World must know how India helped LTTE commit terror in Sri Lanka for 3 decades
Posted on March 25th, 2013

Shenali Waduge 

Just as we accept that India is Sri Lanka’s largest trading partner, that we remain grateful to King Ashoka for gifting us the benevolence and compassion associated with Buddhism. All that is true but that does not mean India should plan and train groups from Sri Lanka into militants to destabilize Sri Lanka. The training by former Indian military, the financial assistance given by the Indian Government, the logistics support given by Tamil Nadu to these militant groups makes India an accompli to murder for every act of terror committed by the LTTE over 3 decades. Prabakaran had only a handful of school/college drop outs and Anton Balasingham but it was India that trained them into professional killers. Ironically, the same men that India trained ended up killing Indian soldiers of the IPKF in Sri Lanka.

The civilians killed by IPKF are said to have been caught in “cross fires”. Whether the “civilians” said to have been killed by Sri Lankan army in the final stages of the war has to first determine whether they were actually “civilians” given that the LTTE claimed they were voluntarily helping build bunkers. Participating as combatants in an armed conflict when war has been declared by the enemy forces denies these “civilians” the status of civilian under IHL.

However, the innocent men, women, children and clergy who were outside war zones going about their daily lives and upon whom LTTE planted bombs inside buses, roadsides etc were real civilian victims. They were not inside any conflict zone. LTTE planned and executed their murder. Where is the justice for the thousands of lives lost over 3 decades. Why has the international community not cared for the human rights of these victims? Were their deaths not attributed to the training and supply of weapons provided to the LTTE initially by India? On what basis can the international community insist that Sri Lanka confines an investigation only to the last 3 months of the conflict totally ignoring the victims LTTE bombed to death. Sri Lanka’s constitution on the basis of equality for all (Article 12 (1)) cannot permit such an investigation. These LTTE victims deserve a voice for the brutality of their murders were seen by all.

The oft used excuse to cover India’s folly is that Rajiv Gandhi the former Indian Premier was killed by the LTTE. Prabakaran and Anton Balasingham even publicly requested India to “forgive and forget” the crime many years later. But Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. India did not take action against the LTTE. India’s Narasimha Raw Government even filed a special leave petition (SLP) before the Supreme Court seeking to restrain the Jain Commission from going into any aspect dealing with the role of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and to exclude the period from 1981 to June 1987 (this period covers India’s training of LTTE and other militants upto the signing of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord in July 1987). Rao was the foreign minister during this period. The Rao Government even tried to wind up/minimize the Jain Commission’s role (10 Feb 1992 cabinet agenda had to be withdrawn following protests from members of the Cabinet including Arjun Singh). The Government went on to even back a private petition filed by Mushtaq Ahmed, pleading the Commission be wound up citing the same reasons as SLP but was rejected by the Delhi High Court on 16 Nov 1995. How can India cry crocodile tears for Rajiv!

LTTE freely used Tamil Nadu as its second home. We continue to wonder throughout 30 years how many living in Sri Lanka’s North are actually Sri Lankan citizens. The possibility that these are Tamil Nadu Tamils settled in Sri Lanka is nothing that can be overruled.

Let us look at some of the affidavits filed related to the Jain Commission Inquiry:

 Shri P. Nedumaran in his affidavit as follows :-

  • Page-5:- “India decided to conduct negotiations for peace at Colombo while giving training and supply of arms to militant groups to step up armed struggle with the motive of giving military pressure on the Sri Lankan Government and force Jayewardene’s Government to bow down to diplomatic pressure.”
  • Para-6 :- “It was at that juncture, the Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted the full responsibility of Military training of the Tamil Militant youths, to the Research and Analysis wing (popularly known as RAW).

 When RAW decided to provide the military training, two senior RAW officers Messrs. Samy and Ravi Menon contacted Mr.Chandrahasan, a Sri Lankan Tamil leader who was stationed in Tamil Nadu. He was informed of their plans and was entrusted with the responsibility of recommending the militant groups to the RAW, for training. During October, 1983, Chandrahasan met me and informed about those developments.

It was he, who gave the first information on the military training by the RAW. In November, 1983, he again met me with a grievance on the refusal of LTTE to join the training programmes along with other groups. That was immediately conveyed to Mr. Prabhakaran who was then at Madras.

  • Para-11 :- “It is submitted that I again wrote a Letter to Mr.P.V.Narsimha Rao on the LTTE movement and its leader Mr.Prabhakaran. At the request of Mr.Prabhakaran I sought for an appointment for Mr. Prabhakaran with him. ..Mr. Prabhakaran had a meeting with the Intelligence Bureau officials. After these efforts, a final decision was taken to extend military training directly to LTTE Cadres.

