Balachandran on Sale ?Another Market Gimmick by Channel 4
Posted on February 22nd, 2013

By: W M Rajakaruna

A death of a child, no doubt is a reason to mourn. The disturbing image of a bullet-ridden body of a boy and the pictures of him, said to have been taken a few hours before he had fallen dead; the latest pictures extracted from the controversial Channel 4 video “No Fire Zone” to be released has caused much pain to many.

In this document a picture of a 12-year-old boy with bullet holes in his chest can be seen and the director claims that the boy is Balachandran Prabhakaran, the youngest son of LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran. The director is Callum Macrae, a former reporter at Channel 4, now turned director. It is to be noted that the some of this pictures were largely circulated in the internet and most of them have appeared in the previous Channel 4 documentaries.

For many, who have viewed Channel 4’s previous videos, this is heart-rending as a body of a teenage boy is shown. It is good to highlight the killing of a child in a video, but hasn’t ‘Channel 4’ have a ‘reputation’ of releasing fictitious videos?. What are the motives ? What are its interests ? who funds them ? Why at this time? are the questions that begets an answer.

Indian Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid had said he had seen the pictures and the report on the alleged coldblooded killing of LTTE chief V. Prabakaran’s minor son by the Sri Lankan Army but could not vouch for their authenticity. Mr. Khurshid was asked about the government’s response to the op-ed in The Hindu’s Tuesday edition based on a British documentary featuring the pictures of the killing of Prabakaran’s 12-year-old son, Balachandran. Sri Lanka has dismissed the report as “lies, half-truths and numerous forms of speculation” and suggested such reports make a comeback around this time of the year when Sri Lanka’s human rights situation comes up for appraisal before a United Nation’s committee.

Sri Lankan High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam too responding to the allegations had stated to the media that the photographs had no ‘credibility ‘ and said the photos in the documentary are “morphed” and ‘diabolical’ and deemed that it seems to be motivated for a particular purpose of influencing the debate in the Human Right’s council in the Sri Lanka situation. He added the documentary was the propaganda of LTTE backers and that the Sri Lankan military did not kill Prabhakaran’s 12-year-old son. “Prabhakaran’s son could have been killed in crossfire while he was in a little bunker.

Has the Channel 4 team well and truly missed incidents where thousands of little children including new-born babies were killed in cold blood? The video clearly shows that the so-called investigators of Channel 4 have not done their homework and pretend they were not aware of the ground realities in the North working to a hidden agenda. The history of the ruthless LTTE is full of such gruesome killings where children, despite their ethnicity were chopped, smashed and bombed.

Whilst this is not an attempt to justify the purported death of the of the boy shown in the video, but to remind Channel 4 that thousands of Sri Lankan children, who perished even before they blossomed into their teens, are waiting for justice from Channel 4 to air similar videos of their stories which also need to be heard.

The LTTE massacre of innocent Sinhala villagers to ethnically cleanse the North commenced way back in 1984, with the attack on the two farming villages of Kent and Dollar Farms in Mullaitivu.

LTTE terrorists made a killing field of these two villages and armed LTTE terrorists chopped, gunned down and decimated the village killing 33 villagers, majority of whom were women and children at these two farms.

It the LTTE’s second attack on the Sinhala village – Kent Farm, they killed 29 civilians, including women and children.

On August 3, 1990, the LTTE killed over 147 Muslim men and boys of a crowd of over 300 worshippers who were prostrating for ‘Isha’ prayers in the Meer Jumma, Husseinia, Majid-Jul-Noor and Fowzie Mosques in Kattankudi, a Muslim town 140 miles east of Colombo, in Batticaloa where they continuously fired at the worshippers for over 15 minutes.

In June 15, 2006 the LTTE killed 64 innocent civilians including 15 children in twin claymore mine bus attack on a fully packed bus consisting of the sick enroute to the Kebithigollewa hospital.


