The grievances of Sinhalese Buddhists
Posted on January 10th, 2013

Shenali Waduge

 Yes, the Sinhalese Buddhists are concerned. Do they have reason to be? Yet the concerns of Buddhists are never given an unbiased voice in the mainstream media and instead Sinhalese Buddhists are labeled as “racist”, “extremist” and even “militant”. Their version also needs to be heard.

 There is little debate to overrule or challenge the historical place of Sinhalese evident in the population demographics through history. It was the Sinhalese patriots and the Buddhist kings who had protected the nation from enemies (except for Don Juan Dharmapala who betrayed the nation, the Sinhalese and Buddhism) With over 74% Sinhalese “”…” 14.8million people of a total 20million it is unfair to undermine and overrule the place of the Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka. There is little to challenge that freedoms and rights have been enjoyed by Tamils 11% and Muslims 9% and it is because of the rights they enjoy that minorities have been able to openly bring up issues.

 Every person born as citizens of Sri Lanka has to abide by the law of the land which applies to all equally. The Sinhalese Buddhists are concerned because of a new wave of “isms” attempting to dislodge the peace that prevailed historically.

For attempting to ward off these radical elements, to warn the natives of the ultimate outcomes has left Sinhalese being branded as “extremists” and “racists”.

 The question is – on what grounds should a parallel law suddenly emerge to be accepted by all when it is not applicable or relevant to over 90% of the Sri Lankan populace? This clearly conflicts with the legal decisions of the laws relevant to all citizens. No society can function effectively with a parallel quasi-legal system with some people having in practice, diminished legal rights because of their religion

 Sinhalese Buddhists are concerned because Buddhist cultural heritage is being destroyed, Buddhist archeological and historical cultural monuments are being destroyed.

 Sinhalese Buddhists are concerned because the Muslims they were peacefully living with are being radicalized and transformed into adopting a new wave of “exclusivity” evident by the increasing numbers of women in black attire, exclusive Muslims schools springing up.

  • We are concerned because Islam is a system of life combining legal, social, economic, religious, political and military components. Challenging one means all forces of this system are engaged to attack those that challenge.
  • We are concerned because there is an emerging conflict in Islamic laws with country/international laws.
  • We are concerned because there is clear dualism in the law “”…” one rule for Muslims and another for non-believers.
  • We are concerned because the growing number of Sharia Law courts that were never present in Sri Lanka previously. When Muslims had been following the Sri Lankan laws for decades, why should there be a sudden need for a Muslim only law? Why should 9% of the population have a separate law when as citizens of Sri Lanka, Muslims must abide by Sri Lanka’s laws?
  • We are concerned because every freedom stops the moment it inflicts harm on another (be it man or animal)
  • We are concerned about extremist demands like loud speakers which does not constitute a fundamental right “”…” speakers are only an electronic tools, a recent phenomenon.

If Muslims claim to want to live “peacefully” why are they undermining this by requesting for laws, practices and customs which directly cause conflicts amongst other communities who are in the majority when they know that in Muslim majority nation’s non-Muslims have virtually no rights?

When Muslims had been eating food, using cosmetics and taking pharmaceutical products for decades why is there a sudden need for Halal certification and why should 90% of non-Muslims have to comply and indirectly pay for the cost of the certificate?

When according to Islam non-Muslims are classified as non-believers and infidels “”…” what equality are they promoting?

Yet 9% of Muslims cannot deny special privileges in Sri Lanka

  • They are represented in the National Flag
  • All Muslim religious days are declared National Holidays.
  • Muslim national schools “”…” have been misused to start “madrasas” and exclusive Muslim “international schools”
  • It was the Sinhala kings who gave lands to the Muslims in the East during colonial times and now they demand autonomy.
  • Even Muslim owned supermarkets that caters to all communities shut down for prayers on Friday.
  • Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister is a Muslim “”…” and leader of a radical Muslim political party.

What freedoms do Muslims realistically offer to non-Muslims?

