Karunanidhi allegedly has assisted in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
Posted on March 20th, 2013

By Charles.S.Perera

Milap Chand Jain handed over his  report on Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination  to the Indian Home Minister Indrajit Gupta.  It consisted of 17 volumes eight of which were the report and the nine of annexes.  It was an explosive report and no one was willing to handle it.  Jain said about his report , ” I am fully satisfied with my interim report  and what it contains.  Each one of my conclusions and observations  is based on documents on record with the commission.

 The report had singled out Karunanidhi’s DMK for its severest indictment. It holds Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi and his DMK  responsible for abetting  Rajiv Gandhi’s murder.  He further pointed out DMK as an ally of the LTTE, whose cadre killed Rajiv Gandhi. 

 Jain has further asserted that the Congress Government at the Centre and M.G.Ramachandran’s AIADMK State Government were responsible for the initial impetus to Tamil Militancy.  But Jain holds  the DMK of Karunanidhi guilty of encouraging  and assisting the LTTE even after the  Indo-Sri Lankan accord of 1987.  Jain report continues” even after the Indo-Sri Lankan accord of 1987 pitted the Indian Army against the Tigers.

 “Under the changed scenario, the LTTE made a strategic shift in their political alignments,” says the report. “They sent personal emissaries to Karunanidhi  seeking his active support in their battle against the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF).

 These overtures of the LTTE towards the DMK started a chain of events which led to LTTE’s survival and growth in Tamil Nadu even after the attitude of the Government of India had changed towards the LTTE after the hostilities between the IPKF and LTTE in Sri Lanka.”

 The Jain report states that the LTTE “was getting its supplies, including arms, ammunition, explosives, fuel and other essential items for its war against the IPKF from Tamil Nadu. That too with the support of the Tamil Nadu government and the connivance of the law enforcement authorities”.

The report emphasises the political antagonism between the DMK  government in the state and the Rajiv Gandhi government at the Centre.  Karunanidhi took over as chief minister in January 1989 after his  party’s decisive victory over the Congress and the AIADMK.

According  to the report, 1989 signified “the perpetuation of the general  political trend of indulging the Tamil militants on Indian soil and  tolerance of their wide-ranging criminal and anti-national activities  … LTTE activities of arms smuggling, abduction of Indian citizens  and officials and intimidation of the law enforcement machinery were  tolerated”. Citing the brutal murder of EPRLF leader K. Padmanabha,  along with 15 others in Madras on June 19, 1990, Jain has resurrected  memories of “the impunity with which the LTTE could operate in India”.

The commission has quoted two reports of the Intelligence Bureau (IB)  that speak of Karunanidhi not being averse to the elimination of EPRLF  leaders by LTTE hit squads. These reports, filed on June 28, 1990  (nine days after Padmanabha’s murder) referred to “the chief minister  informing Natesan (an LTTE activist) to provide advance information  regarding LTTE movements and also sought details of locations of LTTE  hideouts to direct the police to keep away from such places”.

The Intelligence Burea also recorded the “opinion expressed by the chief minister regarding  Padmanabha being a betrayer”. Another report quoted by Jain claims the  “chief minister (Karunanidhi) also told Natesan that killing of Padmanabha was a  necessity and so also of Vardaraja Perumal and that Natesan should  ensure that he (Karunanidhi) was taken into confidence before such  acts are committed”.

Padmanabha’s killing is important  because it was the same hit squad that was later deployed to eliminate  Rajiv.

If that isn’t enough to damage Karunanidhi, the commission has quoted  other documents and various statements given to it by former LTTE  activists. For example, Kasi Anandan, a senior member of the 10-member  central committee of the LTTE’s political wing, admitted in his  deposition on September 11, 1996, that “the LTTE had very friendly  relations with Karunanidhi. In the days of Karunanidhi as CM, movement  of LTTE was more free. Local administration was also friendly in Tamil  Nadu”. Anandan even disclosed that the “LTTE was able to communicate  from Jaffna to Tamil Nadu when the V.P. Singh government was at the  Centre and the Karunanidhi government in Tamil Nadu.”

Jain has recorded vivid details of the LTTE’s free access to  Karunanidhi and key state government officials. Anandan revealed that  he, along with another LTTE leaders, used to meet Karunanidhi in  strict privacy: “I have met Karunanidhi several times alone and once  or twice with Natesan.” Neither the Tamil Nadu government nor the  Centre had any clue as to what transpired in these meetings.