The Aranthalawa Massacre on June 2, 1987, where 33 Buddhist Monks: 30 of them young novice monks below 15 years, were gunned down and is considered one of the most gruesome and barbaric killings committed by the LTTE. The monks were on a pilgrimage to a temple in the South when the terrorists stopped and ordered the driver to divert the bus into the nearby Aranthalawa jungle. Thereafter the LTTE cadres went on a rampage, attacking the monks with machetes and swords in a macabre and gory manner.

The Anuradhapura massacre in 1985 was the largest massacre; first the LTTE cadres opened fire indiscriminately with automatic weapons killing and wounding many civilians who were waiting for public transport. Thereafter LTTE cadres drove to the Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi Shrine venerated by Buddhist and gunned down nuns, monks and civilians as they prayed inside the Buddhist shrine.

Whilst withdrawing, the LTTE strike force entered the national park of Wilpattu killed another 18 Sinhalese in the forest reserve, and at day’s end 146 innocent Sinhalese men, women and children in Anuradhapura ended being massacred by the LTTE cadres.

LTTE terrorists stormed into village at around 7.30 pm and killed nine Sinhalese including a one-and-a-half-year-old infant and a 11-year-old boy on April 12 2009 just prior to the Sinhalese new year.

In ” Ruthless” – a video released by the Government eye-witness provide accounts of atrocities committed by the ruthless LTTE which indeed are crimes against humanity.

The two badly damaged buses lay between Vellamullivaikkal and Wadduvakkal, in which forcibly conscripted children: wounded and injured were gunned down by the LTTE in May, 2009, to prevent them being witnesses to the plight the LTTE forced them to be as child soldiers, a grim reminder of the of the brutality the LTTE forced on the children in their final battle before their fall.

An eye witness states “The LTTE brought a bus full of wounded boys, girls and elders who had been forcibly thrown into battlefronts. Two days before the LTTE’s annihilation in the waters of the Nandikadal Lagoon, the LTTE leader instructed his subordinates to destroy their battle casualties, who had been ill-trained and conscripted to fight the advancing military might. Ruthless LTTE cadres loaded disabled and wounded cadres into a bus from the makeshift hospital and exploded the buses, not leaving a trace!

Three victims of child conscription narrate the incident of forced abduction from a Catholic church where they sought refuge. “fearing my abduction, my father sent me to the church and he said the LTTE would not abduct children from the church. But I was there only a day, the LTTE stormed the place and abducted the children. Girls and boys ran hither and thither inside the church while the LTTE started shooting us. The LTTE left only one door open and they pulled out the children – one by one. A woman was shot at as she was obstructing the LTTE from taking her child away.

Vignesh “I hid myself and later heard that the LTTE had taken all the children away. When I went to the church later, I only saw women crying and cursing the LTTE for abducting their children”.

Bala was another child who was snatched away by the LTTE while he was at the church along with many other children. “The LTTE took me to Mullivaikkal to fight”.

It is now the responsibility for Channel 4 which brought up the issue of a death of the 12-year-old boy: as a responsible media – to produce a video to show the gruesome killings of thousands of innocent children who too are ‘Balachandran’s’ for whom they seem not cry nor shed tears. Are they children of a lesser God?

How can Channel 4, which boasts of engaging in responsible journalism, miss the heinous crimes committed by the LTTE? What excuse could Channel- 4 give for those innocent Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim children who were executed by the LTTE for over three decades?

Are they aware of the anger and hatreds of Northern civilians, who fought against the forced conscription of their innocent children, by the LTTE and its leadership? Did not the LTTE leaders hide their children from the public as civilians protested against them for safeguarding their children while the LTTE leaders ordering to conscripted other innocent children to fight their cause?

Is not one such child protected with care, Balachandran – Prabhakaran’s son. This is evident even in the Channel 4 documentary where it is shown that the boy was killed with five of the LTTE bodyguards.

Not only civilians even LTTE cadres vehemently criticised the LTTE leaders as their siblings were conscripted during the final months of the end battle.

