Yes, the Buddhists in Sri Lanka are getting a raw deal
Posted on March 3rd, 2013

Ernest Perera 

Hold on a second before everyone joins the Buddhist bashing which has become quite a Colombo-topic for the majority populace that prevails and that majority are not Buddhists. This is the only country in the world that a country that has over 70% Buddhists would have less than 14% Buddhists in its capital. Now that is something to really be amused at. So should we be surprised when all the media “”…” print, electronic or even word of mouth that generates from Colombo should be anything but anti-Buddhist? I thought so too.

Lets get these truths out in the open. Take the Island Newspaper. Its ownership may be Buddhist, but take a sample of a weeks newspaper to see how many anti-Buddhist columns the editor produces and he thinks giving a monthly supplementary column for Poya day would balance the daily negative vituperative that comes from the likes of Jehan P, Maureen S and regular contributors who have not a single word of nicety to say about Buddhists at any point and they get full publicity to brainwash readers. The editor does not entertain rights of replies either. Then we come to the Daily Mirror “”…” here you have the regular columnists Pakiasothy, Pinto, Shanie, Tissaranee who never rests but to attack the Sri Lankan state and whitewashing the LTTE and their voices is what ends up being quoted by every foreign embassy and media agency. Then we have the likes of Sri Lanka’s own public officials “”…” GLP’s, Rajiva W, Dayan J’s all personally inclined towards devolution, separation and all these Western-backed notions which have really no appeal or use to Sri Lanka. But by virtue of their positions we can but shiver at what they actually discuss or convey as those messages from the Head of State. Can a nation trust a man who went round the world praising the 2002 cease fire agreement which almost handed over parts of the country to the LTTE terrorists? God knows what he is capable of doing?

Christians and Catholics of Sri Lanka may have been non-Christians prior to 1500 and eventually converted but speaking on behalf of the people I can definitely say that we go to Church not with the intention of handing over the country to another nation or bashing Buddhists as some of us are currently doing. All I can say is that these people are not fit to be called Sri Lankans pretending to be high and mighty they are all probably being paid or given other such remuneration for the manner they are gathering in groups to ridicule the Buddhists.

May I remind all of them that it was these Buddhists who fought the colonials, it was these Buddhists that fought the LTTE sacrificing their life and limb and it is these Buddhists who are seeing the likelihood of their nation loosing its Buddhist identity and that is why these Buddhists are alert. I do not find anything wrong with that. So all these folk making judgements from their confines in Colombo need to first ask exactly what they contributed before passing judgements.

As for all these hues and cries over media freedom. All I can say is that if one just peeps at a fanatical Christian website doing the rounds these days and read the scores of Buddhist bashing articles that are a regular feature one can say there is ample freedom of media in Sri Lanka. Even a MP referred to Buddhists as Taliban so what more do we need to say, there’s another lady, Buddhist she says who is thinking she is the only true Buddhist is Sri Lanka and calling all sorts of names for Buddhists and there are cheers and bouquets for her from all quarters. Then there’s a RM Senanayake whose another die-hard Christian and he too has nothing nice to say about Buddhists either and is all the while churning out reasons for separation of Sri Lanka. I almost forgot, there’s another who worked for the former President. He too is given a column in the Daily Mirror and now he too joins that mudslinging clan.

I can understand perfectly what the Buddhists are saying and they are not targeting any ethnic group and they never did “”…” it was all the work of the Christian dominated media that made out to the world that Buddhists were horrible people. I can say that these were all lies that were churned to suit the agenda.

A few days back I wrote on the halal and without dealing with the issue the Muslims have conveniently found escape in projecting an anti-Muslim notion using their paid stooges, the same people that promoted the anti-Tamil campaign to go tell the world that the Buddhists are after the Muslims. This is insane.

