Israel’s agreement to recruit Lankan workers
Posted on February 5th, 2013

Courtesy The Daily News 

The Population and Immigration Authority of the State of Israel (PIBA) and the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE), have reached an arrangement for a speedy recruitment of 1500 Sri Lankan agricultural workers for a six month work period in Israel during the first half of 2013.

According to an arrangement reached recently, the recruitment of the 1500 Sri Lankan agricultural workers will be carried out in Sri Lanka by the SLBFE through the State owned Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency Ltd. (SLFEA). The recruitment will be carried out in coordination with the Israeli side, without the involvement of other private recruitment agencies in Sri Lanka.

A key element in the arrangement, is the obligation of both sides to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the applicants and selected workers will not be asked to pay any payments for their recruitment above the permitted payments set in the arrangement.

The recruited workers will also receive information concerning their rights and obligations under the arrangement, including their obligation to leave Israel at the end of their six month work permit period.

6 Responses to “Israel’s agreement to recruit Lankan workers”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    NO SL has EVER been physically harmed in Israel by Jews compared to Arabia.

  2. aloy Says:

    Why so many people for training for six months?. About 20-25 senior people over a longer period should have been ok. They could train thousnds of others after returning home. This is only a thought. If it is for employment even 5000 would have been ok. ME is a strange place where people have various beliefs, one such is that you go to heaven if you kill a non believer. One of our scientists died in Israel mysteriously some time ago. No reason was found. Another well educated engineer died in ME a couple of years ago. He was found dead in his room with the sheet he was covering hiself without being displaced even by an inch. Even though he did not have any heart ailments the reason given was heart failure. No post mortem in ME or outopsy in SL. His in- laws to this day believe he actualy died of heart attack. When I mentioned this to my daughter who herself is a medical expert, she said this is very strange as a person suffering a heart attack would strugle and would be found in an diffent position.
    Our people living and sleeping alone in ME beware.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    He was part of a SL delegation to buy an Israeli drone. It was very successful. He was a physics expert (a lecturer?).

    He died of a natural heart attack. Sometimes people almost instantenously die of heart attacks. I have heard many stories of it. There was no mischeif UNLESS a LTTE mole killed him which is very unlikely.

    LTTE lobby was TERRIFIED about the drone. It went to work immediately leading to the killing of Tamil Chelva.

    SL has more to learn than agriculture from Israel. :))
    I WISH and PRAY defence workers too.

    People are VERY friendly to REAL SLs. MANY SLs play in Israel T20 cricket which is getting very popular. Also netball.

    BS suspicion against Israel is created by Wahabis and LTTE to keep their backs safe.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Good news. Friendship and emplyment in Israel is extremely good news.
    If Rizana went there she would have been not only just living, living hapily.

  5. aloy Says:

    It was known that this guy opposed the purchase. May be he was an innocent guy and died due to a natural couse. usually our officialdom demands certain things before giving the backing.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    He was not against it. It is a rumour spread by Sunday Leader dirt while wetting their pants in fear.

    His ONLY concern was it was an experimental drone. His task was ONLY to report on the technical specifications which he did. But it proved FANTASTIC!!

    Tigers destroyed these drones in an attack but Israel gifted the same number free of charge. It benefited BOTH ISR and SRI. SRI wiped out Tamil Tigers, ISR learned how to build and use small drones on tracking terrorists hiding among civilians and moving small objects.

    Israel NEVER tried to sell things we didn’t need in war. When some corrupt SL govt. guys went to ISR to buy unwanted radar systems, IDI discouraged them and showed them a washing machine and told them it costs $5 million! It was not sold.

    SRI + ISR = JAYA SRI!!

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