I can demonstrate how to save energy but cannot force you unless you want to. How many men could make a donkey drink?
Posted on April 27th, 2013

Dr Hector Perera       London

Energy like gas and electricity do not come for nothing, they cost you something, and somebody has to pay. Fortunately the energy from sun comes for free but cannot harness enough for nothing unless there are right equipments.

For countries such as Sri Lanka no energy is used to warm their houses because of the natural warmth from the sun but for countries such as England and other places energy has to be spent to keep the houses warm. Apart from keeping the houses warm, they need energy for another important issue that is for cooking. For any country energy has to be spent for cooking. No point of talking of spending energy to keep the houses warm for Sri Lanka but they need to know how to use energy efficiently in cooking but to countries like England it needs to use energy for heating houses as well as for cooking. How many families in England find it too difficult to meet the energy prices? If some energy can be saved from cooking, I am certain my method would help them in some way.

Fossil fuels are formed by the anaerobic decomposition of remains of organisms including phytoplankton and zooplankton that settled to the sea (or lake) bottom in large quantities under anaerobic conditions, millions of years ago.

Fossil fuels are oil, coal and natural gas.

When these fuels are burnt, the energy released can be harnessed to produce electricity, power vehicles, heat homes, cook food and much more. They are also used in the production of important materials such as plastics.

Oil and gas formation begins with the accumulation of organics on the sea-floor; these are the dead remains of organisms living in the water column, such as microscopic plankton, which rain down on the sea floor below. This will only occur in rather unusual settings, where the sea floor is stagnant such that there is no oxygen present to break the organic remains down and no sea-floor dwelling organisms present that might feed on the organics. A high sediment accumulation rate of may also help to bury the organics before the action of decay can break them down. As the sediment pile becomes deeper the organics within it are subjected to heat and pressure which leads to formation of oil and then gas. For oil and gas extraction, it is important that the source rock is not ‘over-cooked’ or the hydrocarbons will be destroyed. There must be suitable reservoir-rock, such as porous sandstone, into which the hydrocarbons can migrate and accumulate. This must be overlain by an impervious cap-rock, such as clay, which prevents the hydrocarbons from escaping to the surface. Finally, the geometry of the reservoir and cap-rock bodies must be such that the hydrocarbons become trapped; usually folding will suffice.

The important point is how to use these fossil fuels efficiently than wasting these resources. I have observed many British TV cooking programmes by leading chefs but to my surprise none of them demonstrated scientifically how to use this valuable energy source efficiently. When these celebrity chefs or cooks come to cook on TV, they are not worried about the fuels but they are concerned about the time they appear in the programme so they rush rush to do too many things in a short time. The viewers are sometimes confused what was added as ingredients because they are too quick to carry on to the next stage. The ordinary people may be watching these programmes in order to benefit but I have my doubts whether they get any useful information.

I have already demonstrated how to save gas in cooking things such as rice and curries. My scientific techniques have been watched by a University lecturer and two officials from an energy authority as well. I practice what I preach that means when time permits I use this technique to cook things such as rice and curries at home. If the method works for me certainly I am able to let the ordinary public know my technique. Only if an energy saving expert or a scientist inquires the technical side of the method I will go to that details but to general public including school children, I will go to simple explanation of energy saving. My work will not be limited to words only, I am prepared to demonstrate to the public in any TV programme so they would understand how to cook and save energy.

Let me repeat, I still have my challenge that means if any energy saving expert or a scientist come forward and disproved my scientific energy saving is a fake, rubbish or not practical then I am prepared to hand over that challenged money. Suppose if I proved my method works what would be the procedure? My work based on science then according to science, “ƒ”¹…”every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, I am sure you all understood what I meant.

My aim is help the general public, help the growing generation of children so they would not waste energy. Wastage of energy means polluting the atmosphere by adding more and more carbon dioxide which is a necessary gas for the existence of plants. When time permits I am prepared to help save energy that is gas and electricity. Wasting gas and electricity means wasting hard earned money. Who is prepared to waste money or burn money wastefully?  I can only help but I cannot force anyone to save energy like even ten people cannot force a donkey to drink water. If any energy authority needs to know my scientific method of energy saving, they are free to contact me and if they proved me wrong they would get a reward as well. Let me ask a simple question what would be the opposite reaction? Any comments please

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  1. Vijendra Says:

    What are you suggesting we do? How many times you have been talking about your scientific method? Do you have any constructive suggestions? Don’t just blabber on and waste others time! If you have anything worthwhile to share, just get to the point and tell it without asking people to contact you to get your “scientific” method.

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