All we need to understand is the logic that if Muslims ate without halal labels/certificates and therefore there is no reason for new labels/certificates on the same food. If the ACJU think anything is haram they can ask the people not to eat the stuff. ACJU has not been able to stop Muslims from taking liquor, drugs or cigarettes so what is this fuss. But the real agenda that the Buddhists have seen through is that the halal notion means that the entire food chain must be touched by a Muslim to become halal “”…” it is impossible to only employ Muslims in the food chain therefore it is a farce but with the steady flow of mosques, loudspeakers and animal slaughter which is against Buddhists and Hindus”¦ the Buddhists rightly fear a situation like what happened to Maldives. When I read about the actual history even I wonder what may happen to the Hindus, Christians and Catholics in such an eventuality”¦.. so I am definitely with the Buddhists in wanting to secure Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka is far safer in the hands of a compassionate religion like Buddhism than the Abrahamic religions. Whatever they say they do not have a proud past to be going preaching to any other religion and that is telling the truth frankly.

So this entire drama of Buddhists attacking the other ethnic groups is all a sham. Thankfully the Buddhists are realizing because they have come to understand that even the politicians are falling prey to the non-Buddhists who are steering the country away from its sovereign status.  Now the Buddhists are reminding their politicians how they came to power and it is not because Jehan P, Paki, Sharmini, the Colombo Muslims, the TNA, Dayan J, Harim P voted for them “”…” it was the rural Buddhist votes and the politicians need a good shaking to remind them of this fact”¦. Because they are showing no gratitude for the people that voted them into power. Now the Buddhists are realizing the ground realities and thankfully they will finally set the country in order.

I do not take those who are paid to write or say what they do seriously because there is nothing original or genuine coming from them when they speak about national topics “¦. They are only told what to say or what to write. We do not need to take them seriously.

How can there be no freedom because every website, every newspaper, every elite in Colombo are all bashing the Buddhists and that is really unfair and unethical and it is downright too low and I for one feel ashamed of what these people are doing.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Bodu Bala Sena is the ONLY hope. I wish BBS slowly moves AWAY from Buddhist only to include others too without ending up like TNA and SLMC.

    They should come to represent ALL peaceful SLs who want SL to be a SINHALA BUDDHIST UNITARY nation where people of other religions and ethnicities also live with equal rights. NO devolution, NO Tamil official language, NO ‘malu kade’ double national anthems, NO halal on every damn thing, NO 13 amendment, NO Kasippu Josephs above ground.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Unfortunately people from your faith or race will never join such movements.

  3. Sahan Says:

    I like your writing. Yet, it is also plagued with some generalizations.

    “May I remind all of them that it was these Buddhists who fought the colonials, it was these Buddhists that fought the LTTE sacrificing their life and limb and it is these Buddhists who are seeing the likelihood of their nation loosing its Buddhist identity and that is why these Buddhists are alert. I do not find anything wrong with that. So all these folk making judgements from their confines in Colombo need to first ask exactly what they contributed before passing judgements”

    fails to recognize the equally valuable contributions given by the other ethnicities to their mother Lanka. I think you would do well to say that Sri Lankans fought for their independence, not just Buddhists because historically, if your views are correct, they would negate the invaluable contributions of remarkable key figures who strived for Sri Lankan independence from collonial rule such as: Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam, Captain Edward Henry Pedris,
    Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan, TB Jayah, Siddi Lebbe and the countless others. Your statement also devalues all the Christians, Muslims and Tamils who are also in the armed forces and fought their freedom. Please don’t generalize, for it is indicative only of your own biases. I hope you did not think the current Sri Lankan army is 100% Buddhist.

    Also, to say that “animal slaughter which is against Buddhists and Hindus” is to say what? That the Buddhists and Hindus are 100% vegetarian and/or vegan now? It would do you well to recognize that, statistically speaking, Buddhists consume over 64% of all beef products produced in the nation at present. I am yet to know the statistic on the consumption of poultry but I can assume that it will only be higher.

    “What is the fuss” about Muslims eating Halal, and being able to smoke, drink, and do drugs. That seems to be a rather petty minded analysis as if to say conclude that all Buddhists don’t eat beef or are averse to animal slaughter. The majority of Muslims in the world are abstinent from consuming the items you named, statistics verify that claim, so I think it wouldn’t do the thrust of your article or its legitimacy well to not simply hurl unfounded accusations by basing your argument on a minority of a people as resemblent of a majority’s lifestyle. If anything Buddhism is a great religion that fosters peace and tolerance, a philosophic torch burning wisdom and peace in the way of Lord Buddha, so be tolerant of others and their faiths instead of succumbing to your own biases, the very biases you try to point out of others, which in turn devalue your own analysis. Thank you for your article.

