The Stupidity Of It All~ Will Diaspora Pressure On The Legitimacies Of Wiping Out Terrorism Prevail Or Will The World Bow Down To Their Cooked Up Presentations With Blinkered Vision?
Posted on February 27th, 2013

More Insight By Sunil Kumar

February 28th 2013

Perhaps It needs to be shouted out from the mountain tops to a misguided world that the pressure being applied to Sri Lanka at the UNHRC from many quarters and wherever the Ugly Spector of the issue of antagonism against Sri Lanka raises its head are all sourced by the same entity namely the lobby of the World Tamil Diaspora a very powerful and well organized operation that woulg probably get past the security at Fort Knox even figuratively  as such is their capability.
This wretched albeit forceful entity which seems to have eaten its way into the mindset of all the gullibles in the world on the basis of the hugely falsified sob stories. innuendo and graphically scripted illustrations and nothing more towards any culpability the Government of Sri Lanka  would otherwise have needs to be confronted for its own credibilities!  where to date nothing tangible has ever been presented as otherwise the issue would have been taken up at  the Tribunal in the Hague to bring the alleged accusers to justice but to do this there is no evidence nor statistics in any viable form and on the basis that this has not transpired it is perhaps time appropriate that Sri Lanka’s antagonists called a halt to their tirades and found better things to occupy their time with.
This is particularly applicable to the UN, the USA, the EU, India, Canada and the rest of the motley crew that comprises this bandwagon which in addition to the worthless cacophony they are causing are also attempting to put a spoke in the wheels of progress the Government of Sri Lanka has made thus far after the Tamil Tiger insurrection was put down and regardless of the related rhetoric that goes around about accountability and the rest of the balderdash that points only to the insistence of the Tamil Diaspora’s frustrations there is hardly any outcome that is likely to shake the Nation of Sri Lanka to the core of her existence beyond speculation and raised eyebrows from all the wrong quarters which will soon arrive at a level of normalcy once the salient truth about what transpired in Sri Lanka through three decades of insurrection surfaces!
It is all a hollow and sickening noise that continues to echoe at the UNHRC and turning out to be somewhat of a joke as the reality of it all points to the singlemost issue of Tamil Diaspora coercion where uncannily many wonder why those responsible for this outcry seem to hardly realise that they are portraying themselves as a collective group trying to ressurect the vanquished Tamil Tigers through their apathetically wasted efforts and should put up with something more substantial than the cacophony sans tangible proof or shut up! acceding to the sanest and most rational concept that Sovereign Sri Lanka was rightfully and  valiantly securing her Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity relative to all her citizens who were being tormented mercillesly by the ravages of internal armed insurrection fuelled by those who believed that Sri Lanka could be divided towards their own interests but failed miserably.
Where the world should acollade the unprecedented feat of Sri Lanka  lending much credence to how best to eliminate terrorism where many lessons were provided to the unbelieving and a dangerous terrorist group that threatened to destroy the Nation smashed to smithereens the choice of recognition seems to be in favour of the terrorists and their supportives who continue to carry out their campaigns of disdain regardless of how lopsided the whole thing is!
When a recent quote by a prominent  feature writer points out that “The US State Department did not raise one voice against terrorism then but now the USA moves resolutions against Sri Lanka for the violation of human rights of terrorists. The terrorists in Sri Lanka for thirty years carried out massacres, assassinations, used human bombs and one such human suicide bomb was a woman strapped with a bomb in side her clothes which she detonated killing the young Prime Minster of India Rajiv Gandhi in the explosion, assassinated very prominent and outstanding intellectual sons and daughters of the land, they were ruthless and most inhuman. But these terrorists of Sri Lanka cultivated close friendship first with Eric Solheim of Netherlands and then with the Ambassadors of USA Robert O’Blake and many other Western Ambassadors, who they invited to the terrorist controlled areas where they were entertained.
Hence these Western countries through their Ambassadors did not put them into the same category of terrorists like Al Qaida or Talibans that terrorised their countries, but accepted them as rebels or freedom fighters who want to set up a homeland for the Tamils.

Therefore America and the Western countries wanted to find a political solution to establish a Tamil Homeland for them. Many rounds of peace talks were arranged between the Government and the terrorists but the terrorists walked out half way after discussions and massacred innocent people in Sri Lanka by exploding claymore bombs or suicide bombs after each round of abandoned peace talks to show their antagonism for a political solution.
At the end the Government was forced to resort to a military solution to end terrorism in Sri Lanka.

However despite the demand by USA State Department and some of the Western powers demanding not to resort to a military solution, Sri Lanka which suffered under terrorism for 30 years had no alternative but to fight it out militarily and finally eliminated terrorism.” end quote and surely the only reality that resonates as the acceptable norm with thanks to the writer!

Whatever resolutions the ‘sources’ that view the Government of Sri Lanka as the gulty party, bring forward at the UNHRC sessions in Geneva particularly the USA they cannot carry much weight if they are based on a concerted call by the enemies of the State where there is no tangible evidence that beyond a legitimate defence of sovereignity where the rights of all freedom loving sitizens were protected no huam rights were violated.It is a myth,The protection of rights of all Sri Lankans continue to be done in the various perspectives of re-settlement of the displaced, their well being and a restoration of all their losses if they are legitimate, freedom loving citizens of Sri Lanka, In this sense the resolutions brought against Sri Lanka would beyond a doubt be tantamount  to an impediment towards progress of a nation rebuilding after decades of terrorist insurrection !