7.7 Shri K. Mohandas, in his affidavit no. 64/92-JCI has stated as follows :-

  • Para 13 :- “….The issue had become very sensitive, and meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s advisors were working overtime, giving facilities to the militants, particularly the TELO (Tamil Ealam Liberation Organisation) to be trained in the use of modern arms in the camps organised in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi and elsewhere. The idea was that after the training, they would be supplied with arms and sent to Northern Sri Lanka to engage the Sri Lankan troops in guerrilla action. It was supposed to be a top secret operation without even the knowledge of the State Government and its Intelligence agency. (at least as far as Tamil Nadu was concerned.”

7.8 Kasi Anandan, a Madras based Sri Lankan Tamil who is a member of the Central Committee of the LTTE was examined by the Commission on 10th and 11th September, 1996, In his deposition dated 10th September, 1996:

  • “About 50 or 60 LTTE boys got training in the first batch at Dehra Dun. Two or three batches after that were also trained. I think this started during the Govt. of Smt. Indira Gandhi. The LTTE also got monetary assistance from the time of Smt. Indira Gandhi. I do not remember what type of assistance was given to LTTE during the time of Smt. Indira Gandhi.”

7.9 Shri V.P. Singh, former Prime Minister of India, deposition dated 5th November 1996:-

  • “…..the first batch of training of the militants was done in 1983 under the Congress Government. I will not disclose the place where this training was held. It was done in Chakarata. Then in 1984, weapons were given to all the militant groups. The Camps were set up in Tamil Nadu. Monetary help was given. MGR in his statement in the Assembly of Tamil Nadu said that Rs.4 crores aid has been given by him to Tamil Militant Groups. The other information I will not give to the Commission, which I believe is sensitive. Then in 1982, there was a shoot-out in Pondy Bazaar in which a criminal case was filed against Shri Prabhakaran. In 1984, there was a bomb blast at Madras Airport in which 30 people were killed. At political level talks took place in Thimpu and Prabhakaran had come. After the meeting Shri Rajiv Gandhi in 1987. In 1986, the Govt. of India decided to send Central Ministers to bring about peace, among the various Tamil factions.”

7.10 Shri M. Karunanidhi, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, in his affidavit no. 187/94 PAGE NO.2 PARA 4 :-

  • “It is a well known fact that the LTTE and other Sri Lankan Militants camps were established in India ever since 1982 in tune with the policy of the Central Government at that time. The Tamil militants were given military training and allowed to have their own training camps in India.”
  • 7.11 A first hand assessment of the camps being organised by the various Sri Lankan militant groups is found in the enclosure to a letter (DO C.11. No. 1634/M dated Feb. 8, 1986, referred to in details at page 111) written by Shri K. Mohan Das, the then Director General of Police (Intelligence), Tamil Nadu to the Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu.

Anita Pratap, journalist, who deposed before the Commission has also spoken about the LTTE offices in Madras. Deposition dated August 17, 1996:-

  • “LTTE had started the office, I think, in at the beginning of 1984. It was located at Besant Nagar, South Madras. There were several LTTE cadres operating the office. Lawrence Thilagar, Yogi and others. At any given time there were 5- 6 LTTE cadres operating the office. Periodically, there used to be some spokesman of the LTTE. In 1985, Balasingham had come. He was the official spokesman of the LTTE and he still is. He was in charge of propaganda as well as negotiating with Governmental authorities, R&AW and other Agencies. Till I remained in Madras, Lawrence Thilagar, Yogi and Balasingham remained official spokesmen of the LTTE.”

Shri Mohandas gives details of weapons and training camps for Sri Lanka’s militant groups.