The entire state (TamilNadu)  machinery was, in one way or the other, involved in supporting the  LTTE at that time. Evidently, the police was not given a free hand to  deal with the LTTE. 

Indeed, the Jain Commission report has raised doubts over the DMK’s  committment to the Centrally-sponsored action plan for handling the  LTTE. It has alleged that even coded messages between the Centre and  the state government were promptly relayed to the LTTE leaders in  Jaffna. “There is evidence to show that, during this period, some of  the most vital wireless messages were passed between the LTTE  operatives based in Tamil Nadu and Jaffna. These messages, which were  decoded later, are directly related to the assassination of Rajiv  Gandhi.”

Various intelligence reports in July 1990, recorded by Jain, also  suggested that LTTE functionary Kiruban had approached Gopalaswamy and  the Chief Minister(Karunanidhi) of Tamil Nadu for providing more landing points to  bring in injured Tigers from across the Palk Straits. As Jain records,  “The chief minister (Karunanidhi) reportedly suggested a point from Mallipattinam,  preferably in the coastal areas of Thondi, as the possible choice for  the purpose. Thus, it appears, changes in landing points along the  coast were always effected in consultation with DMK leaders.”

The commission has also referred to some reports that indicated  Karunanidhi was personally instrumental in ensuring things went  smoothly for the LTTE. At one stage, when the Tigers were hit by a  paucity of funds, Karunanidhi is reported to have suggested floating  an organisation called “The Relief Association for Sri Lankan Tamils”  to facilitate the diversion of Government funds. LTTE activists  Anandan and Natesan were mooted as office-bearers.

Karunanidhi’s reckless style alarmed even his political allies. Mufti  Mohammed Sayeed, home minister in V.P. Singh’s regime, cautioned  Karunanidhi about the worsening situation in the state. Giving details  of the LTTE’s growing presence in Tamil Nadu, Mufti reprimanded the  chief minister (Karunanidhi) for the DMK’s perceived closeness to the LTTE.

The evidence against the Karunanidhi Government appears to be quite  damning, particularly since the commission has been rather dismissive  of the DMK’s protestations of innocence. Deposing before the  commission on January 17 this year, Karunanidhi asserted: “I had  supported the LTTE along with other parties, but after the murder of  Padmanabha, I withdrew my support.” Jain is, however, disinclined to  accept this denial: “It cannot be found that after June 19, 1990, the  DMK government in Tamil Nadu gave no support to the LTTE.”

In fact, Jain has praised MGR, who once paid Rs 5 crore to the LTTE,  for dealing with V.Prabhakaran, the LTTE supremo, decisively. The  report says: “An affirmation of the policy of the government of India  is seen in a severe reprimand to V. Prabhakaran by MGR, the then chief  minister of Tamil Nadu, after the SAARC meeting when Prabhakaran was  told by him that he should carry out his struggle from his own country  if he was not willing to play by our rules.”

According to a senior Congress functionary, “It will be totally  unethical to support the DMK’s participation in the Government if the  interim report holds it responsible for causing our leader’s death.”

Jain’s findings  may prove as devastating as the bomb that went off in Sriperumbudur  six years ago. But the judge is unfazed by the implications of his  findings. “I have done my job to the best of my ability,” he says,”  even under adverse circumstances and non-cooperation. Now, it is for  the Government to do whatever it wants to do.”


10 Responses to “Karunanidhi allegedly has assisted in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That is why Sonia loves Tamilians. IF Rajiv Ghand was living, Sonia would be a NOBODY!!

    Now she is the MOST POWERFUL RULER of the world’s largest democrazy.

  2. Vis8 Says:

    Karunanidhi has shot himself in the foot by trying to raise racial hatred for his own political gain. This nutcase is making a fool of himself and of India. Too bad the Lok Sabha is dependent on the electoral votes this moron holds.

  3. herman Says:

    Are the Tamils been used by the Malayees (kerala) and others ? Prabhakaran’s parents was said to be from kerala, M.G.Ramachandran was a Malayee and so is Navi Pillay of Malayee breed?

  4. Senevirath Says:

    SONIA is the modern “” MANAME KUMARI “”
    RAJIV was killed by PRABHAKARAN . Now sonia has taken the killers side. What a woman?

