This is a kind reminder and warning to the President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his Govt. ! How shrewd the Muslims are on Halal issue!
Posted on March 1st, 2013

by citizen mahinda

The ACJU passed the ball on Govt. to make it a difficult task for the govt. to decide between YES or NO for several reasons.

 Firstly, the Muslims will say their support to MR will depend on how they are treated

 Secondly, the Muslims will say if Halal is not made law by Govt. that the Muslims are not taken as part of the society and have no equal rights, therefore they will instigate international condemnation of Sri Lanka in the Arab World.

 Thirdly, if the Govt. go ahead with Halal and accepted as a Law in Sri Lanka owing to the above two reasons mainly, then the Muslims hidden agenda is being swallowed by the govt. and it will give in the Sinhela Nation to the SHARIYAH Gillotine sooner or later!

If the Govt. swallows the ball, then the Halal becomes legally accepted norm and Muslims will triumph the ” Pot before head” theory and pave the way for their next obvious attempt the demand for SHARIAH law in Sri Lanka in to it’s constitution as the Halal law was swallowed no doubt that itself tantamounts to the suicide of the SINHELA BUDDHIST STATUS of the Sri Lanka.

 The three fold Muslim conspiracy is such that first they get legalize the Halal and when the population is 10 % and up they demand the Shariah law. After reaching 15-20% of the population they start harassing the majority by way of suicide bombs, explotions for mass killing, generating fear psychosis and decimate the majority and other minority socio religious groups (i.e. in Sri Lanka Buddhists, Hindus, Christans and Catholics) which will gradually goes out of control and convert to a Islamic state. Nigeria is the ideal example of the present time.

 This is the hidden agenda behind this Halal (Pot before head / Muttiya daala banalawa) and govt. should not in any way give any legality or acceptance to the Halal law and all such lables or lables depicting Islamic stature should be Eradicated totally from this land or we will come to the streets in millions against it.

 However much the Politicians of the govt. will cover the Muslims, please be aware that they will never vote you, instead they vote UNP and their own racial parties to exert pressure on Sinhela Buddhist people.

 Dear Mr. President, The Sinhela Buddhist majority of the people in this country voted you in 2009 with over helming majority to do whatever drastic changes needed and to bring the country to the fore and correct path in par with expectation of the Sinhela Buddhist desires that were burning for decades since independence, but not to betray us to a bunch of “Fundamental Extremists” in the name of Ethnic Harmony and Inter-religious unity, which are the instruments of the conspirators to decimate the Sinhela Buddhist identity from this country on a systematic approach.

 It is time now to identify the Jackals in Lion skin in and around you advising and misguiding you to the grave if not you listen to the majority Sinhela Buddhist aspirations. Those conspirators in and around you are the biggest eaters of stools from ” Jihad Extremists” and making their bank accounts huge and filling their stomach, after which the stink is overflowing from their mouths in the form of Multi-Culturalism and Multi-Religionism to dilute and decimate the Sinhela Buddhist from this country. 

 This is our only country that our forefathers awarded to us with great sacrifice and we have no where else to go. Therefore, we need no this country be made another Indonesia, Malaysia or a Bangladesh after lengthy bloodshed!

 We warn President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his govt. that we are not deterred by any suppression or even death, that we will de-throne you if you and your govt. ever betray, hinder or damage the Sinhela Buddhist stature of our country by a fraction!

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Sharia is a GLOBAL problem. SL have to work with other countries that have BEATEN these lunatics to destroy them.

    SL can’t do it alone.

    Get help from world class anti Sharia, Jihad, etc. groups. Bring them down to SL and they will do things others can’t even imagine!!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The word shrewed is the wrong one in the header. Crafty will be more suited. It’s laughable this crafty, conniving lot getting the Government involved in this. The reason behind this is, the traitors fowzie, hakeem, bathurdeen etc. etc. can then twist the President’s arm and blackmail him to submission. Where is the UnP (Unpatriotic Party) while this menace of isla meeyo destroying our heritage and our country. If Sinhalese want to keep their only country, they should not have two parties. Tamils have TNA, muslims have SLMC. One party. Sinhalese divided, at each other’s throat. At least now they should give up this two-party system and unite. Failing that, Sri Lanka will join the former Buddhist countries club of Pakisthan, Bangladesh, Afganisthan, Maldives, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia.

