“Boru Bana Sena” are 21st Century Devadattas Whose Bahaviour is Undoubtedly Against Buddhism and Sinhalese
Posted on April 14th, 2013

by Dr. Sarath Buddhadasa

 We entered Peradeniya university way back in the late 1970s with the hope of creating a future for our families and also to enjoy life while contributing to the progress of society, since it was the people of this country who sustained us in the universities by way of direct and indirect taxes paid to the government to provide us free education.

However, all our hopes and dreams were shattered with the birth of LTTE terrorism and Pirabaharan and his inhuman partners almost destroying our social and economic fabric.

We were fortunate that the country was saved from the clutches of terrorism by President Mahinda Rajapakse and his team, with the help of many supporters here and abroad, in May 2009. This gave us a new ray of hope and impetus. The nation drew a peaceful breath after 30 years and the people were confident of the country’s future. We were sure that such a dark era will not befall us ever again. We started building peace and rebuilding the much needed trust between communities. There were many efforts and sacrifices made to rehabilitate and re-integrate disaffected youth and peace building was initiated with our Tamil speaking fellow countrymen and women.

Now what is the situation in our country today?

Just like what we saw way back in the 1970s as young university students and caused us to lose our hopes, this nation is again heading or being dragged towards a very pathetic and catastrophic destination. This time it is by a gang called BBS (Boru Bana Sena) creating havoc and frustration at every turn and in every corner in the country in the name of Buddhism.

Although the BBS may say so, I as a Sri Lankan and a Buddhist, frankly doubt whether this country’s Buddhists are against the practices of another faith, adhered to by our partner community. Surely, any true Sinhala Buddhist with a decent IQ level will realize by observing the behavior of this BBS gang that it is undoubtedly against Buddhism and Sinhalese.

Why do I say this? At the outset they created the halal issue. This was amicably resolved with the mediation of intelligent, educated venerable monks like Bellanvila Wimalarathana. Then they attacked business places belonging to Muslims. Later, they attacked Sinhala Buddhist girls and boys alleging that their love affairs are immoral and not compatible with Sinhala Buddhist principles or standards. They organized their “ƒ”¹…”golayas’ to attack Buddhists, throwing spoiled eggs at those who patronized businesses owned by another community. Just last week they unfairly criticized our High Commissioner in Singapore, a patriotic lady, Ferial Ashraf and now they are threatening our cricketers.

They are destroying our socio-cultural and economic landscape in an accelerated manner. They destroy the sentiments of peace loving people of this country. They destroy the image of the country. They draw the President and the government into an uneasy scenario, consciously or unconsciously serving the interests of our enemies and extremists.

Is this the Buddhist way of life? The Buddhism we know is not this. What the most Reverend Walpola Rahula did not teach us yesterday and would never have taught us, the BBS is trying to teach us today!

I don’t think this will do any good to Buddhism or Sinhalese. This may serve our international enemies who are trying to destroy Sri Lanka. In that sense, I entertain doubts that this so called BBS is either directly or indirectly supported by some parties who are against Sri Lanka. This assumption is getting re-inforced when you see what is going on in Burma/Myanmar now.

We must be ashamed of ourselves if we allow this gang to continue in this way. I am sure if this virus-like menace is not stopped today, it will drag us to the graveyard tomorrow.

So, this appeal goes to the Mahanayaka Theros in this country and specially the Sinhala Buddhist community. Please unite and create awareness in our society asking each and every citizen not to get deceived by or patronize these anti Sinhala-Buddhist elements. Learn from our forefathers as to how they treated and lived in harmony with other communities in the past.

I remember how I used to go with my parents to the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy and attend the Sri Rajopavanaramaya Dhamma School at Getambe to study Buddhism, striving to mold myself as a person guided by the Buddhist way of life. Since our childhood, we have been trained in our Dhamma schools to chant every night before we go to sleep, the verse “ƒ”¹…”siyalu sathvayo niduk vethwa, neerogi vethwa, suwapathwethwa’. This is the Buddhism we know and try to practice.

According to the Buddha, we belong to the human race. When we forget this universal truth and allow these destructive behaviors and trends created by these 21st century Devadattas to continue, are you and I not forgetting about Buddhism?

