Bob Rae: Canada Must Hold Sri Lankan Government Accountable
Posted on January 14th, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

13 January 2013

Hon. Bob Rae, PC., OC.,OOnt, QC., MP 
Interim Leader of the Liberal Party 
House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Bob:

This is in reference to your comment “”…” Canada Must Hold Sri Lankan Government Accountable – let’s see whether we can get this right, now that you had taken upon yourself to poke your nose into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs one more time.

Canada Must Hold Sri Lankan Government Accountable, you said.  That is a daunting spurious command for Canada to express, when Canada has so far not shown accountability to the killings of innocent peoples in Sri Lanka and prolonging the Tamil Tiger terrorist  Eelam war which went on for 27 bloody years which could have ended  at least 20 years earlier, if Canada under the governance of your Liberal party did not allow the Tamil Diaspora to stuff  2  million dollars each month in to the Tamil Tiger war chest for 13 Liberal Party governing years to buy sophisticated war weapons to kill.  So Bob, the nasty game of “accountability” you demand from Sri Lanka can be played by two people. I for one, as a Sri Lankan-Canadian will not let you get away that easily.  Stop painting yourself and political-Canada lily-white Bob, because you are not and neither is Canada!

Canada Must Hold Sri Lankan Government Accountable, you said.  That is a daunting spurious command for Canada to express isn’t it, when Canada has so far not shown accountability for the Tamil Tiger terrorists bringing down the Central Bank building in the Fort in Colombo with a truck bomb packed with high-explosives on 31st January 1996, killing 114 people and maiming for life another 1,338 people.  The explosives that were used in that truck bomb were bought from the state owned Ukraine’s Rubezone Chemical Factory  for $7.5 million with a cheque cut from a Tamil person’s account in a Bank in Vancouver in 1994. The explosives included 10 tons of hexagon a plastic Semtex explosives and 50 tons of trinitrotoluol (TNT).  These same explosive materials were used to destroy the faƒÆ’†’§ade of the Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Buddha’s Tooth) on 25 January 1998, killing 12 innocent civilians and maiming 13 others.                                      

 So Bob, the nasty game of “accountability” you demand from Sri Lanka, can be played by two people.  I for one, as a Sri Lankan-Canadian will not let you get away Scot-free on that one.    Where is Canada’s “accountability” of being culpable of murder of thousands of innocent people in Sri Lanka by aiding and abetting the Tamil Tiger terrorist war? Stop painting yourself and Canada lily-white, Bob!  It certainly won’t cut mustard with me.

I took umbrage when the Canadian Bar Association too poked its nose into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and complained to Foreign Minister John Baird, as you have, on the impeachment proceedings of Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.  The Canadian Bar Association seems to have been misguided with that complaint thinking that Hon. John Baird, Canada’s Foreign Minister was indeed the Canadian Viceroy of Sri Lanka.  What’s all this crap, Bob?  It is hilarious and please don’t flex Canada’s muscle on little Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankans know that Canada is no friend of Sri Lanka.  And this has been so for a long while.

Now let me get to the basics of your complaint and put our scholastic diplomas and degree black-gowns and mortar boards aside and divert to our knowledge of Civic lessons of High School days.

Bob Rae says:  “Sri Lanka has a duty to uphold democracy and the rule of law.

Asoka Weerasinghe says: According to what I was taught at High School in Colonial Ceylon (Sri Lanka), for a Democracy to govern its country there has to be a Constitution.  And Sri Lanka as a Democracy is governed according to its Constitution.  And this Constitution that was adopted to govern in 1978 was not written as a High School Civic class project but drafted by smart Constitutional Lawyers, and there was a reason for every Article to be in it, which was incorporated in the Constitution for good governance.

There are Articles in the Constitution to guide the country by the law.  According to the 1978 Constitution  Article 107 (3),  Parliament should compile a procedure to investigate on an impeachment.  This can be done under a law or Standing Orders. If that is what happened what is your problem, Bob?

Let us be clear on this.  Article 107(3) defines the power of Parliament to sit in judgment over judges of superior courts: “Parliament shall by law or by Standing Orders provide for all matters relating to the presentation of such an address, including the procedure for passing of such resolution, the investigation and proof of the alleged misconduct or capacity”¦.”  So what seems your problem?  That Article 107 (3) has been in existence since 1978, for 34 years.  This was not a creation in November 2012 to get at Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranaike.  Don’t you and I understand High School English to read and synthesize such a statement?