  • LTTE:- 6 camps were reported being conducted by the LTTE in the districts of Anna (1 camp), Thanjavur West (1 camp), Thanjavur East (1 camp), Salem (1 camp, Madurai (1 camp) and Ramnad ( 1 camp) of Tamil Nadu. The total strength of trainees in these camps was reported to be 495 cadres including 90 female Tigers. The camp at Sirumalai (Anna district) was the only camp were all the 90 female Tigers were getting training along with 40 male Tigers. The largest LTTE camp was located at Kumbarapatti in Salem district. The training comprised Arms Training, swimming, boat driving and physical training. The camps were equipped with transport facilities such as Jeeps, Vans, motor cycles etc.
  • TELO:- Five camps organised by Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) were reported to be running in the districts of Ramnad ( 3 camps) and Salem ( 2 camps). There were totally 233 male cadres undergoing this training which comprised Physical Training, Arms training, swimming and boat driving.
  • EROS:- Eelam Revolutionary Organisers (EROS) were reported to be conducting two camps in the districts of Ramnad and Pasumpon Muthuramalingam districts. There were 8 male trainees in these camps which were imparting Physical Training and Arms Training.
  • EPRLF: The Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) was reported to be conducting 7 training camps in the districts of Thanjavur West (3 camps), South Arcot (2 camps), Trichy ( 1 camp) and Ramnad (1 camp) with a total strength of 73 male trainees who were being trained in Guerilla warfare, Physical Training and Arms training. These camps reportedly possessed sophisticated weapons such as Light Machine -guns as well as transport vehicles.
  • PLOT:- The Peoples Liberation Organisation for Tamil Eelam (PLOT) was conducting training in 18 camps located in the districts of Thanjavur West (11 camps), Pudukottai ( 4 camps), Tirunelvei East (2 camps) and Thanjavur East (1 camp). Totally 2236 cadres in addition to 94 female cadres were getting trained in these camps. The camps possessed transport facilities, boats and some weapons. Predominantly, the training comprised guerrilla warfare and also Physical Training, Swimming and Boat Driving.
  • Other assorted organisations were also conducting their camps in Tamil Nadu such as Tamil Eelam Army (TEA) – 2 camps, 31 trainees; TELA -Kanthan group ( 3 camps, 117 trainees); TELA-Rajan group (1 camp, 10 trainees); TENA (1 camp, 25 trainees); RELO ( 1 camp, 13 trainees; NLFT (1 camp, 2 trainees); ECRP (1 camp, 4 trainees) and TMPP ( 1 camp, 6 trainees).

As per the enclosure, the total number of trainees of various Sri Lankan Tamil militant organisations in their training camps being conducted in Tamil Nadu was 3179 males and 184 females, totally 3363 cadres.

Militant activities of Sri Lankan Tamil Groups in India:

On 07.03.1985, at Mahalingapuram, a few LTTE cadres went to Tamil Information Centre at Mahalingapuram and opened fire against two PLOTE cadres.

On 17.03.1985, a PLOTE cadre was kidnapped by LTTE cadres from the PLOTE camp at Thirumangalakottai between Chinnamanur and Cumbum.

On 09.06.1984, Rajan and few others of TELO resorted to an indefinite fast near Gandhi statue in Madras, protesting against the opprobrious attitude of their leader Sri Sabaratnam.

On 23.04.1986, three LTTE cadres, who got down from a private bus at Madurai, quarreled with a porter and sprayed aerosol on his face, making him swoon.”

On May 10 1984 an American couple, Stanley and Mary Allens, were kidnapped about the same time as George Bush, a former CIA director and the then Vice President of the United States, was visiting New Delhi. Both were working on a development project in Jaffna, were abducted by militants belonging to the EPRLF. They were branded as CIA agents by the EPRLF. In order to release the Allens the EPRLF demanded Rs. 50 million in gold, to be paid to the Tamil Nadu Government, and the release of 20 EPRLF cadres.

The material available to tie India to directly contributing towards the terrorism that prevailed in Sri Lanka are many. Moreover, its own house if falling apart –

Successive Indian Governments that claim to be interested in only the “integrity and dignity of the Tamil people” squashed all attempts to create a Tamil Homeland in India’s Tamil Nadu and slapped a constitutional amendment denying such. These are factors that often tend to get overlooked. The “ethnic” dimension to the conflict was also created by India because it would allow India to always interfere on the “Tamil” issue.

India, Tamil Diaspora, Tamil politicians in both India and Sri Lanka are all aware that there will never be a homeland given for Tamils in either Tamil Nadu or Sri Lanka. They take part in the calls for a “homeland” because it provides them plenty of means to profit and plenty of Governments/NGOs etc to plug along with the Eelaam call to push their agendas. So everything works to perfection.

Only a Presidential Commission of Inquiry set up by Sri Lanka will be able to unearth the truth and the roots to Sri Lanka’s conflict.

Unless we go back to where all the militancy started, who started and who helped we are purposely omitting a major component in the jigsaw puzzle and completely ignoring a period of history that is very important for the victims who have died because of LTTE and because India trained LTTE and other militant groups.

India must certainly owe an apology for all these deaths.

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  1. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Government must organise large scale protests against Endia. Agitations around all places of Indian influence is a must. Demand compensation and apology for large scale killing of Sri lankans by Endians.

    Some good news. “Sri Lanka vehicle registrations hits new low, BMW up, Maruti down”
    Increase taxes again to kill the BAJAAJI, MARUTI rubbish.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    How many sri lankans are aware of these things. not even 5%. what ever we say this govt . will not go foward from this point.mahinda will never get rid of 13 A and provincial councils unless sinhala buddhists become more powerful to force him.