  • Can non-Muslims represent himself in a Sharia court? No
  • Muslims can demand freedom of religion in non-Muslim nations “”…” Can non-Muslims demand the same in Muslim nations? No  
  • When Muslims can demand freedom of religion (build mosques, radicalize their attire, use loud speakers, open-air events etc “”…” non-Muslims have no freedom of religion not even to visit Muslim holy areas or carry non-Muslim religious books or relics (no non-Muslim religious item is permitted to enter their country)
  • When Muslims in Sri Lanka have built disproportionate number of Mosques throughout Sri Lanka will Muslim nations allow a single non-Muslim temple, kovil or church to be built?
  • When Muslims have the freedom of expression to call Buddhists “racists” and “extremists” and the Justice Minister himself calling Sri Lanka’s Buddhist monks as “yellow-robed terrorisms” “”…” if Islam is criticized in Saudi the punishment is death by stoning.
  • Is there equality of justice when non-Muslims get only a fraction what a Muslim gets in legal settlements according to Sharia laws “”…” what injustice in a country where non-Muslims are in the majority?
  • When a growing number of Muslim business establishments openly hire only Muslims why do they object to calls to boycott Muslim trading places?
  • Why do Islamic fundamentalists incite violence against Buddhists in East Sri Lanka encroaching upon land given to them by the Sinhalese Kings and demolish Buddhist sites and temples?
  • We question how peaceful Islam is when almost all the major conflicts in the World are Muslim-oriented and end up Muslims killing each other due to sectarian violence far more than the damage the West does with their air warfare.

The aggressive rise in demands for legal “exclusivity” towards Muslims does not advocate any policy of compromise or peaceful coexistence with other communities and is making not only Sri Lankans to ask what Muslims are really upto but the West is also now asking these same questions!

Why is the West also now concerned about Islamic expansionism?

  • If Muslims accuse Israel of influencing politicians, journalists against Muslims what are the Muslims doing with petrodollars in systematically influencing politicians, using international human rights laws to establish Sharia and Islamic extremism in non-Muslim nations in a long-term bid to Islamize them?
  • Why Netherlands is a multicultural mess why are all EU nations now reconsidering the dangers “multiculturalism” has brought to their natural citizens?
  • Why is UK concerned that Sharia laws have subverted British laws with over 1500 under-age forced marriages taking place (Scotland has banned forced marriage). UK already has 100 Sharia courts (the 1st opened in 2008), honor-based violence even killings (over 2800 in 2011), female genital mutilation (over 65,000 cases though it is illegal under 2003 Act but no one has been prosecuted)
  • Why is Briton ending practice of paying multiple social welfare benefits to Muslim immigrants practicing bigamy/polygamy ( a crime in GB but a special right granted to Muslims under Multiculturalism who demand Sharia laws).
  • Why is UK working on a new law to ensure meat slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia law cannot be sold unwitting to public.
  • How did Britain end up having more Muslim imams than Christian pastors?
  • If UK was worried when towns with large Muslim populations (Birmingham, Derby, Bradford, Dewsbury, Leeds, Liverpool, Luton, Leicester, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest) demanded Sharia replace UK’s common law in 2011 “”…” should Sri Lanka not worry?
  • When Tower Hamlets “”…” an East London Muslim enclave has posters “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone : Islamic rules enforced” “”…” where Imams issue death threats to women who refuse to wear Muslim veils “”…” should that not worry Sri Lanka?
  • When UK politicians show Sharia-compliance and when former UK Premier Gordon Brown stated he wanted London to become the Islamic financial capital “”…” should we not worry about what Sri Lanka’s politicians will commit Sri Lanka towards?