“Many families in my village lost their small children”, said the ex-LTTE cadre Raju “they assaulted and killed one LTTE policeman who helped civilians, whom they kept as hostages to flee the government controlled areas.civilians whose lives were reduced to zero came to Government controlled areas and cursed Prabhakaran and his family for destroying their lives”.

Channel 4 and the pro-LTTE fronts are still trying to give a fresh breathe of life to the defunct LTTE. Did not the Security Forces save the family members of their leaders – Soosai and Thamilselvan and other prominent LTTE.

What could preclude civilians and ordinary LTTE cadres venting their anger against and even killing the family of the LTTE leader, who destroyed their future with bloodletting for over 30 long years?

Though the spotlight is forced on this 12-year-old boy, how many boys and girls of his age were killed on the orders of Prabhakaran. Did he and his LTTE leaders not send a schoolgirl blow herself to prevent civilians fleeing from LTTE control? There may be numerous such incidents where the LTTE used the innocent children to commit murder and killing for them.

How ethical is it for Channel 4 to allege the killing of Balachandran on government forces who indulged in a humanitarian operation in rescuing over 300,000 Tamils from the terror of the LTTE? Is it not because of the LTTE’s intransigence that the civilians had to undergo such trauma and hardship till they were rescued by the armed forces, did they listen to the voice and pleas of the international community?

If the soldiers intended to kill family members of the LTTE hierarchy, why did they bring the wife and children of Sea Tiger leader Soosai and leader of its Political Wing S.P. Thamilselvan safely to Colombo and then the Government has even taken steps to secure their future. How has Channel 4 slipped up on this positive story in their videos?

It is strange as to how Channel 4 identified the boy in the picture as Prabhakaran’s son and came into a conclusion that he was killed by the Security Forces.

Has Channel 4 marketed ‘Balachandran’ at the behest of others who wish to achieve their ulterior motives, or aroused by pro-LTTE fronts in order to attack the Government at the UN Human Rights Sessions.

Unfortunately, Channel 4 has missed out on this sadness and the plight and the stories of the sons and daughters of Sirisena or Murugesu or Hakeem, who as ordinary civilians had many dreams for their children. Are they less important? Perhaps thosee innocent children are not marketable like Prabhakaran’s son?

An innocent child, whose killers yet unknown, is on ‘sale’ once again in Channel 4’s latest endeavour ‘No War Zone – the killing fields of Sri Lanka’. The Channel 4 team waits enthusiastically vulture like each year till the UNHRC sessions to release such controversial video to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka.

Human Rights activists will now clamour for action against their allegation in the video, but their silence and duplicity will also be questioned over the many incidents where innocent Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim children were butchered to death. Ironically the question that begets an answer is where was the conscience of these so called independent media when Sri Lanka was under the throes of a war for 30 years.

Now they have suddenly developed a conscience to a few incidents they say happened during the final stages of the war and developed an amnesia to the suffering the civilians underwent over 2 decades due to the tyranny of a despot. The conscience of the so called free media awakens every year only at a given time, and which only tends to open a healing wound. Do they wish for reconcilation? Or is it that they wish to assist the LTTE sympathisers to achieve their goals in a devious manner which they failed to achieve to militarily? Anyway some organisations will market even a dead horse to survive.


10 Responses to “Balachandran on Sale ?Another Market Gimmick by Channel 4”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Those who sent thousands of forcefully-conscripted children who were barely taught how to hold a gun, to man the front lines (cannor fodder), are suddenly the champions of “Human Rights”….. Sri Lanka knows, all too well, who these people are…. opportunists, who’d do anything (fabrication/lying is a norm for them: “anything goes, as long as we get our hallucinated homeland”) to get their means.

    The West has taken opportunity of the remaining ‘terror-money’ of terror-backers, who conveniently took advantage of the ‘war’ to flee to greener pastures. Politicians and media personell in the are paid ‘handsome rewards’ to propagate their terrorist cause. The West is short-sighted: soon enough, the ‘innocent immigrants’ will feel “discriminated” and start clamoring for their ’cause’ again, this time in western soil. This has happened already to some politicians in Toronto who helped these self-proclaimed “refugees” to gain hold on their soil: Several MPs in the Canadian Parliament are separatist Tamils.