    Sri lankans killed rajiv”S enemy. RAJIV”S wife should be greatful to Sri lanka govt. But… what is goin on…

  5. R.M.W Says:

    Finally we are getting at the truth!
    WE have to connect it up with the Catholic Action and Norwegian connection (Christian). Indeed one must remember Sonia is but a Catholic airline waitress before she married Rajiv Gandhi!!! Also read
    Posted on February 5th, 2012
    If Indians do not react to this report, India will always remain a third rate power. In such a manner the great Hindu culture was undermined by Jaffna Tamil Catholic Church. Indians Tamils were sent out as collies to be exploited to the world at large; using middlemen Kankanis from Jaffna, and that Ugly Betty of the UN is a product of that export!

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    Easiest and logical explanation is that it is the Catholic Church who engineered the whole thing to get Sonia into power. Stupid India is still stuck up with the Ghandi name, although these Ghandi’s have no relation whatsoever to M K Ghandi. However M K Ghandi’s persona has been stolen by the Nehru family and later now by the Catholic Church. Rajive Ghandi was a naive politician with little understanding of either Indian or World politics.

    Even in Sri Lanka it is the Catholic Church who is behind the LTTE. It is they who got Prabhakaran to commence fighting against the IPKF. Prabhakaran who agreed initially to surrender arms in 72 hrs and talk peace was persuaded to turn his guns on the IPKF within a matter of hours. Somebody gave him the assurance to take his fight to the IPKF, at that time deemed an impossible task.

    Catholic Church is the hidden hand behind political machinations in Sri Lanak, in India and around the world destabilising countries in readiness for the Christian West’s regime change agenda. Those who forget this reality will suffer consequences. The idiotic Hindus both in Sri Lanka and India think it is Rama – Ravana war that is still happening.

    With Sonia Ghandi being the person that wields most power in India, what is left for the Indian Hindus is to eat dog shit and live like dogs! In fact that is what they are doing now!!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Indo-China defense co-operation has deepened from 2012 onwards. See extract :

    “Indian-Chinese defense cooperation and U.S. interests
    posted by Galen Petruso on September 10, 2012 at 11:42 am

    via Secretary of Defense

    Following a high profile meeting between the Chinese and Indian defense ministers, both countries announced that they would further expand and deepen their defense cooperation, a move that further complicates the United States’ role on the continent. Concluding the meeting, Chinese Defense Minster Liang Guanglie announced that the two rising powers would resume joint military exercises as soon as possible. In addition, they will increase cooperation in areas of high level visits, officer exchange, and training.” etc.

    Co-operation in trade etc. are also planned.

    Now why would India oppose equal friendship for Sri Lanka with China ? Is it merely to keep Lanka under the Indian economic dependency thumb ?

    As usual, the ‘divide & rule’ principle operating for Sri Lanka – as in the Cold War times and 1983 Riots ?

    Are the attacks on helpless Buddhist priests abroad are to provoke another 1983 type religious riot in Lanka ? Such a riot again in Sri Lanka will lead to immediate bifurcation of Lanka to form Tamil Eelam. We know now that the 1983 Riots were the start of the DOWNFALL of Lanka.

    Buddhist priests abroad must be protected through various law enforcement agencies abroad, particular in SE Asia where thuggery is made possible.

    May we suggest that the Bodu Bala Sena has a new role to play in Lanka. BBS must see to it that religious passions are NOT roused, never roused, however much we are provoked. The BBS must turn to solving internal problems within Sri Lanka such Water Management etc. that the President is concerned about. Also management of Temple Lands in a profitable way such growing of organic produce e.g. Soy and soy products, to bring income to the temples as well as provide work for dayakayas of the area.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sorry, above write up was meant for another article on the Lankaweb.

  9. Marco Says:

    You have made some very valid points regarding India’s role in Sri Lanka
    That’s exactly the reason why an international independent inquiry into war crimes is needed.
    India as usual “soften” the US led resolution to take out international inquiries and substituted “discrimination against religious beliefs”

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    I value Fran’s comments above but disagree about BBS.

    BBS should ONLY focus on Buddhist interests no matter how unpleasent it may be.
    BBS does not arouse any religious dis-unity.

    Buddhists, Christians and Hindus OPPOSE TAKING AWAY CHOICE they had for 10,000+ years to eat meat they like, NOT meat produced BLEEDING and TORTURING animals to a nasty death. BBS WON it for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and peaceful Muslims.

    BBS MUST continue its campaign to protect Buddhist interests.

    In 1983 Sl had a VERY SMALL army so they could not stop Tamilian thugs attacking each other (boil over on their thousands year old caste disputes). It cannot happen today that easily. Some Tamils want it again because then they can go to Canada and Australia freely. Army will send all white July thugs to Nanthikadal if they try it again.

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