[Dr Buddhadasa is Managing Director, Business Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka]

22 Responses to ““Boru Bana Sena” are 21st Century Devadattas Whose Bahaviour is Undoubtedly Against Buddhism and Sinhalese”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Unbelievable there are people still slagging off BBS. While muslims and christians have a free reign to do anything, Sinhala Buddhists have to be compromise in every aspect of life. BBS and SR along with Champika were the only ones who had the guts to speak about the injustices to the Sinhala Buddhists. I can not believe there are still Sinhala Buddihists people slagging them off. Only thing you can say about these people is they cannot be Sinhalese. Do these do gooders know what happened to Afganisthan, Pakisthan, Iran, etc. etc. You and your children will have no Gatambe to go in few years if this carries on like this. Did you see what is there now at top of Hanthane, which you can see when you are in Navalapitiya. There was no Buddhist temple within Peradeniya University those days. I don’t know if it’s still the case. The Hindu kovil been there for a long time. Now eyesore mosque there right at the top, for the whole world to see! In the seventies, there was only one or two muslims in the cream of faculties. Now? You see all ‘umbrellas’. Like on a rainy day (all hijabs). People with an iota of patriotism will see the danger signs.

    I’m really disgusted with these people slagging off this handful of people trying to safeguard our country for the Sinhalese and their future generations.

  2. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    well this is the point of view of the author. bbs is not anti-religion of any soughts, including buddhism. it is against the unwarranted moves of other religious groups. we certainly do not want businesses to be strangled with a halal certificate or logo. hence the de-logoing. when christians attempted to destroy buddhism in sri lanka, anagarika dharmapala, ven. sumangala arose to protect sinhala buddhist values, and even american olcott came to rescue.
    when catholics were at the peak of ‘catholic action’ people like bandaranayake, a converted buddhist, arose against it and paid the price.
    when wahaabis are attempting to impose their culture and laws on our buddhist-sinha+hela culture, bbs arose. this is a natural move and a trend. bbs and we are not against muslims, but a fraction of muslims who are on an ‘expansionism’ move.
    bbs is not against christians but against those who attempt ‘coecive conversion’.
    we expats need to support bbs not only to safeguard buddhism and sinhala but fight the very core of this government too, which is rotten corrupt. bbs needs to be a peoples movement to challenge any unwarranted moves by any other group or even government, as heladeepa is the only country we can call sinhala buddhist country. let moderates mostly colombons, another dangerous gang, air their views and let bbs grow.

  3. Voice123 Says:

    The writer has a point. BBS could be funded by LTTE diaspora Tamils to:

    1. Portray the Sinhala Buddhist community as “extremist” thereby gaining more sympathy for Tamils overseas;
    2. A great excuse for LTTE sympathetic assylum seekers and former cadres to use as “persecution” and hammer SL iver “human rights abuses”;
    3. Alienate formerly patriotic Christians and Muslims and make them more sympathetic to Eelam;
    4. Drive away foreign tourists and investments, which is necessary for rapid economic development. Rapid economic development is essential for our survival as a unitary nation;
    5. Alienate us from allies and potential key allies in the Muslim wirld, eg Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia;
    6. Alienate us from the rest of the world and drive us further into the deadly embrace of India;

    Boru Shiv Sena will DESTROY whats left of the Sinhalese, if left unchecked. Well done modeyas. You fell straight into the Tiger trap again, just like in 83!

  4. S.Gonsalkorale Says:

    Can this “Gentleman” Dr. Sarath prove us BBS attacked young gils and boys ?
    Who is “Boru” here ? Dr. Sarath or BBS ?

    So called “young boys and girls” getting organised using facebook , insulting Buddhism, speaking in English, wanted to start Egypt style USA organised terrorism. Gotabhaya (who is supportive of BBS) stopped it.

    Who is the “borukaraya” here ?

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “Surely, any true Sinhala Buddhist with a decent IQ level will realize by observing the behavior of this BBS gang that it is undoubtedly against Buddhism and Sinhalese.”

    This shows the foolishness of this persons, unfortunately. Empty vessels makes the most sound!

    I HATE to tell this because I’m NOT so low. But since IQ was dragged, let me tell you I with a membership of an elite IQ society (MORE restrictive than Mensa which I think anyone can get in) tell you that BBS is the ONLY REAL protector of Sinhala and Buddhists interests in SL.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Sarath Buddhadasa should get his facts right.

