Ambassador Sison and Asath Sali
Posted on May 5th, 2013

C. Wijeyawickrema

Breach of diplomatic protocol

Is US Ambassador Sison trying to make SL the next “ƒ”¹…”hotspot’?

Sissonand asad

1. Michele J Sison (US Ambassador), 2. “ƒ”¹…”Farisz Master’ (Head, YMMA), 3. Jazeer (Member, YMMA), 4. Nawaz (Member, YMMA), 5. Kamudeen (Treasurer, YMMA), 6. Amir (Mosque Representative), 7. Maharoof (Mosque Representative), 8. Registrar of births, deaths and marriages, Kinniya, 9. Bizer (Member, YMMA), 10. Naushad Abdul (translator)

 Source: The Nation, Sunday, 28 April 2013 02:18

Sison Damanaya (taming Ms. Sison)

Ms. Sison who came to Colombo with the job description of getting NP elections under 13-A has got an unexpected new job with the halal issue. So she went from picking up garbage on the Galle face beach to conduct a grievance hearing of Muslims in Trinco.  Does she know if they are Wahabis or Talibans or traditional Muslims?  The government is in such bad shape that I doubt it will censure her for this high handed act by a diplomat.  This is colonial time white man’s (woman’s) humiliation coming back now in 2013.

                Ms. Sison knows that there are groups in Sri Lanka who will support her behavior. Otherwise she will not embark on this kind of dangerous path.  It is unfortunate that UNP and other entities now rely on foreign people to do rescue work for them to help grab power if possible.  In this bad political climate Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) can help the country and tame the likes of Sison. I hope it will start creating committees of retired talent in Sri Lanka, people retired with lots of experience in various subject areas who can be used as resource pools in the face of incompetent, inefficient yes men and stooge officers in public service.

                BBS never advocated attacking shops. Throwing eggs at somebody on the other hand is a democratic right because the person wearing a face mask covering her face with only two holes for the two eyes knows in advance the risk she is taking.  Most these women have face masks like goni billas but often their buttocks are provocatively exposed as if almost naked, a conflict between a halal head  and a haram buttocks! (I quote from a recent e-mail in circulation).

                BBS invited and challenged others to come for discussions to thrash out issues and arrive at truth and reasonableness. To place facts before people is not provoking them to attack Muslim shops. There are crooks and conspirators in any society who will create trouble with various motives. Because such people are there BBS cannot stop its work.  But take this argument to what Ms. Sison did.  Did She provoke Asath Sali to make violence-generating speeches? There is no doubt that Ms. Sison gave a boost to unruly elements. If a Muslim youth group with wahabi training attacks a Buddhist temple because of Asath Sali’s stupid encouragement then Ms. Sison can blame the government for creating Sinhala-Muslim clashes, no matter how it originated.

                May be unlike in Bolivia, Sri Lanka government cannot question Ms. Sison’s naked abuse of her country’s power. But the government can question Asath Sali and send him to jail if he is found guilty. Ms. Sison cannot do anything to help Asath Sali who ate a dead-rope. Sadam Hussein once ate a dead-rope like that. The American ambassador told him clearly that if Sadam invades Kuwait USA would not get involved. Sadam stupidly gave his enemies an opportunity to use Muslim world against him!

                There is also another lesson for Ms. Sison coming from the retired S.C. Judge Wigneswaran. He is clear in letting the cat out of the bag that Tamils do not want 13-A but self-determination of the Kosovo or Scotland type.  So USA will be openly working to break Sri Lanka into two by its demand in asking to hold NP elections. The election is the first step of a Sri Lankan Kosovo, that SJV Chelvanayagam  wansted as far back as in 1952.

                Asath Sali was playing a double game: he said publicly on TV that he is against halal certification project. But he sent secrent SMS to a mosque asking it to support halal certification project. Asath was also trying to use Geneva vote or international adverse opinion to keep the illegal hut used as a mosque at Dambulla ancient temple. Thanks to Ms. Sison, Asath got courage to show his true colors by promoting violence and got caught red handed.  No matter what Ms. Sison tells Asath must follow the Lichchavi principle of Buddhist India: Come and discuss, not take guns and bombs. Since BBS is following the Lichchavi principle, all kinds of mud ball thrown at BBS will not stick.

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29 Responses to “Ambassador Sison and Asath Sali”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    When the country is in danger it is to the Sangha that the Sinhalese nation turns. The Sangha the guardian deities of Lanka must step in and stop the forced Northern Elections. The TNA is already clamouring for the Diaspora votes to be counted.