  4. Senevirath Says:

    u are correct but will christian preists join . they never utter a word regarding muslim invasion. singhala christian clergy is always with raayappu joseph
    only few sinhala christians are with us

  5. Vijendra Says:

    Just see what is happening in Paris by clicking on the link below or copy the link onto your browser.

    Isn’t this the same as what is happening in Sri Lanka too? Have a look and you be the judge.

    I feel that where ever there are muslims, they never adjust to the country they are in, but they try to take over the control by passive/active force, breeding like rabbits and through politics.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “christian clergy is always with raayappu joseph”

    True for MOST.

    But don’t rule out the exceptions. Our DPU had MANY Tamils and Muslims who were damn against devolution, political solutions, peace with Tamil Homelandists, etc.

    BBS need non-Buddhist people INFILTRATE into the enemy terrotiry and cause MAXIMUM DAMAGE to their evil plan, peacefully.

    ANY willing person who stands by these should be INCLUDED in the BBS INDEPENDENCE CAMPAIGN.
    1. SL MUST remain a Sinhala
    2. Buddhist
    3. Unitary nation
    4. without ANY Sharia
    5. and other religious laws
    6. and no seperate laws for seperate persons based on ethnicity
    7. No Tamil/Muslim homelands in SL as SL is the Sinhala homeland.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Some Buddhists like Run-NIL, GLP, Rajiva W, Dayan J are also traitors.

    So it is not STRICTLY based on religion. ALL SL patriots like to be guided by a Buddhist leadership. ALL SL patriots (me included) agree with Anagarika Dharmapala. Anyone who disagrees with him is a traitor.

    We now have a hybrid group of Tamil terrorist women who are married to Sinhalese. They use their surname to give the impression they are Sinhalese!! But they are not.

    1. Tissaranee Gunasekara
    2. Shanie (Jihadi)
    3. Sharmila Serasinghe
    4. Bhavani Fonseka
    5. Whoeverthetartis Thiranagama
    6. Whoeverthetartis Edirisinghe
    7. Whoeverthetartis Zoysa
    8. Nimalka (assumed name) Fernando

  8. hela patriot Says:

    The Sinhala buddhists are to blame for their predicament
    1) who borrows money , prints more money and gives it to the businessman to get more money. Capital creates more capital and the buisnessman are mostly minorities. So you borrow money and steal money in the name of all sri lankans mainly buddhists and gives it to the minorities to earn more money. Sinhalese Buddhists who are mainly farmers, professionals and public servants are not privy to capitalisation. In essence the present economy is anti Sinhala Budhists. We have handed over the economic power to the minorities by pursuing this present economy. To cap it all the buisnessman does not pay their taxes and are involved in massive corruption.
    2) who allowed saudi arabia to build more mosques in sri lanka. In colombo there is a mosque every half mile making call to sala a nightmare to the people living around.
    3) Who has taken away the subsidy on education/health care that has made the pauperised sinhala buddhists deprived of adequate health care and education. They have to sell their houses to address the problems of now partially privatised utilities. These are bought by the minorities who have the wealth.The Sinhala buddhists are economically ethnically cleansed.
    4)Who allowed the Indians now ruled by catholics to dictate terms to sri lanka

    5) For years their is no creation of jobs. Building infra structure and expecting foreigners to bring money only creates more slaves but now we allows the chinese and indians to bring there labour. The Sinhala buddhists are sent to the ME for slavery
    and later conversion to Islam.
    Unfortunately we allow our selves to be discriminated and then we go to town when we feel the discrimination. Bodu Bala seva organisation is the response to years of inaction. This now be once again will be used against the buddhists as being aggressive and violent.
    The Predicament of the Sinhala buddhists are dire unless concerted action is taken by buddhists. For that we need a Buddhists leadership void of politicians to advise and give leadership to the buddhists. Blaming others will not solve the problem.

  9. Amarasiri Says:

    Bodu Bala Sena is bringing disrepute to Buddhism is the general consensus.

