UNHRC 2013 Procedural Resolution Means 2012 Resolution Useless
Posted on March 2nd, 2013

Dilrook Kannangara

UNHRC has been ridiculed by many UN members over its short life span. The conduct of UNHRC violates the UN Charter on members and as a result it has become ineffective. Unlike the UN or the UN Security Council, the UNHRC cannot impose any real punitive measures on any country.

According to USA, there has not been much progress in Sri Lanka following the 2012 resolution. Hence, they argue, the 2013 procedural resolution. If the 2012 resolution was binding and effective against Sri Lanka, there is no need of another “ƒ”¹…”procedural’ resolution. A US official has threatened to bring resolution after resolution until Sri Lanka fulfills its commitments to UNHRC. It borders insanity as all these resolutions can be conveniently ignored.

What is driving the entire UNHRC drama is not these useless resolutions, but the threat of resolutions. USA and India hope the threat of resolutions will get Sri Lanka moving on the direction they want the nation to move. Sri Lanka must stand firm and not give in to any UNHRC threats. If the matter escalates from Geneva to New York (UN Security Council), that will be the death knell to the reputation and credibility of the UNHRC.

LLRC recommendations must not be implemented without a wider consultation with all the stakeholders in Sri Lanka. Submissions of a mere 200 persons cannot bypass the democratic rights of 14 million voters.

UNHRC has already distanced itself from the allegations leveled by Channel 4 and NGOs. It is a good start. However, to make the most of the UNHRC comedy that is unfolding Sri Lanka must stand its ground and play the hypocritical game played by the biggest human rights violators, according to their rules. Sri Lanka is a soccer ball or a volley ball in the geopolitical Cold War between the old collapsing indebted world and the brave new emerging world. Implementing LLRC recommendations is the surest way to regime change as they are highly unpopular on ground.

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Since the end of the war GOSL has done a number of blunders and one is the LLRC Commission and its composition. One other is the appointment of Shriani Bandaranayake as the Chief Justice, knowing very well her leanings towards the Eelamist agenda.

    GOSL should have seen to it that a team of patriots well versed in the history of the Eelam conflict were appointed to deliberate on the LLRC recommendations. Now that a team of Colombians, (probably many Sri Lanka hating – devolution loving Christians are there), have been appointed, whole nation has to eat humble pie trying to sieve off trash recommendation not suited for the reconciliation process.

    It is the nation that suffers for the mistakes of their politicians.

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