50 people died in car bombs in Baghdad on the 10th Anniversary of USA campaign against Iraq-while USA placed before UNHRC a resolution against Sri Lanka.
Posted on March 19th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

 It was significant and symbolic of America’s continued aggression towards developing Nations of the world, that on the very day the USA Delegation  at the UNHRC Council in Geneva presented its resolution against Sri Lanka, a series of Car Bombs in Shia area in Bagdad  killed 50 Iraqi civilians as the reminder of the 10th anniversary of the  US led Campaign against Iraq.   

 It is also significant that American State Department’s retrograde attitude  manifests to champion the dead terrorists and causing unhappiness to a people  beginning to make their lives anew after suffering under terrorism for 30 years, on the day the new Pope Francis is being installed  in his papal function to bring peace to the world.

 President Barack Obama  sought the vote of the people on his famous campaign slogans of “yes we can” and “hope and change”, but his State Department did not hear his words  its ears remaining  turned to the past  hears only the  voices of Eisenhower, Edgar Hoover, Foster Dulles, Bush and the rest of the hard core  Republicans.  

 President Barack Obama is only a passing phenomenon, in an American State Department that does not accommodate new thinking of progress  and peace in the world, and emancipation of the under priviledged. Those are for the US State Department words of Socialism which it does not want to accept in the great American tradition  of the past that was ever ready to kill and destroy any one that proposed progressive  ideas with the slightest trace of Socialism, as it happened  in Guatemala, Iran, Congo, Cuba, Chile and so on.

 The progressive voices like that of Ranking Member Faleomavaega, are for American State Department unimportant distractions. The philosophy behind his plea on behalf of Sri Lanka is difficult for the bureaucrats of the US Sate Department to understand.

 Even a simple American citizen Amy Poirier who had witnessed for herself the progressive undertakings  of the Government of  the President Mahinda Rajapakse after elimination of terrorists , was  of  high praise to Sri Lanka and demanded the President and the State Secretary to withdraw the resolutions against Sri Lanka it was proposing to place before the  UNHRCouncil in Geneva. 

 Amy Poirier showed the greatness to which an ordinary American citizen could  rise while  the USState Departments is in a political morass despite the words for “hope and change ” the President Barrack Obama so well articulated  ” yes we can” through out his election campaign.

 What does America want to prove to the world in passing a resolution against Sri Lanka, which, though not accepted by  the US State Department, has after having rid itself of the greatest menace to the country’s unity and progress , began a social, economic and cultural revolution hitherto unknown to Sri Lanka, in the waves of which Sri Lanka blossoming forth into a new era of prosperity with looming signs of  Communal Unity in the wake of a relentless effort of reconciliation ?

 Take the US resolution  against Sri Lanka ,which begins by “Welcoming and acknowledging the progress made by the Government of Sri Lanka in rebuilding infrastructure, demining, resettling the majority of internally displaced persons, and noting nonetheless that considerable work lies ahead in the areas of justice,reconciliation and resumption of livelihoods, and stressing the importance of the full participation of local populations, including representatives of civil society and minorities, in these efforts,

Taking note of the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission of Sri Lanka and its findings and recommendations, and acknowledging its possible contribution to the process of national reconciliation in Sri Lanka,”

 In the above extract, “considerable work lies ahead in the areas of justice, reconciliation and resumption of livelihoods, and stressing the importance of the full participation of local populations, including representatives of civil society and minorities, in these efforts, ”  

 This is monstrously absurd, as  justice of Sri Lanka is a matter of Sri Lanka and our justice is  commendable and it is not America which is going to point out about correction of  laws, where as Americas laws are  very much to be desired.

 The following extract speaks for itself:

“Almost everything about the American system is wrong. Grand juries are a rubber stamp for the prosecutors; assets are routinely frozen or seized in ex parte actions on the basis of false government affidavits, so targets don’t have the resources to pay avaricious American counsel and are thrust into the hands of public defenders, who are usually just Judas goats for the prosecutors. The prosecutors poison the jury pool with a media lynching at the start; bail is often outrageously high, and prosecutions and ancillary proceedings from the SEC, IRS, etc., drag on for a whole decade, all contrary to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. The plea bargain system, for which prosecutors would be disbarred in most other serious countries, enables prosecutors to threaten everyone around the target with indictment if they don’t miraculously recall, under careful government coaching, inculpatory evidence. Prosecutors win 95 per cent of their cases, 90 per cent of those without a trial, and people who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to go to trial receive more than three times the sentence they receive if they cop a plea, as a penalty for exercising their rights.”

“The civil courts are the bread and butter of the vast medieval legal guild. Over 70 per cent of American cases would be inadmissible in Canada or Britain as frivolous or vexatious litigation, and the routine American practice of marketing contingent fees is just a tawdry racket.” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/conrad-black/us-justice-system_b_1110623.html)

So much for American Justice.

