Canada Helping Evil Forces
Posted on May 5th, 2013

 Ira de Silva London, Canada

The Editor
Montreal Gazette,
Montreal, Quebec
Dear Sir:
Canada has stated that it may not send a “full delegation” to the summit in Colombo which I assume is diplomatic jargon to indicate that Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird may not attend. Good. It is Canada’s democratic right to go or not go. However, Canada does not have the right to harass or bully Sri Lanka or any other country and this has been clearly demonstrated by the other members of the Commonwealth  not entertaining Canada’s strident, bullying, dictatorial attitude. 
As stated by the Sri Lankan High Commissioner, who incidentally is a “she” not “he”, Sri Lanka was looking to all members of the Commonwealth to “uphold principles of objectivity, understanding, mutual respect and the equality of sovereign states” which are the values of the Commonwealth. By its actions and belligerent attitude personified by Mr. Baird, Canada indicated that it thought it has the right to coerce, bully and intimidate other members confirming  that Canada was unprincipled, lacked objectivity, had no respect for the opinions of other countries and did not believe in the equality of sovereign states. In other words, Canada  does not have  the values of the Commonwealth.  

Baird’s spokesman, Rick Roth, stated “our government has spoken loudly and clearly on the issue of human rights in Sri Lanka”.  Canada is certainly loud but not clear except in showing the world that it is unprincipled, biased and vindictive just to get a few Tamil votes.  Regarding human rights, if Canada is in fact concerned about human rights when is it going to deal with the violation of human rights in Canada? It has been faulted by the U.N. for many years about the deprivation of the human rights of it’s indigenous people and women but has done nothing.  Should it not do so before pointing fingers at other countries?  Does it not undermine Canada’s credibility? Why not practice what it preaches! 


Regarding the High Commissioner’s statement that hostile criticism and unfair targeting of Sri Lanka by Canada only serves to further strengthen the evil forces working against Sri Lanka and does not contribute in any manner to the ongoing rebuilding and reconciliation process in the multicultural society of the country, it is clear to other countries that Canada has adopted this attitude to strengthen it’s appeal to Tamil voters in Canada.  It has confirmed that Canada’s policy on Sri Lanka is not based on principle but  on  winning elections in Canada. None other than the spokesperson for the leading Tamil organization in Canada, that is anti-Sri Lanka and supportive of the Tamil separatists, stated yesterday that “Baird has become the darling of the Tamil community”. That Canada’s policy on Sri Lanka is based on promoting the agenda of the Tamil separatist/terrorist supporters was  confirmed by Minister Jason Kenney when he stated to his Tamil supporters in January this year that his government’s statements on Sri Lanka are based on “domestic policy”.

 While the government insists its position is not politically motivated can it explain it’s close alliance with the Tamil diaspora that supports the LTTE? Mr. Baird reinforced his governments “togetherness” and unholy alliance with  terrorist supporters when he greeted and showed solidarity with the LTTE supporters in London on April 26th . Because of his governments policy he needed to show the Tamil voters in Canada that he is “their man”. To the rest of the world it clearly identified Canada as an enthusiastic ally of the supporters of the LTTE. Is it any wonder that they did not agree with Canada’s position?   

 As for principles, Canada’s version of principles is that successive Canadian governments permitted and encouraged Canadian citizens to fund Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka for decades. Two millions dollars a month were sent by Canadian citizens to fund LTTE terrorism. Politicians even helped in that fund raising. The most high profile bombing was that of the Central Bank in 1996 which the RCMP confirmed was paid for by these pillars of democracy, the Canadian supporters of the LTTE and supported by the Canadian Government. Is Canada going to accept responsibility and be accountable to the dead and injured? It has not up to now but has strengthened it’s alliance with those responsible for this atrocity. 

 Canada’s double standards, unprincipled politics, support of terrorism in Sri Lanka and it’s continued support for those whose goal is to divide Sri Lanka has been clearly broadcast and showcased to the world. For Sri Lanka, if Mr. Harper and Mr. Baird do not attend, it may be a relief because there is no guarantee  that Mr. Baird will not have another tantrum and as is his trademark, spew hatred against Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka will be constrained because they will not be rude to a guest, a principle which Mr. Baird may not understand.  Canada represented by a full delegation  would only serve to remind Sri Lankans of the horrors they suffered during the thirty years of LTTE terrorism fully supported by Canada.

 Yours truly,

 Ira de Silva

London, Canada


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