“Changing Tamils names to Sinhala”: a simple reminder to India’s External Affairs Minister
Posted on January 26th, 2013

Asada M Erpini

At a meeting that the Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has had with his Sri Lankan counterpart Prof. G.L. Peiris, as reported in the local media on 23 January, the Indian gentleman has responded to a query on the Sri Lankan Government’s efforts to settle Sinhalese people in Tamil majority territories and to change Tamil names into Sinhala. The issue of changing Tamil names that appears to have surfaced at the pow wow obviously is a reference to place names and not to the names of individuals.

Whether the Indian External Affairs Minister should worry about how Sri Lanka “”…” a sovereign independent nation that is not one of the states in the Union of States that constitutes the behemoth India “”…” runs its affairs and where it settles its citizens is a separate matter altogether. The majority of Sri Lankan’s would however say, “India, keep your hands off Sri Lanka: you have done enough damage to a small country that always considered, rather mistakenly, that you were a helpful elder brother”.

A few points need to be emphasised for the benefit of the Indian pundits and others who hold the view that Sri Lanka has geographical enclaves that are the pristine birth right of different ethnic groups. Any Sri Lankan citizen has every right to settle in and carry on his vocation in any part of the land, so long as he has purchased the property through legal means and obeys the prevalent laws.

The Moors of the East are the descendants of the nearly 4,000 Muslims who were settled there in 1626 by King Senarath of Kandy when they were expelled from the island’s Western coastal belt by the Portuguese led by Captain de Saa. None of the areas in the East in which the Muslims are living at present such as Kattankudy “”…” there are reports that Kattankudy is the most densely populated in the world today “”…” can be categorised as Moor- or Muslim- dominated areas to which the Muslims have exclusive ownership.

Many of the regions in the North of Sri Lanka were inhabited by the Sinhala ethnic group before the latter were driven away to the South as a result of the numerous South Indian invasions. The place names then were Sinhala, and contrary to the concerns and the trepidations of the Indian Minster, what happened was that the Sinhala names got changed to Tamil. Additionally, many Buddhist relics and artefacts have been discovered in the North, which clearly support the right of the Sinhala ethnic group to settle in the Northern regions of Sri Lanka, either through government facilitation or through their own means.

Two examples need to be cited here to challenge the concocted history that the LTTE sympathisers in the rich West promote and India blindly follows. The first is the Vallipuram gold leaf found in the Vishnu temple in 1991, which states that during the reign of King Vasabha (65 “”…” 109 AD), his Minister who administered Nagadipa built a temple named Piyagunakatissa at Bandakaraatana. All these names, not surprisingly, sound Sinhala.

The second, of a more recent date, is the 1962 PhD thesis of Karthigesu Indrapala, a Tamil himself, that was submitted to University of London. The latter clearly states that there is no historical evidence of Tamil settlements in the North prior to the 10th century. Indrapala refers in his dissertation to “evidence that unmistakably points to the presence of Sinhala settlers in the peninsula before Tamils settled there” and the occurrence of “over a thousand Sinhalese place names”. His research findings do not point to the existence of Tamil settlements in Jaffna prior to the 11th century: on the contrary numerous records and artefacts support the suzerainty of the Kings of Polonnaruwa over the region.

Furthermore J.P. Lewis (Manual of the Vanni Districts) points out that many image houses (pilimages) in Sinhalese Buddhist settlements in temples in today’s Kovilkadu, Malikai, Omantai, Kankarayan-kulam, Iracentirankulam, Cinnappuvaracankulam and Madukanda were converted to Saiva temples.

The place names that were once Sinhala but today come cloaked in Tamil garb are innumerable. Some examples of the two versions from the North and the East appear below for the benefit of the open-minded:

Sinhala                                     Tamil

Yapa Patuna                                  Yalpana Pattanam

Dambakola Patuna                        Sembilthurai

Hunugama                                     Chunnakam

Gothamaluwawatta                       Kattupulam

Virala                                             Viralai

Vadumakaduwa                            Vaddumakaddu

Uduvila                                         Uduvil

Kodiyawatta                                 Koddiyawattai

Malalagama                                   Mallakam

Budugama                                     Puttur

Mahiyapitiya                                 Mahiyappitti

Nilawara                                        Nilawarai

Puleliya                                          Pulloli

Velipuraya                                     Vallipuram

Develdoova                                   Delape-Nenedatheev (Delft)

Uthirapura                                     Uththipuram

Kilinike                                          Kilinochchi

Puvangudeepa                               Punkudutheev

Kadurugoda                                  Kantharodai

Dunukava                                      Nuthukkai

Mahatitha                                      (Mannar)

Siriyaya                                         Thiriyaya

Kuswela                                        Kuccaveli

Gemburuweva                               Alankulama

Siyambalaweva                             Puliyankulama

Andaweva                                     Andankulama

Samapura                                       Sampur

Mudugama                                    Muttur

Thupapura                                     Thoppur

Ganthalawa                                   Kantale

Galara                                            Kallar

Pavana                                           Pavanei

Kiliwetiya                                      Kiliveddi

Veheragala                                    Verugal

Kottansoliya                                  Kottanchole

Poramaduwa                                 Poramadu

Kohombanacchiya                         Kombanacchi

Gopawela                                      Kopavali

Niyangalkulama                            Niyankallukulam

Bulumale                                       Pullumalai

Mathota                                         Manthottam

Pothuvila                                       Potthuvil

All that the peace-loving Sri Lankans want today is to be left alone so that they can get on with their lives, now that they have managed to come out of a terrorist curse that plagued the island nation for nearly three decades. Any Sri Lankan, irrespective of his or her ethnic or religious affiliation, should be able to live in any part of the country. India should not rekindle a never-existed basis that led to over 100,000 lives neing sacrificed and a generation of Tamils ending as cannon fodder as a result of the misadventures of a misguided megalomaniac and his supporters in the affluent countries who are unlikely to ever come back to settle in Sri Lanka to live in peace with the other ethnic groups..