    This government is late to take vital nation saving measures. The first to have been done was the abrogation of 13A. MR let it slip through his fingers. Next was constitutional amendments to declare the diaspora element as traitors and no more as citizens of this country. Then, the resettlement of the Sinhalese and Muslims evicted by the LTTE. Nothing of that was done.

    MR rushed into matters that could have waited, like the impeachment of CJ Bandaranayake, and waited over matters that should. have been rushed.

    The Sinhala nation should not be made to pay the price of MR’s lack of foresight.

    The security of the nation comes first, and the commonwealth party has become the enemy of national security. They have tied MRs hands to implementing their agenda. Behind all this is INDIA. MR, to hell with the commonwealth booze. Save the nation!!!!

    The country’s salvation lies with the Maha Sangha. Venerable Elle Gunawansa is going to take the NP election issue before the courts. If the court ruling rejects his petition, the Sangha must galvanize the Sinhala population and take to the streets. The NP elections must be stopped at all costs…yes at all costs, and only the Maha Sangha can do it.

    Mario Perera

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    That is good news Mario.

    Yes at all costs! Otherwise this will be the beginning of another DIS-ARSE-TER.

    In world news, Israel has HAMMERED Syria. Now will Syria has some balls to kickass Israel? I don’t think so. Prove me wrong Ass-ad. Assad’s days are numbered. So why not leave on a high!!

  3. Voice123 Says:

    Sisson’s actions prove that the US is behind all Wahabist and Islamist fundamentalist projects worldwide. It is high time peace loving Muslims the world over developed some guts and turned on these extremists and eliminate them from their midst – so they can no longer be used by the West. The West hypocritically attacks their own monster when it goes out of control and turns on the West itself Sept 11 style. Then they will go to town demonizing ALL Muslims and even all South Asians, if it suits the West.

    A certain prolific commentator on lankaweb has been proven wrong about this. The West will NOT come to Sri Lanka’s aid against Wahabi terrorism. On the contrary they will support it because we are not a western nation. That commentator has been proven wrong about illegal immigrants. Canada is so belligerent to Sri Lanka because so many Tanils were allowed to go there illegally and they now call the tune electorally. All these blind followers of that commentator (who incidentally is neither Sinhalese nor Buddhist) who jump whenever he says (seemingly pro Sinhala Buddhist slogans) are abdicating their free thinking and being led toward a precipice that only the LTTE rump will rejoice when they fall into it. Dont abdicate your free thinking. Be warned.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Absolutely C. Wijeyawickrema!

    BBS is the ONLY solution to all this mess.

    It was BBS action that UNEARTHED this terrorist in hiding! Just like how worm treatment throws out worms.

    Let Tamils have their Elam in Canada or preferably Australia, NOT in SL.
    Let Wahabis have their Wahabistan in Saudi, NOT in SL.

    They should be ENCOURAGED to do so.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Now these Arabs have gone from POLYGAMY to POLYANDRY!!

    (One woman marrying many men.)

  6. Voice123 Says:

    “Let Tamils have their Elam in Canada or preferably Australia, NOT in SL.
    Let Wahabis have their Wahabistan in Saudi, NOT in SL.”

    Lorenzo, another empty slogan, and quite laughable! Even the average modeya can see through this one. Tamils will be ENCOURAGED to seek Eelam in Tamil Nadu, nowhere else. Now thats not an empty slogan. Thats reality and its coming soon.

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Stop talking rubbish. Just because you have a problem with them in Australia doesn’t mean SL have to put up with this excreta within SL’s body. Tamils are better in Australia THAN SL for BOTH countries.

    Tamils DO NOT go to Tamil Madu which is WORSE than SL. They GO TO Australia. Let them GO! Let them LEAVE SL in peace. After that it is Australia’s problem. There are 40,000 Tamils in Australia. VERY FEW jokers participate in anti-SL work. Australian and Canadian politicians are dancing to US TUNE. Even if you tell them the TRUTH, they will turn the other way because TRUTH doesn’t win them votes or US support.

    Markham in Canada is also another Tamil Madu. Even mass is held in Tamilian language here!! If you go to a church MOST notices are in Tamilian and some pews stink rotten sesame seed oil. This is certainly a MINI Tamil Madu or Elam. Apartments here have millions of Tamilians. IF they stayed back in SL, the whole country would stink with their racism.

    IF they stayed in SL, Rajapaksha would NEVER have won ANY presidential election. The balance would tilt to Run-NIL.

    Glad they LEFT SL. LEAVE MORE!!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    Sison comes to Sally’s assistance. As expected. So these TRAITORS are working to a plan. According to my information, Sally has SPILT THE BEANS of a major US interference plan. Sison is panicking now.