    Shenali u should write to sinhala papers if u want to wake up our voters.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka vehicle registrations hits new low, BMW up, Maruti down”


    BAN Maruti and IMPORT PROTON – a cheap but good car from Malaysia MUCH better than bloody ramshakle Tata, Maruti and other Endian dirt.

    Get into an agreement with LEYLAND UK or GREAT WALL China to manufacture buses and lorries in SL.

    Get RID of the Indian Oil Company.

    If you want to fill gas, NEVER go to LIOC. Go to the closest CPC.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    Thank you Shenali for prying open the eyes of MR and clan as regards the venomous serpent he is trying to mollycoddle, this ‘Insidious India’. What you are indicating is that we will never get out of this quagmire into which ‘Insidious India’ has put us except by breaking loose from its hold. We are part of the treacherous triangle: Indian Government, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka. They are treating this country like one of their Federal States. That is literally what Rajiv Gandhi openly declared after physically intimidating J.R. into writing in the infamous 13A into the Constitution.

    Whenever Tamil Nadu rocks the Indian boat, we get thrown in the air like a helpless fish to be grabbed by Western Vultures. Insidious India has made us into a nation without roots, just a weightless mass. Our first endeavour should be to strike root in a congenial soil, and that MUST BE away from Insidious Indian Influence. We must pull out of the gravitational sphere of Insidious Indian Influence and move into that of China. ‘Insidious India’ and the ‘Wild West’ are ‘Plundering partners’. They are the Hindu-Christian axis of evil. China is making all the overtures, even including MR in record breaking phone calls directly from China’s supremo. We have to take their hand extended towards us. We have no option but to get into an alliance with China and sign life saving pacts with her or else this country will be engulfed in a blood bath which will put the LTTE terror to shame.

    MR is certainly in a quandary. He has turned Sri Lanka into a disease stricken body. Under his rule thugs, hooligans, rapists – name the vice, it is there to see – thrive and fatten at the expense of the common man who voted him in. That is as it is, but first things first. And the FIRST THING is what Shenali has taken so much pain to place before the nation’s eyes. This big talk of being a Sovereign Nation is like singing the song ‘The Great Pretender’: I’m laughing and gay like a clown, I seem to be what I am not you see…NO. Insidious India is in the process of turning us into yet another of its Federal States through the good graces of Tamil Nadu.

    MR break yourself free man. This country is not your fiefdom. Like the great king Devanampiyatissa said, you are only its trustee. Your eyes appear blinded to the fact that you are a naked emperor being draped with non existent clothes by self seeking servile tailors. Your ears only take in laudatory words from self seeking groups call them cabinet, parliament, provincial councils, pradeshiya sabhas filled with the filthiest dregs of our society. The people around you are your stooges, thriving on the crumbs that fall from your table. Do not let them be your pied pipers for they are even now taking you over the brink.

    Mario Perera

  5. S de Silva Says:

    As many others have said earlier in these columns, GoSL MUST include India with others in the Accountability demand from the UNHRC. Refuse to respond to a unilateral demand by UNHRC for accountability unless India and others are included. It is better to pull out of the UNHRC than to allow SL to be treated with absolute bias in this manner. IN our long “Incompetency Catalogue”, this is just the first of many such items! The way GoSL have been managing all this, it is only a little bit better than getting “the lunatics to run the asylum”, as they say here – GoSL Please Note – Sde Silva London

  6. ranjit Says:

    Shenali you are a gem of a person to write all these facts to waken us up. It should not be only in lankaweb but in all Sri Lankan news papers. We should and must boycott anything Indian and we must show these Indians that we Sri Lankans had enough of their bulling tactics.

    They create,They financed,They gave sanctuary to the most deadliest terror group in the world and after their leaders and the murderers gone to hell still Indian cowards try their bulling tactics to harm our beloved homeland. We must unitedly stand up Sinhalese,Tamils and Muslims as Sri Lankans against India period. Indian Govt is a puppet Govt and they dont have any shame after all their leaders were assisinated by terrorists.

    They stop our politicinas,pilgrims,now our cricketers visiting India so now what is the action we Sri Lankans going to take of these bullshit Indians? We has to identify our true friends and work unitedly with them to counter these bullies India and USA. Majority of Sri Lankans not agree with our politicians that India is our friend. They are the dirtiest cowards and terrorist who took our country 30 years backward. Hell with India.