    Even the True Buddhists know that.

    They know they are not following Lord Buddhas teachings and calling themselves Buddhist. They are tired of being apologists fir Budu Bala Sena. True Buddhists want to distance themselves from Budu Bala Sena.

    It is like Al Queda calling themselves Muslims, when the vast majority hates them. The same is beginning to happens to Bud Bala Sena.

  10. Ratanapala Says:

    Lorenzo, here I do not agree with you. Bodu Bala Sena should not have anybody other than Sinhala Buddhists with good credentials. I have seen time and again how organisations get infiltrated by enemy agents who finally and within a very short span of time destroy the organisation by taking them astray and away from their objectives. They are not yet ready to overcome the wiles of their distractors and enemies.

    Once in the early Eighties, the opposition to JR formed a coalition of forces called the Janatha Raliya. They had their first meeting at Thun Mulla. At this time we heard from reliable sources that JR has wowed to break up the movement. We had a very successful meeting at Kandy. By the time we had the third meeting at Panadura, Janatha Raliya was in disarray. He got one of his agents into the movement and it was enough to bring to naught the weeks and months of painstaking work put in by the original organisers.

    I watched with horror when some Muslim gentlemen said they are willing to join Bodu Bala Sena to fight against unlawful introduction of Halal to Sri Lanka. Bodu Bala Sena must be wary of any outsiders and keep their organisation to only those who can be trusted 100%. They are making a good effort, however they must not fall into the trap of going against the ruling party; their rule must be to give support and good advice and prevent them from going astray from their base foundation the – Sinhala Buddhists. For the time being Bodu Bala Sena must not try to chew more than they can bite! There is much they can do simply organising the populace to see the truth about the position and unfulfilled aspirations of Buddhists since Independence. Highhanded acts simply gives into the enemy to project them as bigots, racists and anarchists – which simply is not the case.

    Although much is promised as enshrined in the constitution, Sinhala Buddhists remain to be a polity that is taken for granted by both major political parties in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese Buddhists simply provide the votes, the muscle to fight wars but get humble pie all the time while all the milk and honey ends up feeding the traitors- the unpatriotic minorities.

    If the Christians, Hindus or Muslims are interested to fight against injustice then they must form their own organisation and work on their own steam to show their interest in the issues and their dissent against those who are doing grave injustice to the majority community in Sri Lanka. If willing they must join Bodu Bala Sena on their own steam and under their own flags. They must simply ask the question where in the world a majority community is so forgiving to all the injustices that are perpetrated on them. If the roles are reversed can they expect the same treatment that they get in Sri Lanka in another country.

    As for Ranil, and Dayan J are not Buddhists. Ranil only masquerades as a Buddhist – both his parents are Christian, his uncle was the Bishop of Colombo. In fact most of UNP are Christian or Catholic at least the ones that matter. Rajiva I am sure is a Methodist or some other denomination other than Catholic. Dayan J’s father – Mervyn de Silva was a Christian and his whole agenda is the Christian Agenda for Sri Lanka. As for GLP I do not know – for all purposes and intents he is a Colombian with Colombian values with no empathy for the Sinhala Buddhists. He was a devolutionist now playing a different tune to suit his personal agenda. He simply doesn’t have the charisma to be the Foreign Minister or the Minister of External Affairs of Sri Lanka.

  11. Amarasiri Says:

    What was in Sri Lanka Before Sinhala Buddhism was introduced to Lanka?

    Sinhala Hinduism? Sinhala Ancient Worships?

    What Happened to Sinhala Hindus?

    Are there ant Tamil Buddhist or Sinhala Hindus? They all love Lanka

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Yes. There is the threat of infiltration by enemy. IF that happens everything is LOST.

    Then what should happen is ALLOW non-Buddhists LIMITED responsibilities. Like Tamils in DPU, Karuna Group, NIB, etc. in war.

    When Olcott, etc. came to SL, he was NOT a Buddhist. But he served Buddhists very well. My point is it CAN BE DONE with BBS on a case by case basis.

    HOWEVER, the main thing NOW is to HELP BBS CONTINUE without rocking the boat. If including others rocks the boat, then others should keep out.