    Hack-him has said arresting him is ILLEGAL! The fun of a Jihadi justice minister.

    “In a twitter interview held today, the US Embassy to Sri Lanka stated that the US urges the government of Sri Lanka to ensure that Azath Salley has access to his attorneys and that the rule of law and due process are protected.

    The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele J. Sisson entertained several questions via Twitter in an interview today (May 6).

    When asked about the US stand on the arrest of former CMC member Azath Salley, the official twitter handle of the Embassy replied stating “We urge the Gov’t of #SriLanka to ensure Mr. Salley has access to his attorneys, and that rule of law and due process are protected.”

    Furthermore, the US described its relationship with Sri Lanka as enduring and its engagement with the people of the country as robust and multifaceted.

    Responding to questions regarding religious freedoms in Sri Lanka, which has been a topic of debate in the recent past, the US Embassy stated that religious freedom is a core human right protects in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and linked a report on Religious Freedom submitted by US State Department.”

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Now Canada is also in the plot as expected.

    This traitor has created a Muslim TNA!! That is EXTREMELY dangerous. So that is why USA and Canada are HURT. It is NOT a Muslim party but a TAMIL party headed by a Jihadi. A Tamil-Muslim link-up is very dangerous and must be CUT DOWN at all cost.

    “Canada condemns the arrest of Azad Sally, leader of Sri Lanka’s newly formed Muslim Tamil National Alliance (Muslim TNA). Mr. Sally was reportedly taken into custody by Sri Lankan authorities on May 2.

    “We call for Mr. Sally’s immediate release. We understand his arrest is likely motivated by his work on human rights, in particular his defence of religious freedom, including the right of religious communities to practise their faith in Sri Lanka without fear of reprisals.

    “This latest action by the authorities suggests strongly that those who dare to criticize the Government of Sri Lanka can face consequences such as imprisonment.

    “Canada will continue to stand by all those who courageously speak out against egregious violations of human rights and freedom of religion.”

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some Tamils embrace Islam to get away from the Hindu Caste System, if they are low caste or of Dalit origin. M-TNA is, as Lorenzo says, a Muslim/Tamil group : Muslim-TNA. As with the TNA, we think M-TNA is NOT a registered as a political party in Sri Lanka. Correct me if I am wrong here. Groups that are not even registered to contest elections seem to go around just to create trouble in Lanka. Should this be allowed ?

    To the best of our knowledge, in the western democracies, there is not a single political party that is religion based, other than Christian based parties.

    Sri Lanka authorities have to define more clearly just which groups can register as political parties to contest elections. Also limit the number of registered political parties. Right now we understand that there are over a hundred regs political parties.

    When can we see Clause 6-A (prohibition of Separatism) put into practice in Sri Lanka ?

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    M-TNA is now registered. They plan to MERGE north and east again by getting eastern Muslims to support TNA. USA and Endia support them. BUT Muslims are not as foolish as Assad. They oppose it.

    But there are MANY attempts by TNA to get Muslims support to MERGE north and east.

    “Some Tamils embrace Islam to get away from the Hindu Caste System, if they are low caste or of Dalit origin.”

    This is true. There is an article on this in Colombo telegraph.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thanks for info update.

    Good to know that ‘M’ part of M-TNA is prevailing over the ‘T’ part.


    It would be a travesty of justice for the rest of Lanka if N and E are re-merged. If Eelam is ever formed, then the Caste Structure will be re-imposed on that area as Eelam will be an extension of Tamil Nadu. So where is social justice for the bulk of Tamils of the N & E ?

  13. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with Lorenzo and Fran Diaz. The underlying agitation is to merge the Norther Province and the Eastern Province as India, USA, TNA and UNHRC of Pillay want.

    13A states a referendum to be held (implying in the north and the east) to permanantly merge the two provinces. They are at this stage now. TNA and India knows very well that without Muslim support in the east, they are not going anywhere. This is why they are now after Muslim support. Azad is the main thrust in this regard. He is trying very hard to bring Eastern Muslims, Eastern Tamils and Northern Tamils into one political platform that will merge the north and the east.

    This is a mere continuation of 1931 Ponnambalam logic that “Muslims are Tamil speaking people”, and LTTE’s contention that “Muslims are Tamil people and LTTE represents them too.” LTTE made a last ditch attempt to woo the Muslims in 2008 by appointing a Musllim MP to TNA but it failed.

