TNA accusations of government changing demography of North and East!
Posted on March 17th, 2013

Asada M Erpni

The leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), as all peace-loving Sri Lankans would expect, has come out with another of his allegations, as reported in the media on 17 March. The man, while accusing the government of “changing the demographic composition of the North and East”, continues that the response to “concerns of the international community have neither been honest nor genuine”.

 First and foremost, the biggest mistake that all the media persons make is referring to the TNA as Sri Lanka’s major Tamil party. This group in no way is eligible to use the adjective “major” when it does not represent even 4% of the population of Sri Lanka. It is only a minor political grouping that has elevated itself to a Goliath because of the dollars, kroner and Euros donated by the Tamil emigrants from Sri Lanka and the active support of corrupt politicians in Canada, Norway, the US and EU.

 Additionally what or who exactly is the so-called international community that the TNA leader obviously holds in high esteem? Sampanthan’s international community is the US and its lackeys among the affluent nations that have ganged up against Sri Lanka because a few of their high fliers were told by the President of Sri Lanka, “Go, fly a kite”, when a trio descended on Sri Lanka in May 2009 to demand that the executive Head of State stopped the liberation war that about to be concluded. China’s new President is reported on 17 March to have said that his country stands by Sri Lanka to support the latter’s sovereignty, and Japan the day before had said that it was impressed with Sri Lanka’s “successful results in resettlement, reconstruction, reconciliation”. Sampanthan obviously cannot give similar sentiments as then the poor man will have nothing to complain about.

 The government of Sri Lanka has every right to take concrete steps to alter the demographic structure of the North and East of Sri Lanka.

 The Eastern Province had roughly equal proportions of Tamils, Muslims, and “”…” one should not forget “”…” Sinhalas, until the LTTE and its mouthpiece the TNA fooled the world to believe that the Sinhalas had taken over a section of the Tamil homeland. On the contrary, if one were to go by the historical and archaeological evidence available, the East belongs to the Sinhalas much more than to any other ethnic or religious group.

 As far as the North is concerned, it is the government of Sri Lanka that liberated the entire region from the terrorist curse that had destroyed it and its people, as well as the rest of the country, for a near three decade period. Many Sinhala young men and women made the ultimate sacrifice, which enabled the people of the North to even dream of a peaceful existence. The TNA may complain of discrimination and accuse the government of everything under the sun, but it is the Sri Lanka government’s armed forces, constituted almost completely by the Sinhala community “”…” although the armed forces themselves are accusingly and in a derogatory sense referred to as the Sinhalese armed forces by the LTTE and its supporters “”…” that allowed the Tamils themselves to live without the fear of being abducted to join the LTTE killer brigades.

 Sampanthan also has the audacity to talk of “military triumphalism” and “majoritarianism”. Whatever the TNA leader wants to have in his mythical Eelam, he and his coteries of supporters should learn to live with “military triumphalism” and “majoritarianism” in Sri Lanka. No one can deny that it is the military that triumphed over the LTTE, the group that all the Western pundits categorised as “undefeatable militarily”. The achievement is stupendous and all Sri Lankans should celebrate 19 May 2009 as the Day of Victory as long as the island nation exists as an independent, sovereign nation – after all, the UK has an annual remembrance day with wreaths and military pomp and pageantry near the Cenotaph in the heart of London to celebrate the defeat of the Germans more than half a century back. Additionally, nearly 75% of the population of Sri Lanka is Sinhala, and even a kindergarten child who knows his arithmetic will accept that the Sinhalas are the majority. If the latter fact bothers the TNA leader, the solution is simple: he can cross the Palk Straits, a span of a mere 30 kilometres, and be a citizen of Tamil Nadu that has approximately 74 million of his Tamil blood brothers, the majority of whom will be glad to join him to continue with his Sri Lanka bashing.

6 Responses to “TNA accusations of government changing demography of North and East!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    CHANGE the demography of North and East.

    That is the ONLY SOLUTION. What can TNA or UNHRC do? NOTHING.

    “Dirty” the “pure” North with the smell of Sinhaloids, their temples, schools, libraries, playgrounds, etc., etc. Settle Sinhaloid farmers, prisoners (MOST IMPORTANT), fishermen, army personnel, poor landless people, etc.

    “Dirty” the “pure” North with the smell of Muslimoids, their mosques, schools, libraries, playgrounds, cow slaughter houses, hotels, etc., etc. Settle Muslimoid farmers, prisoners (MOST IMPORTANT), fishermen, army personnel, poor landless people, etc.

    I LOVE to see Sambandan’s face when this happens. It will look like Karunanidi’s ace!!

  2. thirdeye Says:

    [government of Sri Lanka has every right to take concrete steps to alter the demographic structure of the North and East of Sri Lanka.]

    or any part of the country for the befit to the economy and prosperity.

    one more thing we must do as a country is that.. cancel the citizenship of those who has fled the country as asylum seekers or refugees. they does not belong to our country since they are the most who create all these negative propaganda. i do not know how far its possible but needs to be done.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Disengage Tamil Nadu power over Sri Lanka (and India’s power over Lanka in that process), by reducing dependency on Tamil Labor (Modernise & Mechanise the tea estate labor and other plantation work to enable others too to work in these areas). TNA will have less and less clout & powers to play their Separatist games.

    Also bring in strong new LAWS to ban SEPARATISM.

    Lanka must stay NON-ALIGNED, always. Lanka should also stay clear of the Tamil Nadu Caste wars.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    One of our Ministries is going about the business of issuing VISAS to so called Indian workers to work in Sri Lanka. This means
    Tamil workers from TN are coming in on Visas. This is sheer madness as these Indian workers will never go back. Such people will pad up the Tamil numbers, get Lanka citizenship and back the TNA. Is GoSL empowering TNA some more, or is GoSL bing taken for a ride by some in the govt. ?

    Sri Lankans & GoSL truly has to sort out the Labor issue here, or will succumb to various inimical forces bent on dividing Lanka.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    typo : read ‘bing’ as being.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    Asada M.Erpni…………………delighted to see at least few Sri Lankans of all races respond assertively to protect our rights & motherland from outside forces, be it India or other nations who continue to state & beleive that India is a democracy.

    India is full of problems apart from the majority of her citizens are living in poverty while the Govt. of India buys arms from anybody who is prepared to supply.

    Re: the changing of demography of east & north provinces of Sri lanka, Sri lankans of all races, stripes have stated the Tamil poulation NOW is only about 4 to 5%. With such small number of Tamils, what rights do they have to accuse the majority govt. what the Govt. does.

    Their voting power is so insignificant, they might as well be part of the mainstream Lanka & help the govt. without promting self rule, or demanding more rights. Rights & previledges were abdicated, when they (TNA) & supporters waged 36 years war against a democratically elected govt.

    I wish & hope more Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka & many who left Lanka will take part in writing, expressing their views as we & we alone can change Sri lanka for better, not ones who always get international citizens /agencies to destroy what is being built after so much devastation.

    I thank the writer & contributors /commentators who responded positively to the author’s article. ~ another concerned expat from Canada
    (retd enginer)

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