14 Responses to ““Changing Tamils names to Sinhala”: a simple reminder to India’s External Affairs Minister”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Well said!

    India’s invasive conduct puts the lives of Indians in SL in danger.

    ALL names in the north must be reverted back to their REAL ORIGINAL names.

  2. Christie Says:

    Indians can change their names when it suits them. When Lal Bahadhur Shastri (the greatest man ever to be born in the Indian sub continent) brought in quaotas for Untouchable to enter Universities, the high caste changed their names temporarily to enter universities and block the entry of untouchables. When one untouchable was accepted by an error the High caste mobs killed him and finally dropped a huge boulder on the dead students head to smash it.

    When there was only a small number of Indians in the Western countries they Anglosised their name or took Christian names.

    It is time for the Sinhalese to stand up to Indian imperialism and Indian colonial parasites and lead other subjects of the Indian Empire to freedom.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    All the major communities in Sri Lanka today, the Sinhalese, Tamils and Moors, trace their origins in India, either mythologically or otherwise. Curiously, India purports to speak for the Tamils only. The Sinhalese would do well to either:

    1. Be aware of what aspects of their culture are indigenous and what aspects of their culture are Indian and tell the Indians in no uncertain terms that they are not an Indian-linked community and to cultivate defence links with other regional and international powers.

    2. If influential sections of the Sinhalese want to continue to show partiality to a region of India or be (perversely) proud of originating in one part of India, those Sinhalese MUST seriously cultivate fraternal relationships with those regions of India (if they will accept them!) and sit down with India and listen to what India says from everything from 13th amendment, to devolution to an India-dominated Indian Ocean. Because with such a mindset, NO other country is going to get involved in the internal affairs of “Indians” because that is how they will see the Sinhalese.

    Common sense. You cant have it both ways.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “Mr Sampanthan, who had cancelled his visit to a conference in Berlin, convened by the Global Tamil Forum and facilitated by Berghof Foundation, reportedly because of his priority of his meeting with the US officials in Colombo, is scheduled to leave for South Africa on Sunday afternoon. ”

    – Tamilnut

    People pay for his LTTE trips!! A busy terrorist he is!! He is still allowed to sit in parliament.

  5. mjaya Says:

    People of the TNA should be stripped of their Sri Lankan citizenship.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Around 41 places have had name change to Tamil. This is way too many, and the original names must be restored.

    The Cold War period (dtd as 1945 – 1991), which prompted India to act against Sri Lanka due to east/west differences, has now finished. It is time for India to act in a just manner toward Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was never the enemy to any country, at any time. It is time for the world to treat Sri Lanka in a just manner.

    The Sri Lanka Tamil Caste Wars (including Tamils wanting to flee Tamil Nadu due to caste/poverty issues) were fought on the back of the Cold War. That is how Tamil people got involved in the whole episode.

    It is time to look at the facts squarely in the face, and let justice prevail re the names of places in Sri Lanka.

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    Here is a link to a comprehensive list of Sinhala Place names vandalised recently by Racist Tamils.


  8. Ratanapala Says:

    Here is a more comprehensive list of Sinhala place names changed and Tamilized in recent historical times. Many place names got changed during British Times when they employed Tamil Surveyors to survey the land in the North and East. In other circumstances Sinhala Births have been registered as Tamils by Tamil officers servicing adi-vaasi villages in North and East. It is time somebody did a study on this subject.


  9. Lorenzo Says:


    Susil Premajayantha – Environment and Renewable Energy Minister
    Patali Champika Ranwaka – Technology, Research and Atomic Energy Minister
    Pavithra Wanniarachchi – Power and Energy Minister
    Anura Priyadarshana Yapa – Petroleum Industries Minister”

    – adaderana.lk

    Tissa Vitharana the pro-TE is OUT! Good. But demotion for Ranawaka and Susil.

    Promotion for Pavithra and Yapa.


    Politically powerful batsmen are given a promotion!!

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done SL beating Australia in a T20 WHITEWASH.

    LOVE the aggression shown by Mahela and Matthews.

    WAY TO GO!!

  11. Senevirath Says:

    sri lanka was SINHALE True owners are Sinhalese Others were brought here recently by foreign rulers

    Only Muslim refugees were settled by King Senarath. That was an action taken by a Buddhist when seeing them running for their lives

    Sinhalese have the right to settle any body anywhere if they want and chase them at any time if they try to betray the true owners of the country .

    UDUVILA should not be Uduppili. They have no right to change these names When ever we find these things Govt . should correct them NANAYAKKAR WANSHIKA VAASUDEVA is GIVING UDAGEDI to Tamils

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    I am happy to see the exit of the cross eyed Professor. WIthout trying to do something outside his calling it is better he concentrate his efforts on field of science if he has at least some aptitude in that field.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    People of the TNA should be stripped of their Sri Lankan citizenship.- Fully aggred should be given Thamil Eela citizenship !

  14. Ama Says:

    If India can change colononial names of Madras, Bombay, Calcutta then Sri Lanka should have not have any problem in changing the names back to pre colonial names. As usual there are sinhala and tamil pronunciation of these names but that should not be a hindrance.

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