  3. HelaPutha Says:

    Israle has recently offered help. Why not take it with caution. We definitely need thier help but need not fall in t0 their traps too.

  4. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    never in the history of heladeepa there had been a leader who had worked appease with murderers, bribe takers, corrupt people as mahinda rajapakse and had sought vote of minorities to stay in power. this is his power base – dismantle that and he will be gone! he will do anything to stay in power giving in to demands of wahaabis at this point in time. he has no principals – he will lecture buddhist monks on human rights and values and show the world, especially the muslim world, that he is a reasonable man. we know jolly well what values he upholds. he has no control over anything as was the case with the war up until the 08/09. Thanks to gota and sf we nailed the tiger saks.

    to stop this halaal menace – all sri lankans who love sri lanka should boycott all products which have halaal certification. that will be death blow to wahaabis and this government.

    It is a good idea to ban on all construction of religious buildings, (even buddhist monks are in agreement that we have enough sites now to worship) including the costly stupa coming up on the way to sri maha bodhi. this way at least we can stop mosques coming up like mushrooms everywhere in heladeepa.

    also bring in a two child per family policy to restrict wahaabis multiplying like rats and producing ‘wahaabi rats’ who mess heladeepa.

    it is time we think of forming a movement to protect buddhism and sinhala to oust all corrupt political parties, wahaabis etc. and seek power to implement the values of heladeepa handed down by our wise ancestors. (we can’t expect english speaking colombons catholics/christians to protect buddhism and sinhala as they would like heladeepa to be an english speaking country with christian and catholic values) during Anuradhapura era we had even jews in the ministry of kings but whoever who protected buddhism was given the mandate by people. with this government or a unp or jvp governments that supreme value cannot be expected.

    at times i think why we waste our time here when these wahaabi sympathisers do whatever they like to seek the all important vote. this is demon gone crazy not democracy.

  5. Senevirath Says:

    citizen mahinda
    send this letter to gotha and mahinda

    we should never ever trust mulims they will destroy all non muslims if they cant convert
    mahinda is not that sraight foward as we thaught but what to do. there is no other alternatIVE. U.N.P ERS ARE .


  6. Muhandiram Says:

    LTTE goons are orchatrating next destruction towards Sinhalese community and the nation,by instigating violence between Muslims and Buddhists.(all those islamophobia calims are wrong,even more than 90 % muslim majority countries are govern by non Sharia law.and 11 Muslim Majority countries are govern by secularism,the author claim is merely Islamophobia).

  7. Ben Silva Says:

    Citizen Mahinda is right. The shrewd muslims have put the government into a corner. We have got into this mess because, the Sinhala Buddhists have been in a deep slumber, giving up desires and seeking extinction rather than building up desires to survive and win and aiming for self preservation. If we lose the competitive spirit, we will not survive. It is time to question some Indian passive thinking.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    If the UnP (UnPatriotic Party) not coming to strengthen the President hand TNA should join the Government. TNA been trying to settle an old score while their lot facing extinction along with the Sinhalase. They lost the east thanks to ashroff. Helicopter came too late for the eastern Sinahalese and Tamils. Now the north west being done by new ashroff, rishard. Sinhalese are divided thanks to UnP. Tamils home and abroad hell bent on settling an old score rather than thinking long term survival. The Law College entrants of just 5 Tamils should ring enough alarm bells among them, home and abroad. But who cares, they want to press the self destruct button first. Camels are delighted!

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    If the UnP (UnPatriotic Party) not coming to strengthen the President hand TNA should join the Government. TNA been trying to settle an old score while their lot facing extinction along with the Sinhalase. They lost the east thanks to ashroff. Helicopter came too late for the eastern Sinahalese and Tamils. Now the north west being done by new ashroff, rishard. Sinhalese are divided thanks to UnP. Tamils home and abroad hell bent on settling an old score rather than thinking long term survival. The Law College entrants of just 5 Tamils should ring enough alarm bells among them, home and abroad. But who cares, they want to press the self destruct button first. Camels are delighted!

  10. Ben Silva Says:

    i agree with Ancient Sinhalaya. Unless the Sinhalese wake up, unite and act, Sri Lanka may end up as an ex Sinhala country. We are nearly there. Many Sinhala Buddhists will defend suicidal Buddhism but will not lift a finger to defend the Sinhalese. The present mess we are in is because, Buddhism wrongly tell us to give up desires and seek nirvana, when we should be developing desires to maximise achivement and self preservation. This is what Muslims and Tamils are taught. If we want to survive, then we need to learn to be competitive. Follow the Japs rather than Indian myths.

