , Maduluwe Sobitha Thera was our hero. Where is he now? Both Gomin and S.L, knowingly or unknowingly, have joined the bandwagon of Maduluwe.

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