    Sure. But let BBS continue. That is the MOST important thing now. SL has NO other hope!!

    IF there is ANY other hope for SL, please tell me?

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    BBS is NOT promoting Buddhism. That is NOT their task. There are 50,000+ temples and 100,000+ monks for that.

    BBS is only providing a VOICE to the VOICELESS Sinhalese Buddhists. Buddhism survives in SL ONLY if Sinhala Buddhists survive. Otherwise this will be like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nalanda, Maldives, Indonesia.

    IF halal killers and yonibillas LISTEN to the Buddhist Dharma, then there is NO need for BBS.
    IF BBS doesn’t come forward, no one will.

  14. Senevirath Says:

    What ever it was 2600 years back this country became a 100% buddhist country. And stil 70% are buddhists with all the harrasment done by other religionists and ” fake buddhists”‘ who joined buddhists for various reasons.

    Before all these main religions there had been so many””” kinds of religions”””– worships– but who cares?

    All most all the people who came to this country before 1505 became sinhala buddhists . even waduga kings were buddhists. they were not converted by force like in other religions . they became buddhist because they found out that there was no ” preist craft” or slavery in buddhism. they wanted to enjoy freedom
    others might love the land not the culture.
    they want the land to build a homeland

  15. Ben Silva Says:

    I would agree with hela patrioit that ‘The Sinhala buddhists are to blame for their predicament’. My analysis is that passive, lethargic, non competitive nature of Buddhism, promoting extinction should take the blame. Just see what happened to Buddhist countries in the Silk route and Nalanda Buddhists and so on. Buddhists have lost the will to fight in a competitive world. They are constantly told that the world is full of suffering. It is, but give a dam good fight to survive – This bit is missing.If we blindly follow certain Buddhist beliefs such as giving up desires, instead of competing and becoming active in the economic and financial fields, by maximising desires to compete and win, then eventually, we may follow Nalanda Buddhists. Any one interested in motivation should watch FRANK DICK on youtube. Google ‘Frank dick motivation’. A mind poison has been put to the Sinhalese by Buddhism. I have to say Buddhist precepts, mindfullness, meditation and way of life are excellent. We have to be able to separate good from bad and use Buddhism intelligently. Buddhismj also has to be safeguarded and protected as it is our heritage. Unfortunately, there are some ‘clever’ people, who want to give up desires, prefer to end up as no body and seek extinction as an easy way out.

  16. Voice123 Says:

    Ben Silva apparently “extinction” only has negative connotations because of the English translation and idiom. If you are too immersed in a Western mindset you will interpret it as “extinction”.

  17. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    ‘Just see what happened to Buddhist countries in the Silk route and Nalanda Buddhists and so on.’ ben how many times you have written this? aren’t you tired of this? we certainly are! how boring it is the same old sentence repeated every time you write something – you don’t need to enlighten this elite forum through this crap! we jolly well understand what you vainly attempt to tell the world. for buddha’s sake write something new. as i said before you must have desire, even desire to enter nibbaaner – so where does your argument stand?
    how many times we have to tell you we can kill our enemies when time comes with all our believes in nibbaaner, meaning no desire or no movement?
    how many times we have to tell you that we can compete with others in every field and progress along – what a stupid argument to say that to shed buddhism to achieve what we need – even during buddha’s time there were very rich people who were followers of buddha – have you visited jetavanaraameryer? do you think that complex was built by a non- buddhist? take your foolish arguments some where else man!!!! if you can’t write something sensible please do it some where else. i appreciate everything you write but don’t write this ‘dropping some aspects of buddhism’ to follow progress. be a true buddhist not a partial, second rated bum buddhist.

  18. Ben Silva Says:

    We need a Sinhala organisation to protect the Sinhalese and the hela homeland. BBS is a GOOD START. There are many organisations that protect Indian Myths, but they do not care a thing about the SiNHALESE. All they want is protect their Indian Guru and master.