  11. mjaya Says:

    Those who are with the enemy will either say that Buddhists should be non-violent (and pave way for a slaughter) or attack the core of the culture the Sinhalese are seeking to defend using fallacies. Out of these fallacies the biggest is that Sinhalese-Buddhists are passive when the overwhelmingly Sinhalese-Buddhist military defeated the LTTE! Now how “passive” is that?

    Peace activists and Ben Silvas are two sides of the same coin!

    Its pretty obvious that our enemies have been hit hard by the infamous “boycott”. So its no surprise that they using their petrodollars to hire everyone to help!

  12. mjaya Says:

    Ben Silva, we know that you left Sri Lanka so long ago. So don’t bother about Sri Lanka, no need for your crocodile tears.

    Also wonder if you have done anything for your country (the UK). Its hard to believe that you don’t notice the creeping Sharia in London. Pretty strange why you haven’t lifted a finger to defend against it!?!

  13. Ben Silva Says:

    Thank you again citizen Mahinda for highlighting the danger. Muslims are very cunning, crafty and aggressive, whilst Buddhists are passive and naive. I can also see a situation in the future, where the Muslims could pose a serious threat. Let me mention a few things. The world is an extremely dangerous place, where all living things including bacteria, have to compete for resources. The driving force for the living is the desire to survive. Law of nature, that is never violated, is the ‘survival of the fittest’ or natural selection, as discovered by Darvin. Our living space has shrunk, because we have not been fit enough to defend our living space, (perhaps thanks to Buddhism) If we want to survive, then we need to learn to compete for resources and also have the will to survive. The Buddhism web follow in Lanka goes against law of nature, because it promotes giving up desires and seek extinction. We cannot ldumb down the will to survive, if we want to survive.The belief of giving up desires and seeking extinction is not ony very dangerous, it is extremely foolish as well, as it will drive its believers to extinction. Only “clever” people like mjaya may find such beliefs attractive.

  14. Amarasiri Says:

    Citizen Mahinda,

    “This is our only country that our forefathers awarded to us with great sacrifice and we have no where else to go. Therefore, we need no this country be made another Indonesia, Malaysia or a Bangladesh after lengthy bloodshed!”

    Not really true.

    Buddhist can go to any other Buddhist or Secular Country who allows for freedom of religions, like many countries in the West or Even India where The Great Enlightened Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from. EVEN THE Sinhalese AND Tamil PEOPLE CAME FROM MOTHER INDIA. However, India is not Friendly now.

    It is my understanding that this Halal thing is blown out of proportion for political ends, and they are using the Muslims and Buddhists.

    For Muslims it is a religious need. For Buddhists, is it an economic issue , a political issue or racist issue.

    In any event, the Buddhists are not following the Enlightened path of Buddhism, anf bringing disrepute to Buddhism in General and Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhism in particular.

    Some of these monks are a shame.

    Why not teach the great teachings of Lord Buddha to Muslims, Christians and Hindus? After all, when Buddhism was introduced, Sri Lanka was Hindu and Ancient Religions.

  15. Marco Says:

    Sri Lankans can ill afford another “conflict” either religious or raced based in the current climate.
    I’m equally thankful the sentiments expressed in this blog are a minority and cannot be taken seriously although certain valid issues are debated and discussed in a reasoned and valid manner without digressing on personal and vitriol attacks.