    Muslim-Tamil National Alliance means an object of a Muslim-Tamil Nation. I must add BBS activities don’t help the national cause at this juncture. USA, India, Azad, OIC, etc. are making use of allegations against BBS to push for a Muslim-Tamil Nation called Tamil Elam in the north and east of the country. Any SLMC-TNA merger in the Eastern Province will make UNP and UPFA irrelevent and without power.

    Once again, this is another 13A disaster. Without abrogating 13A, the government takes the long rough road of confrontation and HR violations. Already a 2014 UNHRC excuse has been created. The problem is 13A, not Azad per se.

    A similar thing happened with the former CJ. She was punished for correctly interpreting 13A. The problem was the 13A, not the judges.

  14. Voice123 Says:

    Lorenzo, I dont believe you are as stupid as some of your comments suggest. Illegal Tamils (as opposed to law abiding Tamils) are much more dangerous outside of Sri Lanka than inside – just look at Canada, which by your own admission is a problem for Sri Lanka. (maybe your tiger stripes are now showing?) They have no business going around the world plotting terror and sabotage of Sri Lanka. If foreign governments wont stop them, they are best screened and restrained and encouraged to go to the correct location. They are least harmful and at their natural best in Tamil Nadu. Thats where they should go and remain and develop that state. They dont plot terror and mass murder in Tamil Nadu, only outside – and even if they try, resources are limited. If Jewish people worldwide go to Israel, Tamils must go to Tamil Nadu if they want to be truly “liberated”. Nothing less, nothing more.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    I do believe you are as stupid as your comments.
    For your information Christian EXTREMISTS are as bad as LTTE and Wahabis!!!

    e.g. Sison,

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Something VERY interesting about Sison.

    From Wikipedia.

    “During her stint as the ambassador in the UAE, the Iranian freedom fighter Madjid Kawussifar applied for asylum. Having personally met with the man, Michelle J. Sison then handed him over to the authorities in Dubai and he was returned to Iran and publically hanged for the assassination of a judge.

    So she did the same thing to foolish Asath Sali!!

    Trust this woman at your peril!!!

  17. Voice123 Says:

    “Lorenzo Says: I do believe you are as stupid as your comments.
    For your information Christian EXTREMISTS are as bad as LTTE and Wahabis!!!
    e.g. Sison,”

    – Yes Lorenzo, agreed, this is true. But did Sison mention the name of Christianity? I didnt read that anywhere. Please inform us where she mentions Christianity. And dont forget, Jewis/Zionist extremists are also as bad as LTTE and Wahabis. Just look at what happened to the Palestinians.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    As far as the so called Tamil Problem is concerned, in my view these are the current relevant points to save Lanka from Separatists :

    * Eelam should be in Tamil Nadu (in the beautiful & salubrious Nilgiri Mts).

    * 13-A must be REMOVED. No vestiges of it anywhere in the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

    * High Emphasis laid on 6-A, prohibiting Separatists activities. Introduce an “Oath of Allegiance to Lanka” to the public, from schools to armed forces, to all public & private offices, etc.

  19. Marco Says:

    If we may revert back to the article in question:
    Mr Salley was arrested under PTA Sec 2(1)h
    PTA Section 2(1)(h) states that a person who has committed an offence under the PTA “….by words either spoken or intended to be read or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise causes or intends to cause commission of acts of violence or religious, racial or communal disharmony or feelings of ill-will or hostility between different communities or racial or religious groups…”

    Would Mr Wijeyawickrema please comment which part of the above has been violated and by whom?

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    If youtube videos are evidence, you find plenty!!

    FYI, the NATURE of terrorism offences are secret. There is NO NEED to publicize specific offences.

    Hack-him must be arrested for calling Buddhist monks terrorists. That is RACIAL DISHARMONY.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    We should also ENCOURAGE AS MANY boat Tamils to LEAVE SL to Australia, Canada, etc.

    It is EDUCATED TAMILS and LEGALLY migrating Tamils, NOT boat Tamils who do all the terrorist and ANTI-SL POLITICAL work in these countries.

    Even LTTE families NEVER get into anti-SL politics in these countries fearing DEPORTATION.

  22. Voice123 Says:

    “We should also ENCOURAGE AS MANY boat Tamils to LEAVE SL to Australia, Canada, etc.

    It is EDUCATED TAMILS and LEGALLY migrating Tamils, NOT boat Tamils who do all the terrorist and ANTI-SL POLITICAL work in these countries.”

