Jayalalitha cries for Indian fishermen arrested for fishing in Sri Lankan waters!
Posted on March 15th, 2013

Asada M Erpini 

“Angry Jayalalitha asks Indian PM not to embolden Sri Lanka” is the title of a news report in the local media that appeared on 14 March.  The well-endowed lady, at the helm in Tamil Nadu, should wake up from her dreams and enter the real world: the days when she mesmerised the illiterate Tamilians, doing her so-called dances with her benefactor MGR in Tamil films, the latter also creating the dubious and the not-so-enviable foundation for her to build her edifice in politics, are long gone.

 If Indian fishermen poach in Sri Lankan waters, they have to be arrested. Period. There is no point in the woman blaming the Central Government of India or its Prime Minister for the silence on the matter, which according to her, “emboldens Sri Lanka and increases its belligerence”.  

 Sri Lanka’s millstone about its neck, for the past many decades, has been that it did not stand for its rights. Tamils who descended on Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu had been calling the shots, and the ever-accommodating Sinhalas have been taking everything lying down. This was the case with the massive numbers of indentured labourers brought in from Tamil Nadu by the British to work in the tea plantation, until Pirabhaharan and his gangsters took over that role.

 Tamils who emigrated from Sri Lanka in search of greener pastures to Canada, Norway, the USA, the UK or Australia, but not to Tamil Nadu which is a mere 30 Kilometres away, have been ganging up with their local politicians or pro-separatist UN officials, and are having their regular circus of attacking the island nation, which had given them free education and free health care, of “Tamil genocide, war crimes and discrimination of Tamils in Sri Lanka”. All that Sri Lanka does is to make feeble attempts to defend itself although, among the many other humanitarian deeds it carried out, the poor country had rescued 300,000 Tamil civilians from the clutches of a terrorist leader who had corralled them to be used as a human shield.

 Starting from the days of Indira Gandhi, through until her son’s demise at the hands of the very terrorists they nurtured, and right up to today’s Indian leadership, all that India did was to undermine Sri Lanka. Yet the powerless Sri Lanka is compelled to call India a friend and keeps on referring to links that extended for millenniums.

 It is long overdue for Sri Lanka to embolden itself and be belligerent. This is a matter that needs serious and urgent attention, or else there will be many more Jayalalithas, Karunanidhis, Vaikos, Sreemans and others of their ilk who will continue with their Sri Lanka bashing to remain in politics or steal the limelight.

4 Responses to “Jayalalitha cries for Indian fishermen arrested for fishing in Sri Lankan waters!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    One commentator here thinks SL is part of Tamil Madu and Tamilians can come in to SL in drones!!

    Jeyalalitha’s breed.

    These Tamilians HABITUALLY VIOLATE SL waters without SHAME and then argue against us. Typical parasites.

  2. douglas Says:

    This action of “poaching” by the Indians has been going on since the war stopped and peace was brought to North and East. The sea around this area is a very “fetile” ground and the Indians are making every attempt to make the harvest as miuch as possible. They also know that the “land” in these areas are so fertile too and wants slowly encroach and acquire the economic benefits which they are envious of. THIS IS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. But they together with their leadership show so much “empathy” with the Tamil population in the North and East and that is to “cover” up the “HYPORACY”. This is what the Tamil people in the North and East must clearly understand and fight against. Also on the part of the Government, the people must be well informed and educated on this “ploy” that is being staged by the Tamil Nadu Government. They too can “twist” the arms of the Central Government of India, because their “Constituant Support” determines the Man Mohan Singh’s administration.

    This “IMPERIALIST” policy of the Tamil Nadu Government must be clearly understood both by the people and the Governement of Sri Lanka and appropriate “External Policy” must be drawn and negotiated and agreed upon sooner than never. This ad-hoc type of action is not going to help but rather put us in peril in the near future.

  3. thirdeye Says:

    they should not be allowed to leave without charging..

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Nadu fishermen (passing off as INDIAN fishermen) have been bottom trawling their area of the Palk Straits for a long time for the conch shells that fetch good prices. They have also over fished their areas of the seas. As a result the fish stocks have depleted on that side of the Palk Sts..

    Now they want to freely fish in parts of the sea that come under Sri Lanka’s jurisdiction. They will ruin Sri Lanka side of the seas too.

    The solution for this lies squarely on the shoulders of Tamil Nadu leaders and TN scientists. They have to find ways of restocking the seas in their areas and making the sea bed recover for sea creatures to reproduce. The environment of the sea is a delicate balance which facts the scientists in TN ought to teach the fishermen & politicos there. Fish and other sea creatures do not follow the diktats of human beings and present themselves to be the catch of the day at human will ! They follow their nature in the seas and fishermen have to study their ways and play along. A healthy sea bed will restore the catch which ought to be regulated. In the Atlantic, the Cod fish have virtually disappeared due to over fishing. If the sea water is too acidic due to pollutants, the fish die or will not reproduce.

    Alternately, TN fishermen can learn inland fisheries. Or start ‘tunnel’ fisheries along the coast as done in Majorca island where crab & lobster are grown in tunnels built into the sea.

    All these facts should be studied and report presented to the TN local govt. before wild accusations of fishermen being harrassed/killed by Lanka Navy are thrown at Sri Lanka.

    We also note that the so called TN fishermen are being harrassed whenever UNHRC sessions come up ! TN leaders : your slip is showing ! So is your ignorance of the sea and its creatures.

    Sri Lanka must stand firm and present the facts to the world community. If possible, find ways to demarcate the sea water
    borders with small buoy type devices with Navy guards at intervals.

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