  19. Senevirath Says:

    BUDDHA PREACHED AGAINST :indian myths” LIKE HINDU “sathi pooja cast system and preist craft ETC ETC





  20. Ben Silva Says:

    Senevirath,According to the article by EP, THE Buddhists in the Capital are less than 14 percent. I could interpret the stas as Sinhala Buddhists in the Capital as less than 14%. Looks like within a short time we have become a minority in thev Capital. Also we have lost the North, East and hill country. If this rate of decline continue, the future is bleak and somebody ought to ask the reasons for the decline and how to stop the decline. I have given my theory. Just see if I am right instead of hurling abuse. If you blindly believe in unproven Indian myths that even Indians have rejected, then we will be the poorest o the poor. During British time, Sinhala Buddhists were third class citizens in their own country – Why ?
    I had to quote the Nalanda DEBACLE DUE TO SEVERAL REASONS:
    1. It is a significant event and turning point in Indian History.
    2. It gave evidence as to what happens to Buddhists who followed the silk route type Buddhism. The Buddhist believers got wiped out and killed, a pattern that was copied in several countries in the Silk route. The BUDDHISTS WERE SO PASSIVE AND lethargic that they did not run away or fight back, believing it was Karma. Nalanda debacle shows clearly, what will happen to Buddhists who follow myths.
    3. Indians learnt from Nalanda debacle and realized Buddhism will not save them and they dumped Buddhism.
    4. Even Sikhs learnt from Muslim aggression and changed their religion.
    5. Sinhala Buddhists refuce to learn from Nalanda debacle. We even refuse to learn from our own decline.
    7. Sinhala Buddhists appear to do nothing to stop our decline and still follow this giving up desires stuff when Tamils and Muslims do the reverse and get powerful in the economic and finance field. Still we refuse to learn, following Buddhism blindly and being scared of facing challenges, fearing suffering. We refuse to accept ‘no pain no gain’ and prefer to stay lethargic fearing suffering or ‘dukke’.
    You mentioned Dutugamunu. It is certainly one glorious era. That era has not been repeated. The Sinhalese gradually declined that the Kings had to move the Kingdom to Kandy to escape Tamils. They say even the Last Sinhala King was a Tamil. Please check our history – Shows gradual decline.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    What Ben says is RIGHT (EXCEPT his theory relating to Buddhism).

    We have 2 options.

    1. Continue to DENY facts. (Sinhalese have been chased out of Colombo, north, east and upcountry).
    2. Do something to REVERSE the decline.

    What if all Sinhalese have is a GLORIOUS PAST and what Arabs and Tamilians have is a GLORIOUS FUTURE?

    This is where it is heading. We must stop it and reverse it. I don’t think the root cause is Buddhism.

    Look around. Who is doing SOMETHING about it? Buddhists.

  22. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    ben – i truly appreciate what you are hinting but that doesn’t mean we need to dump buddhism – only fools like indians would do that. buddhism was never ‘dumped’ through intellectual thinking as you think in your small grey matter area but was ‘destroyed’ by brahmins and moghuls, systematically. maybe indians didn’t fight the enemy well as they never had a country under one ruler, except at the time of anglo saxon ungulates. this was why sikhs came into being to fight the anglo saxon ungulates.
    how many fronts we need to fight? we need to fight anglo saxon ungulates, the tiger tamil sakks, the wahaabis sakks and the english speaking intellectual colombon sakks.
    but as you and i propose we need a solid movement to fight them head on, right now i don’t see that. well last kandyan kingdom was run by telegu kings fro 400 years who are not modern day tamils. however they embraced buddhism to get the mandate of the sinhala buddhists. who says we are lethargic – where were you when we wiped the tamil tiger sakks outfit? true when i travel in colombo in buses or visit malls the language you hear is tamil!!!
    because the wahhaabis instead of speaking sinhala, speak tamil. just imagine i was there 2010/11 and now just after 2 years a dramatic change. but we will solve this problem too but not with these corrupt politicos around, who seek the vote of wahaabis and their money. things are brewing up, you just wait and see.

