Get Tough With Young Thugs Who Act Like Roughnecks On The Strength Of The Political Clout Of Their Parents!
Posted on March 9th, 2013

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

March 10th 2013

If Sri Lanka was liberated from the scourge of terrorism by the present Administration has it provided a platform for roughnecks and thugs of another kind inadvertently perhaps, to perpeterate acts of violenece, cause fear among the public and desecrate places where tourists flock in vast numbers to enjoy the tranquility and peace they offer yet are subjected to the horrors of unwelcome guests who force their way into these places by virtue of their connections and end up causing disgusting mayhem like what transpired at the Pasekudah Beach Resort recently?

And to add insult to injury~ forgetting the pun~ some of the parents of those responsible attempting to downplay the seriousnes of these violent acts using adages such as “boys will be boys!” need to wake up to the reality that these are not boys but grown men with latent criminalities who need to be apprehended and punished in a manner that will convey the seriousness of their behaviour by example. That it needs to be confronted and dealt with effectively would be putting it mildly as it is becoming a growing menace where impunity is taken for granted and the freedom of the individual violated in a land which quite ironically is sometimes refered to as resplendent albeit also being accused of human rights violations, existence of underworld gangs, attacks on tourists and even prominent local musicians whose song lyrics are found to be offensive by some and subjected to the shameful criminalities of similar vein involved ~ assault with serious injuries resulting!~ so where does the buck stop one asks?
This is an incident where a powerful Minister’s son and his friends thought nothing of brutally assaulting a young man who was heavily outnumbered. The son of a DIG who had demanded that he be shown the images of photographs taken in a public place which he infered was contentious and offensive to the public, rightfully so it seems which was a simple request on behalf of decency and in defence of ladies present where drunken and disordelty behaviour had led to contentious photographs being taken by a few indiscriminate would be ‘Paperrazis’ aka local punks !
Perhaps the victim by virtue of his father’s designation as a high ranking police officer may have made a wrong judgement call towards what became injurious to him, resulted in hospitalisation and not in conventional wisdom unless he had backup. He was set upon while his wife looked on helplessly. Eyewitness reports suggest the assailants acted as though they couldn’t give a damn about reprisals and the manner in which events unfolded with brash arrogance confirmed their confidence and as we now know was led by the son of a prominent and powerful politician both of whom are surely liable for accountability. They also did not appear think that their conduct was socially or morally unacceptable which if they did would in all probabilities not have brought about this incident in the first place.
This is what the Administration needs to come to terms with and settle towards closure in the best interests of decent Sri Lankan society regardless of the influences and political clout of those involved as this kind of scenario has gone on for long enough. Apprehend the young thugs and punish them for bodily harm and disturbing the peace at a popular resort! Man stringent security around all places where tourists and peaceful holidaymakers gather and show no leniency to those involved in activities such as these where it has become more than a breach of the peace or an ordinary brawl amongst drunken youth where the element of intoxixation however does seem to have had some bearing on the violence involved while tarnishing the image of what otherwise is a tranquil and beautiful resort!
Already there are rumbles amongst the world community of tourists and other visitors to Sri Lanka that it is becoming dangerous despite the Tamil Tiger terrorist problem being eliminated and if steps are not taken post haste what has happened to parts of Mexico now dubbed dangerous for tourists will soon become linkable with Sri Lanka also which could have far reaching consequences from many perspectives, the income generated notwithstanding.
Round up these young thugs despite their high connections and subject them to the laws of the land which should take precedence over their blinkered clout and take all the preventive measures needed towards a recurrence!

7 Responses to “Get Tough With Young Thugs Who Act Like Roughnecks On The Strength Of The Political Clout Of Their Parents!”

  1. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Indeed so! We cannot have all the good work done by the President come to naught because a bunch of ignorant and misguided offspring linked to the administration as children of their honored parents bringing disrepute to them as well as the nation.They need to be taken by the scruffs of their collars and hauled in before the Justice System and punished.This must bring a lot of raised eyebrows over the impeachment of the CJ especially so if these thugs are let off the hook which makes many wonder what kinf of law prevails in the country?

  2. helaya Says:

    Could not agree more. If this contunes we loose turist industry. Where were these kids during our heros sacificing lives to liberate our country. Shem on them and their parents.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    Agreed. If these political thugs arent stopped, we will end up like parts of India where the underworld sets the political agenda.

  4. Marco Says:

    You only have to attend Fri/Sat nights at Colombo hot spots to witness the roughnecks with Ministerial bodygoons.

  5. douglas Says:

    I am glad at least you have come forward to highlight this “Achilles’heel “of the Rajapakse administration.

    Marco, you are absolutely correct. It is a nightmare to be even in a reputed Tourist Hotel during the week-ends. This had spread even to other Tourist resorts around the country.

  6. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    See also the item in the Sunday Leader captioned Ministerial Brats Running Amok ~ by Nirmala Kannangara which gives a detailed breakdown of a list of attrocities which is a shaneful exposure of a growing scourge. where attempts to downplay or coverup by the parents of these young raises many eyebrows as to why stringent punitive action is not being taken to discourage it ?

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    BOTH SLFP and UNP thug sons must be stopped, not just SLFP.

    Last week a UNP PC MP thug attacked foreign tourists and another UNP thug attacked a female army soldier.

    And JVP too. Former JVP MP killed by JVP for going against party last week.

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