Then lets take another extract, some of what is stated are hilariously absurd such as , ” considerable work lies ahead in”¦”¦”¦..reconciliation and resumption of livelihoods, and stressing the importance of the full participation of local populations, including representatives of civil society and minorities, in these efforts, “

 Sri Lanka has just come out of a period of suffering under terrorism,.  The terrorism lasted 30 years .  It is only four years after terrorism and of course considerable work lies ahead before it comes to what Sri Lanka expects it to be, and  we need not have a  US Resolution for us to say so. 

 But as far as USA very developed and much richer than poor Sri Lanka has not  according to a  ” Field Hearing in New Orleans on Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Outstanding Need, Slow Progress  Hearing before Homeland Security Committee”,  it is stated ,””¦.little more than year and a half since Hurricane Katrina and the unfinished work before us is still immense”¦”¦you find that some of the  basic services that people expect  in a civilised society-shelter, public safety, health care, are still not there for too many people in the city. (Senator Lieberman)

 With regard to reconciliation and resumption of livelihood, I give an extract from an article: “Truth and Reconciliation Commission in America”, by Clay Jenkinson.

 “Against these seemingly impossible odds, with the weight of the world’s most powerful and acquisitive people saying, “assimilate or get out of my way,” American Indians have somehow survived. The resilience of Indians in the face of disease, defeat, pauperization, and racism is one of the greatest examples of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Indian culture is still enormously stressed as the 21st century begins, but it is hanging on and starting to recover”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦ I believe we cannot move forward, we cannot heal the land, and we cannot heal the peoples who share the land, white and Indian alike, until we engage in what is going to be a very long, very hard, very painful, and very unsettling conversation. Indeed, I believe that we need to create in America something like the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions that sprang up in South Africa in 1995, as that troubled country moved from centuries of Apartheid towards majority rule. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, and I can imagine how profoundly most white Americans would resist that idea. But we need to do it and we will all be better once we get down on the mat and wrestle with the past and present with our souls open.”


 This is only a few instances of America telling others what to do when it has not done to its own people any of what they dictates others to do.  That is the absurdity of the US resolution against Sri Lanka.

 Then continuing on that firsrt paragraph on which the rest of the resolution is based, it is stated:

  “and stressing the importance of the full participation of local populations, including representatives of civil society and minorities, in these efforts, “

 Sri Lanka has always included all those who are concerned with, in its development programmes.  Each political party has its election manifesto according to which the party that comes into power and forms a Government organises its programs of development organises different aspects of governance.   It need not have foreign NGOs or foreign surveying missions to carry out its own political manifesto.

 Therefore, without the US Resolution against Sri Lanka having got to stress the importance of full participation of local population, Sri Lanka Government consisting of educated and intelligent people have no lessons to learnt from USA or any other Agency how to Govern a country having done that since its independence, and Exceptionally well after elimination of the terrorists, what ever accusation USA and its allies make about the last phase of the war against terrorism.

 US Resolution against Sri Lanka stresses the “minority participation”.  Is there in America a Minority participation ? Apparently not as American Indians remain apart.  It is only recently the Black Americans had been allowed to participate in certain matters.  It is only with President Barack Obama’s remarkable intrusion into “high” politics that we see more Black American participation  in American State affairs.  But for that matter  America is not without racial prejudices.

 That makes US Resolution against Sri Lanka just bunkum !!!

“The election of Barack Obama failed to usher in a post-racial US, with a new poll showing that 51 percent of Americans hold explicitly anti-black views. That figure is up from 48 percent in 2008, the year America elected its first black president.

­Those expressing implicit anti-black attitudes also spiked from 49 percent to 56 percent over the same four-year period, the Associated Press found in a poll released Saturday.

Racial prejudice against blacks cut clearly across America’s left-right political divide, despite perceptions to the contrary. While 79 percent of Republicans willingly expressed racial prejudice when answering questions measuring explicit racism (as opposed to 32 percent among Democrats), the implicit racism test showed that a majority of Republicans (64 percent) and Democrats (55 percent) held implicit anti-black feelings.”


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  1. cw Says:

    Charles, I live in a so called “developed” country. I told my daughters when Obama was going to contest, I have no faith in this guy, he will be a disaster. They probably did not agree with me at the time. I was referring to countries like SL. They still thought he was a remarkable person. I said he is only a boot licker. He has proven it beyond any doubt. Has he done anything good for the betterment of ordinary people in the USA, The answer is a BIG “no”. Same with countries like SL. He still listens to cowards like Robert Blake who advised SL govt not to go against the LTTE. They still think SL govt and its people have to do what they say. My foot.

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