  23. Senevirath Says:



    SEE THE MINISTER S. B.. IS AGANIST B.B.S ( soudi banda d>>>>)



  24. NAK Says:

    There is no denying that what the BBS is doing is the need of the hour. But,since they call themselves buddhist, their behavior should be in keeping with buddhism. It is better sooner, rather than later they realise that their rowdyish behavior gives a bad image to all the buddhists and also negates the very achivements they make. Also it is very important that they clearly understand and demarcate their limits,especially when they try to force the government to do certain things. Tactfulness can not be replaced with brawn.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    BBS has ALOT to learn and refine. I’m sure they will as time passes.

    But the most important thing is BBS is there for SL and active.

  26. Ben Silva Says:

    Sunil Vijayapala, You have said, with reference to dumping of Buddhism by Indians, ‘ only fools like indians would do that’ My opinion is that Indians are not fools. They realised the danger of following Buddhism and Buddhism never revived in India after the Nalanda debacle. Fools are people who do not learn and evolve. Indians learnt and evolved where as we have not. India and China are predicted to be powerful countries in the future. Since China became Communist, religion was actively and strongly discouraged. Since China dumping religion, along with Buddhism, China has become an economic power house. Any one giving up desires and seeking extinction would end up as poorest of the poor. Any one with a bit of common sense would know it. In fact if we continue on the path of giving up desires,, we will not only be slaves of Arabs, we will be slaves of Muslims and TAMILS AS WELL. Instead of giving up desires we should develop desires to achieve potential and aim for self preservation rather than aim for extinction. Only time giving up desired is justified is if a person is too sick or too old to do anything. Only utter fools would give up desires to achieve potential and aim for extinction. Tamils and Muslims do not have these strange/insane aims as giving up desires and seeking extinction – only the Sinhala Buddhists have these aims. No wonder they have a “clever” label attached to them.

  27. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    can u name a single sinhala politician who has no desire and headed for extinction, they are the administrators (actually traitors) – as i said before one needs the desire even to enter the path. stop your bull shit repetitions and go some where else as you did sometime ago – your silence period. i welcomed you back but now i feel you should go to extinction. during buddha’s time there were 6 heretics (i have said this before few times) they were called heretics as they never believed in a god. and they denied buddhas doctrine too esp. that nigantaya who vomitted blood at death. mahaveera. however there was this sanjeeva belatu putta who said ‘ all fools will come to me and wise ones will go to buddha’ just to admire what sanjeeva said buddha went on with the following, stated in dhammapada ‘ a fool who thinks he is foolish, is wise to that extent but a fool who think he is wise is a fool indeed’ well history repeats isn’t it? you may be the reincarnation of this stupid fool who says sinhalese are stupid who have waged war against tamils for 2000 years and still are and survived! will will eliminate wahaabis too in the not too distant future you just wait and see you good for nothing man!. your ‘clever’; tamils were disproved at katubadde technical college during early 6os when foreigners were lecturing at inception of the institute. they found sinhala were clever than tamils dismissing the myth that tamils were better at math, engineering etc.

  28. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    above comment to ben silva

  29. Ben Silva Says:

    sUNIL, Thank you for inviting me back. You appear to be full of anger. You need to calm down, othwise you may get high blood pressure. I am going to return a favour to you and show you meditation. You need to select a phrase such as ‘Om’, preferred by Indian gurus,close your eyes, breath through the noise and repeat the phrase for about ten minutes to calm you down. By the way, are you a INDIAN RAW agent or a Tamil agent. Your support for Indians and your wish to make the Sinhalese slaves make me believe that you are an Indian or a Tamil agent.

  30. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    big ben strikes again with the same old chime but this time there was no nalanda and silk route.
    ‘By the way, are you a INDIAN RAW agent or a Tamil agent. Your support for Indians and your wish to make the Sinhalese slaves make me believe that you are an Indian or a Tamil agent’ ben from which clause of mine you got this impression? well anger stems from reading stupid material like what you write. if you write something sensible, as you do sometimes, people will applaud you. you have being labelled ‘gon’ silva by this forum rightly, just keep it up. you are just a mix bag ben.

    helaPutha oh ohh….. i assumed there was only one fool in our midst now we have 3 including me – well even buddha was called a fool, donkey, bull etc. so you calling me, this puthajjana fool is admissible in this forum. fool is a relative term, even buddha called heretics who had reached even jhanas, fools as they never comprehended his 4 noble truths. ‘You are a bloody FOOL, Sunil’ actually i am a fool, you are right, to suffer in this samsaara, meeting people like you and big ben ‘gon’ silva.