    BBS NEVER launched ANY anti-Muslim campaign. What they do is a PRO-BUDDHIST and PRO-SINHALA campaign.

    Why can’t Sarath Buddhadasa say the same thing about SLMC and TNA? Why this double standards?

  7. Ratanapala Says:

    This man has got his wires crossed. The unfortunate thing is there are many like him who has got a bit of education to think like Colombians. There are many like him who even come from Buddhist Schools such as Ananda, Nalanda, Mahinda etc.- whose only ambition in life is as he says -” for creating a future for our families and also to enjoy life while contributing to the progress of society”.

    Their most cherished aspiration is to be like a Royalist or a Thomian – to speak like them – behave like them – all cosmopolitan – we are all human beings etc etc – attend a Royal Thomian dinner dance as summum bonum and highest achievement in life. This is what they mean by enjoying life and contributing to the progress of society! He is living in Cuckoo Land and oblivious to the fact that the time is not too far when his cosmopolitan view of life will make him and his progeny non entities in the land of their birth. Having got a western education he quite obediently believes in “Democracy” and “Human Rights”, “Live and Let Live” as preached by the Christian West.

    Bodu Bala Sena is a reaction to all injustices perpetrated on Sinhala Buddhists. It is our duty to keep them moderated and strong so that they will not end up like others before them – Bauddha Jathika Balavegaya, Soma Hamuduruwo’s campaign and others similar. They must not end up like the proverbial – Soda Bothalaya!

    I too entered Peradeniya University back in early 1960s, but managed to keep my sanity and the ability to sift right from wrong!

  8. Voice123 Says:

    No, its good to question everything. BBS may start off with the best of intentions but end up being “captured” and funded by the wealthy LTTE diaspora to do their dirty work. We must be CONSTANTLY vigilant about such a group and make sure they act in the interests of those they claim to represent.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    When Buddhist monks INVENTED Kung Fu, some may have blamed them as anti-Buddhist. But that saved Buddhism. Otherwise it would have ended up like in Maldives or Nalanda.

    Mannar and Jaffna bishops are LTTE funded. Why don’t we raise that FACT and target BBS that is funded by poor SL people?

    BBS is getting EXTREMELY POPULAR in SL and OUTSIDE SL. No one can stop that. I urgently request BBS to RAPIDLY GROW within the army so that thugs and drug dealers cannot harm them.

  10. Universal Citizen Says:

    It is a fact that Buddhists in Sri lanka face many issues and threats from within and from other influences. a simple example will be the conversion by offering material benefits.
    The leadership of the Buddhist should get together and come up with a mechanism to safeguard Buddhism. This mechanism should be based on Buddhist principles.

    I am sure the Buddha had a higher IQ and other “Q’s” than people living today. So we need not re-invent the wheel trying to outsmart the Buddha.

    There is a need to safeguard Real Buddhism. This necessity and the people who are very good at social / human psychology, behavior / local and international politics usually exploits such situations to achieve their goals.

    With regards to the recent Bala Sena’s it does not take much for a reasonable human to understand that the people involved are racist and honestly do not represent Real Buddhism. This is very apparent in their behavior. Even if they wanted to represent and save Buddhism I believe the approach should be changed and probably with the type of people involved too.


    I have no intention of hurting anyone’s good intentions. Please forgive and correct me if so…..

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Universal Citizen,

    By definition you are NOT a citizen of SL. Out of the universe or the world, SL is a very small part.

    It is best you FIND elsewhere to call citizen out of 194 countries and zillions of planets. Leave SL to Sinhala Buddhists and others who accept Buddhist SL.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    A facebook page of “Buddhists Questioning Bodu Bala Sena” is actually a collection of Jihadists!!

    VERY FEW Buddhists liking and discussing it!!

    Those who call BBS racist are the BIGGEST RACISTS.

    Go tell that to Muslim Congress racists.