It is not Sri Lanka but the West that has come up with 4 phases to Muslim expansionism:

Phase 1: migration to non-Muslim host country, Keeping low profile, request for humanitarian tolerance, no demands on host nation. When Muslim population are 2% they remain peace loving (ex: US, Australia, Canada, Norway, Italy and China “”…” where Muslims follow the One Child Only policy without fuss)

Phase 2: Requests for Muslim representation in all spheres, Request recognition of Sharia law to their community while proselytizing. Openly condemn “radicalism” and organize inter-faith dialogue and events and position Islam as a religion of peace and that Sharia is not a threat by getting uninformed non-Muslim leaders to support. Underground Islamic conversion, indoctrinating Muslim children, calls for hate laws to silence critics, plan to enlarge Muslim populations, assassination of critics (Theo van Gogh murder in Netherlands for insulting Islam). More than 2% of the population means a converting drive (ex: Germany, Denmark, UK, Spain, Thailan)

Phase 3: When Muslim populations reach significant minority they apply “penetration” “”…” lobbying governments, creating radical political parties and candidates, filing lawsuits against “Islamophobia” pressing for special privileges for Muslims in public establishments, request turns to demand for Sharia laws, undermining host government, ridiculing majority host religion and culture, using their economic hold to ransom, even “moderate” Muslims are murdered, restricting Muslim women, holding Government to ransom by bargaining, More than 5% excessive influence “”…” pushing for Islamic laws, Halal etc (ex: Sweden, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago)

Phase 4: Islamic “theocracy” declared. Muslims gain control of a nation, imposes Sharia law, engages in violence with non-Islamic religions, all non-Islamic human rights cancelled, freedom of speech, press, religion cancelled, all non-Muslim culture and symbols destroyed. More than 10% – lawlessness (ex: France)

The website keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks.  

It has become a practice for both Muslims and Tamils to hide their follies and wrongs behind the cry of “ethnic discrimination”, “hate campaigns” to cover up accusations made against them. It has worked well to camouflage their ulterior motives by internationally promoting Sinhalese Buddhist as “extremists” and using the power of money to spread the news via media.

It has been convenient to quote “compassion” of Buddhism and ridicule Buddhists when they attempt to stop Islamic expansionism by bring the truth to the public.  

Whatever theories or excuses that is being propagated for the growing resentment, the Muslims cannot disagree that there is an underground plan as well as an open strategy to exercise Muslim domination over non-Muslim nations “”…”it is the Muslims who need to step back and digest the accusations and decide to peacefully coexist with the other communities while ceasing to demand exclusive status for Muslims.

Many Muslims in Sri Lanka while practicing their religion have not been practicing radical Islam. It is only these people who can claim to be living in peace with all communities of Sri Lanka. The radicals cannot use these Muslims as a camouflage to pretend to be living in peace while carrying out a totally conflicting agenda.

Many Muslims donate blood when it is against their faith to do so, a large number partake liquor and smoking “”…” many of these innocent vices are all taboo when full Sharia comes into effect and Muslims in Sri Lanka may like to ponder how drastically their lives are likely to change and all they need to do is to see how disastrous the lives of Libyans, Iraqi’s, Afghans, a host of Sharia following African nations and now Egyptians are.

Like the West, Sri Lanka is concerned about the growing influence of extremist elements of Islam taking over the moderate Muslims who had been living peacefully in Sri Lanka because “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it” (Recep Erdogan “”…” Turkey PM)

As the author and historian Serge Trifkovic states: “The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.” “”…” we can say the same of Sri Lanka’s politicians.

The Sri Lankan leaders could have nipped the LTTE factor but it didn’t and that led to 30 years of conflict.

If Sri Lanka’s leaders do not address this radicalism that will affect all Sri Lankans including the moderate Muslims we are looking at deeper ramifications for the entire nation and the extinction of an already endangered ethnic group.

16 Responses to “The grievances of Sinhalese Buddhists”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said madam.

    “The website wwwdotthereligionofpeacedotcom keeps track of the number of violent jihad attacks.”

    Spot on.

    I’m trying to get the barbaric Saudi beheading included in the list.

    PLEASE write to them and urge them to do so. Then there is a record of all Islamic violence against SLs.

