Did Pirabaharan’s son have any blood in his body when he was shot?
Posted on February 21st, 2013

Asada M Erpini

“The boy in the Bunker “”…” Faked Photo or real?” that appeared in Lankaweb, dated February 20th, 2013, sent in by Gamvaesiya, Canada, had many valid points. The one that was the most profound and which caught the writer’s eye is the first image: there is a picture of a hand, with a finger pointing towards a (purportedly) bullet wound on a child’s chest. Furthermore, when one compares Figure 1 with Figure 2, it is difficult to believe that is the same individual who appears in the two pictures: one has an elongated face while the other’s face is rounded, when these events are supposed to have occurred within the space of a day or two: the conclusion would be that the one who Photoshopped was not good enough with his or her IT skills for the task that was expected.

The strange thing that really baffles the writer is that there is no sign of any bleeding. When a living being is shot, and in this case very close to, or apparently piercing, the heart, it is impossible to accept that there was no blood gushing out, leaving its tell tale signs.

Channel 4 and its financiers have the moral obligation to explain to the rest of the world how such an eventuality could take place. On the other hand, the writer may be holding the mistaken belief that the people behind these concoctions in British TV have any morals.

25 Responses to “Did Pirabaharan’s son have any blood in his body when he was shot?”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Prabhakaran was a mania-driven individual with little respect for children: he sent thousands of conscripted youngsters with minimal training, to man the front lines. These children ended up as cannon fodder. He also was a fan of hitler and Goebbels, Hitler’s media minister and right hand man, for his loyality towards the cause. Goebbels poisoned their sons with cyanide to prevent capture. Prabhakaran appears to have lived his fantasy out when he realized that time was short.

    …in the end, the man who sent thousands of children to their deaths, and had preached of wearing a cyanide capsule to committ suicide rather than betrayal, was found with no cyanide capsule around his neck.

    Read Kumar Moses’s article on this:

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    UNP leader Karu Jayasuriya on a pilgrimage was chased out of Tamil Nadu.

    What shame is this.

    UPFA, UNP and TNA leaders go worshiping kovils in South India!!

    This is DISGRACEFUL.

    This is why they do everything India says.

  3. herman Says:


    Its not only the UNPs but even MR and his merry men. Few years ago, a hindu shrine, in India, had to be washed after MR & wife visited cos these hindus considered MR & wife “foul and filthy”!

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    In our younger days we call these as camera tricks!! This is another tamil racist terrorist’s funded film against Sri Lanka. Every film show against Sri Lanka is mostly in February just before UNHR tamil tribal Navinathan Pillai’s cabaret show.
    What will be the next film for 2014 and 2015 before Navinathan Pillai’s UNHR cabaret show? In 2012 film was about terrorist Velupillai’s gang, 2013 about terrorist Velupillai’s son, 2014 film may be about terrorist Velupillai’s wife and 2015 film may be about terrorist Velupillai’s dog. But in 2016 film will be most probably Navinathanpillai’s tail.


    Hey Sinhalyo wake up now, populate north & east before it is too late!!!!! We are running out of time!!!!!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes. That is why I included UPFA (MR’s party).

    Priyan is 100% right. That is the ONLY way. Make SL’s north USELESS for Tamil Elamists by populating it. Where does TNA win it’s seats? North.

    Wait for the UNHRC thing is over. IF they bring a resolution and pass against SL, GO FOR IT. There is nothing to lose.

    INCREASE Sinhala population growth rate. Make it ILLEGAL for foreigners to own land in SL. TAKE OVER all unused land in north.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    These 133 traitors have written to UNHRC to GRILL SL.