  16. Voice123 Says:

    Ben says “Law of nature, that is never violated, is the ‘survival of the fittest’ or natural selection, as discovered by Darvin”.
    – This is a one-sided view of the world Ben. I do get your idea about the need to be vigilant and survive. Sinhalese are failing to fight back internationally – but one doesnt have to accept this survival of the fittest mentality to fight back. Darwin is controversial and has been credited with giving rise to ideologies like nazism. There is love and harmony in the universe also which is unconquerable and ultimately prevails. There is a universal principle of “you sow as you reap”. By their own actions the Wahabists, nazis etc will self-destruct – as individuals – even though their ideas will menace the world for centuries. The LTTE and their diaspora seem to be protected by the very darkest, most evil forces the world has ever known, but through our folly we have ALLOWED this to happen. They are still at it overseas and we are not organised or financed to even squeak back. Unless we learn and fight back in the international arena, all memory of us will be erased. One doesnt have to accept Darwin or Japanese materialistic theories to fight back. By the way, the Japanese may be wealthy but generally speaking, they lost their independence a long time ago. They had to watch their cities and civilians being incinerated. Because of this, they console themselves in pursuing desires and being obedient to the West in return for a measure of recognition over and above what other Asians receive. Japs depend on the Americans and the West for everything. They will never dare go against the West on anything. They even change their culture and version of Buddhism according to Western diktates. Today, they are just like good little bejewelled poodles.

  17. Senevirath Says:

    YES DESIRE IS THE DRIVING FORCE, evil force. which makes the world extremley dangerous. –muslims go on destroying the world because of desire. buddhist never try to invade or suppress others BUT fight only for self defence because they know if they donot control desire their will be no dIfference between humans and animals. animals fight for survival andALSO most of the materialistS follow the same way

    mahayana japnese buddhists wanted to conquer the world and started the war and what happened? — hiroshima —nagasaki—…..


    PL.. READ THIS——





  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Please don’t get sidetracked by Ben’s Buddhism related comments.

    The PROBLEM is HALAL. Stay within that topic.

    Some Islamic Jihadists pretending to be Buddhist preach us to “halal saranam gachchami”!!!

    “How shrewd the Muslims are on Halal issue! by citizen mahinda” How true!

    So shrewd that they pretend to be Buddhists. Devil reading from the scriptures.

    Now that Bodu Bala Sena has UNEARTHED a large ILLEGAL halal cow killing place and brothel in Demattakoda, these Jihadists will go loco.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Moscow Mayor says no to more mosques in the city

    The Mayor of Moscow says there are no plans to build a new mosque in the city, and says the ‘excessive’ number of economic migrants was a ‘harmful thing’.

    “It has turned out that the praying Muslims are not at all Russian citizens and they are not Moscow residents. They are labor migrants. There are only 10 percent of Moscow residents among them and building mosques for everyone who wants it – I think this will be over the top,” Sergey Sobyanin said in an interview with Moscow’s Echo radio.

    The top city official went on to say that “Muscovites now get irritated by people who speak a different language, have different manners, with aggressive behavior. This is not purely ethnic, but this is connected with some ethnic traits,” Sobyanin said.

    At the same time, the Moscow Mayor explained that there are no ethnic enclaves in the city and expressed the hope that such enclaves would never appear as closed districts like that usually have a very high crime rate.

    Join the club Russia!! We realized it LONG before you but our foolish leaders are ineffective.

  20. Ben Silva Says:

    tO ANSWER Senevirath, I agree that if we can identify threats and react to stop threats, I have no problems with Buddhism. However, my concern is do we have the mind set to fight back? We have already lost the North, East, Hill country and even Colombo ? Why ? Can we stop the decline following Buddhist ways ? Why have we not stopped the decline upto now using Buddhist ways. Can we stop Halal and Wahabi threat using Buddhist ways. All the evidence from silk route countries is that Buddhist ways made them lose to Muslims. I am keen that the same thing does not happen to us.

  21. Fazara Says:

    People ! The subject is “Halaal” It is one of our requrements of the faith we profess. Simple, If you dont want Halaal,dont buy Halaal, there is no compulsion in anything, you make your choice. This problem is totally a politically motivated one, the final victims will be the innocent muslims ( i can already hear objections to that) and the sinhalese.
    Why can’t you good people keep this debate clean, without name calling? Like the Chinese say, the person who resorts to name calling (Islameeyo) Have you at least once found us making fun of your faith? What nonsense is this , a brothel in an abattoir? You must have frequented that regularly.
    What you are doing is dangerous ,Ben, my brother !

    What I have posted below is something I got in my mail.Makes good reading, for the open minded,decent, rational people who frequent this forum. Think about it!