  Come on Bob, you guys are just waiting and wanting to destroy that island  nation because their present leaders have ignored you lot ever since you guys supported the Tamil Tiger separatist war and wanted to stop the military demise of their leaders on 19 May 2009.

According to the 1978 Constitution, the impeachment motion should be signed at least by one-third of the Members of Parliament.  The charges should also be mentioned in it.  This is a procedure basically to educate Parliament rather than making a complaint.  They educate parliament about charges.  Thereafter, the Speaker should direct the investigation to a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) according to the Standing Orders.  If this was the procedure adapted on the present case of impeaching of the former Chief Justice (she has been removed), then what is indeed your problem, Bob?

The impeachment motion against the Chief Justice was placed on the order paper of Parliament on November 6, 2012, with 14 charges proffered against her;   this was done upholding the rule of law as spelled out in the Constitution.  So what’s your problem, Bob?

The next step according to the rule of law: after it was presented to the Speaker, he decided to appoint a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to probe into these charges.  This was according to the rule of law.  So where is your problem, Bob?

The PSC consisted of seven Government MPs and four Opposition Party MPs, as would in Canadian Parliament sub-committees.  So where is your problem?

The Chief Justice and her lawyers walked out of the proceedings, which was their prerogative without defending their case.  That was a pity.   They have now decided to internationalize their internal problem, which I recent bitterly, as they have drawn  people like  Canada’s Bob Rae who has a dislike towards the present administration to come up with his two cents worth of wisdom.  Right Bob?

The bottom line Bob is, procedures in impeaching the former Chief Justice (she has been removed by the signature of the President) has been keeping with the Constitution and Standing Orders, and the Judiciary cannot change the Constitution, whether pressured by the Canadian Bar Association’s appointed Canadian Viceroy to Sri Lanka, Hon. John Baird, the Foreign Minister of Canada, or the Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Bob Rae.

Thus, in my opinion,  the Sri Lankan Government has dutifully upheld democracy and the rule of law by removing the Chief Justice through the constitutionally enacted procedures for her impeachment,  which had been existence for 34 years.  The case is closed.

I know you have taken every opportunity to slam Sri Lanka, and this is another one of those, isn’t it, Bob?

My High School Civic lessons tell me to read around the subject and come to a judicious conclusion.  I believe I have, but I doubt that you have being an arrogant know-all Canadian parliamentarian on Sri Lankan affairs.

Bob, do I now chalk this impeachment exercise which was carried out according to Sri Lanka’s Constitution and Rule of Law, as one more attempt of an International and INGO conspiracy to try to change Mahinda Rajapaksa’s administration, whom all you foreign  Sri Lanka meddlers hate his guts for killing the Golden goose that laid the golden egg for all you Tamil Tiger lovers who fought to separate Sri Lanka in to two.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

3 Responses to “Bob Rae: Canada Must Hold Sri Lankan Government Accountable”

  1. LankaLover Says:

    Bob Rae is a joke. In one way we can not take him as a joke, because he provided sponsorship to LTTE terrorists under his government to freely raise millions of dollars to buy weapons to kill Sri Lankans. If this Bob aided Al Quaida like that he would be in Guatanamo Bay by now.

    Asoka, when you send these mails to these venomous serpents, you should copy them to all the National and Ottawa Local Newspapers too. That way at least those Newspaper Editors would get some taste of medicine you deliver to skin those hypocrites alive.

    Bravo.. and good job!

  2. sena Says:

    One unintended positive outcome of this interference may be the politicians and the high ranking officials are made some what nervous (I hope) on their marauding ways to corruption and mismanagement as there is absolutely no check on such affairs at the national level.

  3. dhane Says:

    Asoka I think each time these Canadian and UK jokers make a fuss only they will be paid. Thereby these jokers like one after the other incidents in Sri Lanka for them to get paid by LTTE diaspora. If no incident to talk Diaspora also inactive and no subject matter to collect “Kapan” to paid these jokers.
    Asoka thanks once again giving all these jokers civic tuition which they never learned during school or as a politician later in their life.

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