TNA’s anti-Sri Lanka stance continues unabated
Posted on February 5th, 2013

Asada M Erpini 

As reported in the media on 03 February, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader, who is accompanying four of his colleagues, searching for solutions to Sri Lanka’s problems “”…” imaginary or otherwise “”…” wants the United Nations Security Council to take “stern action” against the Sri Lanka government for “delay in implementing the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC).  As he does all the time, he continues with his favourite topic of a “political solution to the ethnic issue”.

LLRC is a product of the Sri Lanka government. Matters may not move at the same pace in Sri Lanka as in some of the affluent countries, but it is the prerogative of the Sri Lanka government to take as much time it needs and to decide which of the recommendations it wishes to implement. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, TNA is not a significant group that even deserves a hearing: its MP’s stole the limelight through the blessings of its terrorist godfather, and now that the Sun God has been sent by Sri Lankan armed forces to meet his maker, TNA should be brushed aside with no cares.

TNA’s visit to South Africa has no logical basis as far as Sri Lanka’s problems are concerned, except for the concocted history that has been widely circulated by the anti-Sri Lankan groups. Before Black rule under Nelson Mandela was born in South Africa, the large majority of the population was deprived of basic rights by the ruling class of the descendants of foreign settlers.

Sri Lanka cannot be compared to South Africa now or in the past in any manner as the history and the situations that exist are poles apart. The TNA parliamentarians going to South Africa is understandable: they have a more-than-willing partner in the form of the UN commissioner for Human Rights, originating from South Africa to support the call for action against Sri Lanka, who has been gunning for Sri Lanka as long as one could remember. Her attacks against Sri Lanka intensified when her hero Pirabhahran was annihilated by the Sri Lanka’s armed forces in May 2009.

The average Sri Lankan may not even know that there is a separate sovereign nation under the name South Africa: many would be aware of South India, which refers to the southern regions of Sri Lanka’s neighbour to the North, but there is no country called South India. But for Sampanthan of TNA and his colleagues South Africa obviously holds the solutions to the problems that have arisen due to the so-called ethnic issue they peddle around in the wider world. Little does the group realise that the problems that Sri Lanka faced during the past three decades were the creation of a gang of misguided Tamils, aided and abetted by their brethren who migrated to the affluent countries on various pretexts.

Sri Lanka should introduce without delay the necessary laws to punish its citizens who endeavour to undermine the sovereignty of the nation. As long as any individual holds a Sri Lankan passport, it is his or her bounden duty to safeguard the mother country, and this proviso holds true for all the TNA parliamentarians as well. When Sri Lankans go round the world asking the country to be dealt with in a stern manner by foreign powers or organisations, their stance serves as ready ammunition  to a group of five or six rich nations led by the US and Canada, who unashamedly label themselves as the “ƒ”¹…”International Community’, to destroy Sri Lanka.

In spite of some heavyweights from the US, France and the UK descending on Sri Lanka to twist the arm of the President of Sri Lanka in their determined move to throw a lifeline to Pirabhaharan and his top rung fighters, Sri Lanka has managed to enjoy a few years of explosion-free existence and the longed for peace. This was thanks to the steadfastness of the President of Sri Lanka and his military and political advisors and the perseverance of the military team that was ready to execute the directives given.

Sri Lanka has waited for too long allowing the mischief makers to have a field day. Immediate action should be taken to introduce laws to punish those nationals who, having professed allegiance to the state, act counter to their obligations.


8 Responses to “TNA’s anti-Sri Lanka stance continues unabated”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    The only political solution for the “so called ethnic issue” is for the Tamils to join the main stream political parties and think as Sri Lankans not Sri Lankan Tamils.All those Tamils, Prabhakaran, Ponnambalams, Armithalingams and Chelvanayagams are a sad history and they have not achieved any benefits to the Tamils. Those who toed their line have become a miserable and defeated lot.TNA is no different to them.

    Tamils started the Tamil political parties long before independence and when they were enjoying all the benefits under the British occupation. They had the best public service jobs, benefited enormously in public education etc. But that was not enough for them, they wanted more and more.

    The best solution for this problem is to eliminate the concept of the the “Tamil Homeland” concept.Populate the North and the North East to North West with Sinhalese settlements.Then they can not think of a Tamil home land. About 50%(?) of the Tamils have migrated to the traditional Sinhala areas and live happily in harmony with the Sihalese and I am sure the Tamils in the north and east will be happy if there are more Sinhalese there.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “I am sure the Tamils in the north and east will be happy if there are more Sinhalese there.”

    NO. They HATE it. After 2009 they got rid of the few Sinhalese too calling militarisation. Settlements MUST be done without Tamil support.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Remove the 13-A. It is Null & Void in any court of law, anywhere in the world, as it was imposed on Sri Lanka under Duress.
    The 13-a was imposed on Sri Lanka during the Cold War times. The Cold War (1945-1991) is over. But the Tamil Caste Wars continue ….

    Tamil LEADERS (generally not the ordinary Tamil people), are using various trumped up stories & the 13-A to gradually get separate state status. TNA leaders in Lanka are really attempting to take care of the Tamil Caste issues coming from Tamil Nadu, via a separate state for Tamils only in Sri Lanka. Any Eelam formed will only be an appendage of Tamil Nadu.

    Tamil Leader Sampanthan recently stated that Tamils must be ‘Equal’ to Sinhala people. Are Tamils ‘Equal’ to each other in Tamil Nadu, the homeland of the Tamil people ? In Sri Lanka, some Tamils have more money and are educated and hold better jobs than Sinhala people !

    Question : What are India’s views on removal of the 13-A at this juncture ?

  4. S de Silva Says:

    Fran D. – just another thing. TNA should be either banned for having a ‘sparation clause’ in their constitution (contrary to the SL Constitution) or forced to ament it. Why are the Sinhalayas in the GoSL so meek and incompetent?? – S de Silva – London

  5. Fran Diaz Says:


    It’s India’s approval that matters here, I think.


    Re my note that “Tamil Leader Sampanthan recently stated …”, it may have been Tamil Nadu Governor who said this. TNA has been saying to implement the LLRC completely. All this may have been to draw the attention of the various foreign teams that came to Sri Lanka recently.

  6. Voice123 Says:

    Not sure what to make of this. LTTE’s singing mouthpiece MIA exposed in evil ritual at American Superbowl aimed at shoring up flaggin Illuminati morale. Illuminati are said to be a decadent transnational cabal that want to exploit and control the world. Does the word Adele also spring to mind?

  7. Voice123 Says:

    Thank you moderator.

  8. Marco Says:

    TNA repeated pronouncements are not so dissimilar to the ones by say Wimal Weerawansa, except one is to the International gallery and the other to the Local gallery. We have heard it all before.

    However, it would be interesting to hear the authors view on the forthcoming UNHRC session in Geneva bearing in mind China & Russia have lost the rotational voting powers. More interestingly, has GOSL addressed and briefed a coherent team to withstand a “forceful” resolution (unlike the previous on watered down by India).

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