    When the big international fast food chains came to Sri Lanka they did not have halaal certification. However subsequently most of these chains went ‘halaal’. This had nothing to do with any ‘Islamist’ conspiracy to take-over Sri Lanka. It was a pure case of demand and supply and the pursuit of profit. The same applies to Islamic banking. There is nothing surprising about almost every player in the financial services market providing Islamic banking as bankers want to make money in as many ways as they can. So this whole brouhaha about ‘halaal’ really defies logic. The only reason why the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema [ACJU] is a body of choice for it’s the only body that the Muslim consumers accept and find legitimate and in marketing – consumer is king.
    Therefore ‘Who needs ‘halaal’ certification? It’s certainly not the Muslim consumer but the businesses that crave for halaal recognition. I say this because there was a time before halaal certification. Even then there were brands that had established consumer goodwill and trust to the effect that their products were ‘halaal’. So take away the ACJU halaal certification and market forces will come into play and either some other body will issue the license or producers themselves will find ways to build consumer confidence. In fact all what the ACJU has done is made it easy for anybody to access the Muslim market for their goods and services. It has particularly helped new players to enter the market. To those thinking only in religious terms, ‘new’ translates often to ‘non-Muslim’ as Muslim businesses find it easier to establish consumer goodwill even without certification.
    So as a Muslim consumer, the future of halaal certification does not trouble me. The forces of economics and the fight for market share will ensure that products that meet halaal requirements will continue to be available.
    However what does worry many Muslims is how this ‘non-issue’ is being banged about by a fringe few and made into a national problem. What we see is not an ‘issue’ but an agenda and a campaign of hate with ‘halaal certification’ merely an excuse. They are waiting to pick a fight and so they pick on anything. This is evident in many ways. Firstly despite all the shouting and the screaming we are yet to hear a clear and cogent articulation of the grounds for protest. If there were good reasons then we would have heard it by now.
    Secondly the methodology to put forward their purported grievance are angry protests which are inflammatory and provocative? It is in this methodology that one sees some serious danger signs. If this was a genuine issue then what we would have had is an informed debate and dialogue, not a protest with a pig head on display.
    Thirdly there is also a complete disregard for the truth, facts and honesty. For example at one press conference it was stated that the money collected was being used to fund Al-Qaeda. If this was a genuine allegation then what was needed was not a press conference but a police complaint. Much like the Law College entrance paper being leaked – a lot of noise – little hard evidence. Then they said that the money was being used to buy lands. Evidence? That products will be cheaper without halaal certification fees. Once again – where is the evidence? In fact what we see is that the ACJU can hardly pay for its own certification costs with the fee collected.
    The level of misinformation is comically evident in that some are demanding that they be entitled to consume ‘non-halaal’ products – products that are unfit for consumption by Muslims. It is comical for if food is to be ‘non-halaal’ it would certainly have meat or alcohol and that is something that even the Buddhists who are making the demand would not be permitted to consume.
    Without doubt the ‘halaal issue’ is part of a deliberate strategy of creating inter-communal tensions and scarily, an open clash – with obviously the Muslims the victims. Small pockets of tension and violence are being reported and one waits to see how the government and authorities will respond to this and how far they will allow this to go on. In fact a particular rabble-rouser stated that it was inevitable that we as a society will reverse ourselves by around a hundred years with an open anti-Muslim riot as that happened in 1915. Any of this would certainly not be in the best interests of the Sinhala Buddhists.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    We are SLs too and we DON’T WANT halal.

    Please get your facts right.

    1915 was NOT an anti-Muslim riot.

    1915 was a MUSLIM RIOT. They attacked PEACEFUL Sinhalese and they (Arabs) were beaten to submission.

    IMPOSING halal on us is racism. WE DON’T WANT HALAL. Take halal to Saudi not SL.

  23. Fazara Says:

    Lorenzo, dont speak thru your ……. Were you there in 1915? From what I have read, the “riot” was forced on us by some non-muslims. Lorenzo, simple , no one is asking you to use Halal, You just select the non- Halaal items for your use. Muslims in SL are not all Arabs, learn your history of the make up of the muslims in SL. You guys are speaking emotionally,not logically.
    Attached, is what Nestle has to say about the Halaal Lable. How many other firms will agree with Nestle? only time will tell. Please understand, this is a politically motivated issue. And if you know the real meaning of Halaal, you will be an ardent user of Halaal products.
    Now for the Nestle news release:

    Nestlé Lanka Halal Certification
    Dear All,
    You may have heard of some local consumer concerns regarding the Halal Certification of products, which also include Nestlé Lanka’s products.
    We would like to take this opportunity to clarify Nestlé Lanka’s view on the matter so that all employees are well informed.
    As a multicultural organization and a responsible corporate citizen, we respect and cater to all ethnicities and cultures.
    We have many local and global certifications to ensure that our products are sensitive to the needs of all our consumers.
    One of these is the Halal Certification.
    The amount we pay towards the Halal Certification is nominal and does not impact the retail selling price of our products.
    In other words, there is no added cost to the consumer.
    We hope for everyone’s mutual understanding in this regard.
    If you or anyone you know has any concerns regarding the Halal Certification of our products, please direct them to contact our Consumer Services on (0094) 114724724.
    Best Regards,
    Corporate Communications
    “the advise we give others is the advise we ourselves require”

  24. Fazara Says:

    Lorenzo, a Muslim “riot?” I found the following article, NOT written by a Muslim, which makes interesting reading:

    By Rohana R. Wasala

    Mr K.T. Rajasingham, editor of The Asian Tribune, carried a part of his evidence given before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission in his online daily news publication on September 19, 2010. It contained the following patently erroneous references to the so-called Sinhalese –Muslim Riots of 1915:

    After the Kandyan Rebellion of 1817-18 to overthrow British rule, the British, by a proclamation dated November 21, 1818, greatly reduced the privileges granted to Sinhalese chiefs and changed the guarantees on religion given in the Kandyan Convention. Consequently, it was absurd that the Sinhalese wanted to celebrate a clause in a convention that was no longer in force.

    Also, the government agents of Kandy had informed the trustees of the Gampola Buddhist temple that in taking their annual perahera (procession) in Kandy they would not be allowed to beat drums or play any musical instruments within 100 yards of a new mosque in Castle Hill Street.

    The trustees turned to the courts, arguing that a perahera of the old Kandyan kingdom was permitted in terms of the Kandyan Convention of 1815. The District Court of Kandy decided in their favor, but on an appeal by the government the Supreme Court reversed the judgment. The trustees then appealed to the Privy Council in England.

    In the meantime, Buddhist preachers went about the country urging Buddhists to demonstrate against Muslims. Incidentally, the anniversary of the birth of The Lord Buddha fell on May 28, 1915, and a procession began that night. The celebrations were marred by an incident near the mosque, where some 25 men were arrested on charges of housebreaking and rioting.

    Sinhalese attacks on Muslims continued, spreading from the central province to the western and northwestern provinces until June 6, 1915. Muslims sustained heavy losses. According to available records, losses sustained included 86 damaged mosques, more than 4,075 looted boutiques and shops, 35 Muslims killed, 198 injured and four women raped. Seventeen Christian churches were burnt down…….

    This article is an attempt to set the record straight on the misconceptions that such incorrect and irresponsible utterances might cause among those ignorant of the truth about the 1915 incidents. I am writing in the interests of the unity of our beleaguered nation and the promotion of fellow-feeling among the diverse communities which share Sri Lanka as their home.

    Did you find anything in it to say the Muslims went to Courts? Did it at any point say Muslims attacked other communities? The Muslims were hit, and hit hard.From what I have heard, the then governer had to get down foreign (I dont want to name the country… not KSA!) troops to put down the “muslim” riot as you say, in which the major casualties were Muslims, clearly a case of ” Mata oo gahanawa,oo matagahanawa” Just in case you did not know,
    Our books say “Honour the rules and regulations of the Country you live in” Any muslim who does not follow it,……

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    KTR was NOT there in 1915! In 1915 Muslims attacked Sinhalese. Then they got smashed as a punishment.

    Muslim groups ALWAYS attack other communities. Please read thereligionofpeace. Just look at ALL THE WARS in the world. This is why Jewish, Hindu, now Buddhist, Christian, etc. communities are organizing themselves AGAINST these extremists AROUND THE WORLD.

    e.g. Pakistan, India bomb blasts, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Sudan, Mali, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, USA 9/11, UK 7/7, Libya, SL Beruwala 2009, Chechnya, etc, etc,

    EVERYTHING by Muslims. SL is no exception.

    Nestle in SL can go halal. Nestle is a Swiss company. Nestle in Swiss is NOT halal!!! Double standards!!