  7. thirdeye Says:

    Our present leaders interested only about their bank accounts and what % will they get even at the cost of the whole country. countries granite is been looted by this present regime and every corner of the country is taken in to hands of the family members for their personnel gains. there want be any end to our daily issue and on top of that now UNHRC dedicatory.

    its not possible to go forward without India being in the side of the road. the major potion of medicins for the masses were imported from India. just increasing the import tax on motor vehicles will not help any one. in fact it will further deteriorate the life style of the citizens. the main steps we must take is to reduce the government spending’s, reduce the parliament, reduce the benefits given for the MPs ,and ect. stop the recruitment of additional staff for the government services. immediately reduce the extra staff from those institutes. mainly stop the present regimes domination of the entire business sector. Sri Lankan – in Dubai…

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Another dimension to the views :
    India too was caught up in COLD WAR politics in the region during those times (1946 – 1991), and some years beyond. Tamils of Sri Lanka rode on the back of COLD WAR politics. The COLD WAR has finished, but the Tamil Caste/poverty wars of Tamil Nadu continue. Sri Lanka is used as a distraction as well as for some land & power grabs by TNA & TN politicos.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Our present leaders interested only about their bank accounts – Not aggred ! They own Bank so they do not need bank account !

    Only worry Our present leaders have not get their saram wet by UN !!!

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Shenali Waduge
    Eelam war V traning already started in Indian SL Tamil refuges camps !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Kumar’s wishful thinking ?

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    “Eelam war V traning already started in Indian SL Tamil refuges camps !”


    Can’t wait to see these LOSERS crying GENOCIDE again. This time the number will be much higher than 40,000. I’m collecting iron rods already. :))

  13. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    I am collecting barbed wire pieces for rear end negotiations with new terrorists. Will be very useful during decentralised interrogations.

  14. Voice123 Says:

    SAKumar, the Indian, openly supporting Indians. Coming here and pretending to be Sri Lankan!

    Get some self-respect.

  15. Voice123 Says:

    Does SAK the closet Hindian, support a United Nations inquiry into the Hindian IPKF crimes against Sri Lankan Tamils?

    Expect some silence or some rubbish about Eelam War V. MODAYA, Eelam War V has been going on since 2009 and it will decimate traitors to Sri Lanka. I cant wait for that day!

    I repeat, SAK, do you support a UN probe into the crimes by the IPKF against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka? Easy question, YES or NO. No cryptic nardooistic veiled threats please. Straightforward yes or no.

    SAK, do you support a UN probe into the crimes by the IPKF against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka?

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    “SAK, do you support a UN probe into the crimes by the IPKF against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka?”

    You mean, an investigation into his origins?

    In Jaffna those days IPKF was known as Indian P*ndai K*ndai F*ckers (IPKF).

    They left behind 1,000s of IPKF chidlren in Jaffna. Some joined the LTTE with their Tamil mothers and died. Some others escaped to Canada. Others remain in SL. It is a VERY STIGMATIC topic for Tamils and they AVOID it now.

  17. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    SA Kumar aka AndyLingam must definitely be one of them. We can tell from the Yinglish.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    SAKumar, the Indian, openly supporting Indians. Coming here and pretending to be Sri Lankan- You all may Indian or Sri lankan but I am Eelamist !

    “SAK, do you support a UN probe into the crimes by the IPKF against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka?” No Because We kicked them out !!!
    same apply to SL foreces – I do not support UN probe into the crimes of killing 40,000 civilian – We will kick Bhudist sinhala ammy soon !!!

    until that you modaya – Naalai Pirakkum Thamil Eelam ! like Jesus will back !!!

    Name of the game is get MR/ GR saram wet !!!
    keep Chinhala Sakotharaya in panic !
    Do we learn Chinhalavan Modaya & Demila sakkiliya ? NO !

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Kariyawasam said , Indian should safegurd Sinhalese who were origin of Northen India !!!
    ohhhhh my God…… you Sinhala kallaththonis, please can you recall this Demila Kallathoni soon to SL !!!

    Lorenzo – you Paranki may be origin of mother lankan ?never know , can you believe, you are talking about IPKF childern
    all your time mates … because our Thesiya Thalaivar not in all illegals kallakonis are talking about illegal immegration !!!

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    How foolish modayas are Tamilians!

    “SL Forest Department lets loose wild elephants on resettled Tamils in Ampaa’rai

    [TamilNet, Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 12:28 GMT]

    Wild elephants in large numbers are systematically driven into villages where Tamils predominantly live in the Ampaa’rai district by a section of Sinhalese connected to the Sri Lankan Forest Department, presumably to prevent the uprooted Eezham Tamils from returning and resettling in their places of origin, sources in Ampaa’rai said.”