    1. Most Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Bishop of Mannar
    2. Rev. Fr. S.V.B. Mangalaraja. President, Justice and Peace Commission, Jaffna
    3. Rev. Fr. M.V.E. Ravichandran, Director, Laity council, Jaffna
    4. Rev. I.D. Dixon, Anglican Church, Nallur
    5. Rev. Sujithar Sivanayagam, Methodist Church, Trincomalee
    6. Rev. N. Pirabhakaran, Anglican Church, Trincomalee
    7. Rev. Sr. Immaculate Joseph H.C.8. Rev. Bro. Lawrence Leon, Mannar
    9. Rev. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos, Vankalai, Mannar
    10. Rev. Fr. Gerard Rosairo, Colombo
    11. Rev. Fr. Elil Rajendram SJ, Trincomalee
    12. Rev. Fr. V. Yogeswaran SJ, Trincomalee
    13. Rev. Fr. C. P. Rajendram SJ, Trincomalee
    14. Rev. Sr. Jeyam, Vavuniya
    15. Rev. Sr. M. Boneventine H.
    F16. Rev. Sr. Mariamalar H.F.
    17. Rev. Sr. Nirmala H.F.
    18. Rev. Sr. Grace H.F.
    19. Rev. Sr. M. Pushpam Gnanapragasam H. F.
    20. Rev. Sr. Thayanayagi H.F.
    21. Rev. Fr. Siluvairajah Arul Sutharsan O.M.I.
    22. Rev. Fr. S. M. Sebastian O.M.I.
    23. Rev. Fr. S. A. Sebastian Ravel O.M.I.
    24. Rev. Fr. C. S. Croos O.M.I.
    25. Rev. Fr. S. Anpurasa O.M.I
    26. Rev. Fr. A. Celestine O.M.I
    27. Rev. Fr. Peter Arulnathan O.M.I.
    28. Rev. Sr. M. Elizebeth H. F.
    29. Rev. Sr. Glory H.F.
    30. Rev. Sr. Mary Yvone Simeon H.F.
    31. Rev. Sr. Salami Sosai H.F.
    32. Rev. Sr. Delicia H. F.
    33. Rev. Sr. Cypirian Varapragasam H.F.
    34. Rev. Sr. Justina kanapathi H.F.
    35. Rev. Sr. Shamini Sebastiampillai H.F.
    36. Rev. Sr. Jothinayaki H.F.
    37. Rev. Sr. Sybil Theresa H. F.
    38. Rev. Sr. Vasantha H.F.
    39. Rev. Sr. Josephine Rajani H.F.
    40. Rev. Sr. Dunstan Pathinathar H.F.
    41. Rev. Fr. T. Navaratnam, Vavuniya
    42. Rev. Fr. F. J. Gnanaraj Croos, Thoddaveli
    43. Rev. Fr. Gnanathicam, Vanchiankulam
    44. Rev. Fr. A. Rayappu, Mannar
    45. Rev. Fr. S. Mariathasan Leon
    46. Rev. Fr. Francis Assisi, Omanthai
    47. Rev. Fr. A. J. Muralitharan, Mannar
    48. Rev. Sr. Anitta Antony H.F.
    49. Rev. Sr. M. James A.C.
    50. Rev. Sr. M. Gnanatharshi A.C
    51. Rev. Sr. M. Parames A.C.
    52. Rev. Sr. M. Arulini A.C.
    53. Rev. Sr. Sumithira RGS

