Has Sri Lanka Become a Colony Again?
Posted on April 14th, 2013

Ira de Silva London, Canada

Reading the various news reports in the Sri Lankan and Indian media recently, could and would the GOSL confirm that it is still responsible for governance or has it been delegated to the U.S. and India? Has Sri Lanka become a “colony” again?

After the infamous Indo-Lanka Agreement of 1987 and the 13th Amendment that was forced on Sri Lanka so Rajiv Gandhi could win votes in Tamil Nadu, there was the spectacle of J. Dixit, the Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, strutting around attempting to behave as if he was the viceroy. In this effort he was ably assisted by J. Puri who was also in Sri Lanka and recently claimed that what India did then and now in Geneva was “right” for Sri Lanka.

Following the second U.S./ Indian sponsored resolution passed in Geneva it appears that the U.S. has also adopted a colonial attitude and seems to believe that after Geneva it is the U.S. that has the mandate to treat Sri Lanka as a colony ably assisted in this effort by India.  In the recent meeting with the Foreign Correspondents in Colombo the U.S. Ambassador outlined U.S. requirements of Sri Lanka. The Ambassador projects the impression that it is the U.S. that knows what is best and makes decisions on what Sri Lanka should or should not do. It does not seem to matter that it may not be what the people of Sri Lanka want or that it is not in the best interest of Sri Lanka. She was followed by Ms. A. Areial-Vogel of the U.S. mission in Sri Lanka calling for a meeting with the CEB.  As a part of it’s  new diplomatic role, is the U.S. mission in Sri Lanka going to manage the CEB?

The world knows that democracy for the U.S.  is just a word they can use to invade, kill and devastate other countries  in it’s world wide programme of regime change when they are not “happy” with the leadership within a country. History has a long list of “friends” of the U.S. who have later been assassinated by the U.S., illegal wars fought to depose one time friends and the latest craze of the U.S. to kill, maim and destroy any part of the globe who they consider are not “friends”. When the Secretary of State and other U.S. officials claim that the U.S. wants to be a friend Sri Lanka the country should  take note of what the U.S. has done to it’s one time  friends, namely use, misuse, discard,  eliminate.

In this new role assumed by the U.S. Ambassador she is ably assisted by the subservient, colonial minded Indians. The attitude of the Indians in 1987 has being revived,  refer to  Puri , J. Singh, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi  and  the current acts of aggression and terrorism against Sri Lankans in the state of Tamil Nadu. Following every act of terrorism by the State of Tamil Nadu against pilgrims, schoolboys, students, monks, visiting politicians  and the  various demands of Tamil Nadu and Central Government politicians  to invade, terrorise and dictate to Sri Lanka,  the Central Government of India claims that Sri Lanka is a close “friend”. Has the GOSL forgotten that it was India that created and supported the LTTE to terrorise the country for thirty years? Sri Lankans who suffered have not forgotten. What is frightening the people of Sri Lanka is that this rubbish of being “friends”  is being also claimed by he GOSL which seems to be abdicating it’s responsibility to uphold the sovereignty of the people and the country.

Has the GOSL by it’s supine, careless attitude and subservience in the face of these dictates by the so-called “friends of Sri Lanka” handed over it’s authority to the new imperialists and  signalled to them that Sri Lanka is no longer a sovereign country but a colony of the U.S. and India and anyone else who is interested? 

Yours truly,

 Ira de Silva

London, Canada

3 Responses to “Has Sri Lanka Become a Colony Again?”

  1. hela patriot Says:

    Soverignity of SL is abused daily mainly by India and the USA. Response of the politicians have been to run to India for advice when ever their is a problem. The latest servile politician to run to India is Ranil. GOSL has one aim that is to lord over the citizens of the country whilst it is careless, supine and subservient to India and the USA that has a very defined agenda for the country. The ultimate sufferers are the poor of Sri Lanka.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Now USA wants to hold talks with the electricity board on electricity tariff increase!!!

    WTF? SL has become a US and Endian colony.

    Apparently USA is gravely concerned Tamil people have to pay more for electricity produced by a Chinese power plant!!

  3. Kosala777 Says:

    usa and guantanambay, my foot

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