  13. rohanana Says:

    Buddhadasa, I am not sure what you got your Doctorate on, but to achieve a doctorate the primary thing is to investigate the issue. You don’t seems to have done any research to the matter. Or if you are a medical doctor then the first thing you have to do is to find the cause for the problem before trying to cure it and you have not done that either. I am not going to too much details about it. I live in Australia and I visit my beloved motherland every year for the last 40 years and I see the changes. When I visited in 2011 I noticed that there are Halal Logo on McDonald’s outside board, Arpico food stalls, Cargils food stalls and there was no word to indicate Halal in any language. I asked the people working in these places including the managers, but none knew what was the meaning of the Logo. I asked all my relatives, friends and normal people in Sri Lanka but no one, not a single person knew the logo and 99% didn’t know what halal was. So this clearly shows how secretively they have fed the non-Muslims of what Muslims believe. How is that if non-Muslims do that to Muslims? Do you approve these illegal, unethical and racist acts of Muslims? You are one of those racists crying foul and quoting from Buddhism to insult Sinhalese. We all have the right to choose what you want to buy or use. I don’t want to be cheated by these Muslim thugs to get my hard earned money. If Halal was explained by radio, TV, newspapers and then given the people of Sri Lanka the choice to choose what they want to spend their money, then that is fine but not these under hand movements. This is the beginning and then if we keep quite what will be the next move. As a educate man look around the world to see what Muslims are doing, why every single war is involved by Muslims. Is this what we want to have? This so called your interpretation of “siyalu sathvayo niduk vethwa, neerogi vethwa, suwapathwethwa” have done to Sri Lanka for 30 years. There were traitors like you those days preaching this rubbish and government or people could not do anything same like today. Is this what you want to achieve in Sri Lanka again. I wrote to government and those companies in 2011 about their illegal Halalisation of Sri Lanka, but none want to take action in fear of people like you, and Muslims know there are people like you to condemn Buddhism and also they can buy the Sinhalese including many politicians.
    The second thing I would like you to do is go and see what Muslims are doing. Go to Gampola and Bibile road and see for yourself how Muslims have built a Mosque illegally over this public road which has been there for over hundreds of years and there two Sinhala villages on the other side of the mosque and all Sinhala people including monks have to walk under the feet of the Muslims in the Mosque. This road named after the great Sri Lankan Bibile who lived there. In few years Muslims will change this road name also to a Muslim name as they have done to many many places including the Kandy “Muslim mosque road” which was a Sinhala patriot lady’s name before. Is this what we have to tolerate and show kindness. How if a Buddhist temple, Hindu kovil or a church was built and Muslims have to walk under the feet of others? I have complained to all but they are scared to do anything about it as some politicians are scared of the Musllim vote, and some are in their money books. So what can Sinhalese do?
    These are few things our greatest Madhihe Pangnaseeha thero and Gangodawila Soma was predicted.
    I hope you and people like you who are short sighted will be more exploratory and find out before writing articles like this for the sake of it to get cheap publicity in the name of Buddhism.

  14. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Pay attention to the last line of the article, stating what he does for a living. His business is more important than the country and the future generations.
    So hakeems, fowzies, sampanthans, etc. etc. are real saints to this guy. Disgraceful!

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya,

    No clients, no business.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Unless Jihadists in SL stop calling BBS extremist and racist, I say SL should join USA in Afghanistan to kill them. Then USA will DROP ALL allegations and resolutions against SL.

    Why should we protect a bunch of racist Jihadists in SL from USA? This way we can BYPASS Endia and reach USA for a very special friendship. Then we can use that friendship to BUST ALL our enemies.

    From Wikileaks.

    “C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 03 COLOMBO 001159



    E.O. 12958: DECL: 10/08/2019 TAGS: PGOV, PREL, PREF, PHUM, PTER, EAID, MOPS, CE


    COLOMBO 00001159 001.8 OF 003

    Classified By: DCM VALERIE FOWLER. REASONS: 1.4 (B, D)

    1. (C) SUMMARY: In a December 8 meeting with A/S Blake, Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa discussed accountability and reconciliation; the State of Emergency; disarmament of ex-combatants and paramilitary groups; reconstruction in the North; rehabilitation of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) ex-combatants; LTTE child soldiers; access to LTTE ex-combatants for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC); potential Sri Lankan contributions to peacekeeping operations and to U.S.-led coalition efforts, and Sri Lankan military expansion plans.