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    54. Rev. Sr. Jesy RGS
    55. Rev. Sr. Nijanthini RGS
    56. Rev. Sr. Anthonipillai Mary Rita H.C.
    57. Rev. Sr. Judith Rayappu H.C.
    58. Rev. Sr. Jeyaseeli H.C.
    59. Rev. Sr. Rina Rasiah H.C.
    60. Rev. Sr. Maria Gorettee H.C.
    61. Rev. Sr. Emerita Saverimuthu H.C.
    62. Rev. Sr. Hilda Croos H.C
    63. Rev. Sr. Sylvia Sebastiampillai H.C.
    64. Rev. Sr. Vinci H.C.
    65. Rev. Sr. Virginy Edwardrajah H.C.
    66. Rev. Sr. Anushia Alexander H.C.
    67. Rev. Sr. Rojini Figirado H.C.
    68. Rev. Sr. Sebamalar Patrick Grace H.C.
    69. Rev. Sr. Manuela Michale H.C.
    70. Rev. Fr. Thevathasan Edwin O.M.I.
    71. Rev. Fr. Augustine Confucious O.M.I.
    72. Rev. Fr. Vincent Jerome O.M.I.
    73. Rev. Fr. Jeyanthan Pachek O.M.I.
    74. Rev. Fr. Vijeyendiran O.M.I.
    75. Rev. Fr. A. Nesan Kulas CMF
    76. Rev. Fr. Rev. Fr. J. Jeyaseelan CMF
    77. Rev. Fr. Rajeswaran C.R.
    78. Rev. Fr. Rex Saundara
    79. Rev. Fr. A. J. Yavis
    80. Rev. Fr. S.M.P. Ananthakumar
    81. Rev. Fr. A. C. Christopher, Chundukuli
    82. Rev. Fr. R.C.X. Nesarajah, Gurunagar
    83. Rev. Fr. J.C. Paul Rohan, S.F.X.S. Jaffna
    84. Rev. Fr. S.A. Roshan, S.P.C. Jaffna
    85. Rev. Fr. T.J. Kirubaharan, S.F.X.S. Jaffna
    86. Rev. Fr. T. Raviraj, S.F.X.S. Jaffna
    87. Rev. Sr. N. Emmanuel, Vavuniya
    88. Rev. Sr. Hilary, Vavuniya
    89. Rev. Sr. Genita, Vavuniya
    90. Rev. Sr. Dharshini Perera, Vavuniya
    91. Rev. Sr. Helen Lambert, Vavuniya
    92. Rev. Sr. Oscar Lambert, Vavuniya
    93. Rev. Sr. Angelita Joseph, Vavuniya
    94. Rev. Sr. Christine Fernando, Vavuniya
    95. Rev. Sr. Naomie, Vavuniya
    96. Rev. Sr. Laurine, Vavuniya
    97. Rev. Sr. Tharini, Vavuniya
    98. Rev. Fr. A. Rajani Kanth, Veppankulam, Vavuniya

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    99. Rev. Fr. Christhu Nesaratnam, Mannar
    100. Rev. Fr. Stephen Rajah, Thalvupadu
    101. Rev. Fr. M. Jeyabalan, Bishop’s House, Mannar
    102. Rev. Fr. G. A. Arulraj Croos, Murunkan
    103. Rev. Fr. Sugunaraj Croos
    104. Rev. Fr. Denny Calistus, Pampaimadhu, Vavuniya
    105. Rev. Fr. Arokiam, Pandiviruchchan
    106. Rev. Fr. S. Jeyabalan, Mannar
    107. Rev. Fr. P. Jesurajah
    108. Rev. Fr. Jesley Jegananthan
    109. Rev. Fr. M. P. Peter Manohar
    110. Rev. Fr. S. Vasanthakumar, Mannar
    111. Rev. Fr. Desmond Kulas, Mannar
    112. Rev. Fr. Douglas Milton Logu, Mannar
    113. Rev. Fr. S.V. Avithappar, Mannar
    114. Rev. Fr. Yogaraj Peries, Mannar
    115. Rev. Fr. Arudkumaran, Mannar
    116. Rev. Fr. A. Luckston De Silva
    117. Rev. Fr. S. Anton, Mannar
    118. Rev. Bro. Terrance, Mannar
    119. Rev. Fr. S. Rajanayagam, Chilavathurai
    120. Rev. Fr. Desmond Angelo, Mannar
    121. Rev. Fr. Laconz Figurado, Mannar
    122. Rev. Fr. G. Arulpragasam, Mannar
    123. Rev. Fr. Ruban Fernando, Mannar
    124. Rev. Fr. Rocksan Croos, Mannar
    125. Rev. Fr. Emil Elilraj, Vankalai
    126. Rev. Fr. Suresh Ravel, Alawakkai
    127. Rev. Fr. Rayappu Augustine
    128. Rev. Fr. E. Sebamalai, Mannar
    129. Rev. Fr. Devarajah Koduthore, Mannar
    130. Rev. Fr. Newton Devarajah, Mannar
    131. Rev. Fr. Peppi Sosai, Vavuniya
    132. Rev. Fr. S. Anton Thavarajah, Mannar
    133. Rev. Fr. A. Jude Croos, Mannar

