Callum Rae Channel 4: ‘No Fire Zone’
Posted on February 21st, 2013

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

21 February 2013

Mr. Callum  Macrae

Director of the video “No Fire Zone” to get at Sri Lanka

Channel 4,  Westminister, London SW1P 2TX, England

Dear Callum:

Do you know what?   When I saw the frozen Ottawa River’s quays being cut to help the spring thaw, I told myself, “Ha”¦Haa”¦  very soon we will be into Channel 4’s silly season with lies and damn lies about Sri Lanka”. So we have it with your “No Fire Zone”, as sure as the Monarch butterflies would land each spring in Ottawa for a night snooze before they float north again when the sun heats them up in the morning.

Callum, just a wee bit of a warning, when you play Snakes and Ladders with Sri Lankans,  in the Year of the Snake,  watch out for the ones with the most venom, they will sting you and it will numb your brain’s vindictive psyche against Sri Lanka.  The Russell viper is the most dangerous in Sri Lanka, I am told.  Just in case you did not know, please be careful when you play Snakes and Ladders with the Sri Lankan soldiers who fought the most ruthless terrorists in their Tamil Tigers Eelam war to the very end.   And remember they won the terrorists war hands down.   And that you didn’t like, did you Cullum? These Sri Lankan soldiers don’t seem to like terrorists, no matter which genre they exists “”…” even the nasty video terrorists. This is not a threat but then the soldiers too have to be careful with you bunch at Channel 4 as you too  are really snakes under the grass wanting to sting them insinuating that they are a bunch of point blank gun-shooting killers.

Thinking about it Callum, according to our very responsible Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaeisan, she keeps telling us that when she was 5 years old she remembers that she was shot at, at the front of  her home in Jaffna, presumably by a  Sri Lankan government soldier at a point blank range and it missed her and she was lucky to be alive today.  If what she tells us about these soldiers is true, then she a very responsible  Tamil-Canadian politician who may not lie, they don’t seem to be able to shoot straight thus missing Rathika at close quarters by meters,  With that kind of a citation by a responsible Canadian-Tamil MP, I have my doubts that Balachandran was shot by an Army soldier as  according to Rathika  they are awful shooters at close range.

So Callum, you may not get anywhere with your video if your intention is to get at Sri Lanka before the UNHRC sessions in Geneva during the silly season in March.  Come up with a new storyline.  You have to be a bit more smart and creative.  The  “ƒ”¹…”No Fire Zone” storyline will take you no where as it would end up  on your face as a Big-Twit-Humbug.

Is it possible that Prabhakaran asked one of his commanders to get Junior before he would be captured and kept alive to get more information about his Dad, and Mum, and his sister and his Tamil Tiger family  army of uncles like Soosai, Pottu Amman and Thamil Chelvam and aunties like Thamilini?   If I am asked to believe in Rathika Sitsabaisan’s assessment of Sri Lankan soldiers, little Balachandran was not shot by a Sri Lankan soldier and I tend to believe the Sri Lankan Government’s version of, “We didn’t do it.  These buggers at Channel 4 are a bunch of liars.”

So you cry for 12 year old Balachandran, Prabhakaran’s son, who I see was not wearing a cyanide capsule as the other 5,300 child-soldiers had to, who were kidnapped, trained for three months to shoot an AK47 and sent to the front line to get mowed down like poppies in a field in Afghanistan, while Balachandran was swimming in his Dad’s swimming pool to keep cool during hot afternoons.  The cyanide capsule around the neck by the way was to, bite on it and die before one gets captured by a Sri Lanka soldier and interrogated.

Let see how honest and smart you are Callum.  Find the video footage of 12 year old Rajendran Selvadurai who was playing with his buddies at the corner of a street in Katkulum, kidnapped  by Tamil Tigers, trained and sent to the field and got killed.  Find the video footage, or may be you can stage the kidnapping of 12 year old Kamalani Rasaiah on her way from school in Killinochchi and trained  and supervised  by the white-Australian Britisher, Adele Balasingham, who placed the graduation cyanide capsule around her neck, sent to  the front line and got mowed down like a poppy trying to fight an adult war.  Blame the Sri Lankan soldiers for killing them as a human rights violation, and let the soldiers come back and tell you, yes, we shot them in self-defence.  And that is legit in a war. You get them before they get you and that applies to child soldiers too whether he or she is 12 or 10 years old.    No child immunity here, buddy! They will quite rightly point their fingers at that gutless, spineless nincompoop, Velupillai Prabhakaran who wasn’t willing to go to the front line to face the Sri Lankan soldiers and sent 12 year olds to fight his battle wanting his mythical separate Tamil state, Eelam. That bastard was a coward.

So these are the difficulties you will have if you want to be honest.  Playing Snakes and Ladders on the Year of the Snake has its hazards.  You will be lucky if you can convince people as you have failed miserably in the past with other videos against Sri Lanka as they found that you all at Channel 4 were a bunch of no good liars who were vindictive after your Nick Paton Walsh, producer Bessie Du and cameraman Matt Jasper were kicked out of Sri Lanka on 10 May 2009 for false reporting on the Eelam War.  I know, its still smarting, isn’t it, Callum?  What is the next storyline for the next UNHRC silly seaon to have another go at Sri Lanka with a cricket bat.?

Callum, why are you hooked to this improbable story line about Balachandran  when there were thousands of  12 year olds  like Sundaram,  Rajalingam, Rani, Manohari, Selvadurai,  Selvarani, Manjula, Sinnathambi, Pillai, Lakshimi, Shankar and so forth.  All 12-year olds like Balachandran, all kidnapped, all Tamil kids, all children of the same God as of Balachandran, trained for three months how to shoot an AK47 and throw a live hand grenade, sent to the front line and get killed.

So Callum, the exercise for you is to go in front of your washroom mirror every morning and look at you and say “”…” “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the liar of them all”.  You will be surprised what you will find out. A thousand fingers pointing at you.

If I were you, I would  not play Snakes and Ladders  on the Year of the Snake especially with a nation with full of poisonous snakes. They sure will turn around and sting the poison into you.

And here is why I suspect that one of the Tamil Tigers may have got Balachandran on orders by his Dad.   You are dealing with Tamil Tigers that a former Tamil National Parliamentarian who was trapped inside the war zone during the last phase of the war had to say to Asian Tribune on 18 April 2011.  He said that “he has seen the horrors of war and seen people “”…” innocent Tamils who were treated like stray dogs, shot and killed mercilessly by the LTTE gunmen.”  So there you are Callum.  I say it is possible that a Tamil Tiger shot the little fellow to shut him up before he would be captured by the Sri Lankan soldiers an interrogated.

Good luck buddy.


Asoka Weerasinghe.

2 Responses to “Callum Rae Channel 4: ‘No Fire Zone’”

  1. Hiranthe Says:


    More than the snakes, he will get a permanant suffering in the “Hell” for the lies he make up and misery he is creating to the innocent people in the peaceful Islsnd Sri Lanka who tolerates and welcomes Tamils as their own brothers and sisters. LieTTE are not Sri Lankan Tamil… They are a different race… from the black army of “Mara”,the king of the HELL.

    If you associate them, you will end up getting finished by them like President Premadasa, Amirthalingam and Rajiv Ghandhi… You are on the right path Callum Macrae. That day is not far….


    Asoka, the man with a “golden pen”, well said mate!

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