    8. (C) A/S Blake raised the possibility of Sri Lanka contributing to U.S.-led coalition operations in Afghanistan, noting that would be a significant step in support of improving military-to-military engagement. Rajapaksa replied that contributing forces for combat operations right now would be too politically sensitive during the current election season in Sri Lanka. He added that the GSL would have to consider seriously the implications for its Muslim minority as well as the danger of drawing the ire of groups like Al-Qaida and Lashkar-e-Taiba by becoming a force provider. He said a possible alternative for Sri Lanka might be to provide training assistance to Afghan security forces under the auspices of a non-governmental organization or private company. He recalled a local precedent for this approach, dating back to 1985-1986 when a South Africa-based company had provided security assistance to Sri Lanka in the early years of the war with the LTTE. He said the company had provided military and security experts from a host of countries, including the United Kingdom, other Commonwealth nations, and even some Russians. For four or five years, the company was based in Jaffna and had trained Sri Lankan pilots and taught infantry tactics, including close quarters combat skills. He said that while the South African company had not participated in combat operations, it had closely monitored Sri Lankan military operations, assisting in de-briefing patrols and conducting after action reviews.


  17. ranjit Says:

    We cannot allow 15-20% of other ethnic groups like Tamils & Muslims to do what ever they like and 80% of Sinhala Buddhists to do nothing. This is my country and it’s a Buddhist country as you all know therefore we must do everything we can to protect our religion and our Sinhala nation from the evil forces who were trying to divide our land. Any Buddhist organization have the right more than anyone in my country to do anything as they are the saviors of our Motherland for thousands of years when ever there was any conflict. We Sinhalese Buddhist have the sole right to build temples anywhere in our land but not Tamils and Muslims because our country is a Sinhala Buddhist country. We cannot allow Mosques to be built in every corner of our land. There is no Muslim area or Tamil area or Tamil land or Muslim land in my country. They can live among us peacefully as human beings without trying to export new things from foreign lands. We cannot allow muslims to have Madrasas in every district or every town? Madrasas teach extremism nothing else. So we must have more BBS like Buddhist organizations to safeguard our religion as well as our Motherland. Those who condemns these kind of organizations are enemies of Buddhists and they help our enemies by criticizing like this.

    Already the muslims talking about Jihad in Sri Lanka and Tamils talking about their own land so what we Sinhalese have to do other than prepare ourselves to protect the land and the religion? Wake up Buddhist and the citizens who loves our Motherland.Dont sleep until these terrorists and extreamist run over our country with the help of the evil International community America,India,England and europe. Our Government must be closer to China and Russia more than ever at this very grave situation. Long live Bodu Bala Sena and all the Buddhist organizations in my land of peace.

  18. Leela Says:

    When the same write-up appeared in Colombo Telegraph, I have made a comment. I shall copy it here first and then add some additional material to drive my messege to his head.

    “Dr Sarath Buddhadasa,
    So, you accept that there has been a ‘Halaal’ issue. Yet none of you happened to notice that Buddhists were compelled to consume ‘Halaal’ all this time before BBS exposed it. How could you! You may not have known that the Halaal badge or the meaning of Halaal at the time.

    ‘Halaal’ has been forced upon Sinhala industrialists under false pretences for a long time. I knew it, but I couldn’t do much about it as an individual. I knew every thing including tomato ketchup was been made Halaal. In the end, even water bottles and cement bags had become Halaal. ACJU started collecting millions of rupees from Sinhala Buddhist and other communities immorally and illegally.

    People opened their eyes when BBS accused ACJU for selling ‘Halaal’ logo immorally. ACJU said they haven’t compelled any one and therefore Halaal is not illegal. BBS had to take the issue to street for you (SB) guys and Ven Wimalarathana to wake up and realize what’s up. Now, instead of appreciating service rendered by BBS you depict BBS as ‘Boru Bana Sena’. You must be suffering from Alzheimer disease.

    Now let me add what Alzheimer may have prevented getting to your head: 99% of those who fought terrorists are Sinhala Buddhist lads from villages like I live now. They risked their lives and joined the forces with one aim; to rid of the terrorists and thereby bring peace to Sri Lanka. My nephew is one of them. He nearly got killed in an early operation to retake the Madu church. That was the time when LTTE had being blasting many human bombs in Colombo and many a soldier came back in stretchers and body bags. Those were the days that we had soldier funerals in all our villages on daily basis. While we organised ‘Bodi Puja’ on behalf of our soldiers Colombians and the WOGs had joined the evangelists, NGOs and separatist backers to issue statements to highlight the value of peace and futility of the war. I remember some peace nicks even carried a coffin in a procession to Viharamaha Devi Park to highlight repercussions of war.