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Their demands to the UNHRC are

    “Thus, we appeal for a strong and action oriented resolution, which will:

    1. Note the lack of progress on human rights and reconciliation since the last year’sresolution, the continuing repression of minorities and those with dissenting views andunwillingness of the Sri Lankan government to address allegations of past violations

    2. Establish an international and independent commission of inquiry to look into allegationsof violations of international law by all sides during the war, with a proper witnessprotection mechanism and including with specific reference to findings andrecommendations of the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts report

    3. Appoint a Special Representative / Rapporteur on Sri Lanka with a broad mandate toaddress the past and on-going violations and assist and advice the government on futurereconciliation initiatives

    4. Identify a team of thematic UN Special Procedures to visit Sri Lanka considering pending requests for visits

    5. Set up an accountability mechanism for UN officials implicated in the failure of the UN’sprotection mandate in relation to last stages of war in Sri Lanka as identified in the UN’sown Internal Review

    6. Welcome the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the 22 nd session of the Council and request her to report back to the Council’s 25 th session her observations on progress of the above and recommendations.”

    – colombotelegraph

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    These demands are WORSE than the US resolution last year.

    So who are the WORST enemies of SL?

    USA, UNHRC, India, etc, etc.?

    Tamil Christian priests under Kasippu Joseph. They are spies working in SL. There is nothing the govt. can do. Private individuals must take the initiative and make sacrifices to save the country.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Sorry for the long post. Unfortunately SL has a LONG list of traitors.

    Imagine the poison they do to people’s minds.

    All these fathers and sisters have sermons. THOUSANDS of people listen to them. They TEACH THOUSANDS of children.

    133 x 2000 = 266,000 poisoned minds every year.

    Govt. should do investigations into sexual abuses by these people on Tamil children and jail them for their crimes against children. This is a global initiative. SL should do its part.

  13. Voice123 Says:

    Priyan said “Hey Sinhalyo wake up now, populate north & east before it is too late!!!!!”

    – And Sinhalayo dont forget to populate areas such as the Greater Toronto Area, Western Sydney, Ealing, Durban, Penang, Oslo etc etc where the Tamil vote banks are and the international plots against Sri Lanka are hatched. These plans must be simultaneously carried out.

  14. jay-ran Says:


  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Voice123 / Priyan
    Ref: Hey Sinhalyo wake up now !
    Why my chinhala sakothrayas worrying too much, give us our Thamil Eelam We all can live happily for ever so you do not need to worry about north & east SL or Greater Toronto Area, Western Sydney, Ealing, Durban, Penang, Oslo etc or even UNHR or Indian or USA !!!

    Nalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam ( not inru , ask me tomorrow I will say again Nalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam )!!!

    you moddu chinhalavan never learn !!!!!

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    We Tamil learned hard way ( VP way ) & soft way (Chevanayam way ) unknown spirit in side almost all of sinhalese can not be win by us !!!

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    I agree but we have to do our bit.

    We control schools, universities, police, tax, security, food supply, water supply, hospitals, drugs control, etc., etc. These MUST be used to wipe out terrorists CREATIVELY within 20 years.

    Now it is EASIER NOT to leave a trace.

    We MUST strike back against this treason CREATIVELY.

  18. Voice123 Says:

    Lingam, why does it trouble you so much where people choose to settle and which countries accept them? Glibal unity in diversity – no short cut.

  19. Voice123 Says:

    “global unity in diversity, no short cuts”.

  20. jay-ran Says:

    I’m sorry that I don’t understand what u r trying to convince me.Its true that Muslims and tamils are part and partial citizens of Sri lankan society.But, one thing has to be understood .That is they are minorities, yet they are being given equal and opportunity fair dealsby the Sri Lankan Govt. The problem is tamils think they are more superior than other communities.
    Andy, learn a lesson from USA where the MINORITY BLACKS-ONCE SLAVES who were treated as shits long time ago were ablle to compete with the whites majority as they were very patient and alined with the majority Whites. Simply because the Tamils, who were mainly from India, cannot behave like Tamils in India.Even in Tamil Nadu the lives of Tamils are not so rosy like in Sri lanka.