    We lived for thousands of years WITHOUT halal certificates. Why now? We DON’T want our food to be halal. Please respect our wishes. We want to CONTINUE to eat food that are NOT labeled halal as we did for 10,000+ years.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers but merciful to one another”
    – Quran 48:29

    This is NOT the approach to peace. If those who follow him are harsh to the unbelievers, the unbelievers WILL BE harsh to them!!!

    This is the ROOT CAUSE of 1915 riot and ALL riots and problems concerning Muslims around the world.

    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh to the believers but merciful to unbelievers”
    – New Holy Quran of Peace 48:29

  27. sawmeer Says:

    Sinhalabuddhism In Sri Lanka

    “A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side” Aristotle

    If Lord Buddha were here now there is one thing he would do- ban Sinhalabuddhism in Sri Lanka! – With apologies to Mark Twain.

    As a Sri Lankan and a Buddhist by faith I take it upon myself, as others have not the right, to define the significant differences between the philosophy of Buddhism as per the teachings of Lord Buddha and what is practiced by the majority in this country under the umbrella of Buddhism. This I do, not to wear my religion on my sleeve but to explain to my fellow multi religious Sri Lankans and others who may be in a confused state regarding the current goings-on in this country by the name of Buddhism.

    To start with the majority of Buddhists in this country who label themselves ‘Buddhists’ are those who were born to Buddhist families. Therefore they did not become Buddhists through an understanding and conviction of the Buddhist doctrine but were simply born Buddhists.

    Buddhism in its pure form is too deep and complex a philosophy to be understood by the average and undisciplined mind; its teachings, therefore, are greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted by ‘born Buddhists’. Hence a majority of those Sri Lankans who label themselves ‘Buddhists’ and practice it as a religion do so with their own perception of the doctrine.

    Therefore what is practiced by most Sri Lankans under the Umbrella of Buddhism is a conjured up blend of ritualism and symbolism that bears no resemblance or relation whatsoever to the philosophy of the Buddha.

    For instance Lord Buddha never asked his followers to go to temple on Full Moon (Poya) days or any other day for that matter and offer flowers stolen from a neighbour’s garden and deposit them in front of a clay or stone statue perceived to be his image. He never told his followers that by doing so a great load of merit would be bestowed on them.

    Lord Buddha never asked his followers to pour pots of water on the ‘Bo tree’ (Bodhi Puja) thereby encouraging it to rot and die. He never told his followers that by doing so a great load of merit would be bestowed on them, deliver them from their misery of a ‘bad period’ resulting in ill health, loss of employment, wealth etc.

    Also Lord Buddha never asked his followers to invite home Buddhist monks to lunch (offer alms) in order to transfer merit to dead people so that they will go straight to heaven. He never told his followers that by doing so even rapists, murderers, child molesters et al will be born as angels in heaven or attain nirvana, courtesy almsgivings.

    Therefore as illustrated above, ‘Buddhism’ as practiced by most Sri Lankans is a theory that satisfies the simple minded uneducated and unenlightened majority of a ‘need’, whatever it may be.

    The root cause of this phenomenon is that Buddhism has no God to appeal to in times of crisis like in other faiths. The average human being needs a supernatural power to look to when faced with a crisis, so the first instinct of a Sri Lankan ‘Buddhist’ is to run to the temple, pile flowers in front of statues, pour gallons of water on the Bodhi tree, visit the Hindu Kovil and break coconuts and even run to a Church and plead with Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saints, etc.,

    All these above-mentioned and more rituals are performed in the fervent hope that one be released from suffering or to gain merit (Pin) in order to acquire more and more materially. Therefore the Buddhist theory of ‘Karma’ (cause and effect) the fundamental doctrine in Buddhism has no place in Sri Lankan ‘Buddhism’ for it offers no divine salvation in times of need.

    This is not to say that there aren’t any Sri Lankans both amongst the Buddhist clergy and the laity who follow Buddhism as it should, but the majority unfortunately, politicians included, observe the other- Sri Lankan Buddhism.

    According to Sri Lanka’s political history it was the late SWRD Bandaranaike who threw scruples to the wind and propagated the concept of ‘Sinhalabuddhism’ much to the detriment of Sri Lanka as we now know. Recognising the fragility and weaknesses of the Sinhalese who were mainly ‘Buddhists’ which made up the majority vote base, he himself a born and buried at death Anglican Christian, became a pro tem ‘Buddhist’ for political mileage and created a mass hysteria under the banner ‘Sinhalabuddhist’ the curse of which has today become the root of all ills plaguing this nation. As ‘Karma’ (cause and effect) would have it Bandaranaike was gunned down by none other but a pistol-toting Sinhalabuddhist in saffron robes.

