Sri Lankan Monk Assaulted in Triuchi
Posted on March 17th, 2013

Ira de Silva London, Ontario, Canada

The Editor
The Hindu
Delhi, India
Dear Sir:
I have just read the report of the assault on a Buddhist monk in Triuchi. The Indian government, the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Indian media must be so proud that they are able to continue to show the world that they are uncivilised thugs. In your attempt to harass Sri Lanka, the Indian media has been following the line of the Indian Government in a campaign against Sri Lanka to justify a vote against the country to satisfy Indian domestic policies. This is the result.
It is no secret that India is going to vote against Sri Lanka to keep Tamil Nadu politicians (terrorists) as well as media such as yours happy. It has been India’s policy to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka using the LTTE in the past and now pro-LTTE politicians in India who control these mobs. Sri Lankans know that India has always acted against the interests of the Sri Lankan people and these incidents showcase this attitude. It is a pity that  Sri Lanka does not impose an immediate ban on travel to Tamil Nadu and refuse visas for anyone from Tamil Nadu to visit Sri Lanka until the government of Tamil Nadu and the Indian government arrest these  political thugs charge them with assault, apologise and pay compensation to all those affected by these acts of intimidation and assault at the behest of politicians in India.
I am copying the President of Sri Lanka in the hope that he will refrain from stating that India is a friend, take up this matter with the Government of India and indicate that these types of acts will not be tolerated and that Sri Lanka will not be pressured into giving in to India by thuggery and manipulation every time Sri Lanka faces a vote in an international forum on resolutions that India is proposing through it’s partners in crime, namely the United States, Britain, Canada, and the European Union, collectively known as the “white west”. It is high time that India acknowledges that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and not a part of India that India can abuse it at will.
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Ontario, Canada

15 Responses to “Sri Lankan Monk Assaulted in Triuchi”

  1. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    sri lankans should avoid visiting tamil nadu and the government should issue a travel warning. vis-a-vis all tamil nadu citizens should not be granted visas to enter sri lanka (they are visiting to smuggle gold – nothing else)
    there is enough footage to take legal action and bring the culprits to justice – that is this particular case.
    on a country to country basis our man should take this anti-lankan ‘climate’ stand with the prime minister of india. unfortunately both are politicians who depend on vote to come to power and they will play the safe game. this is what happens when you elect people who have no principles. they continue talking about ‘friendly relations’ when it’s quite obvious there are ‘no friendly relations’ between tamil nadu and sri lanka, especially with jayalalitha, who openly challenge the central government of india, to impose restrictions on sri lanka. we need men like to gota to stand up to india.

  2. herman Says:

    The picture of the Buddhist monk’s assault at Triuchi, should be flashed and front page news on all newspapers in SL and Buddhist websites. This will show the levels some tamils will stoop.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    With friends like this, we must be masochists. NR dont you dare describe these people as friends or relatives ever again or you will be sidelined very quickly.

  4. Voice123 Says:


  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Who did this war crime? Tamils.

    Don’t try to foolishly split hairs trying to say this Tamils are different to that Tamils. Tamils are Tamils and they did this.

    This is WORSE than White July 1983.

  6. Universal Citizen Says:

    I hear another Buddhist monk was attacked today at a railway station..

    We should condemn these actions in the strongest way possible.

    Having said that there is another concern.. Since recent times ( I am not sure of the timings ) there has been growing disrespect towards Buddhist monks. May be Buddhist monks are seen not as Representatives of Buddhism but as supporters of some other ideology / politics etc… In these instance may be Buddhist monks are seen as Sinhala representatives and not as representatives of Buddhism.

    Believe as long as Buddhist monks represent real Buddhism as a Universal philosophy with no patronage for any agenda be it even race / caste / politics / etc.. they will receive the respect where ever they are seen. How can we save the respect for the yellow robe ??

