Have the Powerful Global BRICS Jettisoned India to the Mighty Chinese Dragon?
Posted on May 5th, 2013

Prof. Hudson McLean

 India seems to walk into its own cans of worms making a Comedy of Errors on its own way. The global association BRICS, consisting of Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa could not give a rats-arse about China entering Indian territory whilst there are vital global considerations boiling on the fire.

 There are several areas which India had treaded into, making itself an international joker.

 1: Commercially, Indian corrupt, inept, inconsiderate, bureaucratic government “intellectuals” have created a backlash from some of the largest global MNC, Royal Dutch Shell, Vodafone, LG, Nokia and many others, by trying to blackmail them into paying upto US$10 billion in Income Tax.

 The giant companies are fighting back with vigour by using equally giant powerhouses like Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), KPMG, Ernst & Young etc, whilst questioning the safety and fairness of Multi National Corporate (MNC) investor security in India.

 The rumour has it that the Bribery & Corruption within the Indian government, Tamil Nadu Chennai, local Mafia, LTTE are some of the prime beneficiaries of this massive windfall. Commissions of minimum ten (10) % are talked about, enriching a group of parasites and blood-suckers in the government and in private sector, whilst the professionals such as PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young are raking-in tens of millions of dollars in professional fees, paying good wages to their local Indian staff.

 In turn the local India staff are paying a (protection) commission to the LTTE Mafia and other scroungers and parasites.

 Concurrently, the Nokia-India Pte Ltd has announced the pre-mature resignation of Shiv Shivakumar CEO of Nokia -India, whilst the rumour of the big boss of Nokia Corporation, Stephen Elop CEO might receive the firing-stick, is doing its rounds. It is expected that Shiv may have sold his “know-how” acquired during his tenure at Nokia, to one of the big players in the IT industry.

 It is also a known fact that iPhone has made an aggressive marketing strategy to kick Nokia out of the expensive Smart Phones, whilst Samsung is attacking Nokia with both Smart phones and the low-end US$10-; handsets. India is a major market for Nokia Group of Finland.

 Indians have not realized that Nokia-Vodafone-Shell have a tight informal corporate relationship, where the previous Chairman of Nokia Jorma Ollila sits as Chairman of Shell, and Vodafone is a major customer of Nokia.

 Another rumour which is doing its rounds is that the Chief Minister of Chennai in cahoots with the Tamil Nadu Liberation Tamil Tiger Terrorists of Eelam are trying to buckle-up their depleting coffers for another assault on Sri Lanka. The projected revenue estimates are from Indian Tax windfall, as well as from gratuities rumoured to be donated by Apple iPhone, Samsung, HTC, HuaWei. Whether India likes it or not, the Chines have a strong commercial foothold in India.

 2: The Chinese Military move into Indian territory is a carefully planned strategic affair. And India threatens to start-up a new “love affair” with USA to counter balance China.

 Chinese planners definitely took that possibility in their planning considerations.

 India has failed to observe that USA is economically tied to its eyeballs with China with trillions of dollars, and USA currently begging on its knees to garner Chinese help to counter-balance North Korean nuclear adventure.

 USA has managed to involve Russia, Japan, South Korea and several other nations to pay homage to China, to convince China to support USA and to prevent another global explosion in military action in Asia. USA has learnt its lesson from Vietnam, that another escapade with the tiny Asians midgets would be an expensive disaster both politically & economically.

 3: Whilst global activity is going on at full speed,  a couple of Islamic amateur terrorists create havoc in Boston displaying the incompetence of  DHS, CIA, FBI, even after Russia and Saudi Arabia warned USA of an impending Islamic threat.

 Would any budding “Henry Kissinger” risk his “two cents” worth of advice to Barack Obama to jump into a hammock with India against China? NO!

 4: The problem in India is India itself. The buck should stop at the feet of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, who are both busy reading their Oxford University and Italian Bibles planning the continuation of the Gandhi Dynasty climbing on to the Hot Seat at the next General Election.

 Even if the Tamils agree to support Rahul, would any sensible soul trust the Tamils?

 However, Sonia Gandhi has made her pilgrimage to the powerful Tamil Nadu lobby seeking their support for her son Rahul, whilst the Tamils are busy as a swarm of bees sucking honey from every  single flower in Politi-Econo jungle from New Delhi to Chennai.

 5: Has India got any friends?

The sub-Continent of India is surrounded by Pakistan, China, Bengal or building-bungling Bangladesh, which are not called friends to any degree. At the toe of India is Sri Lanka, a strategic point for maritime trade routes between the oil-rich Gulf States and ASEAN now in love with China.

 India has over the past 2000+ years been a “pimple of the back-side” for the tiny Sri Lanka’s existence.

 With all the wealth which India has, as well as a massive shore-line, why India wants Sri Lanka to be sub-servile is a good question. If that is the case, India might look at its own door-step why China forays onto Indian soil.

 Did the Government of Finland who failed to convince the Indian authority to be flexible to Nokia India being thrashed by the Indian Tax Authority, receive a positive nod from the new Chinese leaders who afforded  a polite, courteous formal State Welcome to Finnish President, despite all the furore of a Nuclear explosion?

 Or did the Sri Lankan President turned a blind eye on any political sympathy for the Indians when the mighty Chinese Army of a dozen of soldiers, who crept in by truck & chopper, whilst the Indian Army was snoring?

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2 Responses to “Have the Powerful Global BRICS Jettisoned India to the Mighty Chinese Dragon?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Israel is hammering Syria left, right and centre. Syria is Russia’s ONLY friend in the middle east. But Putin is too pussy to save Syria. Just like Serbia – Russia deserted Serbia when it needed assistance most.

    Soon Russia will find it has NO friends left!! The bear is in PERMANANT hybernation.

  2. Marco Says:

    Useful to read the Minutes of the last meeting of BRICS

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