    – both educated and uneducated Tamils are involved in terrorism. Being educated is no guarantee of a visa. Many illegals are educated. LTTE Tamils are at their most dangerous in the West. They fill marginal electorates, raise funds, engage in illegal scams and lobby foreign politicians to engage in:
    1. Trade boycotts of Sri Lanka, reducing the size of SL economy and revenue to the GOSL, revenue which is used for arms procurement and defending our people;
    2. Arms boycotts, painting the GOSL and the Sinhalese as “genocidal”. Make up stories that the reason they are fleeing Sri Lanka s gonicide, which many Westerners readily believe, and endangering the lives of our military personnel;
    3. It is immoral to abuse the goodwill of altruistic and concerned Westerners and their taxpayers money. Lorenzo has no qualms about this.

    All these are highly detrimental and dangerous to Sri Lanka’s security.

    Only Tigers and Lorenzo support illegal immigration. Lorenzo, even your yellow robe cant hide your tiger stripes. They are starting to show. Readers please dont automatically fall for jingoistic slogans. Look beneath to the intent and assess their potential impacts.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Stephen Harper is an anti-social loser. He should join in without standing out from the others.

    Canada needs good relations with SL, otherwise a new wave of BOAT or SHIP people will land in Canada!!!

    SL should use boat people as a bargaining chip.

    It is countries with LARGE Tamilian populations that create trouble for us.
    That also means SL Tamilians LIKE to go there (and live like their rich relatives).

    But it is a headache for those governments.

    We can MATCH the pressure of Tamilian voters by sending Tamilian boats. The HIGHER the love for Tamilians, the more the number of Tamil boats (more headaches)!!!

    Ultimately they will realize getting Tamilian votes has a HUGE COST (boats and boats).

    Fighting poop with poop!!

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    I like your personal attacks. They prove that you have run out of arguments!!! :))

    BTW stop insulting “yellow robes”. It is NOT acceptable to use that phrase with a religious affiliation as I told you twice before.

  25. Voice123 Says:

    “Lorenzo Says:
    BTW stop insulting “yellow robes”. It is NOT acceptable to use that phrase with a religious affiliation as I told you twice before.”

    Dont threaten me Lorenzo. You know very well I’m particularly talking about “yellow and black striped personality”, crouching somewhere, waiting to catch an illegal boat, hop onto welfare somewhere else and sponsor terrorism in another place.

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    BTW stop insulting “yellow robes”. It is NOT acceptable to use that phrase with a religious affiliation as I told you twice before.

    SL is a Buddhist country and we MUST ALL respect that or like the boat people, LEAVE IT. No point hanging in here like a British leftover with hatred towards “yellow robes”.

  27. Voice123 Says:

    No Lorenzo, stop using religion (you dont even adhere to) to threaten me or infringing my freedom of expression. Sri Lankan Buddhists are not the intolerant fanatics you are trying to portray them as on this forum (encourage?). Some may even fall for your tricks but not all. Stop raising red herrings about yellow/red/blue/ garments whatever. Stick to the topic. No REAL Sri Lankan endorses illegal immigration under false pretences, ripping off foreign taxpayers, abusing their concern and hospitality, stealing welfare money thats meant for the needy of those countries and vilifying Sri Lanka, calling for arms and trade boycotts against Sri Lanka, forming ghettoes overseas and sending money to attack Sri Lankan civilians and armed forces. You ENCOURAGE Tamils to do that??? And in the other breath call for Sinhalese to commit “structural genocide” on your fellow Tamils??? Only the Tigers talk in these terms. You might find a piece of cloth sacred or even Shiva’s rat sacred perhaps, but thats NOT the Sri Lankan way. A Tamil Sri Lankan who is proud of their heritage is as much accepted among most RIGHT thinking people even on this forum – than a Tamil person constantly vilifying other Tamils. You’re not convincing pal. Does a dog eat its own puppies? No. Does a cat eat its own kittens? No, it smells a rat. Not convincing pal. Dint threaten me in the name of any garment or any religion. It wont work.

  28. Piyadigama Says:

    Lorenzo and Voice123, take your personal arguments elsewhere. This is a public forum to discuss important things.

    I would request Voice123 to withdraw the insulting comment he made about Buddhist monks’ yellow robes. Buddhists pay respect to it and the wearer monk (චීවරය සහ චීවරධාරී). No sane person should use such religious bigotry.

    Thank you.

  29. Voice123 Says:

    Piyadagama, sorry if I hurt your feelings. I assure you no insult was meant. I am the last person to question respectable members of the Sangha. I only hope you guys dont fall for any trickery by people, who pretend to be something they arent and who mysteriously have nothing else to do but respond to every singe article and comment on lankaweb 24 hours a day in a rather inflammatory manner. Ask yourself how and why.

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