Fitting Preamble for Proposed USA Resolution Against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC
Posted on March 17th, 2013

M. Gunasekera

March 16, 2013

Hon.  Robert O. Blake
Assistant Secretary of State for
  for South and Central Asian Affairs
Washington DC

Honorable Robert O. Blake,

I have been greatly impressed with the human rights record of the USA, and therefore undertook to assist you and your government in your move to admonish and penalize Sri Lanka at the current sessions of the UNHRC underway in Geneva.  I have taken pains  to outline the remarkable achievements of the USA in this area, and come up with a  fitting preamble to the Resolution proposed by the US Government to be placed before the UNHRC for ratification by the members.

I trust you will find this most appropriate in the circumstances, and adopted without changes to educate and enlighten the members of your envious record as a champion of human rights.  You are free to use it without giving any credit to me, as I am an
ardent supporter of the role played by your country and an admirer of your leadership traits which stand out in comparison to others striving to emulate you in the international arena.

Yours sincerely,

Mahinda Gunasekera
Toronto, Canada

Encl.   Draft Preamble for Proposed US Resolution at the UNHRC.

Fitting Preamble to the Resolution proposed by the USA against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC

“The Human Rights Council,

PPO Reaffirming the Principles contained in the Charter of the United Nations

We the United States of America having an impeccable record of upholding International Human  Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law as demonstrated during the conduct of the war in Vietnam and simultaneous bombing of Laos and Cambodia, and further military action taken  during the invasion of Iraq together with the allied ‘Coalition of the Willing’ for the specific  purpose of finding and destroying weapons of mass destruction which we falsely claimed to be  held by Iraq, thereby causing over a million Iraqi civilian deaths plus nearly 2.76 million persons  being internally displaced as per the Bie Kentane report of March 15, 2013, to the UN in Geneva  based on a UNHCR survey of November 2009 plus the creating of a bright future for the people  of Iraq in terms of the sectarian violence instituted under the Col. James Steele master plan  resulting in 4.5 million orphans, 600,000 children living on the street without shelter or food,  wide scale human trafficking and child prostitution.  Our invasion of Afghanistan to destroy the Al Qaeda forces that sent Saudi terrorists to strike at US targets on September 11, 2001  continues to bring death and destruction to the people there which we refer to as collateral  damage, our rendering of suspected terrorists to other regimes to be tortured, holding  captured foreign nationals suspected of being Al Qaeda fighters in a welfare camp established  in Guantanamo Bay are shining examples of humanitarian ways for other countries to follow.

Going back further, we could cite the humane measures adopted by the USA to hasten the end of the  Second World War when we decided to drop two Atom Bombs and wipe out entire populations residing in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki numbering over 200,000 people,  for which no doubt the Japanese people who were in the process of surrendering would be ever  grateful.

Our international role to make the world a better place for us Americans to be able to exploit  resources in other lands, we engage in funding civil wars and sometimes directly intervening  militarily in places such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Libya, Somalia to bring about regime change under the pretense of introducing democratic freedoms and values, and covert  action in Pakistan and the Yemen using unmanned Drones that strike death on suspected terrorists from the sky and other innocent persons in the vicinity forming part of the casualties accounted for as collateral damage.

If we were to recap some of the main humanitarian interventions of the USA which have truly contributed to the enhancement of the planets ecosystems during the last 60 years in the various theaters ranging from Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.Iraq and Afghanistan, we have dropped a mere 15 million tons of bombs, along with 1 million tons of napalm and at least 20 million  gallons of defoliants on rain forests and crops to improve the earth’s sensitive ecology to sustain global health.

In view of the above noted achievements of the USA in the fields of International Human Rights Law  and International Humanitarian Law, we think it is our bounden duty to propose the Motion to  discipline and punish the Sri Lankan authorities for defeating the most ruthless terrorist group known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), aka the Tamil Tigers, and restoring the Right to Life of her 21 million citizens which had been hijacked by the aforesaid India trained terrorists for the past  32 plus years based on trumped up charges relating to so called “credible allegations” which have not been substantiated and wild guesstimates of casualty numbers which are far removed from reality, unverified and impossible to maintain. Whilst the USA has persons displaced by Hurricane  Katrina yet to be properly housed, and Sri Lanka has successfully rescued and re-settled 300,000  displaced Tamil civilians used as slave labour and a human shield by the Tamil Tigers within the short  space of three years, we see an opportunity to use Sri Lanka’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation  Commission as a weapon at the UNHRC sessions with the active support of the High Commissioner for HR to demand immediate implementation of all the recommendations of the LLRC even though some relating to devolution via the 13th Amendment will require the assent of the people at a national referendum, and no government has ever undertaken to fully implement all of the  recommendations made by Special Commissions of Inquiry or Task Forces, we most sincerely seek this route in pursuance of our commitment to upholding Human Rights and Humanitarian  Laws at all times.”

3 Responses to “Fitting Preamble for Proposed USA Resolution Against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    If only SL copied the US strategy!

  2. Senevirath Says:

    Mr ” Robber.. oh! crack…..
    pl.. advise the u s a govt. to allocate 100 trillion dollars more for 2013 to punish this way to “culprits” like Sri lanka

    then u will be able rest in peace over the broken pieces of sri lanka

    Amen……. peace be upon u (( AVOID THUNDER AND LIGHTENING ))

    u s a was a great country Founders were great. but u people are ruining this great country. How can u blame muslims for destroying the world while act the same disgusting manner

  3. NAK Says:

    The LTTE fired at a helicopter carrying Rob O’ blake in batticoloa, but most unfortunatly they missed their target. What a costy miss was that and now we see how costly it is. This sucker annouced that the tigers didn’t know that he was on board and they never would have fired if they knew but the tiger immediately refuted that and said they would fire regarless who the passengers were. Now he shamelessy back the same tigers for their $. Sri Lanka would have been saved a lot of trouble had missile hit the target that day.

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