  21. SA Kumar Says:

    How foolish modayas are Tamilians!- yahh We modayas , Puli scard with Elephant in your dream ? even We donot scard with Lion ?

    LOL ! who is muddalkal chinhala modayas or Thamil pulikal !!

  22. SA Kumar Says:


    also you reference from [TamilNet, Tuesday, 26 March 2013, 12:28 GMT]- I think you are only one SL kallathonis read this Web side after 19 May 2009 !!!

    All Eelam web sides are dead & buried at Nanthikatal , Mullivakkal with Our Thesiya Thalaivar !!!

    Naalai pirakkum Thamil Eelam !!!

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    OK, the Tamil Nadu RACISTS have now made it formal: What we have been warning the GOSL about for YEARS is now OUT IN THE OPEN!

    NOW at least Sri Lanka should go on a WAR FOOTING to defend Sri Lanka against Tamil Nadu.

    EXPEL all Tamil Indian citizens from Sri Lanka,
    DENY Visas to Tamil Indianss,
    BAN trade with Tamil Nadu businesses,
    HALT work on the Mannar-Dhanuskody rail link,
    DECLARE Tamils from India PERSONA-NON-GRATA in Sri Lanka.

    INCREASE the presence of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in the NORTHERN and EASTERN provinces. This provides the REASON WE NEED to HALT demilitarization of these provinces. It is JUST AS WE FEARED.

    BUILD FORTIFICATIONS all along the SHORELINE and PREPARE to defend our Motherland.

    TAKE these THREATS against Sri Lanka with the UTMOST SERIOUSNESS!

    Tamil Nadu advocates Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka – Deccan Herald

    Chennai, March 27, 2013 (IANS):

    The Tamil Nadu assembly Wednesday urged India to introduce a resolution in the UN Security Council seeking a referendum in Sri Lanka to carve out an independent Tamil Eelam state.

    A resolution moved by the AIADMK-controlled house said Tamils living in Sri Lanka as well as Tamils of Sri Lankan origin in other countries should take part in the referendum.

    The resolution also urged India to stop describing Sri Lanka as a friendly nation and sought an international probe on war crimes during the war against the Tamil Tigers that left thousands dead.
    It said those responsible for the alleged war crimes should be tried by an international court.
    The Indian government was also asked to impose economic sanctions on the island nation until the “oppression” on Tamils there ended.

    Speaking in the house, the chief minister referred to the widespread protests by students in the state demanding action against Sri Lanka over the deaths of Tamil civilians in the war against the LTTE.

    She also spoke about the UN Human Rights Council resolution that pulled up Colombo over accusations that many innocent Tamils died in the military blitzkrieg against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

    Sri Lanka crushed the LTTE and wiped out its leadership in May 2009, ending one of the world’s longest running conflicts.

    “India should stop calling Sri Lanka a friendly nation,” Jayalalithaa said.

    “There should be an international probe on the war crimes during the war (against the Tamil Tigers) and people responsible for that should be tried before an international court,” she said.

    She described as a victory for her government the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) decision not to hold any cricket match in Tamil Nadu if Sri Lankan players were involved.

    On Tuesday, she told Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that her government would allow IPL matches in the state only if no Sri Lankan player, umpire, official or support staff took part in the matches.
    She accused DMK president M. Karunanidhi of being insincere vis-a-vis the Sri Lankan Tamil issue.
    She charged the Congress-led Indian government, of which the DMK was a major partner, with helping Sri Lanka to kill Tamils.

    She said Karunanidhi revived the Tamil Eelam Supporters Organisation (TESO) only after his DMK lost power in the state in 2011.

    The chief minister said New Delhi had not taken any action on the resolution passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly in 2011 urging India to impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka and approach the UN to declare those responsible for the “genocide” in the island as war criminals.

    Jayalalithaa said it was regrettable that the Indian government was indifferent to the Tamil issue and not respecting Tamil sentiments.

    She said she had introduced the new resolution in the house to show “the entire Tamil community’s feelings”.

    Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu are separated by a narrow strip of sea.

    Earlier, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapapaksa Wednesday warned of local and internationally attempts to scuttle peace in the island nation.

    Addressing a Sri Lanka Freedom Party ceremony in Colombo, Rajapaksa said it was the right of all Sri Lankans to ensure that peace was protected in the country without falling prey to rumours, reports Xinhua.

    Rajapaksa’s comments come within a week after a US-sponsored resolution was passed against Sri Lanka at the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva.

    Days later, the US warned that international action may be initiated on Sri Lanka if the island failed to implement the latest resolution adopted at the UN Human Rights Council.