  2. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    To curtail wahabi propagation like rats the govt must bring in a legislation to limit two kids per family to all communities. Clean up of wahabi settlements around buddhist temples begining with muhudu mahavihara in panama. Promote wahabis to speak sinhala in short make sinhala their mother tounge. Let tamils speak tamil we need to respect that. Close all ties with wahabi saudi arabia. Stop sending lankans for employment in that wahabi land. So long the saudi ungulates lick the bum of the anglo saxon ungulates this world hypocritical politics remain same. The day saudi arabia has its spring cleanup we buddhists in sl wil b much happier lot.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Phases 1- 4 are very scary.
    Saudi Arabia is not the only country ruled by Muslim criminals.
    Criminality of the Islam religion should be removed using Sri Lankan constitutional powers, if Lankan Muslims want to practice the religion.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Barbarians following a barbaric faith, practicing a barbaric law – Sharia, while killing, bombing and killing each other has taken another innocent life. They have violated every norm of civilised behaviour in carrying out this dastardly act of beheading a child. The death would have been a welcome reprieve for this child, who would have died a thousand deaths, while waiting in a Saudi jail without any support from either relative or friend or other fellow muslim. those cry baby, bleeding heart brigades

    World is waiting with abated breadth to hear what actions will be taken by those who pontificate and live on the booty that comes from crying out hypocritically for human rights and democracy. Where are the cry baby – bleeding heart brigades of Hillary Clinton, Navi Pillay and where is Radhika Kumaraswamy? Most importantly are Obama’s tears only reserved for American children or even that mere show!!

    Those who profess this faith and other Abrahmic faiths are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome; they continue to justify their misery and accept all the horrendous punishments that their god has prescribed for them like silent lambs. This is why there was not a whimper from any in the Muslim world to save this innocent child. No wonder even the family of Rizana Naufeek are resorting only to prayers to this blood lusting god without even a protest. It is a sad day for humanity and 70 virgins in heaven for the Saudi King!

  5. HussainFahmy Says:

    Out of Touch with Reality and with Facts of Modern Day Life. The House Of Sauds (Excluding Citizens of Arabia) do not care two Hoots what the rest of the world think of them. One has to know them to know their psyche. They were planted in power by the zionists and their family alliance with zionism is a well documented fact to this day. History and current bahaviour is one of the evidences that supports this view. It is well known fact that their Justice system is Tribal, falsely claiming as Islamic Shariah to hoodwink it’s citizens and the rest of the Islamic world. Comparing The House of Sauds with Sanity is pure insanity. Despots and Dictators are accountable and will face humiliation in time just as the rest of them did in history. Ranting , Raving and Rhetoric is not the solution to the problems Sri Lanka faces. The solution is with building a lasting relationship with all its communities. The 14 Million Buddhist people of Sri Lanka should use the value of 1.9 Billion Muslim population to know them better, tolerate each other and work towards a common objective of peaceful co-existence. Lack of respect is one of the major causes of an entire community going extinct. Communism has failed and dead. Reviving family planning and claiming territorial supremacy is a road to further extinction. By the way there is no such thing as Wahabi or Wahabi Land. There is only Islam and those who adhere to the message of Islam are known as Muslims.

  6. Maghribi Says:

    The writer, should devote his/her talents to unite people. Sri Lankans should know the insignificant position they hold in the world. An undeveloped country has many obstacles to clear. A narrow minded approach and creating enemies are not advisable. The diaspora has no idea of the living standards in their native country. If they had they would not promote disunity. To conceive 2 kids per family must be the Chinese whisper. The hatred must be causing the decline of their Buddhist philosophy.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Creative family control of Muslims should be carried out by the secret services. Mossad has expertise on this. SL to get this expertise and put into practice.

    Unity with Wahabis is DISASTER.

    All right thinking people must select DISUNITY with Wahabis and wipe them out of the face of the earth.