    This demonic concept of a ‘Sinhalabuddhist’ introduced by the late SWRD Bandaranaike was to become sine qua non for future politicians of Sri Lanka especially in his SLFP to garner votes at elections. The UNP regarded more as a bourgeoisie party practiced ‘Sinhalabuddhism’ more subtly. The late JR Jayewardene portrayed himself as a prima facie Buddhist as per the Dhamma and therefore never openly encouraged ‘Sinhalabuddhism.’

    His successor however, the late Ranasinghe Premadasa turned Sinhalabuddhism into a form of art. Not satisfied only with what ‘Sinhalabuddhism’ afforded him, Premadasa went on to embrace Hinduism as well. With this he set the trend for subsequent politicians to pray to Hindu Gods at various Hindu temples in Sri Lanka and India for more and more of whatever they desired.

    So here we are today in ‘Sinhalabuddhist’ Sri Lanka reductio ad absurdum thanks to the myopic and selfish politicians of a bygone era. We are now nothing but a decadent nation of murderers, rapists, child molesters, rogues et al, with an Idiocracy for a government mostly made up of ‘Sinhalabuddhists’ and a ‘Sinhalabuddhist’ ruler who reportedly assures that “the government, while ensuring religious freedom for all communities by enhancing interreligious harmony and tolerance, is always duty bound to safeguard and foster Buddhism”.

    I believe what he meant was “safeguard and foster Sinhalabuddhism”.

    Today in the name of Sinhalabuddhism, the revered saffron robe donned by disciples of Lord Buddha has been turned by some into a uniform of bigots of ‘Sinhalabuddhism’ who propagate intolerance, cruelty and disrespect of other religions; the very opposite of Buddhism as per the Dhamma.

    As a lay-student of the world renowned most Venerable Piyadassi Maha Thera I consider myself privileged to have had such an eminent Guru of the Buddhist order. Rev. Piyadassi as I referred to him had been a close friend of my family for generations with whom we had frequent interaction. Here was a Buddhist monk who would insist that we sit with him at table and have lunch along with him while I as a curious teenager bombarded him with questions on Buddhism which he answered patiently and clearly. This type of interaction with such teachers is what is required today.

    With Rev. Piyadassi’s demise in 1998, in my eyes at the time, he left shoes too big to be filled. But now I know better. For there are many Buddhist prelates and monks of his caliber out there who are worthy of being revered and worshipped as the true messengers of Lord Buddha’s philosophy and they are those who can guide Sri Lanka’s future Buddhist generations on the correct path.

    If Sri Lanka’s incumbent President sincerely wishes to safeguard and foster Buddhism in its pristine form then it is his bounden duty to disband all those ‘Sinhalabuddhist’ bigots in saffron robes and either rehabilitate them or put them away for good preferably behind bars, so as to ensure they will never sully our nation or the Dhamma again.

    Furthermore, the President must also take it upon himself to bring forth a system whereby our impressionable younger and future generations of Buddhists are taught the Dhamma by intelligent and educated Buddhist prelates as opposed to those stick-in the-mud Buddhist monks who by no stretch of one’s imagination are pristine models of Buddhism to do the job.

    Further it would augur well if the incumbent President was sincere when he reportedly assured “religious freedom for all communities by enhancing inter-religious harmony and tolerance” to consider introducing the subject of Comparative Religion to all schools.

    The primary benefit of this would be to afford our children at a very early age to acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamental philosophy of different religions practiced in Sri Lanka.

    A child who has undertaken such a course of study will undoubtedly have a much deeper understanding of human beliefs and practices and therefore be more tolerant of each other and not feel threatened by the religion of the other.

    This would ideally lead to a finally peaceful Sri Lanka where all ethnic groups and religions could live together in harmony as Sri Lankans under the undivided umbrella of Sri Lanka!

    The question is, are our politicians selfless enough to take up such a challenge?

    *Sharmini Serasinghe was Director Communications of the former Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) under Secretary Generals Jayantha Dhanapala and Dr. John Gooneratne. She counts over thirty years in journalism in both the print and electronic media.

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