    Since defeating the Tamil Tigers, Rajapaksa’s government has been under pressure, especially from Western countries, seeking an independent probe into war crimes allegations.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Australia supported the resolution. So SL should SEND THOUSANDS of boat people to Australia in punishment.

    THOUSANDS more should be sent OUT of SL who may not reach any land.

    This is the ONLY way to reduce the Tamilian population of north & east PEACEFULLY.

    Jaffna people – 500,000
    If 1,000 Tamilian men from Jaffna leaves for Australia, they will marry 1,000 Tamilian women from SL. They will bring their bothers, etc. = 1,000 + 4*1,000 = 5,000

    Total migration = 6,000

    Reduction in Jaffna population = 6,000 = 6,000/500,000 = 1.2%

    Arrange more and more boats for them to LEAVE SL PEACEFULLY. Make sure they don’t reach the beautiful land of the undersea world!

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    You Paragnki stop fool sinhalese !!!
    Eelam war V already started !!!
    Naalai pirakkum Saiva Thamil Eelam !

    No Soni , No Paragnki , No Sina , Only We Thamils !!!! Naam Thamilar !!!

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    MISPLACED or NOT, India’s Actions, egged on by the RACISTS of Tamil Nadu, are DESTRUCTIVE to Sri Lanka.

    IT is HIGH TIME that Sri Lanka acted against CONTINUED Indian Interference in Sri Lanka’s Internal Matters by:

    1. Immediately EXPELLING all Tamil citizens of India

    2. BANNING TRADE with, and Travel to and from, Tamil Nadu

    3. CLOSING and DISMANTLING the Rail link between India and Sri Lanka

    4. DOWN GRADING Economic, Diplomatic and Military ties with India including closing down ALL Indian diplomatic offices in Sri Lanka except the Indian embassy in Colombo. India should be PREVENED from DOMINATING SRi Lanka in these areas.

    5. LIMITING and DISCOURAGING Indian Economic Investments in Sri Lanka

    6. TERMINATING access to and Involvement in Reconstruction in the Northern Province. Although these constitute WAR REPARATIONS for Indian Crimes committed in Sri Lanka, by aiding and abetting Terroriam, and invading and occupying Sri Lanka to Partition it, they perpetuate Indian presence in Sri Lanka … a presence that should be ended NOW! SUGAR COATING this presence as “AID” does not eliminate the THREAT it constitutes to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. It is not proving AID, but inflicting AIDS!!

    CONTRARY to what this writer recommends to serve India’s interests, Sri Lanka should:

    1. REVERSE the troop withdrawal and FURTHER FORTIFY, INCREASE and PERMANENTLY station MORE Armed Forces in the North to DEFEND against the THREATS posed by Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan Tamil Separatists.

    2. REJECT and REPEAL the 13th Amendment to the Constitution requiring Sri Lanka to DEVOLVE power to TAMIL SEPARATISTS now being supported vociferously by a Foreign Power based in Tamil Nadu. The 13th Amendment was ILLEGALLY IMPOSED on Sri Lanka by India under the threat of PERMANENT military occupation, that will in time result in the loss of this territory. Just as the MUNICH AGREEMENT that FORCED Czechslovakia to CEDE control of the Sudetenland Province to Nazi Germany was ILLEGAL, the 13th Amendment FORCED upon Sri Lanka by India under MILITARY THREATS, is ILLEGAL. It is ILLEGAL under International Law … and should be REPEALED by sovereign Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka should not EMPOWER overt/covert Separatists for ANY REASON; that would only undermine the authority of Sri Lanka’s National Government.

    Let India grant AUTONOMY to Muslim Separatists in Jammu & Kashmir and LEAD the WAY, but Sri Lanka SHOULD NOT devolve power to Tamil Separatists for ANY REASON.

    A show of misplaced solidarity sours ties with Colombo

    G Parthasarathy
    March 28, 2013

    On March 15, India backed a US-sponsored resolution in the UN Human RightsCouncil (UNHRC) which expressed concern at “continuing reports of human rights violations, extra-judicial killings, torture and violations of the rights of freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly” in Sri Lanka.

    The resolution also called on the Sri Lankan government to expeditiously carry out “an independent and credible investigation into allegations of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law,” with regard to deaths in 2010, during the last days of the bloody 30-year-long ethnic conflict. At the same time, the resolution welcomed work done to resettle the majority of internally displaced persons (Tamils from the North) and called for steps to promote national reconciliation.

    The very next day, Sri Lanka’s information minister Keheliya Rambukwella announced that his government would be taking over 84 oil storage tanks out of the 99 tanks in the strategically located Trincomalee Port, leaving the remaining 15 tanks there to be utilised by the Indian Oil Corporation. The message to India was clear. While Sri Lanka may have initially agreed in 1987 with India to jointly manage all 99 tanks, it was now asserting its right to manage all those oil tanks the IOC was not utilising.