    In this same website I saw some video ridiculing the pope. The catholic clergy through their behavior through history have contributed towards this sort of behavior. Are the Buddhist clergy too following the same….

    Peace to All !!

  7. Christie Says:

    What did the other 18 Indian students and teachers do?

  8. Christie Says:

    I am sure the writer is living in a Western country and having a go on the West. It is Inda who is behind all these actions against the island nation. Mohandas Karamchand, Jawahalal Nehru and Chndra Bose are enemies of ithe island nation. The trio formed and established the Indian Intelligence service in 1920s.
    People of the Indian subcontinent has never been friendly towards the island nation from the time of Great Rawana. To make things worse Britsh made the India the worst country when it comes to its colonies.

  9. ranjit Says:

    Our Government should make an official protest to the Indian Government on this. It’s a shame if we dont do anything. We all Sri Lankans must rise against Tamil nadu thugs and murderers. We should boycot all Indian goods. We should not visit any Indian shop or cities. If we dont stand up now it will be too later later on. Those thugs should be stopped at all cost. R.I.P to Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha. They will go to hell for inciting people to harass our innocent civillians. We too will teach Tamil Nadus a lesson by banning them coming to Sri Lanka and banning everything by Tamil Nadu.

    Mr.President how can you call these thugs your friend? Man Mohan and Ranil same. No guts, no back bone need only power by hook or crook. Thy dont have any love to our Motherland.They are our real enemies.So please understand them before they do more harm to us.

  10. Senevirath Says:

    Indian and sri lankan president are both in the same boat. India going after tamil nadu minority votes and M R after tamil and muslim votes.. There will be no justice ……

    What is J V P doing now? What about their ‘NO PARIPPU”” campaign. why talk only about SF AND Shirani B?
    this is the time for buddhists to think twice before going “”DAMBADIVA VANDANA””

    We should care about dhamma only . Buddha is not in india. Why spend our money to help enemies?

    DAMBADIWA iS GONE now enemy india. Do five minutes meditation a day to see Buddha

  11. Senevirath Says:

    Minister navinna and Jayaratne Herath threatens B B S ( KURUNEGALA)..



  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Apart from anti-Lanka tactics, in Tamil Nadu thugs may be being used to attack Buddhist priests as Buddhism does not recognise Caste. Caste lovers in TN who want to maintain the Caste Structure far outnumber the Caste haters, and therein lies the problem.

    It is dangerous for Sri Lankans to visit Tamil Nadu. GoSL should issue a travel warning asp.

    Sri Lanka should also lessen dependency on Tamil Labor by Modernising & Mechanising especially the tea sector, so that others too can do tea plucking etc. using machines as done in Africa, India & China. This will lessen the sphere of influence of TNA, Tamil Nadu & India who are being wagged by the Tamil Diaspora and various vested interests.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    assault on a Buddhist monk in Triuchi!
    This remined me ,TULF Leader Chelvanayagham said , i yo ithu enga mudiaya poguratho theriathu , Aandavan than Tamilaria kappatta evendum ( I do not know where it is going to end of it but only God can save Thamils in SL ) after AlberAt Thuraiappa (former SLFP jaffna Major) killed dead by VP !!!

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    It is good not to harm Kasippu Joseph. But Tamils think it is “modaya” logic of weakness.

    Tamils only understand the Tamil (violence) language. Kasippu Joseph should be legally punished after filing a case against the terrorist.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    But Tamils think it is “modaya” logic of weakness !
    Lorenzo – you are doing good job you same call yourself Tamilan !!!
    I know what your , DD, KP. Karunas games !!! but our modayas are well civiliesd that why these tiny island Hela Nation suvired last more than 2500 years will do another atleast 3,000 years even after Bhudisum end in World !!!

    As Bharathiyar song , Sinhala Nhaddukku oor palam amaipom sernthu …………..
    Dears Brothers & Sisters always remember good oyakke Demila sakotharayas with you for ever !!!!

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