    Like you and me, said lot also reap all the benifits out of peace but accuse peace givers as war criminals. That is an anathema to me. Colombians and WOGs use the peace to grab more and more wealth for them and enjoy it. That’s ok if they carry at least a bit of gratitude for those who brought peace for them to thrive. That’s ok if they hadn’t gone on to embed hidden religious agendas through Halaal and Niqab invasions. Pity, people like you who climbed the social ladder to be a WOG and perhps a Colombian never educated us villagers as to why Niqab and even minarets are banned in enlightened Europe and demand Muslims in their countries assimilate with majority society.

    Of late swollen-headed WOGs have become muddleheaded after that resolution being passed at UNHRC. Needless to say, WOGs got buoyed every time when real war criminals accuse Sinhala Buddhists soldiers and those who led them as war criminals. Chanting ‘siyalu sathvayo niduk vethwa, neerogi vethwa, suwapathwethwa’ in bed and helping anti-ntionals will not save our war heroes from the hangman of the Kangaroo court in Geneva.

    Some WOGs hadn’t stop there. They had gone so far as to portray themselves as true Buddhists and condemn aged old customs and values of Sinhala Buddhist as ‘Sinhala Buddhism’. They have invented a ‘Sinhala Buddhism’ and attribute wickedness to it to demoralize Sinhala Buddhists. They talked about plight of Rohingya Muslim to show correlation or an axis between Myanmar Buddhists and Sinhala Buddhists for mistreatment of minorities. But they have never uttered a word to denounce the racist Tamil Nadu thug attack of our monks and pilgrims. Surely, these are planned and deliberate assault on Sinhala Buddhists if not a coordinated one. Being a WOG, I bet you don’t see it that way.

    It is in these tiring circumstances that BBS has come forward to be a solace for Sinhala Buddhists. Like Hikkaduwe Sumangala who had come forward to save Sinhala Buddhists in the late 18th century from the onslaught on Sinhalas and Buddhism by the Christian evangelists, Galabodaaththe Gnanasara has come forward to promote acceptability, and give confidence and self-assurance for Sinhala Buddhists in general, and those who took part in the war that defeated the terrorists and brought peace to this country but are now being condemned as war criminals by separatists and their backers in particular.

    Send your write-up to Sinhala papers in Sinhala, and I am sure, BBS will increase the number of their followers. At least, that’s what I perceive.

  19. dingiri bandara Says:

    Stop bashing BBS.They have opened the eyes of the Sinhala Buddhists and temporarily managed to stop the actions of the radical Muslims. For 30 odd years majority of the people including the Sinhalese, Tamils and the Muslims lived in fear because off LTTE. When one left the house in the morning you ere not sure if one would return home in the evening. This was not in Jaffna but in typical Sinhalese dominated areas including Colombo, despite high security.So many roads were closed. Despite all the opposition and interference and threats from powerful countries and organizations the Rajapaksa government and the patriotic armed forces managed to defeat the LTTE armed wing. But there are Sri Lankans who criticize every move of this government whether right or wrong(some actions need to be corrected).
    Sinhalese areas are being invaded and Muslim enclaves are being created with Mosques being erected in many areas.
    Dr Buddadasa, if you do not like the BBS and its actions, why don’t you form an organization to protect the interests Sinhalese Buddhists from the Jihadists and other enemies. May be you should get the moderate Tamils and Christian Sinhalese people to join. Some Buddhist temples have their own agendas,the Catholic church is controlled by the protectors of child molesting priests, the Vatican and some other churches are controlled by the world evangelical organizations with vested interests.Please stop the bashing and take action.

  20. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Yes, Lorenzo you are right. No clients, no business.
    That’s the reason for his twisted thinking.
    What a shame? Buddhadasa. No protector of Buddha.
    I suggest a name change. Devadaththa!

  21. Marco Says:

    I’m so pleased that Dilantha Withange is spear heading the BBS campaign.

  22. somapala Says:

    As a Buddhist who strongly beliews in KARMA, I had a thought during this Sinhal New Year.

    If these Muslim bashers like Lorenzo, Wijepala, Ratanapala, Leela etc.and the other mortals are born as Muslims in Sri Lanka in their next births, what will they utter?

    I believe that the majority of these muslim bashers have runaway from our motherland and living in the western democracies and are not facing the daily actions of thuggery of these thugs desecrationg the sacred yellow robe.

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