    The Sri Lankan decision in 1987 to jointly manage the Trincomalee facilities was in response to Indian concerns about the use of Trincomalee by navies of powers not friendly to India. The takeover of the 84 tanks is a message to India that these facilities would now be run by Sri Lanka and, if necessary, be made available to use by China’s navy, thereby expanding China’s maritime power across the Indian Ocean.

    Sri Lanka knows that India was almost totally isolated in Asia, when backing the US-sponsored resolution on allegations of human-rights violations. South Korea, a US ally, was the only Asian country to back the resolution. Even Japan, a long time US ally abstained from voting. Japan appeared determined not to do anything which would facilitate a greater Chinese naval presence in the sea lanes of the Indian Ocean. All other Asian countries were obviously not going to back Western efforts to condemn and isolate a fellow Asian democracy.

    Pakistan voted against the UN Resolution and China’s new President Xi Jinping is set to welcome President Rajapakse in Beijing. It is clear that in any major international forum like the ASEAN Regional Forum, BRICS, SAARC, or the Commonwealth, there is no possibility of India obtaining a consensus, or even significant support for resolutions which seek to “condemn” Sri Lanka for “war crimes” or “genocide,” as Mr Karunanidhi demands. India will only isolate itself, if it embarks on any such effort. Moreover, as India does not recognise the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC), it is not in any position to seek any role for the ICC on alleged “war crimes” in Sri Lanka.

    Carried away be the overblown propaganda of Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates from countries like the US, Canada and UK and determined to leave no stone unturned to incite and use sentiments in Tamil Nadu for political advantage in forthcoming general elections, the main political players in the State are advocating a course of action, of seeking to get Sri Lanka isolated and condemned internationally.

    This is an effort avowedly to secure the establishment of a Tamil “Eeelam” (Homeland) in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. It ignores the reality that roughly one third of Sri Lanka’s Tamil population of 3 million are descendants of Indian workers who sought employment there during colonial rule. They live in the central and southern regions and have elected leaders who have a constructive working relationship with the Sinhala majority. They have no interest in harming themselves by demands for “Eelam”. Moreover, the Tamils are in a minority in the Eastern Province and the Muslims and Sinhalas there would never agree to their being a part of a separate “Eelam,” with a Tamil majority.

    In a surcharged political atmosphere, amid overblown rhetoric, there are now calls for an economic boycott of Sri Lanka and for an Indian withdrawal from power and infrastructure projects there. Those in Tamil Nadu advocating this forget that there will be Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and ASEAN bidders ready to joyously replace us.

    Further, the infrastructure projects being built by India in Sri Lanka are primarily designed to help transportation of goods and services to and from the Tamil-dominated Northern Province. Moreover, if Sri Lankans start doubting our intentions because of shrill calls for “Eelam” from Tamil Nadu, they will only further strengthen their already well equipped and battle-hardened armed forces with Chinese equipment, to counter external meddling.

    It is obvious that efforts arising from political rivalries in Tamil Nadu, to internationally condemn, isolate, ostracise and subdue Sri Lanka, are doomed to fail. Worse still, such actions will only hamper and set back efforts to provide relief and rehabilitation to Sri Lankan Tamils. It is time that the realisation dawned on political parties whipping up emotions and passions on the events of 2010 that it will yield no results.

    The UNHRC resolution calls on the Sri Lankan government to effectively implement the “constructive recommendations” made by the “Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission” (LLRC) that it had set up. The commission found that there had been excesses by both the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE, which deliberately and callously hid behind “civilian shields” during the last days of the conflict. The UNHRC called for credible investigations and action against those held responsible.

    While pushing for implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC, New Delhi should not get distracted by domestic political compulsions. It should focus its efforts on speeding up rehabilitation and reconstruction of homes of displaced Tamils and persuading the Tamil National Alliance in Sri Lanka to join the proposed dialogue for implementing the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution.

    Sri Lanka, in turn, will be well advised to hold elections in the North as promised in September 2013 and facilitate the establishment of an empowered provincial government there. Sri Lanka would also heal the bitter memories of the ethnic conflict by gradually withdrawing troops in the North and directing its army not to interfere or intervene in the day to day lives of the people. Most importantly, the Sri Lankan Government should show good faith in abiding by its assurances on implementing the provisions of the 13thAmendment of its Constitution on devolution of powers, which was enacted pursuant to the India-Sri Lanka Agreement of July 1987.

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