  21. Voice123 Says:

    Lingam, you have my full support for TOTAL independence for Tamil Nadu as a free country, financially, diplomatically, militarily etc – free from India. This should be GOSL strategy for the long run and the sane elements is the separatist diaspora should already be putting feelers out to GOSL to support this, in return for peaceful coexistence and rapid economic development in Sri Lanka (with spin off for the diaspora also). An agreement of mutual benefit. I invite the diaspora to do this and to invest in a united Sri Lanka, united in support of Tamil Nadu Eelam. Once we are all trilingual, then Tamilians across the Palk Strait will trust Sri Lankans more than Indians. Then Tamils like Lingam can participate as full Sri Lankans safe in the knowledge that “pute” Tamil race and identity is being perpetuated in its rightful homeland, Tamil Nadu. Those SL Thanilar that identify more closely with Tamil Nadu can emigrate happily to a dynamic, rapidly developing and caste-free Tamil Nadu. There is no need then to erase Sinhala, Muslim or Burgher communities etc from Sri Lanka. Pure Tamizham is safe and sound in the Nadu. We can all live in peace.

  22. Vis8 Says:

    Lorenzo: well done! Your list shows who the real “extremists” and “separatists” in Sri Lanka, are: Terrorists’ in Priests’ clothing; any kind of lie/fabrication/photoshop/bribery/ goes here……….. Sri Lanka’d need to be careful.

  23. lingamAndy Says:

    Our name of the game is simple !
    We start with 2.60m(1983?)
    after Eelam war 1 to 4 (33 years) , now =1.60 left in TE +0.8m in western world +0.20 killed( include 7,000 SL govt figure+40,000 C4 figure)
    Eelam war 5 already started so end result will be 1.60 = 1M will be living in western world +.60 will be killed ( why i give higher figure compare with last because noe SL well armed + inteligent services are well prepare ( by help of our own inteligent KP/Karuna/ DD)!
    minorities,- We are majority in TE !

    independence for Tamil Nadu – We are Lankan putha (ilankai puthalvarkal) we only worry about our mother Thamil Eelam (mother lanka) !

  24. Voice123 Says:

    Lingamandi says: “independence for Tamil Nadu – We are Lankan putha (ilankai puthalvarkal) we only worry about our mother Thamil Eelam (mother lanka) !”

    – Lingam it seems you are playing with words again. This time you are not calling us modalkal but you are playing with words. Its all very slippery. If you are so worried about Sri Lanka, you will not want to segregate Tamils in one corner and non-Tamils in another corner. But you display time after time a partisan, attitude that smacks of racism. Secondly you DO care about Tamil Nadu because you are always waxing lyrical about preserving pure Tamil culture in Sri Lanka free from pollution with non-Tamil culture. Get over it. Sri Lanka is a plural country. Furthermore, no Tamil person in the world that cares first and foremost about Tamil culture cannot honestly say they do not care about Tamil Nadu. I care about Tamil Nadu also – because I care about the preservation of Sri Lanka as it is. I want Tamil Nadu to be a completely free and independent country with its own diplomatic, financial, military, linguistic and ethnic identity recognised WORLDWIDE because that is the only way they will stop harassing Sri Lanka. It is the only way our right to exist as a pluralistic country will be recognised by the West and the rest.

  25. lingamAndy Says:

    you are playing with words again- Fully agrred ,We both are playing not only words but also our life !!!
    We both know We are Lanka puthas in Thamil Ilankai Puthalvarval ! We also know We are a family numbers living together last 2,000 years in Point pitro ( Pariththi purai) to Doduhama (Thodu Kamam) !
    As We both have similar responsiblty Tamil Nadu to be a completely free and independent country than it will stop harassing Sri Lanka !

    unless We both can not find a common understading to solve our own eco problm (apart from this their is no problm in mother lanka) We need dance ( baila) for outsider agenda !

    Unit in diversity is long term permanat solution for us !!!
    United Provincial Council of Sri Lanka !!!

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