  31. HelaPutha Says:

    I remain your friend, Sunil, agreed we all are FOOLS.
    Gon Silva is the SMARTIE OF THE CENTURY.

    Ask your friend not to distrub me. Let me fight this bloody fool.

  32. HelaPutha Says:

    You are smart enough to guess who I am. We are on exaclty the same boat.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets look at it logically without fighting each other.

    IF what Ben says is true (Buddhism —> leads to —-> Extinction), then what should we do?

    Convert all Tamils and Muslims to Buddhism (so that they will go extict and SL will be safe from TE and Wahabism)!!!
    BTW Sinhalese have PROSPERED with Buddhism. Before that even our kings used to hunt animals like Obama. USA is 2000+ years BEHIND SL in morals because of Buddhism.

    So EVEN IF Ben is correct on Buddhism (for argument sake), the SOLUTION IS BUDDHISM.

  34. HelaPutha Says:

    You have been consistent since you started commenting on this forum and I am your friend too. I may be against Israle as a principle but lets keep that there and be unite for the common goal.

    Sunil is my friend for 18 years ( I will disclose when I meet him next).

    You are smart enough to identify me ( no need to disclose) as well as to accept that GON SILVA is a FOOL who is talking nonsense adding no value to our debates.
    So, please do not go on praising this true COWARD OF LANKA WEB. He has not joined with clone to launch FIGHT AGAINST BUDDHISM. We will defeat the coward who pretend to be a patriot.
    I too seek extinction everyday but I will fight to death beat the bloody coward first.
    Please do not let this GON pretend.

  35. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    helaputha – who the hell r u? i am not smart enough to know who u r? for 18 years u knew me? the only identification i have about u now is that u have gone down to the level of this fool ben. well i have been writing to lankaweb from inception but does that take back to 18 years? i don’t know why u people use nicknames – whom do u fear? i used my name and location even at the height of tiger sakkili war in this forum. i never feared to reveal myself. so i challenge u to some out of your shell and reveal urself and also vis8 and voice123 etc. etc. of course it’s ur prerogative to be just a nick or a nikama(in sinhala)

    ben may have being mislead by his foolish nonage argument of extinction, buddhism and sinhala consequence. that is his view – we need to respect this fool’s argument, although it sound stupendously foolish. we are wise relatively because you find fools among us. i have no respect regard for mahinda rajapakse. if u guys know what i know about this man – (recently I was at beliatta with one of his cousins) you wouldn’t even call him HE or sir or even president of sri lanka. also please you and ben and others should join me in my campaign to de-capitalise english language and to ridicule it. its so easy to write english in simple letters – pl. try it. we must hit at anglo saxon ungulates, wahaabi sakks (go ben!), tiger sakks and indian sakks.
    where are dham? nanda my real friends? in fact ben keeps us entertained just like he did sometime ago. big ben chimes like this ‘ silk route, nalanda, nibbana, sinhala extinction and wahaabi invasion’ this fxxxxx is not a simple fool but a real educated fool he talks sense and non-sense at the same time.
    lorenzo – i am not fighting here – it’s just pure entertainment for me – i remember when i had a go at that pathetic intellectual fool priyantha w(whose english he himself wouldn’t have understood) – unfortunately the editor, my friend, kicked him out – but i wanted him in this forum like big ben silva – mooge valige thibbanam maraagane kanna thibaaa!!!!!

  36. Nanda Says:

    Sunil Ayya,
    I am back.
    “mooge valige thibbanam maraagane kanna thibaaa!!!!!”
    “this fxxxxx is not a simple fool but a real educated fool he talks sense and non-sense at the same time.”
    – very very unBuddhist.

    If I say such thnings I will also be kicked out like PoW. Your good kamma of having right firends at right places. But your friend will earn bad kamma by sensoring me all the time for no reason – ture discrimination.

  37. Voice123 Says:

    SV, I am here to freely discuss ideas, and learn a bit, not get stuck on issues of personality and nomenclature.

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