  8. mjaya Says:

    If you sneezes blame it on the Zionists!

    Now thats called Zionophobia, its the same as swinophobia. There are an estimated 1.9 billion people on earth suffering from the swinophobia-zionophobia complex. Symptoms include decreased intelligence and belief in a great imaginary.

  9. mjaya Says:

    “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.” Karl Popper

    We should guard our humane society from these stone age barbarians.

  10. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Friday 8pm news flash ‘the holy ghost gone’

  11. lingamAndy Says:

    The grievances of Sinhalese Buddhists- Tamil finished now time for Muslim !!! you chinhala moddayas ……….

  12. Muhandiram Says:

    To Lorenzo(zionist,Mahesh,Shenali etc).

    Mosad fail to control the spread of Islam in Israel,how could advice ?it’s God will,that Islam is growing and false will vanish.there is non worthy to worship,other than you Creator.if you are a clown,then worship your master,and go to hell.

  13. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Wahabis and andy phallus-which one is the real modaya? tamil Sakkiliya who carries the shit of sinhala modaya on his head or sinhala modaya? Yes we need to cleanup wahabis now begining with wahabis living near buddhist temples begining with muhudu maha vihara in panama wahabis have wahabeela the poison their doctrine teach a dumb allah hulalla mahalla who does the home work of every wahabi where as we buddhists believe we have to do our own home work for salvation without depending on a god. Buddhist countries must form a front to fight wahabeepu wahabees

  14. Ceylonese Says:

    Those who address people as Rats, Barbarians must be the descendants of the sakkili-vinaya cross breed sect. The Wahabis must be feeling pity with the chilly Lankan pathetic officials who go to Wahabi land with a begging bowl. Some of these guys are so cheap they even settle to sell their country for a job prospect to their moda relative. The chinhala Modayas will meet their waterloo in the hands of the wahabeepu wahabees and the Tamils will be their to clean up the moda dying breed chinhala left overs. Await the Resurrection of the holy ghost.

  15. mjaya Says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    The next time at least see if you can get a fax from hell just to be sure!

  16. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Nobody talks about muslim population explosion in Sri Lanka. Please visit the Dept of Census website to see how they double their numbers while Sinhalese and Tamily fighting in the last 30 years. Sri Lankan Army had to save muslims from the LTTE brutality. They paid back by quietly multiplying their numbers. With these increased numbers of course comes MPs, Deputy Ministers, Ministers, Mayors etc.

    This is how they turned Afganisthan, Pakisthan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia from 0% to 100% in a few hundred years. Dirty trick indeed. What a shame there are no Sinhalese in any of those so called main parties. So they let these few muslim MPs to become king makers in SL. Shameful. Future generations of Sinhalese will curse these greedy, corrupt traitors for destroying a great civilisation.

    Sinhalese shouldn’t wait for these traitors to save the nation. There are a lot of things we can do to stop this.
    First let the whole country know about this multiplying business and how they used it in other countries.
    Boycott their shops. Most Sinhalese couples both working and have no means or time to have large families and effectivley making it automatic birth control. They also indrectly help doing the shopping in muslim shops where the shopowners’ wives staying at home giving birth year after year to increase their numbers.

    Sinhalese also should make sure the muslims don’t open more more and muslims only schools. These schools start with few students and within 10/15 years become some of the biggest schools in the country.

    Another trick is starting muslim villages in predominently Sinhalese areas by foreign countries. The aim is to sweel numbers in a short time and spread outwards. Very recently Pakisthan high commissioner opened one in the east. Motive is clear to everyone else, except to our greedy politiicians.

    There is more. Start a new political party (a National Sinhala Alliance) and show these corrupt parties there is an alternative. As soon as people promise their allegience to this new party, these traitors will wake up and listen to the Sinhalese. This is a crucial step forward and will have a resounding success as these traitors get to the Parliament with the help of Sinhalese and do everything possible to undermine their heritage. It’s still not too late to save this ancient civilisation.

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