The stupidity of it all will then surely be reflected on the Tamil diaspora pressure in great intensity opposing the legitimacies of wiping out  the terrorism which prevailed in Sri Lanka and an unforgiving world falsely influenced by cooked up presentations and falsified statistics bowing down in accedence suggesting blinkered vision and very poor judgement.

It is hoped that sanity will prevail in the end and Sri Lanka continues to grow in confidence that the road ahead will not be impeded by monsters created by the Tamil Diaspora in a vain attempt  to discredit whose effect nonetheless is bound to fall by the wayside.

3 Responses to “The Stupidity Of It All~ Will Diaspora Pressure On The Legitimacies Of Wiping Out Terrorism Prevail Or Will The World Bow Down To Their Cooked Up Presentations With Blinkered Vision?”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Diasporas around the world is upset because they lost. They got their visas still not happy. What they do not think is while they escaped the LTTE forced conscriptions, a lot of their people paid a heavy price. Now after 30 years of suffering they still can’t have peace because diaspora want to settle an old score. As a result of LTTE sacrificing their young and old to the bullet their population has hit rock bottom and Muslims have taken over the areas and their place in Sri Lankan society. They are facing extinction but still need a country for them when they are living in US, UK, Canada etc. etc. Shouldn’t they leave their fellow countrymen to get on with their lives. While diaspora slagging the country they were born, fed, educated free, gave free health care their fellow Tamils left behind suffer more and more back home in the hands of the other two groups. Show some gratitude towards your country which did so much for you. The country gave free ed, free med asking only one thing from you. Leave them alone at least now. You live in Canada, US etc etc and say proudly I’m American, I’m so and so on. Why not Sri Lankan? Aren’t you ashamed? The country you were born is your country no matter where you live in the world. No wonder you have these vote-greedy MPs coming after you. Two of a kind. Let the Sri Lankan Tamils get on with their lives. You know in your hearts of hearts you were fleeing LTTE brutality. Not the otherway around. Visas secured. Now leave them alone please. MPs with a lot of Tamil voters in their constituencies make a lot of noise in the respective countries’ parilaiments. Then the governments in those countries in turn, without bothering to check any facts, especially if the ‘singing-for-his-supper’ MPs from the ruling party become human right champions. These MPs will stoop to any level to secure some votes so they have a job for the next few years. We all know this diaspora fled Sri Lanka to escape forced conscription by the LTTE. They skipped safety of the neighbouring India and went around the globe with their ‘convincing’ stories to this lowly MPs who suddenly became human right chamption for few hundred votes. It is disgraceful these human right champion can’t utter a single word about what is happening in Syria. A real human tragedy in monumental proportions. But champions’ lips are sealed. Not enough Syrian voters. No votes, no noise MPs. Aren’t you those MPs lot ashamed of yourselves for stooping to level of the lowest of the low! Only one word to explain your vote-fuelled human rights campaign. Disgraceful. Disgrace to mankind!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    HRW sex stories about Tamils are EVERYWHERE in Tamil media in SL. Tamil newspapers DELIBERATELY translate them to ADD more into it/

    e.g. The word family has different meanings in the context in Tamil. Misusing it to create the impression that entire families were raped by the army is total BS not even found in HRW report.

    Why Tamils in SL believe this BS? Any fool can see they are FABRICATIONS. Because they WANT to believe! By believing them they can BEG MORE favors.

    GOSL can NEVER win hearts and minds of Tamils. Whatever good they gather, it ALL disappears in ONE BLOW by the LTTE Diarrhea.

    Tamils who support GOSL during the war ALWAYS support. Other Tamils ALWAYS oppose. Stop wasting money on them.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    So this is where HRW got its idea for the script.

    Just changed names!! Other details are the same HRW report. Copy paste job!!

    freed, detention, interrogators, confess, blackmail, fotos, travel abroad after release, shy away from reporting, men

    IDENTICAL BS! Copy paste report by HRW.

    “A Palestinian female freed from Israeli detention said more than 15 fellow Palestinian women were raped by Israeli interrogators to force them to confess to charges leveled against them and collaborate with the Israeli intelligence.

    “Israeli investigators and intelligence officers keep video tapes of the raping to blackmail the female detainees. I have been sexually abused and photographed. When I tried to travel to Jordan after my release and Israeli intelligence officer dumfounded my with the humiliating photos.”

    She asserted that this techniques has been used for years by the Israeli interrogators against Palestinian detainees. “They have used this raping techniques before my detention and continue to use it until today,” said the Palestinian woman who spent nine years of her life in Israeli detention. She also asserted that Palestinian women shy away from reporting such “disgrace” due to the sensitivity of the conservative Palestinian community. The Israelis also, she added, threaten to widely circulate the rape images if any of us take her complains to the public or the press.

    The sexual abuse practices are not restricted to detained Palestinian women alone. In a phone all from an Israeli jail, a Palestinian man told IOL he has not been allowed to put on any cloths since his detention eight months ago. “I haven’t worn my clothes all this period. They (Israeli guards) searched continue to search such around the clock and if we resist they torture us.””

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