    Hope the west wakes up before too late….. Sri Lanka is liberated, at long, long last………….

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Absolute opportunists!!

    I see another side of this.

    VP’s son’s horrific death has opened the eyes of terrorists. This is a good time to bring ADEL BALUSINGHAM graduating LTTE child soldier suicide bombers. AB is a WAR CRIMINAL.

    Similarly, when VP was hammered beyond hope in 2008, he FOR THE FIRST TIME started to APPEAL and BEG to Buddhists!! If the devil is driven to scriptures by BOMBARBDMENT, we know what to do.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Our FOOLISH LLRC failed to identify ADEL as a WAR CRIMINAL.

  4. Nanda Says:

    FOOLISH LLRC was appointed by FOOLISH king. There is no need to talk about past and LLRC.
    Bring up the issue of Balusimgham at the Balu UN forum that UK is harbouring a war criminal. Simple as that. Bring up at the next barking session !

  5. Voice123 Says:

    Why isnt the GOSL trying extradite Adele Balasingham? If GOSL doesnt do it, can private organisations try and have her prosecuted for war crimes? I am surprised with all the blood on her hands, she is going about her business as usual in her well known address in London.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Even the war crimes investigation report handed over to GR recently has NOT identified AB as a war criminal.

    This is outrageous.

    May be we should do a TAMIL TERRORISTS’ KILLING FIELDS video and show AB with terrorists.
    It can also have the REAL clip of the execution video.
    We should also implicate TNA, Kasippu Joseph, Pakiya, etc. as war criminals.
    Brand UNHRC as war criminals for NOT condemning LTTE attacks.


    Meet aggression with aggression; threats with threats; lies with lies.

  7. S de Silva Says:

    SRI LANKA REJECTS HYPOCRISY – Yes Lorenzo, Up the Ante I’d say, just as you say. The Snhalayas with their majority ‘Ling Madiya’ class politicians are asleep. The UN wants ‘accountability’ but only by the Sinhalayas. GoSL has yet not had the guts to state utterly publicly the ‘accountability’ has to apply equally to ALL’ including the LTTE and the Western govt’s who supported and allowed illegally to fund raise. Unless that is formally confirmed, SL should state that such a one-soded request will be ignored – S de Silva – London

  8. Ratanapala Says:

    It is time Sri Lanka told the so called international community that Sri Lanka is willing to stand trial for all the allegations she is up against including war crimes, genocide and human rights violations including those against children but only after those committed by USA, Britain, France,Germany, Netherlands and a myriad other western christian nations including the Vatican are investigated.

    Sri Lanka must simply state this position and walk away as there will not be any justice at the next session of the UNHRC either. It is futile to expect India to support Sri Lanka this time. At least let the world see the injustice happening right before their eyes.

    If GOSL is not able to do this, then it is evidence that they too are colluding with the Christian West, at the behest of the Christian Church in Sri Lanka and their cohorts to paint our valiant war heroes and by extension Sinhala Buddhists as war criminals. The fact that the current administration is in bed with the Christian Church is no secret.

  9. Voice123 Says:

    Ratnapala, many people of so-called “Buddhist” nations are busy killing and eating dogs and frogs and anything else that moves. They describe us Sri Lankans as “Indians”, whom they generally dislike. People of these so-called “Buddhist” nations, including their females are busy worshipping and chasing the almighty dollar. Meanwhile many Hindus in India eg Svaiko and Jeya are openly supporting terror in Lanka – so not much help expected from any of these quarters against the attacks by your so-called “Christian” west. One option left for us. We can always convert en-masse to Islam and we’ll have the instant protection of all the believing nations. You start first.

  10. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Similar articles were posted on Tamil media recently.

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